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    Round 13 has come and gone. There are only 3 rounds to go before the finals commence.

    Please read over for the reviews.

    Division One

    Biggest Losers - 1517 def Hinrich Manoeuvre - 1246
    Top Scorers: BL - A Horford - 205, HRM - L James - 239
    Games Played: BL - 50, HRM - 42
    The Losers took victory in what was the week from hell for HRM, who suffered season-ending injuries to two of his star players in Kobe Bryant and Brandon Jennings. GM Woodford has conceded relegation this season but I am sure he will be back in Div 1 before too long. The Losers are still 1 game behind in the playoff race and are facing an uphill battle to see post-season action.

    Crossy Crusaders - 1649 def Jasmine's Mob - 1623
    Top Scorers: CC - J Butler - 159, JMOB - J Harden - 346
    Games Played: CC - 50, JMOB - 47
    In what will go down as one of the most epic battles of the season, Crossy came out on top by a mere 26 points. It all came down to the last day when Jasmine &amp;lsquo;didn't have time' to adjust her roster and left an open space on the court with 2 players sitting on the bench - Pekovic who scored 24 and KCP who scored 27. If she &amp;lsquo;had time' to put KCP in the line-up the Mob would have won by 1 point! What an epic fail by Jasmine and Crossy sure would be breathing a sigh of relief after stealing a victory during some very shaky form. Also interesting to note that Jasmine didn't use any matchup acquisitions in this game, whereas Crossy used all 5.

    The Raptors - 1635 def Broady Broncos - 1271
    Top Scorers: RAP - J Wall - 225, BB - D Cousins - 172
    Games Played: RAP - 46, BB - 44
    The Raptors absolutely dominated this game from start to finish, culminating in a massive victory over the Broncos. The Raptors had 4 games around the 400 mark - any time a team does that they are going to be hard to beat. Both teams now sit at 7-6 and are both in a fight for an elusive playoff spot.

    Ant Hak - 1734 def The Fab 5 - 1372
    Top Scorers: AH - K Thompson - 290, F5 - G Monroe - 205
    Games Played: AH - 45, F5 - 47
    Newly crowned championship favourite Ant Hak win their 8th game in a row in this belting of The Fab 5. Ant Hak are absolutely firing on all cylinders and now have a league-lead-equalling 10-3 record. Ant is taking no prisoners on his quest for the title. Meanwhile, The Fab 5 have now lost 5 straight and relegation is looking likely.

    Hall of Famers - 1553 def Adelaide Maggots - 1370
    Top Scorers: FAME - S Curry - 217, AM - K Durant - 156
    Games Played: FAME - 47, AM - 47
    The Maggots ran into one of the form teams in the competition to suffer their 6th straight loss and 12th for the season. GM Sears would be looking forward to putting this season behind him. If he is any relation to Andy Murray's fianc&amp;eacute; Kim Sears I am sure he let out a tirade of swearwords when he saw this result. GM Brett T is just rolling along, pushing all the fodder out of the way on his way to the playoffs.

    CK Nicks - 1571 def The Real MVP - 1489
    Top Scorers: CKNY - R Westbrook - 249, L6 - A Davis - 209
    Games Played: CKNY - 43, L6 - 44
    CKNY took their record for the season to 6-7 with this surprising victory over the more fancied Real MVP. GM Kastanis has had some high highs and some low lows this season (the lowest being his trade involving T Jones) but has found it difficult to find any consistency. A stint next year in Div 2 might be just the tonic to find some steady form. No doubt GM Somerville would be disappointed in this loss but his attention would now be turning towards the playoffs and making sure his charges are ready to go in a few week's time.

    Division Two

    With 3 rounds to go, things are really heating up in Division 2. Only 2 teams (Nahla Vs Little Dee & Paky Ballers) and only 1 team can't avoid relegation (Doobia Dominators). For the rest of the league, it's an open race with a loss having the potential to drop 3 or 4 spaces. This weeks top score came from the Wafty Boxes 1753 on the back of 290 Klay Thompson points (I hope you all watched that 3
    quarter against the Kings). The Boxes are now outright leader of the Too Division after their victory over Enter Team Name Here. Over on the Serious side. Nahla Vs Little Dee finally lost a game which allowed Paky Ballers to move into equal top spot after their convincing victory. Nahla and Paky meet this week in the battle for top spot and number 1 seeding. The top individual score came courtesy of James Harden who scored a whopping 346 for XYZ ElBonz. Closest game of the round saw Smokinjoe Misiti account for Nahla Vs Little Dee by a margin of 127.

    Wafty Boxes (8-5) 1753 d Enter Team Name Here (7-6) 1527
    1. Klay Thompson WB 290
    2. Lebron James ETNH 239
    3. Durantula WB 225
    4. Nikola Vucevic ETNH 185
    5. Tyreke Evans ETNH 174

    Laino's Nuggets (5-8) 1331 d Cyril33s Crushers (6-7) 1197
    1. John Wall LN 225
    2. Thad Young LN 165
    3. Timofey Mozgov LN 162
    4. Andre Drummond LN 150
    5. Lou Williams LN 139

    Nettin Blatche (7-6) 1608 d Travy's Boys (5-8) 1388
    1. Westbrook NB 249
    2. Stephen Curry NB 217
    3. Paul Millsap NB 188
    4. DeAndre Jordan TB 175
    5. Jimmy Butler NB 159

    Smokin Joe Misiti (5-8) 1639 d Nahla Vs Little Dee (10-3) 1512
    1. Monobrow NVLD 209
    2. Kyrie Irving SM 203
    3. Isaiah Thomas SM 195
    4. Pau Gasol SM 193
    5. Melo SM 173

    XYZ ElBonz (8-5) 1551 d Doobia Dominators (1-12) 1296
    1. James Harden XYZ 346
    2. Greg Monroe XYX/ Al Horford DD 205
    3. CP3 DD 162
    4. Jeff Teague XYZ 143
    5. Bosh Spice XYZ 124

    Paky Ballers (10-3) 1548 d Pegs Men Lethal (6-7) 1235
    1. Damien Lillard PB 188
    2. Boogie Cousins PB 172
    3. Jonas Valanciunas PML 171
    4. Monta Ellis PB 170
    5. Tyson Chandler 165



Discussion in 'Blog' started by Steve, Jan 31, 2015.

    1. Steve
      Apologies about the lack of review for the Premier League. My PC at home has packed it in.
    2. crossy
      hahaha pearcey! great review once again for CK Nicks! Finally Mr T Jones is back on the court, hope he gets back to his early season form :)
    3. anthak
      I hadnt realised this thread was up and i was still commenting in the old one :(
      Thanks for the pump up Pearcey, but be honest, you just wanted a chance to beat the fave yeah ;)

      Good game this week mate. Excellent game. Well done on the W!!
    4. LiQuiD_SiXx
      Well Div 1 just opened up the race for promotion with the top 3 teams losing this week.
    5. anthak
      The disappointment of losing was slightly lessened by the fact 2nd and 3rd also lost, meaning I'll still stay #1 :)
      Massive round tho! Lots of close important games!

    6. Mick
      @Stowie - too good x 2. Losing by 3 fpts in the keeper league was a bit nasty but you gave me a hiding in the premier league. Your squad is going to be hard to beat for the title this year. All the best
    7. anthak
      In NBL DT...

      I was ranked 18th overall after round 13, and I decided I should start risking my captain choices to try to catch the leaders.

      Unfortunately, it hasn't worked :(

      Im now ranked 29th oa, but if Id gone safer and actually had all my VCs as captain instead, I'd now be ranked 5th overall!

      each of the 4 weeks, my VC has scored more than my risky captain choice, and it culminated this round with my stupid choice of Conklin instead of DMartin. Conklin scored 16!, wheras Martin scored 106. a diff of 90 pts just this week.

      All up, Ive lost 172 pts over the 4 weeks due to the risky captain choices.

      a bit of a gamble, and it hasnt paid off at all.
      Im a bit disapointed about it, but it was worth a shot I reckon...
      Its still been heaps of fun anyway.

    8. anthak
      Oh man, I just read the CK Knicks review. So funny! I couldn't help but lol :) :) :)
    9. stowie
      Cheers Mick, kinda glad Klay cooled off a little and was lucky with the Brow hobbled for the matchup.

      The Keeper League was a little more stressful but Hassinity dragged me over the line!
    10. LiQuiD_SiXx
      It's starting to heat up now in Div 1 with the race for the minor premiership wide open and with 5 teams fighting it out for the last 2 spots in the playoffs. Id have to say The Raptors and Pearcey's Biggest Losers are the form teams and are storming home over the final weeks. It's going to be a very interesting couple of weeks.
    11. anthak
      Sure is! I'm pumped for these cpl tough matchups to finish the season.
    12. Steve
      Looks like the finalists in the Premier League are locked up with 2 rounds to go.

      Congrats to those who have made the finals.

      Still a lot to play for with the teams that have missed the finals in regards to avoiding relegation.
    13. bgt2110
      Waiver wire getting a hammering in the scramble for playoff spots. Great season by the way.
    14. bgt2110
      Waiver wire getting a hammering in the scramble for playoff spots
    15. costak
      Yep great review Pearcy. I may get relegated, and yes I've had some lows, mostly the numerous injuries that got me in my predicament that forced me to offload players. But undoubtedly the highest high of my season was beating the appropriately named Biggest Losers. I actually want to go in a different division to you because then you'd have to wait a whole year just to get another crack at me hehe :p
    16. anthak
      Yeah, there's been heaps of moves over last few days especially, late last week and early this week.
      Lots of competition for the same players too!
    17. Pearcey47
      Haha definitely a lowlight for me mate! But was an epic game that came down to the wire.
    18. Pearcey47
      Going to be a massive last week in Div 1! A few games are going to sort out the final placings. Even better it is going to go for 2 weeks over the All-Star break. Funnily enough, Jasmine might miss playoffs but still get promoted. Has that ever happened before?
    19. crossy
      Don't think so! But Id bet my house on her making the playoffs I reckon! Great playoff race though all through the ladder

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