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    Lets get straight into the reviews for Round 14.

    Premier League

    TS Heaver (10-4) 1454 defeated The Ticking Time Bomb (5-8) 1354

    Games played 42-39 in favour of Heaver

    This match was very tight until the 2nd to last day of the round where Heaver was able to gain a 100 pt lead. Leading scorers for Heaver were Griffin (191/4), Millsap (177/3) and DeRozan (158/4). Leading scorers for Time Bomb were Cousins (152/3), Jack (140/2) and Greek Freak (125/3).

    King of Karlos (8-6) 1398 defeated Run TMC (4-10) 952

    Games played were 40-31 in favour of King of Karlos

    Karlos has timed his run to the finals nicely and Hassanity is leading the way for his team. This match was over from the very start and the best players for Karlos were Hassanity (154/3), Hayward (170/30) and CP3 (188/4). Run TMC only had 2 players break the 100 pt mark this round and they were Lawson (135/4) and Vucevic (135/3).

    Ruddy's Cavaliers (10-4) 1424 defeated Straight Up Ballin (5-9) 1314

    Games played were 43-42 in favour of Ruddy.

    After a flat spot in the middle of the season, the Cavaliers have now bounced back to form and gearing up for their final's assault. This was a must win match for Straight Up Ballin to have any hope of making the finals and this loss sees them eliminated from finals contention. The best players for Ruddy this round were Z-Bo (209/4), Ellis (197/4) and Covington (140/4). While the leading scorers for Straight Up Ballin were Noel (168/4), LBJ (173/4) and Lowry (154/4).

    Wade Machine (6-8) 1310 defeated Too Seriouseses (0-14) 1043

    Games played were 38-29 in favour of Wade Machine

    Wade Machine has been one of the form teams as of late and showed no mercy to the winless Too Seriouseses. The only way Walesy is going to avoid relegation is to win the minor grand final but his team needs to turn things around fast. Best players for Wade Machine were Jordan (193/4), Curry (189/3) and Lou Williams (189/4). MCW was the best for Walesy with (151/4), Love (139/4) and Smoove (133/3).

    Team Stowie (13-1) 1457 defeated Westside Hardcore (8-6) 1457

    Games played were 41-39 in favour of Westside.

    Once again Stowie showed he is the team to beat this season with a comfortable victory over Westside. Irving was the star of the show this round with (259/4), followed by Noah (169/3) and Beard (144/3). Monobrow was the best for Westside with (161/2), Valancuinas (134/4) and Pek (123/4).

    Hersey Hawkins Athletic Club (11-3) 1445 defeated The Jug O Naughts (4-10) 1393

    Games played were 42-40 in favour of HHAC

    This match was very close right throughout and it went down to the final day where HHAC came from behind to get the win. Leading scorers for HHAC were Aldridge (203/4), Knight (145/3) and Amir Johnson (138/4). The best players for JON were Pau Gasol (175/3), Pat Pat (145/4) and Ryan Anderson (132/3).

    Division One

    Biggest Losers - 1537 def Ant Hak - 1530

    Top Scorers: BL - A Horford - 174, AH - K Irving - 259
    Games Played: BL - 47, AH - 43
    In what was the closest game for the round the Losers came out on top by the smallest of margins. This game came down to the last quarter of the last game for the week, a Superbowl special between the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers. Carlos Boozer took over the game in the 3rd quarter and put up some big points but it was the last quarter heroics from Ed Davis and Tim Hardaway Jnr that got the Losers over the line. This was just a small speedhump for Ant Hak on their way to the playoffs, but the win kept the playoff dream alive for the Losers.

    Jasmine's Mob - 1152 def Hinrich Manoeuvre - 1048

    Top Scorers: JMOB - P Gasol - 175, HRM - L James - 173
    Games Played: JMOB - 37, HRM - 37
    The Mob had to scramble in the last couple of days but eventually got the win over HRM. Jasmine's heart must have been in her mouth when James Harden hobbled off with a knee injury during the week but he came back on and continued to light it up like he has done all season long. HRM suffered another loss and I am sure GM Woodford is looking forward to putting this season behind him.

    The Real MVP - 1606 def Hall of Famers - 1471

    Top Scorers: L6 - L Williams - 189, FAME - S Curry - 189
    Games Played: L6 - 40, FAME - 41
    In what was a week when the 3 top teams in the competition all got beaten, The Real MVP were able to take the honours over the Famers. The Real MVP used the waiver wire well and had a balanced contribution from all players to secure the win. GM Brett T would not be happy with this loss and will be hoping to regroup next week to right the ship in preparation for the playoffs.

    The Fab 5 - 1384 def Crossy's Crusaders - 1357

    Top Scorers: F5 - L Aldridge - 203, CC - B Griffin - 191
    Games Played: F5 - 41, CC - 40
    Another game, another loss to one of the championship favourites. This time it was Crossy's Crusaders that went down to The Fab 5. GM Cross used up a couple of acquisitions on the last day but it wasn't quite enough to get over The Fab 5. Crossy has had some pretty scratchy form over the past few weeks but everyone still seems to think he will be right in the mix come playoff time. GM Bodo is facing relegation and unfortunately I don't think there is much he can do to avoid it.

    Adelaide Maggots - 1301 def Broady Broncos - 1159

    Top Scorers: AM - H Whiteside - 154, BB - D Cousins - 152
    Games Played: AM - 40, BB - 41
    The Maggots notched up their second win of the season and GM Sears has only two words to say - Hassan Whiteside. This guy is doing his best Anthony Davis impression with some massive scores over the past couple of weeks. He even has a song named after him - Mr Whiteside by The Killers! Picking up Whiteside would have to be the best use of the waiver wire for the year - one highlight in a pretty ordinary season for GM Sears. The Broncos have lost 3 on the trot and are slipping down the ladder and out of playoff contention.

    The Raptors - 1521 def CK Nicks - 1119

    Top Scorers: RAP - M Ellis - 197, CKNY - G Dieng - 172
    Games Played: RAP - 40, CKNY - 39
    In a one-sided affair The Raptors took their winning streak to 3 with this emphatic victory over the Nicks. GM Mr G is looking strong heading towards the business end of the season and will be looking to shake things up in the playoffs. Meanwhile GM CK has accepted his fate and is looking forward to next season where he can do whatever he wants in Div 2 without GM Pearce doing the weekly write-ups and criticising every move he makes!

    Division Two

    What a round! The battle for top spot between the two teams tied for the best record (Nahla Vs Little Dee vs Paky Ballers) went right down to the wire. Paky Ballers went into the final day with a 25 point lead and only Sullinger to play. Nahla had Evan Turner and T Zeller. Sullinger sat on -1 for most of the game and Turner stunk it up. In the end Nahla scored 34 to the Paky's 1 which was just not enough to steal the victory. Final score Paky Ballers 1361 d Nahla V Little Dee 1359 and Paky Ballers in outright first. Another very close game took place between Laino's Nuggets and Enter Team Name Here. Going in to the final day Laino held a slender 10 point lead with no players scheduled to play but 4 trades in hand. ETNH had Ellington playing but no trades left. Laino pulled the trigger and swapped J Nelson and S Hill for Boozer and Calderon who delivered 74 points and sealed the win which also kept Laino in the finals hunt.

    With two rounds to go, all but one team remain in finals contention. Only Paky Ballers (11-3) and Nahla v Little Dee (10-4) are safe in the playoffs. Wafty Boxes (9-5) who are leading the Too conference and 2nd overall could still miss out with 4 teams being within 2 games. Currently 3 teams sit on 7-7 records and 4 teams on 6-8. XYZ ElBonz sit in between it all on 8-6. Although Doobia Dominators is sitting last (1-13) they can still do some damage as finally Martin, Derozan and even Kawhi Leonard are all back and playing minutes.

    Top team score this week belonged to Wafty Boxes 1608 and lowest score belonged to Cyril33s Crushers 945. Top scoring player was Kyrie 259 for Smokinjoe Misiti

    Every game is a big game this week!

    Wafty Boxes (9-5) 1608 d Nettin Blatche (7-7) 1270
    1. Griffin 191/4 WB
    2. Curry 189/3 NB
    3. Milsap 177/3 NB
    4. M Gasol 173/4 WB
    5. Whiteside 154/3 WB

    Travys Boys (6-8) 1370 d Cyril33s Crushers (6-8) 945
    1. Aldridge 203/4 TB
    2. D Jordan 193/4 TB
    3. Melo 140/4 CC
    4. Love 139/4 CC
    5. Ibaka 133/3 TB

    Laino's Nuggets (6-8) 1264 d Enter Team Name Here (7-7) 1188
    1. Lou Williams 189/4 LN
    2. LBJ 173/4 ETNH
    3. Wall 167/3 LN
    4. Wiggins 163/4 ETNH
    5. Covington 140/4 LN

    Smokinjoe Misiti (6-8) 1359 d Doobia Dominators (1-13) 1113
    1. Irving 259/4 SM
    2. CP3 188/4 DD
    3. Pau 175/3 SM
    4. Horford 174/3
    5. Dieng 172/4

    Paky Ballers (11-3) 1361 d Nahla Vs Little Dee (10-4) 1359
    1. Monta 197/4 PB
    2. Noel 168/4 PB
    3. Davis 161/3 NVLD
    4. Boogie 152/4 PB
    5. Knight 145/3 NVLD

    Peg's Men Lethal (7-7) 1537 d XYZ ElBonz (8-6) 1122
    1. ZBo 209/4 PML
    2. Hayward 170/3 PML
    3. Noah 169/4 PML
    4. Lowry 154/4 PML
    5. Harden 144/3 XYZ



Discussion in 'Blog' started by Steve, Feb 7, 2015.

    1. anthak
      yeah, its a shame Jasmine forgot to set today's roster :(
    2. costak
      Well well, look who's been dropped to the waivers ;p
    3. costak
      haha yep I'm the great survivor mate
    4. headmandude
      So I brought in Hollis Thompson to take up the slot created by Blake Griffin.
      0-9 fg 4Tos and 6pf for -27 is that some kind of record??????
    5. Pearcey47
      Haha I saw that! You should pick him up - he might save your season!
    6. Pearcey47
      Haha that's some bad luck right there! It's a massive (negative) score!
    7. anthak
      Ha, that's extreme!
    8. LiQuiD_SiXx
      Yeh I brought in Hollis Thompson for Monday also, not happy with that performance. With AD and Princess Tobias out it is going to be difficult for me to get the win I need for the chance to finish top of the division and get the 2nd best record. Lets hope my remaining acquisitions get the job done, had Boozer yesterday now it's 2Pat's turn.
    9. crossy
      Melo and kemba dropped in div 1!! Very interesting
    10. stowie
      Melo will be done after winning the ASG MVP.
    11. LiQuiD_SiXx
      Yeh Kemba will be touch and go to be back in time for GF week. He has already said he is in no rush to return and I don't see the Hornets forcing him back early.

      Melo is the interesting one - he is a prime candidate for a shutdown. However, there is talk he will continue to play through his injury in order to attract quality free agents for next season.

      Having said that the majority of top teams dont have a free IR spot, but that could change over the next week.
    12. HEAVER
      i also dropped Kemba in Prem Division. Locked up playoff spot...IR slot belongs to Griffin. Need to maximise games played.

      Plus Kemba has a few back to backs he might only play 2 games + on minutes restriction.

      Looking back at my draft - i've been hit badly w injuries this year as we approach playoffs - Blake, Kemba, Jennings, Olynyk, Alec Burks :(

      Stowie to take the championship - don't see any injury *asterisks* against his players list!
    13. LiQuiD_SiXx
      I'm kinda surprised nobody else made a claim for Melo and I managed to get him with the 11th pick. I know chances are high that he will be shut down after the ASB but that call hasn't been made yet. At worst you give up a waiver wire player for him and if he gets shut down, he can be replaced by a similar player of the wire. So there is no real loss.
    14. crossy
      yeah i agree with you mate, but the rumours were true, melo officially shut down for the season!
    15. LiQuiD_SiXx
      yep, was inevitable haha
    16. anthak
      I thought about it. But I wanted to use my acquisitions this matchup more wisely. I'm hoping to score enough to jump over crossy into top spot :)

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