For those who take it way too seriously

One more league left to fill:
TooSerious dot net (710268)

Also, the code for this year’s TS Group is 291359
Be great if everyone joined the group as well!
Do you have a mind for pick values, negotiating trades and putting fantasy teams together?

Then this may be the role for you, based in the glamorous town of Walpole and just a measly 430 km south-southeast of Perth the Woylies are looking for a new boss.

Please submit expressions of interest on this thread, this is a long term appointment and would expect to be for multiple seasons.

You can see the current team list here: Walpole Woylies and with the draft just days away, the team is holding picks 8,24,40,56,72,88

This is a rare opportunity to join the ORFFF with a team poised to make a leap up the standings, and the deepest ruck division in the history of footy.
We're almost at the end of another season of TS Fantasy NBA!
One week of matchups left!

See this thread for links to the four grand finals and some other important games this week!

Good luck to all teams this week!
All Star weekend is over and we are now down to TWO in the Cup!
See the semi final results in this thread, and details about the upcoming grand final.
TS has been rolled over for the new season! Slack assed me has finally gotten around to pressing all the buttons and hopefully I've pressed them correctly!

As usual, hit me up if I've messed up a thing (particularly if I've done a double player thing- I'm pretty bad at that!) and I'll do a better job of fixing it that I've done of rolling things over!
We're currently in the final round of our fantasy regular season and we take a look at some of the crucial games across the leagues. And we announce the results of the Cup Quarter Finals and the fixtures for the Semis.
We have completed round 2 of the Knockout Cup and we are now down to 8 teams left for the quarter final stage.

See this thread for Round 2 results and the Quarter Final fixtures.
We’ve hit the point in the season where all teams have played each other once each.

Have a look in this thread for info about the current standings across the three leagues and the recent Cup results and next round's fixture.
This season we will be running a side competition for all 36 teams in our three leagues combined together into one knockout cup draw.

This will be run over 5 (non-consecutive) rounds, commencing next matchup on Tuesday 27th December.

See in this thread for more info and the full draw!
Opening night of the NBA season is tomorrow!
We have held our Fantasy NBA drafts and have posted the comparisons between the three drafts in this thread.
There were some surprising selections across all three leagues. The only consensus decision was Nikola Jokic at #1!