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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Dec 23, 2020.

By anthak on Dec 23, 2020 at 1:52 PM
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    The NBA season has kicked off today and we had our fantasy drafts a few days ago.

    See below spreadsheet for the results of all three drafts.
    Here are links to each of the leagues:
    Div 1:
    Div 2:

    The #1 and #2 pick was the same in all three drafts, Giannis and Luka across the board.

    Something I always find interesting is the players who went undrafted in some leagues but not others. You will see in the table that any undrafted players were given a figure of 157 where they were undrafted.
    The highest ranked player who went undrafted in at least one league was Tim Hardaway Jnr, who was undrafted in Premier, but drafted at 107 & 109 in the other two leagues.
    The highest ranked player who went undrafted in two leagues was Terrence Ross, who was drafted at 122 in Division 1.
    The lowest ranked player who was drafted in all 3 leagues was Joe Harris, drafted at 155, 153 & 128 across the three leagues.
    The lowest ranked player drafted in at least two leagues was Jordan Clarkson who was drafted at 153 in Premier and 150 in Div 2.

    We havent gone into as much detail this year with std dev and the like, but have highlighted some of the big sliders and reaches for ease of finding them.

    I don't know about you, but Ive got two of the reaches and one of the sliders! Hopefully they all work out :)

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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Dec 23, 2020.

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    1. chris88
      This is turning into a bit of a nightmare.

      One of the teams in Div 2 actually lost a game last week because they picked up two Boston players for the final days play, only to then have the Boston game postponed after they'd picked up the players, which is a bit ordinary.

      I've now got 4 players affected by COVID on my roster - funnily enough, none are Boston players - and look like none will play this week. There's no skill to this right now, only hope and a bit of dumb luck. After scoring nearly 1700 last week I'll be lucky to crack 1200 if these dudes are out!

      I think I'll either just wipe the week this week, take the L and go from there or have a bit of fun and do some waiver wire scrambling.
    2. anthak
      I noticed that too.
      Also, I saw they picked up Rubio for the final day, and then just before lockout, they changed their mind and went Rubio to Pritchard.

      After lockout the game got postponed. If they hadve kept Rubio they would’ve won their matchup.

      Then ironically, their opponent picked up Rubio later that day...

      Similar thing happened to me. If Theis hadve played I likely would’ve won my matchup, instead of the close loss I had.

      oh well, I’m just trying to roll with the punches. It’s still been fun for me, and I’m enjoying watching games as usual.
    3. Steve
      This season is pretty much a write off from a fantasy perspective.

      It is just pure luck if you manage to survive the chaos. You could have set up the best team ever but it will be to no avail once COVID hits.

      Used up 2 of my acquisitions yesterday on Wizards players and now the Wizards game tomorrow is now postponed and more games likely to be canned for the rest of the round.
    4. bgt2110
      NBA season was always going to be massively affected by COVID, mega rich selfish athletes who have never been told "No" in their life expected to adhere to some basic safety protocols to protect themselves and others from a virus which is just rampant in a country that doesn't take it seriously enough. Hello Kyrie Irving (now) and James Harden (before the first game had even been played no less).
      End Rant
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    5. Rad_E_Cool
      Rumours are that the Wizards may have had an asymptomatic COVID-19 positive player who wasn't coming up on the tests (bad laboratory perhaps?). Teams that have played the Wizards have then ended up with players testing positive. I think that will be part of why the Wizards and Jazz game may have been postponed.
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    6. anthak
      A heap of players have lost their O or DTD ratings, despite still being out. strange
    7. dabombers
      @Steve ... C'mon man this isn't pure luck this season to survive. It takes massive amounts of skill and research to win matchups in this volatile climate. (note: that I have had my best start to a season so far 3-0 in Div 1)
      Harden to the Nets...
      Oladipo to Houston
      LeVert to Indiana.
      Jarret Allen and Prince to Cleveland.

      And Houston gets more first round draft picks than can be imagined.

      Hard not to pick Brooklyn coming out of the East with this Mega Team. In my opinion better than the big 3 in the Lebron Miami championship era.
      I'm amazed this trade has happened. Think Brooklyn won the trade even though they gave up so many picks.
      LaVert I'm hoping shines in Indiana. One of my favourite up and comer's.

      Cleveland on trade phone call's.... "Hi Cleveland here, was wondering if you needed a big guy. Maybe a Centre?? We have the Centre just for you... What you got???"
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    8. Steve
      Brooklyn will self destruct. Just need to take a look at what is happening with Kyrie at the moment.
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    9. Steve
      Time to shut the season down. What the NBA is currently doing is not working.

      You need to have all teams playing in a bubble in the one location.

      Bloody hell, you have to feel for KAT after what he has been through and now he has COVID.
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    10. dabombers

      Man you have some voodoo powers Steve..
      2 weeks after these posts my team self destructed..
      I would have needed 8 IR spots at one point. (Durrant, Embid, McCollum, Aaron Gordon, Caris Levert, Millsap, K.Love, Porzingis) with some small vacations from ( Monte Morris, Dragic,).
      How do you drop picks made in the first 8 rounds during the season unless they are season ending injuries..
      I just couldn't do it and have tried to hold strong..
      Only seeing the O's disappear today.. and news some more may go within the next week.

      I change my opinion very reluctantly Steve..... This Season has been brutal for some of us..

      If Brooklyn don't win in now they almost never will.
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    11. dabombers
      Edit, Its def not you Steve it must be me.. Just as I was writing this I thought I would take a look at the Philly game and saw Embid go down...
      This will be my final post ever on how my team is going..
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    12. anthak
      Oh dear, that sux!
    13. anthak
      I can very much relate to all this! :( :(
      As would many others I feel.

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