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    Premier League

    Team Stowie (11-1) 1616 defeated The Ticking Time Bomb (5-7) 1346

    Games played were 44-38 in favour of Stowie

    Stowie continued on their merry way with another convincing win the round over the Time Bomb. The Beard was the best for Stowie with (253/4), followed by Oladipo (214/4) and Monroe (189/4). The Time Bomb has now lost consecutive games and will be eager to turn things around to remain in finals contention. This round their best players were Payton (186/4), Butler (175/4) and M Barnes (142/3).
    King of Karlos (6-6) 1518 defeated Wade Machine (4-8) 1507

    Games played were 41-39 in favour of Karlos.

    This was the closest match in the Premier League this round and went down to the wire on the last day. Karlos got the win and may have put the nail of Wade Machine's finals hopes. The leading scorers for Karlos were CP3 (166/3), Wiggins (151/3) and Sullinger (143/3). Curry was the best for Wade Machine with (261/4), next best were Mo Williams (164/3) and Jordan (139/3).

    Straight UpBallin (5-7) 1420 defeated Too Seriouseses (0-12) 1100

    Games played were 43-32 in favour of Straight UpBallin

    Walesy is still searching for his first win of the season and Jet did not do him any favours this round. Lowry led the way with (161/4), followed by Noel (159/4) and Motiejunas (141/4). Durant is now back to his best and he was the leading scorer for Walesy this round with (206/3), followed by MCW (165/4) and Danny Green (149/4).

    Ruddy's Cavaliers (8-4) 1348 defeated Run TMC (4-8) 663

    Games played were 38-20 in favour of Ruddy

    This match was over from the very beginning as Run TMC was dealing with a number of injuries (Wroten, Hill and Muhammad). Ruddy was able to get back on the winner's list this round and his best players were Westbrook (176/4), Gobert (164/3) and Z Bo (141/3). Hopefully Run TMC can bounce back over the next few rounds.

    TS Heaver (8-4) 1605 defeated Hersey Hawkins Athletic Club (10-2) 1156

    Games played were 42-33 in favour of Heaver

    Heaver is gearing up for another finals assault and this week he was able to get the win over HHAC. Jennings has returned to form since the departure of Smoove and he was the best with (216/4), next best were Duncan (182/4) and Horford (185/4). HHAC were entitled to a down week and will look to bounce back next round. Their best players this round were Aldridge (190/3), Marc Gasol (159/3) and Amir Johnson (138/4).

    Westside Hardcore (7-5) 1262 defeated The Jug O Naughts (4-8) 1220

    Games played were 42-41 in favour of Westside

    Westside may have put a dagger into the final's hopes of JON by claiming a narrow victory this round and at same time boosting their own chances of making the finals. Klay Thompson is having a great year and he was the best this week with (187/4), followed by Teague (177/3) and Monobrow (150/2). The leading scorers for JON were Rose (227/4), Pau Gasol (183/4) and Drummond (146/4).

    Division One

    Biggest Losers - 1592 def Crossy Crusaders - 1396

    Top Scorers: BL - D Rose - 227, CC - J Butler - 175
    Games Played: BL - 42, CC - 33
    The Losers topped the scoring for the week and secured a shock victory over Crossy and his Crusaders. It was probably not as unexpected as first thought when you look at the +9 differential in the Games Played column. If the games played was a bit more even the result would have been very different.

    Jasmine's Mob - 1568 def The Fab 5 - 1272

    Top Scorers: JMOB - J Harden - 253, F5 - L Aldridge - 190
    Games Played: JMOB - 44, F5 - 40
    Jasmines Mob continued their winning ways with their third straight victory, this time over the Fab 5. Jasmine is looking to grab a playoff berth and the way the Mob are playing that is almost a foregone conclusion. The Fab 5 suffered their 4th straight loss and will be fighting hard to avoid relegation over the last few rounds.

    Hall of Famers - 1518 def CK Nicks - 1088

    Top Scorers: FAME - S Curry - 261, CKNY - R Westbrook - 176
    Games Played: FAME - 43, CKNY - 37
    The Famers came away with a massive 430 point victory over the Nicks. GM Brett T has this team absolutely rolling with a league leading 9-3 record. They have now taken the mantle as championship favourite and are the team to beat. The Nicks suffered another defeat and look as if they will fall down to Div 2 next season.

    Ant Hak - 1531 def Hinrich Manoeuvre - 1441

    Top Scorers: AH - K Thompson - 189, HRM - B Jennings - 216
    Games Played: AH - 40, HRM - 38
    Ant Hak wins again with a close 90 point victory over HRM. The Hak are absolutely cruising at the moment with 7 straight victories and a playoff berth almost secured. They have been flying under the radar with the more fancied teams getting all the fan-fare, but make no mistake - Ant Hak will be thereabouts at the business end of the season. Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, HRM will be relegated to Div 2 unless they can string some fast wins together.

    The Raptors - 1371 def Adelaide Maggots -1363

    Top Scorers: RAP - J Wall - 174, AM - K Durant - 206
    Games Played: RAP - 42, AM - 41
    In the most epic battle of the round, The Raptors squeezed past the Maggots by a measly 9 points to notch up win number 6 for the season. The Maggots were so close to winning their 2nd game of the season but it wasn't to be. This loss has almost guaranteed that the Maggots will be relegated to Div 2 next season. The win kept the playoff dream alive for The Raptors.

    The Real MVP - 1446 def Broady Broncos - 1048

    Top Scorers: L6 - V Oladipo - 214, BB - E Payton - 186
    Games Played: L6 - 41, BB - 35
    The Real MVP smashed the Broncos by almost 400 points in this one sided encounter. Both teams had their fair share of injuries, with Davis going down for the MVP's and Boogie going down for the Broncos. GM Somerville has the MVP's at a win/loss record of 8-4 and they are right in the mix of championship favouritism. The Broncos are hanging in the playoff race but I'm sure GM Somerton would like to get another win in the very near future.

    Division Two

    Travy's Boys (5-7) 1365 def Enter Team Name Here (7-5) 1274

    Nettin Blatche (6-6) 1572 def Cyrils 33Crushers (6-6) 909

    Wafty Boxes (7-5) 1548 def Laino's Nuggets (4-8) 1105

    XYZ Elbonz (7-5) 1504 def SmokinJoeMisiti (4-8) 1475

    Pegs Men Lethal (6-6) 1485 def Nahla vs Little Dee (10-2) 1245

    Paky Ballers (9-3) 1543 def Doobia Dominators (1-11) 1109

    Division Three

    San Diego Anchormen (8-4) 1513 def Big Shot Bob (8-4) 1302

    Yesterday's Heroes (8-4) 1504 def Perth Red Power (4-8) 1122

    Run T Mull C (7-5) 1559 def Ararat Armadillos (2-10) 1241

    Team HeatNation (7-5) 1256 def Morris Magic (3-9) 1036

    Team Short (10-2) 1540 def Hoop Dreams (7-5) 1055

    Hoop Hunters (4-8) 1501 def Bonafide Spuds and Hacks (4-8) 1388



Discussion in 'Blog' started by Steve, Jan 23, 2015.

    1. crossy
      Great write ups all year long pearcey! They are always a great read! I especially love every review you do for ck nicks ha ha! I so hope you two are in the same league next year :) good luck this week jasmine! The title of highest points scored is up for grabs :)
    2. anthak
      Man, some game from Klay T today!! I was checking stats etc for most of today, except for about an hour while I visited my grandma :)
      He was on 21 fpts nearly at half time last I checked, and then he finished on 121 fpts next chance I had to check !!!!
      What a performance.
      I was thinking my team didn't have a great day, but thanks to Klay they've scored >350 from 9. Awesome game. Apparently a record for points (36) in a quarter.

    3. anthak
      Also, pearcey, Crossy would have to be fave for the Div 1 chip yeah? What makes you say Hall of Famers is now fave?

    4. crossy
      37 i think it was ant! Yeah that is a crazy effort, just watched all baskets made on youtube, that video is insane! Never seen anyone on fire like that before! Hope he doesnt do that again in 2 weeks time haha!
    5. Steve
      I was not happy with Klay's game yesterday as my opponent (Mick) has got him.
    6. bgt2110
      Not Pearcey's fault that he made that bold prediction, i said i would trade him Lawson and Wiggins if he wrote that i was now the favourite :)
    7. anthak
      Hahaha, fair enough. Wasn't that bold anyway, but Crossy's been in pretty good form all season.

    8. anthak
      Highlights were amazing hey. Loved the reactions of all other players of both teams
    9. bgt2110
      My money would be on Crossy to win it, definitely a worthy favourite.
      From a purely selfish point of view i am hoping CK Knicks ends up putting Westbrook and Dieng in his starting lineup in time for the games tomorrow.
    10. crossy
      yeah im not good with all these expectations, reminds me of when i lost my virginity and the looks of disappointment that followed :(
    11. Rad_E_Cool
      Some top performances from some players who were most likely undrafted today - Augustin with 71 FPs and a big 12 block triple double from Hassan Whiteside
    12. Steve
      Congrats on the win Mick. I thought I was half a chance at the start of today but you slammed the door shut very quickly in the later games.

      My team has the 3rd highest overall points scored but I have the worst points against in the Premier League. Has been one of those years that the team I come up against that week does really well. I can only sit back and laugh as it is all part of the game.
    13. stowie
      Blazers @ Nets and Kings @ Knicks both postponed today.
    14. stowie
      Kings @ Knicks will be played on March 3, while Blazers @ Nets will be moved to April 6
    15. anthak
      Whiteside's TD in just 26min too!!
    16. Pearcey47
      Crossy had just lost and Famers were sitting on top of the table, so I needed something to fill the 3 lines I write oneach game each week haha. Seems I spoke too soon, Ant Hak with 8 wins on the trot - new favourite!
      HAHA great reply from you Crossy - I actually laughed out loud at work at that hahahahaha
    17. bgt2110
      'LookS of disappointment that followed' opposed to Look

      With a crowd of people watching no wonder you felt so much pressure lol
    18. Mick
      @Steve - Cheers mate. Good close game all week. Sounds like you've been a bit stiff this season - good luck the rest of the way.

      @stowie - good luck x2 - me v you in both premier and keeper leagues this week

      @all - Klay Thompson was unbelievable the other day!! I watched the entire replay on league pass - it's a shame the game was a blow out after his 3rd quarter performance or he probably would've set some more records. He only played the first couple of mins in Q4 then sat the rest of the game. Ended up on 11 x 3's for the game (9 in the 3rd Q!! = all time record). The all time record is only 12 made for a game.

      The scariest part is only 2 of his 37 pts in Q3 came at the line + he missed out on what should of been 2 more free throws due to a late whistle from a ref (passed the ball off after being fouled on a jump shot attempt) + he unselfishly threw a lob on the break instead of taking it in for a probable layup himself. So basically he could've easily had 41 in the quarter!!! Unbelievable
    19. stowie
      Good luck to you in both matchups also. Always gonna be tough to keep up with the Brow!

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