For those who take it way too seriously

We held our drafts on Sunday night ready for the new season which tips off today!
See this thread for a comparison of all three drafts.

You can also see the results from all three drafts here:

Its early days but I'd say the team to beat in each league is:
Premier - @tasho TS tasho
Div1 - @Mick Webb Bondi Chooks
Div2 - @Jacob Doole Robert Sacre All Stars
This will be our 14th season straight running fantasy NBA leagues through TS!

Please post in the comments of this thread if you are keen to play this season or if you have any questions etc.
We’ll be going around again this NBA season with our fantasy NBA TS leagues.

Please comment in here if you are keen to take part.
Congrats to James - “Touk me a while” - for winning the weekly overall prize for Round 17!

Well done, and good luck for the rest of the season!
The ORFFL are seeking a dedicated committed enthusiastic coach to take the reins of one of the leagues oldest clubs.

For regulars to the site you will no doubt know this is a relaxed keeper league, requiring infrequent commitment.

- team delisting and draft at the start of the season
- selection of a team from your list on a weekly basis
- mid season draft involvement optional

Yell out if you’re keen peeps!
Terry is being cremated at 5pm AEST tomorrow, Tracey and I will be rasing a glass to a loyal friend and a genuine gentleman.

The last time we managed to share a drink together was 9 years ago, when he gave up two days of his time to show Tracey and I some wonderful "roads less travelled" photo opportunities in southern Thailand.

We captured some amazing images we would have never otherwise had the chance at, but more important by far the chance to spend quality time together.

RIP wontok.

Bandit has some plans to ensure he remains a part of tooserious within the FA

We will need to find permanent replacement coaches for his teams in TS Addicts, ORFFL as well as here.
@TheTassieHawk is assisting interim in the FL.
AFLX Memorial round

Every generation has unusual fads that are uniquely their own. Today, kids are into Snapchat, social media challenges, and so many, many memes. That might not sound all that peculiar, but if someone from the past took a time machine to the present day, they would be genuinely confused about what's going on here.

The AFL had an experiment a few years ago, that has faded into distant memory… this week the ORFFA community paid tribute to that, and I have penned this weeks review with nod to the nostalgia that some other fads from by gone eras have left us with. We had some one sided matches, and some absolute belters… read on for some dribble

Charlies Opening Spelunkers 1273 defeated Marble Bar Misfits 904
Ahhh my beloved Cavemen… one week they are cold, the next they are hot (well ok, maybe luke warm). This week some of them actually showed up. The Spelunkers took this one out comfortably against the Misfits. Daicos (149) is a jet, and Florent (107) and Blakey (103) are finally showing something as well. Ashcroft (104) repaid my faith in giving him a gentle introduction in Round 1. The forward line has a general stench about it like a lot of other coaches. For @Len ‘s mob Lloyd (102) and Flynn (132) were rays of sunshine on an otherwise dark day

Going forward I think it would be great if the supporters could get an indication of how warm the players were as they run out onto the ground. With that in mind I have asked the uniform suppliers to look into material similar to the famous Hypercolour t-shirts of yesteryear. That way when they players run out the crowd can see who is actually up for the game, and who is going to be truly shit.

Mount Beauty Uglies 959 defeated by Lovely Banks Lilacs 1064

Bit of a lacklustre affair this one, with @Jen ‘s mob getting home by a ton and change. Parish (124) the only real highlight from...
Penned by the mighty @TerryinBangkok

Round 1 – Here we go again

I am guessing most coaches were keen to see how their new acquisitions from the draft would go. Any visible signs of improvement in the team, or perhaps that the footy gods might be kinder this year. Those hosting games at home anxiously watching if the grass survived the rock concert. And a bunch of new AFL coaches – any subtle changes in role for my stars? Owners of Dunkleys and Lairds no doubt confident about the outcome of this round.

Battlers 1255 vs Cave Men 1093

Bit of a toweling here, Birdsville picking up where they left off in the last round of the previous season. Scores were fairly ordinary all round except for the Birdsville backs who combined for 3 tons. The No. 1 draft pick was busy on the bench signing autographs for Spelunkers fans. He is already complaining that the coach told him to get stuffed.

Devils 1241 vs Packers 1130

A scattering of tons for our resident ruck hogs saw them comfortably over the line. Another high draft pick was spotted sitting on the winner’s bench. Quite a good showing from the Packers, particularly when you cast an eye over some of the other scores on the weekend. The team is rounding out nicely.

Beetles 1018 vs Warriors 1035

Nothing comfortable about this one. A close encounter. Poo kept the Beetle Bench warm whereas the Warriors put Mackenzie on field. Tom Green looks like being top Beetle this season. The Warriors picked up two donuts in defence which will be a worry going forward. Fortunately, the former birdman Wittsy in the ruck dragged them over the

Chooks 1189 vs Cows 1207

Was topping up the old pullets with some young chicks the way to go? At least Brennan Cox has arrived and Charlie Constable may have a home.No rookies or risks for the Cows, but Coleman and Fyfe must be of some concern. Tmitch okay in his new colours, things back home in Hawkland not so good.

Cockies 1072 vs Wombats...
Do you have a mind for pick values, negotiating trades and putting fantasy teams together?

Then this may be the role for you, based in the glamorous town of Walpole and just a measly 430 km south-southeast of Perth the Woylies are looking for a new boss.

Please submit expressions of interest on this thread, this is a long term appointment and would expect to be for multiple seasons.

You can see the current team list here: Walpole Woylies and with the draft just days away, the team is holding picks 8,24,40,56,72,88

This is a rare opportunity to join the ORFFF with a team poised to make a leap up the standings, and the deepest ruck division in the history of footy.
We're almost at the end of another season of TS Fantasy NBA!
One week of matchups left!

See this thread for links to the four grand finals and some other important games this week!

Good luck to all teams this week!