2023/24 TS fantasy NBA draft results

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By anthak on Oct 25, 2023 at 2:09 AM
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    We held our drafts on Sunday night ready for the new season which tips off later today!
    See below for a comparison of all three drafts...

    You can also see the results from all three drafts here:

    Its early days but I'd say the team to beat in each league is:
    Premier - @tasho TS tasho
    Div1 - @Mick Webb Bondi Chooks
    Div2 - @Jacob Doole Robert Sacre All Stars

    Some takeaways from the drafts...
    There were 168 players drafted in total. I havent checked back, but that seems like less than previous years.
    Jokic went #1 in every draft, and Giannis went #3 in all drafts; however each draft had a unique player at #2!
    Kevon Looney was drafted in the 120s and had a variance of just 1!
    The highest ranked player to not get drafted in at least one league was Bojan Bogdanovic who wasnt drafted in Premier, and went at 97 and 140 in the other two.
    The highest ranked player to only get drafted in one league was TJ McConnell who was picked at 114 in Div2.
    The lowest ranked player to get drafted in all three leagues was Al Horford, with and ADP of 147.3

    Lots of repeat offenders in the following two lists!
    Of course it is hard to know at this stage who was right in drafting high or low on a player.

    LaMelo - 20 in Div2 @Jacob Doole
    Lebron - 25 in Premier @Rev
    JMurray - 47 in Div2 @Jmulldihno
    Vucevic - 44 in Premier @Rad_E_Cool
    Porzingis - 51 in Premier @bgt2110
    JJJ - 55 in Div2 @Kaleb
    Lavine 50 in Premier @Sparks
    Harden - 60 in Div2 @churchboy
    Tyus - 55 in Div1 @Bearfly
    Franz - 68 in Premier @Rad_E_Cool
    Reaves - 70 in Premier @bgt2110
    Simons - 77 in Div1 @nicksnow
    Middleton - 84 in Div2 @churchboy
    McCollum - 101 in Div1 @nicksnow
    Simmons - 92 in Div1 @nicksnow
    Tobias - 91 in Premier @stowie
    Gafford - 112 in Div2 @Lano24
    Hield - 107 in Div2 @dmandrews
    JCollins - 123 in Premier @bgt2110 - I suspect this is about right for him
    Ivey - 122 in Premier @Sparks - I think this is about right too
    Mark Williams - 126 in Div2 @InVossWeTrust - and he has already been dropped in this league!! :eek:
    Westbrook - 125 in Div1 @nicksnow
    Smart - 114 in Premier @tasho
    Washington - 129 in Div1 @Belmont383
    Huerter - 130 in Div1 @tyze1
    Sexton - 142 in Div1 @Esther
    Mathurin - 143 in Premier @Sparks
    Conley - 146 in Div1 @James84
    Adams - 141 in Div2 @Don_Cottagers - but now sadly injured :(
    Quickley - 144 in Div2 @Nate Raymond
    Brogdon - 147 in Div1 @Esther
    Melton - 156 in Div2 @churchboy

    Embiid - 2 in Div2 @Jmulldihno
    Haliburton - 2 in Div1 @James84
    Kyrie - 18 in Premier @tasho
    Fox - 20 in Div1 @nicksnow
    Banchero - 25 in Div2 @Nate Raymond
    KAT - 28 in Div2 @Don_Cottagers
    Kawhi - 33 in Premier @The Royals
    Giddey - 24 in Div2 @Nate Raymond
    Ingram - 27 in Premier @bgt2110
    Brown - 34 in Div2 @Jasmine
    Garland - 27 in Div1 @Esther
    Bane - 28 in Premier @anthak
    Mobley - 32 in Div1 @Mick Webb
    Chet - 30 in Div2 @InVossWeTrust
    Sengun - 39 in Premier @crossy
    Ja - 36 in Div2 @churchboy - that was bold!
    Vassell - 49 in Div2 @Nate Raymond - I love this pick
    Scoot - 59 in Div1 @Jet
    Herro - 63 in Premier @crossy
    KMurray - 67 in Div2 @InVossWeTrust
    Gobert - 63 in Div2 @Jasmine
    CP3 - 62 in Div1 @Jet
    Wiggins - 72 in Div1 @uniao
    Rozier - 82 in Premier @crossy
    AGordon - 89 in Div1 @Mick Webb
    Valanciunas - 91 in Div2 @InVossWeTrust
    Sharpe - 96 in Div1 @uniao
    Barrett - 88 in Premier @The Royals
    Hart - 92 in Premier @Rad_E_Cool
    Bojan - 97 in Div1 @uniao
    McConnell - 114 in Div2 @Kaleb

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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Oct 25, 2023.

    1. Rad_E_Cool
      Thanks for doing this.

      Happy NBA day!
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    2. anthak
      Four coaches had a waiver claim on Mark Williams and @churchboy is the lucky winner :)
    3. nicksnow
      Thanks again for putting the work in to this. I always enjoy being able to compare against how our draft went against the other leagues.

      I hated my fox pick in the moment and it's not looking very good now either. I didn't want a bar of mccollum or westbrook either but they just fell so low in our draft that the value seemed there.

      Good luck to everyone on another season
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    4. anthak
      You ended up with quite a few of the sliders in your draft. You did well.
      And I think Fox will still be a good pick. It will be hard for him to do as well as he did last season but he won’t need to play at that level to help your team.
    5. anthak
      Turns out I was right on one of these… and the other two didn’t make their league’s playoffs!

      I’ll try do a post over the coming days to announce all the winners, and promotions and relegations etc.
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