For those who take it way too seriously

Ok, so 2200 - 2300 seems to be about par this week. Not bad considering the carnage we've seen at the rookie level.

Stats will probably be late this evening as I won't get much of a chance to get on for the next few.

How have we all gone?
Round 4 was International moment of laughter day round in the ORFFA.
Read over for the review....
Think we can sum this up with a picture.

Teams over the break
I'm gunna open this post by making you all feel better about yourselves.


I can't remember scoring a worse score than that! Awful stuff!

Danger (C), Treloar's 72, Roughy's 53 and Watson's 44 the highlights, but there was a lot of players down on their usual form.

Not even Dahl could save my score!

Hopefully we see a few better scores in the comments :D
Ok, got another Thursday night game this week, so we get a team early.

Not too much to write about with the two teams playing, so we can take a little more time before deciding what to do with Gawn :D

Teams over the break
Another round is coming to a close. Newman looks like a must grab, while Gawn is gaaaaaaawn.

Thankfully I've got Jarrod "Ready made replacement" Witts kicking it on the sidelines to step in for the big fella. Might make a Gawn>Spencer trade viable.

Anyways, I've scored almost 2200 which seems about par from what I can tell. Got my cash-league season campaign under way with a win so I can't complain too much! :D

How have you all gone?
A fairly large set of fresh rookies are already named in the 18 or 22 for this weekend.

J Dawson (123.9k FM, page 335 of the 2017 prospectus), Balic (123.9k FM, p134), Logue (180.3k D, p141), Berry (139.8k DM, p56), McLuggage (202.8k FM, p62), Durdin (123.9k F, p256), Parsons (117.3k F, p168), and T Smith (102.4k F, p248).

With B Long (117.3k DF, p319), L Dawson (195.1k DF, p58), H McKay (123.9k F, p81), Williamson (117.3k D, p86) and J Stewart (169.8k F, p126) on the 7 man interchange there is potential for one or 2 of those to join them

Jy Simpkin - edit and Ben Ainsworth - is out injured, while several rookies are also named on the 7 man bench including T Miles (F/M), Macreadie (D), Pickett (F/M), McGrath (D/M) and Barrett (M).

Which means Preuss, Pickett, Eddy, Pickett, Bowes and Florent amongst others definitely have another run this weekend.

Of the sub $200k rookies dropped after Round 1 Shoenmakers, Mountford and Hibberd failed to make the 25 for Round 3, while Foote returns for Sydney and Menzel is an emergency for the Crows.

Hayward, N Newman, Burton, D Swallow and Broomhead are amongst the rookies who back up for their 2nd consecutive games.

No D Cameron for the Swans (missing the 25) with Callum Sinclair picked to replace Tippett.

I am not sure whether N Roo actually plays on Sunday, fingers crossed for those who held him.


Sydney Swans v Collingwood
Friday April 7 at the SCG (7.50pm)

B: N.Smith, A.Aliir, N.Newman
HB: C.Mills, H.Grundy, H.Marsh
C: Z.Jones, J.Kennedy, J.Lloyd
HF: O.Florent, L.Franklin, L.Parker
F: G.Hewett, S.Reid, W.Hayward
FOL: S.Naismith, D.Hannebery, K.Jack
I/C: J.Dawson, J.Foote, R.Fox, C.Sinclair
EMG: H.Cunningham, S.Edwards, J.Laidler

IN: C.Sinclair, J.Foote, J.Dawson
OUT: K.Tippett, J.Laidler, H.Cunningham

B: J.Howe, H.Schade, J.Ramsay
HB: J.Smith, B.Reid, B.Maynard
C: S.Sidebottom, S.Pendlebury, J.Crisp
HF: T.Varcoe, J.White, T.Broomhead
F: A.Fasolo, D.Moore, C.Mayne...
The Round of 16 draw sees the 16 winners from Week 2 matched up as they battle it out for a spot in the final 8 as follows but also shown on the TS Leagues and Matchday reporting pages)

Home/Away/Team Records and Points Scored in 2017
49 Foul Bay Chickens ORFFA (3-1, 5469) vs Rutherglen Fugitives ORFFF (3-1, 5476) - this promises to be the match of the tournament so far with the winner likely to be favourites for the inaugural title

50 Staghorn Flat Bulls ORFFU (3-1, 5112) vs Blanchetown Bunyips ORFFU (3-1, 4831) - both teams would be happy with this draw which guarantees at least 1 ORFFU team makes the final 8

51 Neptune Island Noahs ORFFF (4-0, 5333) vs Gundagai Grasshoppers ORFFA (3-1, 5364) - two young and impressive teams clash in a beauty down at Neptune Island

52 Drouin Dropbears ORFFF (2-2, 5354) vs Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles ORFFA (3-1, 4595) - Drouin are overwhelming favourites as the ORFFF and ORFFA again battle it out

53 Mallacoota Magicians ORFFL (4-0, 5411) vs Mount Buggery Disappointments ORFFL (3-1, 5230) - old rivals clash in for the 2nd time in consecutive weeks after Mallacoota defeated the Pointers in ORFFL Round 4 action, in a matchup which is likely to be the highest scoring of the 3 derbies

54 Groote Eylandt Barracudas ORFFU (2-2, 5173) vs Jan Juc Ducks ORFFF (2-2, 5160) - only 13 points scored separate these teams over the opening 4 rounds, it should be a mouthwatering battle at Groot Eylandt despite both teams currently being mid-table in their own comps

55 Nuytsland Vikings ORFFU (3-1, 5397) vs Glenrowan Gunslingers ORFFL (2-2, 5255)
- the FU leads the FL 3-2 and the Vikings are slight faves to stretch that advantage to 4-2

56 Gariwerd Cockatoos ORFFA...
So, week two of Beat Baz is down, and looking around the grounds of Round 2, we see that he finished 2802nd in the free game last week, netting everyone who beat him $3.57 into the war chest.

Barry’s worst position in a paid game was 1316th when the Cats overcame the Roos in an exciting match, while his best position was 275th, during Melbourne’s win over Carlton at the M.C.G on Sunday afternoon.

With Barry struggling in the Geelong and North clash, the Cats’ game against Melbourne and North’s fixture with GWS could see cash fly into punters’ pockets with Hall clearing struggling when it comes to those sides.

I'd draw some kind of predator quote here, but it's not a matter of "If it bleeds" here, Baz is hemorrhaging!

Just a quick reminder on the rules, first game for the round is free (Sydney v Collingwood), the rest will have a small fee to enter. You pick six players in a game, and if those guys outscore Baz. You win. AFL Fantasy is the scoring system, so it's all about quantity of disposal, not quality!

As per the first two weeks, all you have to do to beat Barry is pick six players and have them outscore Hall’s six selections, and if they do you’ll share in a $10,000 prize pool. And remember the scoring system is the same as AFL Fantasy.

This week, Baz has selected the following players for the first game of the week: Tom Phillips (Collingwood), Jeremy Howe (Collingwood), Lance Franklin (Sydney), Sam Naismith (Sydney), Josh Kennedy (Sydney) and George Hewett (Sydney).

Hewett feels like the most vunerable of that lot, with zones running rampant in the middle, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Of course, maybe Baz knows his Swans a little better than me! Maybe not.

This week you have another chance to earn some cash and share in the $10,000 prize pool....
Compliments of the site's C0C @snoz :)

Wineglass Bay Packers 1080 defeated by Foul Bay Chickens 1300
The struggling Packers are looking to improve on 2016 but have started the season slowly, going down to Foul Bay by 220pts and have now started 0-2. Stand outs were Sloane with 146 and Mr Fragile Sam Reid with 115. Leading Premiership favorite Foul Bay has started 2-0 and are more than capably led by Danger 140, old man S Mitchell 111 & Jelwood 128. Convincing winners even with the Goldy donut.

Lovely Banks Lilacs 983 defeated by Whitsunday Warriors 1255
TiB has started the season bloody impressively, only going down by 1pt to Venus Bay last week and dispatching this week the Lilacs comfortably by 272 pts. Led by Ollie 145, Jeremy Cameron chipping in with 108 and even Sam Gibson a surprising 108. The Lilacs on the other hand were picked by CR to improve somewhat in 2017, and sit in 16th spot even though they have started 1-1. No tons for the Lilacs, Mitch Duncan scored 99 for the young team.

Waikikamoocows 1138 take down Charlies Opening 1108
Last week the Cows were donut city, however this round they managed to get 14.5 players on
the field which was enough to take down the Spelunkers by a mere 30 points. Fyfe 117 was
everywhere, Sauce 108 turned back the clock but it was Rising Star hopeful Ryan Burton that
really shone, scoring 104 to have the Cows at 1-1 and back on track. The Spelunkers have Zerrett 112 and the Bont 140 holding the team up; Gunston got in some form with 131 in the forward line but was left to do it all with new draftee Bowes stinking it up with 26. With a 1-1 start the Spelunkers will be looking for some depth to help the studs going forward.

Mt Beauty Uglies 1214 go down to Cradle Mountain 1316
At 2-0 and sitting in 2nd Place, the Devils have opened 2017 strongly and look to improve on last year’s 11th place. Calling the victory aka The Babe, Heppell 108, Dependles 120 & Zorko 112 do... The ORFFA round two efforts disected with precision...