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Hi All,

Too Serious will be holding our 3rd season of AFLW based competition in 2021 during the 2021 AFLW home and away season, building on the success of our 8 team, 7 week competition in 2019 and our unfortunately more succinct 2020 season.

We are one of the few full season fantasy comps on offer for AFLW next season – the other many played in 2020 was Sheplays (ShePlays Fantasy League).

Hopefully success of ShePlays as well as our comp and others elsewhere will lead to SuperCoach and RealDream team comps further down the track.

We are looking to grow our numbers substantially so whether you are an AFLW fanatic, general fantasy football or fantasy sports fan or both please consider having a crack at either a keeper league or (re)draft format competition (or both). Also pass on the word to your family, mates and fantasy league buddies if you think they would be keen. Let's try our hardest to get this shout-out to go viral. Multiple leagues can be formed depending on how many entries we receive.

Whether you are a long time Too Serious member or otherwise we would love to have you joining in. If your fantasy site of choice for AFL mens comps and other Australian and global sports is elsewhere that is no issue and this comp will slot in nicely with slight overlap only for those who compete in BBL supercoach and AFL Supercoach and AFL Fantasy comps.

With the AFLW season commencing on Thursday 27th January, 2021 there has been a decision to start new leagues commencing week 2 of the AFLW season which allows a majority of players to be selected post AFLW round 1 selection.

Drafts would commence between Friday 22nd January and Tuesday 26th January with an optimal league size of 8 teams to provide an intense home and away comp prior to finals. AFLW player positions will be finalised by 20th January and league draft order, league draft starting time and other details will be finalized and listed as soon as practicable...
Hi Folks

Despite the delayed AFL draft this year the major fantasy comps have released their 2021 team pickers which allows us to commence the annual task of identifying the players and team structure we want and then reassess things throughout the AFL preseason leading into Round 1.

Let us know how you are tackling the 2021 season including the scheduled Rounds 12, 13 and 14 byes.

The NBA season has kicked off today and we had our fantasy drafts a few days ago.

See below spreadsheet for the results of all three drafts.
Here are links to each of the leagues:
Div 1:
Div 2:

The #1 and #2 pick was the same in all three drafts, Giannis and Luka across the board.

Something I always find interesting is the players who went undrafted in some leagues but not others. You will see in the table that any undrafted players were given a figure of 157 where they were undrafted.
The highest ranked player who went undrafted in at least one league was Tim Hardaway Jnr, who was undrafted in Premier, but drafted at 107 & 109 in the other two leagues.
The highest ranked player who went undrafted in two leagues was Terrence Ross, who was drafted at 122 in Division 1.
The lowest ranked player who was drafted in all 3 leagues was Joe Harris, drafted at 155, 153 & 128 across the three leagues.
The lowest ranked player drafted in at least two leagues was Jordan Clarkson who was drafted at 153 in Premier and 150 in Div 2.

We havent gone into as much detail this year with std dev and the like, but have highlighted some of the big sliders and reaches for ease of finding them.

I don't know about you, but Ive got two of the reaches and one of the sliders! Hopefully they all work out :)

It's been tricky to decide when to hold the draft at this time of year.
We've set up a poll with two options and it is only open for 24 hours, closing approximately Thursday 3:20pm AEDT, so get in and vote quickly.

We have also set the draft orders. See over the break.
We have set a poll for the draft date. We are only allowing two options and please only select if you CANNOT attend on that date at that time. We will go with the option that has least amount of people who cannot attend. The poll will only be open for 48 hours, until Tuesday night. All going well, we will announce draft date/time on Wednesday.

We still need three more to commit.
2015 All-Australian David Mundy has toyed with the idea of retirement this summer, however, many Dockers fans firmly believe that the 35-year old still has plenty to offer. The veteran midfielder is coming off the back of another impressive season and his vast experience could be absolutely essential over the next twelve months.

By offloading Jesse Hogan to GWS, the club should have freed up enough space to retain a number of out-of-contract stars, and Mundy is likely to be first in line. Coach Justin Longmuir has previously spoken of his desire to keep the former Dockers captain at the club, citing his off-field influence as one of the key reasons for offering him a new one-year deal.

The Seymour-born star made his debut for the club in April 2005 at the MCG, and has spent 16 successful seasons in Perth. He is just 21 appearances away from breaking the club's all-time appearance record, having featured 332 times since bursting onto the scene 15 years ago.

The club are concentrating on the draft as opposed to trades during the offseason, and although some fans are concerned that the aforementioned sale of Hogan and the delisting of Hugh Dixon will leave them short of forwards in 2021, the Dockers hierarchy appear to have a clear plan going forward. Mundy appears to be part of that project, and he can still have a significant influence on the younger players within the squad.

Having made 332 appearances for the Dockers, Mundy is often regarded as the club's 'spiritual leader', and he remains a firm fan favourite. Despite featuring just 16 times in 2020, his numbers remain impressively solid. Many predicted that...
Dates have been officially announced. The NBA season is set to start on Dec 22 (US time).

Let us know in this thread if you're keen to play fantasy NBA in the TS leagues this season.
What a year it has been!

As we cheer Choppers on to hopefully a top-10 position overall, many others of us will be playing grand finals or hoping to finish a certain ranking.

How are you all doing this round so far?
Two rounds to go!

How are you all tracking?
Choppers is crushing it up in the top 6 at the moment. Good luck to you for the final two rounds!

Y'all may have noticed the TS Donor team has been ranked 1st overall the past few weeks and we extended our lead in round 16, to be 119 points in front of 2nd. We have now made the tough call to pull the team out of the competition. In the end we decided it didn't sit right with us to take any prize money the way we work on the team in a collaborative way. We started the team in 2011 and I don't think any of us honestly expected we'd ever be vying for 1st place overall. I think we had a good chance this year with 2 trades left for the final two rounds and a well set up team, and obviously the 119 point buffer. But we have deleted the team from the competition yesterday, and we contacted the organisers to advise of our decision.

It was an exciting and super fun season and it is disappointing to finish this way, but it also feels good to act in integrity and do what we felt was best.

Good luck to everyone still in contention. Especially Choppers! Hopefully you can take it out mate!
Courtesy of @TerryinBangkok


In this, the year of Covid-ball, the FA have had to innovate to survive. The first decision the Board made was to award the Premiership to Gundagai, so @snoz sits on the tucker box, being first past the post.

The second decision, based on the first, was to shift the focus from outright winner to who can make the 8. Much more exciting. Can you believe, in the absence of a Dawson Cup, coaches are scratching and clawing for that vital, but meaningless 8th spot, while older heads are tanking for draft picks. As of R!5 we had:

7. Marble Bar Misfits 32 104.8
8. Birdsville Battlers 32 105.5
9. Wagga Wagga Wombats 32 98.6
10. Whitsunday Warriors 32 98.6
11. Waikik Incorrigibles 28 100.6
12. Lovely Bay Lilacs 28 99.1

So, for match of the round we had the Wombats and the Warriors, both on exactly the same percentage battling it out in the hope of a slip up from the Battlers or the Misfits. Sort of a Clayton’s Essendon, Melbourne or Carlton.
While the Cows are looking down, the Lilacs are looking up. Could @Jen sneak into the 8 and earn the improver of the season title?
Other leagues opted for a bye, but no, in ORFFA too much depends on this. Could there be some final twist in the tail? Might the stewards go back to earlier rounds and discover Covid breaches, causing a shuffling of this delicately poised challenge for Numero 8? Watch this space.

Totted them up myself, so could be mistakes.

Wineglass Bay Packers 454 def. by Foul Bay Chickens 1397
Talk about putting the foot on the throat. Absolutely no mercy from the Chooks as @Tracey struggled with 3 donuts on top of 2 byes. Decimated. Tons sprinkled like hundreds and thousands for the Chooks and Hawkins top scoring with 173.

Lovely Banks Lilacs 1087 def Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 622
There is so much good fresh food to be had...