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2014 Round 23 Underway
And so begins the fi...

And so begins the final round of the year.

It's been a long, grueling season this year, with twists, turns and an absolutely horrible end game!

Seriously, I reckon I've been smashed harder this year than ever before.

Anyways, there's some absolute pearlers on this weekend! So kick back, crack a beer and enjoy the last week of fantasy fun.

It's the final time ...
It's the final time for teams. With Finals positions all up locked up, it's one final chance for the SC gods to kick our teams in the nuts.   Teams over the break....
Some massive scores ...
Some massive scores last weekend with five scores over 150. Robbie Gray led the way with 174 whilst Rockliff and Hurley weren’t far behind with 170 each. Mumford scored 165 whilst Goddard also i...
And so it has come...
And so it has come down to two – with the ORFFA grand final to pit the top-of-the-table favourite against the bolter on a hot scoring streak....

Welcome to TooSerious

Hello all, and welcome to the TooSerious. It's a community, a news source and a fantastic statistical source providing just about everything a fantasy sports fan could want.

From breakevens, to salary predictions and so much more, across Supercoach and Dreamteam- TooSerious truly is a one-stop shop to every fantasy.

So drop in, look around and enjoy everything we have to offer- and take your fantasy game to the next level!

About Us

Fantasy sports is in our blood. So what do we do here at TooSerious? We talk, study and pull apart everything Fantasy sport. While our primary focus is AFL, we have a very vibrant community for the EPL, NFL, NBA- heck, if you've got a fantasy sport you want to discuss, drop into the forums and I'm certain you'll find people that play.

We have a number of top100 coaches writing for the site, along with a whole truck load of winners (and other assorted high finishers) who join in the conversations- so you can be fairly certain that you're talking to some dedicated, quality fantasy players.

As we like to joke, if you're not using TooSerious, you're no chance!