For those who take it way too seriously

With SC opening, I'm getting more emails along the lines of "I can't log in".

So, I'm gunna sticky this at the top of the blog for a while. :)

TS has been updated!! Newer, faster, better. Way better.
For those who take the selection of their fantasy football team seriously, you're probably already aware how the loophole works. For those who don't there is a refresher at the bottom of this article.

Explore the interpretation of "loophole value" in this analysis of the 2016 fixture.
Remember when TS Used to allow you to upload your team?

It was a good time, a simple time, a time without AFL Fantasy, DFS all that ASAGA junk.
The TooSerious tradition that is Rate My Team (RMT) is back in 2016!

Let's set the ground rules for RMT, nice and clear.

1. In order to get feedback on your own team, you must first provide feedback on the teams that have been recently posted. This is the golden rule and is what makes this whole thing work. :)
2. If you just post your team without giving any feedback, your post will be deleted. :mad:
3. Please refrain from commenting on teams that have been posted by others that have not followed the golden rule. :cool:
4. Keep it civil. Constructive criticism is fine. But there is a line and please don't cross it. :eek:

To kick things off, I'll put my current SC team up for discussion. :spoton:

Find that value, search hard and follow your instincts!
Or just tell me I'm dreaming and where I've gone wrong...
Okay so this is essentially a bastardisation of P_L's thread. I couldn't work out how to promote it to a featured article. And the main page is where the ORFFL belongs. Damnit, that's where 3n4nsy belongs.

Putting all that aside, here are the dates for the upcoming trade, delistments, draft, trade periods:

2016 Pre-Pre-SeasonDraft Trade Period - Now - Feb 26th 9pm AEDT
2016 Pre-Season Delistment Deadline (lists at no more than 20 player) - Feb 27th 9pm AEDT
2016 Pre-Season Draft - Feb 29th 0:00AM (or earlier the night of the 28th if you want)
2016 Post-Pre-Season Draft Trade Period - End of draft - 23rd March 9pm AEDT

...we should all know them by now but erm, here:

2016 Pre-Season Draft Order

Draft Picks Per Team

Poowong Potoroos: 1, 19, 37, 55, 73, 91
Tarwin Lower Pigs: 2, 20, 38, 56, 74, 92
Queenstown Quolls: 3, 39, 57, 59, 75, 93
Jimcumbilly Jackrabbits: 4, 18, 22, 46, 76, 94
Bonnie Doon Bandits: 5, 21, 23, 62, 77, 95
Woy Woy Wizards: 6, 24, 42, 60, 78, 96
Glenrowan Gunslingers: 7, 25, 43, 61, 79, 97
Popanyinning Pyrite: 8, 10, 14, 41, 44, 98
Bundalong Bullfrogs: 9, 27, 45, 63, 81, 99
Warburton Wanderers: 12, 26, 28, 32, 36, 40, 54
Purnululu Bungle Rangers: 11, 29, 47, 65, 83, 101
Milikapati Snakes: 30, 48, 66, 84, 85, 102
Mount Buggery Disappointments: 13, 31, 49, 67, 103, 118
Mallacoota Magicians: 58, 64, 68, 82, 86, 104
Coulta Couldabeen: 15, 33, 51, 69, 87, 105
Smiths Beach Seagulls: 16, 34, 52, 70, 88, 106
Humpty Doo Hammerheads: 17, 35, 53, 71, 89, 107
Sarah Island Savages: 50, 72, 80, 90, 100, 108

Trades Affecting Draft
*Pre MSD*
Sarah Island trade Darcy Lang, their R1 MSD pick (P18) and their R1 2016 PSD pick
Jimcumbilly for Matthew Boyd, their R3 MSD Pick (P41), and their R4 2016 PSD Pick.

Ok peeps, with SC, DT and AFLF all opening, we can now roll the site over to the latest!

Look at that projection assuming Gaz scores his A/A team scores. :D

Got some new graphs around the place, and a couple of bugs that I'm looking into *cough*ticker*cough*, but we're nearly there.

One more shiny feature before moving onto the ORFFs

As always, let me know if you spot any bugs.

Hi All,

If you are interested in joining the Outer Regional Fantasy Football Federation (aka ORFFF or Triple F) keeper league or curious to know more then either pm me or otherwise let us know at:-

As way of background information our comp has 16 teams, "located" as follows:-
final orfff map.png

As several of the coaches are happy to handover to new faces now is a great time to join - particularly as we are in the final 10 rounds of the inaugural draft

If you are reading this in April or May do not be concerned we will welcome newcomers anytime this season.

Cheers TTH
January comes and goes, and before the preseason really gets underway- post your team here for prosperity.

I always feel that my January team is better than my actual team, so this year, I want to save it to compare/contrast.

I'll kick it off with the 2016 Hype train.
Bam! 6 and a half more hours.

Then another kajillion hours of tweaking.

Then lots of cursing.

Then it's the off season again.

Ah, the circle of Supercoach, how I love thee.
Howdee ORFFL Coaches! Hornsy here, hoping you've enjoyed/are still enjoying the fruits of a marvellous off-season. Yes, that goes for both fantasy and reality, distinctions this persona has always had great difficulty keeping separated despite my adoption of the early work of The Offspring as something of a personal mantra (90's kids anyone?).

Enough of the fripperous (eh?) jibber-jabber and onto things I has to say and the sayings of them. This thread here is a general call-out to all ORFFL coaches about your participation in the 2016 ORFFL Season. We'll get to the matter of draft dates and all the detailed specificities and what-not as it proceeds, but for now; HONRSY JUST WANT TO KNOW WHETHER YOUR IN OR WHETHER YOU OUT?

So post-up and let us know! As always no-one terribly minds if you don't wish to play anymore; we all have lives and commitments apart from this very serious but also equally silly league and we're all very kind and empathetic souls or can at least muster up the civility to pretend to be when the need arises. We'd just rather know ahead of time if you can't make it to the big dance so we can plan and find replacements.

I'll be sending out a big call out over the Twitterverse and an email BLAST that renders all proceeding email BLASTS null and void on account of it's volume and severity. However, if someone (you know who) wants to call Tino; much appreciated and Ja Bless your cotton socks.

I'll also be adding (along with the dates that we'll be communally deciding on), spreadsheets, a trade section and even a specially designed spreadsheet pertaining to the PSD so that if you so choose to take your 2016 season to the level of too serious, you can compile your own phantom draft - predicting what other coaches will do before they even know what they'll be doing.

You can then laugh, cry and tear your remaining hair out when they deviate of your carefully created script in the actual. Share my...