For those who take it way too seriously

After an immensely successful opening season in 2015, the Friday Front Bar returned bigger and better in 2016.

The show stars comedian Sam Pang and Mick Molloy as well as revered sports journalist, Andy Maher.

The program is produced by Molloy Productions together with Carlton Draught.

What started a 15 minute show last year, reached 400,000 views in 2015 and has now evolved into a half hour program after the Friday night footy every week on Channel 7.

The trio sit at a bar in Melbourne in a footy program unlike any other. It is a relaxed vibe, as they sip beer and chat about the topics currently taking the footy world by storm.

Maher, Molly and Pang discuss all the hot topics that have caught the attention of the media over the week, while executing hilarious one-liners with brilliant precision.

Their fresh, hilarious take on AFL is refreshing and a must watch every week.

They are joined by special guests each week, ranging from footy legends of years gone by to some of those who perhaps don’t receive the recognition they deserve, such as the umpires of our great game.

The show can be viewed on and Channel 7, including Plus 7 catch up TV.

With the AFL Grand Final just around the corner, this is a show not to be missed.

Check out the latest episode of the Friday Front Bar at and like their Facebook page for more updates and great insight.

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For the past 3 seasons we have had 4 leagues of 12 with promotion and relegation between them up and down.
This season will be the first under a new format, where there will still be a Premier league and a Division 1, however all other leagues will sit directly under Div 1 and all feed into it directly and equally. This will hopefully create a quicker path to the Premier league for new teams and other teams in the lower leagues.

We need to decide how many teams will move between each league...
As the start of the NBA season is now less than 2 months away, I thought it would be a good idea to create a blog asking people to renew their interest in playing this season.

This is the 7th season of the TS NBA fantasy basketball leagues.

If you would like to play again this season, you will need to post a comment below to say that you are interested in playing again.

Any newcomers are also welcome to join, please post a comment below to say that you would like to play. Last year we had 4 leagues, so depending on the level of interest, we would possibly create another league. If not, we will place your name on a waiting list and and see if there are any people who drop out from last year (the waiting list will be in the order of who indicates their interest first)

We use the ESPN fantasy basketball site and we use a scoring system that has been designed by the players within TS NBA community.

Anthak will work out who is in what league this year and we will send out the invites to join the relevant league once we work out who is playing.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments below and someone will be able to help you.
Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 1192 def Venus Bay Vultures 1138

They say good things come to those who wait. Well that adage could not be more apt for the Lefties, who have endured 12 long months in the wilderness waiting for another shot at a premiership.

A full kitchen reno was commissioned at the Lagoon at the end of 2015 as the kitchen sink and most of the adjoining wood panelling cabinetry was removed and unceremoniously thrown at an encore.

Fu%k, we really loved those cabinets!

The price one pays for eternal glory...

Anyways, there's two sides to every story.

Fitzy's Vultures booked their entry into this finals series via the now infamous "Behind The Tuckshop After Recess Ya Mole" Smackdown against ex-BFF Lenny120 (aka Lenny5 aka Lennyinsertrandomnumber).

*footnote: Small amount of pride salvaged as Wombat hierarchy take out the ORFFA SC league

Roll on finals.

Vultures drew the long straw and got to play the Colanders first up.

Week 1 - Vultures def Codpieces by 47

Then booked a showdown with flag fancies the Uglies and proceeded to slap them a new one.

Week 2 - Vultures def Uglies by 65

Lefties most fortuitously finished second and reluctantly chose to face the Blimps.

Week 1 - Lefties def Dirigibles by 22

Then fell into a prelim against the giant killers

Week 2 - Lefties def Battlers by 160

Roll on The Big Dance

Vultures were licking their chops at the flying start by Gaff who managed to amass 600 possies by half time, unfortunately a monster tag from Lewis resulted in only 41 of these being converted into actual disposals.

The question the entire football fraternity has been asking was finally answered during this game.

That’s right folks, Travis Cloke has been so shit at goal kicking this year cos Fitzy has had him camped in the deeeeep back pocket i.e. defensive emergency. Even Blighty couldn’t sink one from back there!

Jasper was a ghost of his usual self and let goals rain on through him like a flailing Demi Moore....
BAM. Down by 20 points in the granny with Gunston stinking it up and making my "Never Again" list.

Stings even harder with the game winning score of Phillips on the bench. Guess that's fantasy football for ya!

Been another fun season though, brutal early, but pretty smooth late in the piece, particularly with the pre-final bye round. Might need to trade harder next year I reckon.

I'd like to thank all the guys who have helped out with the site this year, the ORFF admins and those awesome articles from the kickass guys of TipBetPro. Make sure you get on board with them next year, another successful year for them! :D

Hope to see some banter as the finals roll round, and a bit of Brownlow talk when that gets up!
Final week. Looks like the Armageddon of former years is just a memory this year. The week off providing enough of a rest for all and sundry.

Still, glad I had a trade in hand for my granny, perfect coverage for Sloane. :D

Good luck to all the finalists out there!! :D

Teams over the break
The Big Show (Reviewed by JC)

Week 2 Finals – Review
Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 1362 to Birdsville Battlers 1202

As expected, last year’s champs booked themselves a second straight appearance in the Granny as they eased past the Battlers in a replay of last year’s edition - just a shame it was a week earlier this year! In a solid display all round, the Lefties were just too strong for the Battlers who were probably lucky to make the finals at all. Priddis, Lloyd, Wells, Smith and Montagna all hit triple digits with solid contributions from a few others as well. It was very much the same old story for the Battlers as the boys down back did their bit and Treloar stood tall in the middle, but there wasn’t much after that.

So congrats to Goonies and we wish them all the best in the big one!

Venus Bay Vultures 1303 def Mount Beauty Uglies 1238

Could the Vultures be about to pull a Lefties on the Lefties? For the second straight year the 8th ranked team makes it through to the Grand Final after the Vultures sent the highly fancied Uglies packing. Trade-a-holic Fitzy’s youthful core of Parker, Gaff, Docherty and Crisp all raised the bat, as Howe and Martin, while Kreuzer did a good job in the ruck against The Beard.

Considered by many as a genuine chance for the flag, the boys from Mount Beauty failed to bring their best form to the finals. The Uglies scraped through the first week before posting another modest score (by their lofty standards at least) this week to see them head off for Mad Monday a week earlier than planned. Boyd, Sidebottom, Viney and The Beard gave them every chance, but with Martin, Reiwoldt and Cyril all down on their usual numbers, bama’s boys just couldn’t find an answer for the Vultures.

Congrats to Venus Bay and best of luck of luck against the defending champs this week.

The Sideshow (reviewed by Len)

Zac Dawson Cup Semis

Cradle Mountain Devils 1187 def by Marble Bar Misfits 1192...

Grand Final Preview:

Popanyinning Pyrite v Queenstown Quolls

Okay, so I’m back from 2 weeks of sun and fun on the NSW Central Coast and just in time for the ORFFL Grand FInal. After falling at the penultimate hurdle unfortunately the TLP won’t be represented however a big pat on the back to the whole team who far exceeded expectations for 2016.

It would be mean to say that the best thing about this year’s GF is that the Savages aren’t playing, but I’m going to say it anyway, the best thing about this year’s GF is that the Savages aren’t playing.

We do however have 2 teams who have clearly taken their opportunities and now have the chance to claim the ultimate in Fantasy Football, the ORFFL Premiership.

Popanyinning Pyrite:

After finishing the regular season in 4th the Pyrite have carried form into the finals with two 1300 plus scores which were both enough to take out the Seagulls and the Pigs in close fought encounters.

Key to the Pyrite all year has been the development of the Bearded one, Big Max Gawn. With 17 ruckman on the list, I guess one had to come through and Maxy has done that this year.

Queenstown Quolls

It was a battle for the Quolls just to make the 8, and perhaps it was that hardened edge that saw them smash the jar in the first week of finals. Whatever it was, Kool and the Gang had a small but discernible increase in google hits as BB had ‘Celebration’ blaring all over Queenstown. Rumours that a boatload of celebrating Quolls fans went to trash Sarah Island, only to find that there really isn’t much there anyway and that what is there is in ruins, are still being investigated. Just a tip, if you do the Sarah Island tour and you think you need to go to the toilet when you get off the boat, I suggest that you do and don’t wait until you get back (I’m talking number 2’s here).

The party wasn’t over after the first week though as they added the second placed Magicians to the hit list. Taking...
A big 2479 in the penultimate round sees a granny appearance for this little black duck.

Anyways, allow me to tell you a quick tale about who that 2479 knocked out this week.

The following email was sent around the league last week (Names changed to protect anonymity)


Good luck in this final week guys. Hope you all have a trade spare! :D