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TipBetPro have stormed into the top 10,000 tipsters in the country (8,476th) following 8 from 9 correct in Round 17 including upset winners Hawthorn and St Kilda. Another couple of huge games this week with the Pies vs Roos, Cats vs Crows and Power vs Giants standing out as cracking matches that are tough to tip. This week we’ve also taken a look at which teams are the punters friends, i.e. which teams have been the most profitable to bet on in season 2016 and which teams you love to punt against. Turn over for our Round 18 Tips and punters friend breakdown.
we hope you avoided this week's selection carnage

Friday July 22, 7.50pm at Etihad Stadium

B: J.Marsh, N.Brown, J.Howe
HB: T.Adams, B.Reid, B.Sinclair
C: S.Sidebottom, A.Treloar, J.Aish
HF: A.Fasolo, T.Cloke, T.Varcoe
F: D.Moore, J.White, J.Blair
R: B.Grundy, S.Pendlebury, J.Crisp
I/C: L.Greenwood, M.Williams, B.Maynard, J.Smith
EMG: J.De Goey, T.Goldsack, M.Cox

IN: A.Fasolo, M.Williams
OUT: B.Macaffer, J.De Goey

B: S.Thompson, M.Firrito, S.Atley
HB: B.McKenzie, R.Tarrant, J.Macmillan
C: S.Gibson, D.Wells, N.Dal Santo
HF: J.Anderson, B.Brown, J.Ziebell
F: L.Thomas, D.Petrie, B.Harvey
R: T.Goldstein, B.Cunnington, A.Swallow
I/C: R.Clarke, T.Dumont, A.Mullett, M.Daw
EMG: E.Vickers-Willis, J.Tippett, C.Wagner

IN: M.Daw, T.Dumont
OUT: J.Waite, C.Wagner

Saturday July 23, 1.45pm at the SCG

B: D.Rampe, A.Aliir, N.Smith
HB: J.Lloyd, H.Grundy, C.Mills
C: D.Hannebery, J.Kennedy, K.Jack
HF: D.Towers, L.Franklin, G.Hewett
F: I.Heeney, G.Rohan, T.Papley
R: S.Naismith, L.Parker, T.Mitchell
I/C: H.Cunningham, J.Foote, X.Richards, C.Sinclair
EMG: B.Jack, T.Leonardis, T.Nankervis

IN: H.Cunningham, X.Richards, J.Foote, I.Heeney
OUT: T.Richards, B.McGlynn, J.McVeigh, Z.Jones

B: Z.Tuohy, S.Rowe, K.Simpson
HB: D.Buckley, L.Plowman, S.Docherty
C: D.Armfield, P.Cripps, E.Curnow
HF: S.Kerridge, S.White, J.Silvagni
F: M.Wright, L.Casboult, C.Curnow
R: M.Kreuzer, B.Gibbs, N.Graham
I/C: A.Phillips, J.Weitering, L.Sumner, B.Boekhorst
EMG: J.Lamb, M.Whiley, K.Jaksch

IN: L.Casboult, B.Boekhorst
OUT: J.Lamb, K.Jaksch

Saturday July 23, 2.10pm at Metricon Stadium

B: N.Malceski, S.May, K.Kolodjashnij
HB: J.Harbrow, R.Thompson, A.Sexton
C: J.Schoenfeld, J.Lonergan, M.Shaw
HF: B.Matera,...
MITCHELL!!! Okay it’s not 150, but 120 is pretty damn good compared to recent Buys of the Week.

Thank god those Thursday night games are over, well except for the potential of a Thursday night final. Not a fan of those at all - SC, tipping, betting, Best Buys - just threw my week into chaos.

Only a few more rounds to go before finals – but that time has not come yet, so read on for more Best Buys and our BoTW.
In 2013 we started the TS Masters Series as a midseason knockout competition

In 2014 we also held the TS Challenge, TS Shield and TS Plate and changed the Masters Series to the best 32 teams on the site towards the end of the year.

In 2015 @TopHeavy took out the 2016 TS Shield while @BlueSteele took out the 2016 TS Masters Series (run on a 24 team 5 week knockout format).

In 2016 the Masters Series is back !! Unfortunately due to time constraints we won't hold the TS Shield this year.

If we get 24 teams nominated of a sufficient standard (approximately top 5k or better, a higher cutoff should be achievable) we will run the comp as a knockout comp during rounds 19-23, if not we will look to hold a 16 team comp (Rds 19-22 or 20-23)
Please note Trading Games teams are eligible – they have 10 sides in the top 5k

What you have to do by the 12 noon Thursday 28th July cutoff

1 – join the TS Group (if you didn’t do this at the start of the year)

Simply click the following link and LOGIN:

(Once logged in, simply confirm your invitation and you'll be automatically added. Private Groups are a separate feature to the TEN head-to head leagues, which you may continue to participate in as usual).

2 – nominate in the comments below, listing
– SC Team Name
– Coach Name as per the SC website (ie John, Steven, Mary etc, for checking purposes if for some reason we can’t find you in the group)
– Current ranking (as of Round 17 or Round 18)

Please feel...

An intriguing round of ORFFA action has seen the race for the final eight tighten considerably. Meanwhile, two games with direct relevance to domestic bliss – or otherwise - were decided.

Mt Beauty 1402 d Gundagai 1227

A stunning game from Dustin Martin helped guide Mt Beauty to win number 10 for season 2015, and saw the Uglies consolidate their position in the top 4.

Martin’s 155 led four other centurions for coach Bama, with Gawn, Cotchin, Rioli and Viney all tonning up. Ultimately, Mt Beauty’s across the field consistency proved the difference, with all bar two players scoring 70 or more.

Gundagai have clearly improved, with Rocky, Cripps, Grundy and Adams all topping 100. However the Hoppers’ backline still remains a work in progress, despite some savvy recent drafting in the area.

Foul Bay 1240 d Nunawading 1053

Foul Bay’s Dangerwood show rolls on, with the Geelong pair combining for nearly 270 points in a comfortable win over the Nuffers.

The Chickens remain atop the ladder, though their depth is being severely tested – something which will continue to occur with another injury (Gwilt) over the weekend. Bernie Vince’s 118 was welcome, as was a timely 83 in defence from Shane Biggs.

For Nunawading, some great defensive scoring from Simpson, Wood, Hunt, and Broadbent was not matched across the field.

JPK’s 140 was the only other century apart from Kade Simpson (115). The lack of a ruckman and a disappointing forwardline put paid to any chances of an upset.

Waikikamoocow 1270 d Wagga Wagga 1174

In a match-up with major finals ramifications, the ‘Cows stormed into sixth position with a narrow win over Wagga Wagga.

A standout game from the helmeted high-flyer Ben Griffiths helped Waikikamoocow over the line. His 132 up forward was accompanied by good performances from Mitchell (116), Crouch (112), Jacobs (110) and McGovern (105).

Wagga will be ruing a misfiring defence, with four sub-70 point scores...
So what do we think? Round about 2300 becomes par this week?

Ablett last week, Barlow this week- injuries are definitely starting to pile up! Hopefully you have the depth/trades remaining!!
Firstly - What. A. Game! RIOLI!!
We had Hawks by 1 (it was on our site - honest) - so not bad and a great start to this week

And last week, did anyone pick Sydney to win at the Cattery or Collingwood to win at Spotless? We certainly didn’t (in fact we didn’t even have them as potential upsets) and thus ended with 7 from 9 Round 16 tips. However with the perfect margin on the Thursday night game we found that still kept us up near the top of our tipping ladders. TipBetPro currently sits just outside the Top 20,000 tipsters on – not great (certainly well down on previous seasons performance) but not bad either out of more than 500,000 tipsters. Turn over for our Round 17 Tips and a player rank break-down of the Top 8 and potential hurdles to the flag.
updated for final Sunday teams and Laird/Whitfield late outs

Thursday July 14, 7:20pm at SCG

B: D.Rampe, H.Grundy, N.Smith
HB: C.Mills, T.Richards, Z.Jones
C: J.McVeigh, J.Kennedy, K.Jack
HF: D.Hannebery, L.Franklin, D.Towers
F: T.Papley, G.Rohan, G.Hewett
R: C.Sinclair, T.Mitchell, L.Parker
I/C: A.Aliir, J.Lloyd, B.McGlynn, S.Naismith
EMG: J.Foote, T.Nankervis, X.Richards

IN: B.McGlynn, OUT: J.Rose

B: S.Burgoyne, J.Frawley, B.Stratton
HB: S.Mitchell, J.Gibson, G.Birchall
C: I.Smith, J.Lewis, B.Hill
HF: L.Breust, J.Gunston, C.Rioli
F: J.Sicily, B.McEvoy, P.Puopolo
R: J.Ceglar, L.Hodge, J.O’Rourke
I/C: K.Brand, T.Duryea, A.Litherland, B.Whitecross
EMG: B.Hartung, T.O’Brien, T.Miles

IN: B.Whitecross, A.Litherland, J.O’Rourke
OUT: L.Shiels (Hamstring), B.Hartung (Omitted), D.Howe (Calf)

Friday July 15, 8:10pm at Subiaco Oval

B: G.Ibbotson, Z.Dawson, C.Sutcliffe
HB: S.Hill, S.Collins, L.Spurr
C: D.Pearce, L.Neale, H.Crozier
HF: C.Mayne, M.Taberner, M.Walters
F: L.Weller, M.Pavlich, H.Ballantyne
R: J.Griffin, D.Mundy, N.Suban
I/C: T.Sheridan, C.Blakely, T.Mzungu, M.Barlow
EMG: D.Tucker, Z.Clarke, Boer

IN: T.Mzungu, M.Barlow
OUT: E.Langdon, D.Tucker

B: J.Kolodjashnij, T.Lonergan, H.Taylor
HB: A.Mackie, L.Henderson, C.Enright
C: J.Murdoch, J.Selwood, S.Motlop
HF: S.Kersten, R.Stanley, L.McCarthy
F: D.Menzel, T.Hawkins, M.Duncan
R: Z.Smith, P.Dangerfield, C.Guthrie
I/C: M.Blicavs, N.Cockatoo, J.Cowan, T.Ruggles
EMG: C.Gregson, D.Lang, N.Vardy

IN: S.Kersten, R.Stanley, J.Cowan
OUT: J.Bartel, M.Clark, D.Lang

Saturday July 16, 1:40pm at MCG

B: D.Astbury, A.Rance, D.Grimes
HB: B.Deledio, T.Hunt, B.Ellis
C: J.Castagna, T.Cotchin, C.Menadue
HF: D.Martin, L.McBean, S.Grigg
F: J.Short, J.Riewoldt, B.Griffiths
R: S.Hampson, N.Vlastuin, S.Edwards
I/C: D.Rioli, A.Miles, S.Lloyd, O.Markov
EMG:... round 17 teams over the page...
Courtesy of @JC

ORFFA Round 13 Review – NAIDOC Round

Gundagai Grasshoppers 1225 def by Darraweit Guim Dirigibles 1307

Coach Chris’ gamble to double up in the ruck paid dividends as Ceglar (128) and Nicholls (119) dominated to keep the Blimps finals hopes alive. Walla and Newnes were also good.

Look out if snoz ever figures out he needs a couple of decent defenders. Outside of the terrible backline effort (this lot were shite tbh), it was a pretty good showing from the Hoppers with 8 scores over 90, 7 of which came from a promising group all aged 23 or younger. The Hoppers are on their way, perhaps just not quite as quickly as the coach would like.

Wineglass Bay Packers 959 def by Whitsunday Warriors 1133

Rough day at the office for coach Tracey as the Packers, with exception of the superstar Sloane (114), future star Lynch (123) and Matera (95), stunk it up all over the park. Hipwood continued to show some promising signs but it’s probably room full of mirrors time for the rest.

Two wins in a row now for the enigma known as TiB after a tough first half of the year. JJK (115) was the star for the Warriors with good support from Gibson (104) and Wines (99). A fairly even effort after that but enough to get the job done. Young Lobb (86) looks to be coming along nicely.

Charlies Opening Spelunkers 1108 def by Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles 1292

An easy in for the Cows over an undermanned Spelunkers outfit. While no doubt pleased that McGovern, Hannebery, Mitchell and Sauce Jacobs all cracked the ton, Graeme was probably most pleased with return to form of Hall (94) and Brad Crouch’s first ton in almost 2 years (23 August 2014 was his last one for those playing at home).

el Bandito and his charges were gallant but the efforts of the Bont (140), Jack (123) and Zerrett (129) were in vain as 13 warm bodies just wasn’t enough against solid Cows outfit.

Birdsville Battlers 1079 def Nunawading Nuffers...
Firstly, I had no idea what Walesy was going on about – gyms, eevees, lapras... I seriously need to out from underneath this rock.

Meanwhile, the BoTW curse is in full effect now – JJ didn’t even crack 70!
It’s really just got to the point where I’m thinking of naming players I don’t like or North Melbourne players to give Brad Scott something else to whinge about…

But I’m not going to do that, after all “if at first you don’t succeed, try going to the AFL for handouts… I mean try, try again”.

So read on to find out who we name as our Buy of the Week this week – if or no other reason, you know to not get him!