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    Round 9 has come and gone, lets get straight in the reviews.

    Premier League

    The Ticking Time Bomb (4-5) 1648 defeated Ruddy's Cavaliers (7-2) 1107

    Games played 42-33 in favour of Ticking Time Bomb

    Ruddy was hit hard by injuries this round with Bosh and Z Bo missing all of their games. The Ticking Time Bomb were very angry after losing their previous match by 3 pts and took out their anger on the Cavaliers. The best players for Ruddy were Westbrook (266/4), Ellis (129/4) and Gay (130/3). Once again Jimmy Butler was the star of the show for the Ticking Time Bomb with (236/4), followed by Bledsoe (179/3) and Ibaka (173/4).

    Team Stowie (8-1) 1347 defeated Run TMC (3-6) 1162

    Games played 40-34 in favour of Stowie

    Team Stowie continued with their winning ways and were able to post a comfortable win over Run TMC. The Beard has hit top form and led the way with (238/3), next best were Tyreke (123/3) and Mason Plumlee (122/3). The leading scorers for Run TMC were Lawson (176/4), Wall (137/3) and Vucevic (135/3). Run TMC will be hoping to bounce back next round to keep their finals hopes alive.

    Hersey Hawkins Athletic Club (9-0) 1437 defeated Too Seriouseses (0-9) 1004

    Games played 40-33 in favour of HHAC

    This margin was to be expected with Durant missing the whole round for Walesy. HHAC are toying with their opponents and are the clear favourite at this stage to win the title. This round the best players for HHAC were Matthews (174/4), Marc Gasol (165/3) and Lin (133/4). Walesy has a real battle on his hand to avoid relegation and will need to start posting some wins very soon. This round he was best served by Dirk (139/3), Love (157/4) and Dragic (120/3)

    Westside Hardcore (5-4) 1550 defeated King of Karlos (3-6) 1451

    Games played were 44 all
    This was one of those crunch games where the winner would boost their finals chances while the loser would see their final's hopes get much more difficult. Once again the Monobrow did the damage for Westside with (189/3), next best were Klay Thompson (159/4) and Wes Johnson (156/4). The leading scores for Karlos this round were CP3 (219/4), Ginobli (161/4) and Dieng (163/3).

    Wade Machine (3-6) 1515 defeated the Jug O Naughts (2-7) 1383

    Games played were 44-43 in favour of JON

    This was a battle of 2 teams who have got off to a slow start this season and were looking to build some confidence to finish the season strong. Curry was the best for Wade Machine with (204/4), next best were Wade (176/3) and Manimal finally came good with (198/4). For JON, the best players were Pau Gasol (195/4), Lillard (219/4) and Rose (146/4).

    TS Heaver (6-3) 1511 defeated Straight UpBallin (4-5) 1258

    Games played were 44-40 in favour of Heaver

    Heaver has hit form at the right time and posted another comfortable win over Jet. Timmy D once again turned back the clock and finished with (190/4), next best were Millsap (189/4) and Walker (181/4). Jet will be looking to bounce back next round to keep his finals hopes alive. This round his leading scorers were Lowry (198/3), Lebron (197/3) and Draymond Green (163/4). But in late breaking news LBJ has been ruled out for 2 weeks which is going to make it difficult for the next few weeks for Jet.

    Division One
    Biggest Losers - 1602 def Adelaide Maggots - 1428

    Top Scorers: BL - E Davis - 161, AM - W Matthews - 174
    Games Played: BL - 43, AM - 41
    The Losers topped the scoring for the round on the way to a solid victory over the struggling Maggots. The Maggots posted a very decent score considering their best player, Kevin Durant, sat the week out with injury. The Losers have hit form at the right time of the year, with their next game being against arch-rival CK Nicks.

    Hall of Famers - 1557 def Jasmine's Mob - 1401

    Top Scorers: FAME - S Curry - 202, JMOB - J Harden - 238
    Games Played: FAME - 42, JMOB - 37
    The Famers secured another win and took their record to a league best 7-2. Both teams struggled with injuries this week, with Jasmine's Mob suffering a little harder with the absence of Chris Bosh for the entire week. If the Mob could all be fit and firing they would be a tough outfit to beat. GM Brett T would be happy with the way his team is performing and would be looking forward to more victories as the season progresses.

    Hinrich Manoeuvre - 1390 def The Real MVP - 1276

    Top Scorers: HRM - 197, L6 - D Lillard - 219
    Games Played: HRM - 42, L6 - 38
    After winning their first 5 games, the Real MVP are on a 4 game losing streak after dropping another game, this time against HRM. GM Somerville must be scratching his head wondering where it has all gone wrong. GM Woodford would be happy with his rare victory. Looking through his team he would have dominated 5 years ago when his big 3 of Duncan, Kobe and LeBron were all well into their prime.

    Crossy Crusaders - 1455 def The Raptors - 1366

    Top Scorers: CC - J Butler - 236, RAP - D Jordan - 178
    Games Played: CC - 43, RAP - 44
    With both teams at full strength Crossy came up with the goods in a close contest against the Raptors. The Crusaders are firing on all cylinders, with a very balanced and healthy line-up. The Raptors are also in good form, so GM Mr G will not be happy with this loss and will be looking to bounce back next round.

    Ant Hak - 1452 def Broady Broncos - 1342

    Top Scorers: AH - C Paul - 219, BB - D Nowitzki - 167
    Games Played: AH - 42, BB - 39
    With a few DNP's on both sides of the ledger the team with more games played ended up winning the contest. A lot of chatter on the smack board between these two GM's was really good to see - it is a part of the game that seems to be under-utilised. Both teams have a record of 6-3 after 9 rounds and both will be hoping to see playoffs action.

    CK Nicks - 1452 def The Fab 5 - 1261

    Top Scorers: CKNY - R Westbrook - 266, F5 - K Walker - 181
    Games Played: CKNY - 44, F5 - 41
    The Nicks take their winning streak to 2 with an easy victory over the Fab 5. GM Kastanis has been prepping his team for weeks for the upcoming battle against the Losers, and he seems to have them in season best form. Meanwhile, The Fab 5 have a few niggles in the camp but hopefully the injuries aren't too serious.

    Division Two

    Enter Team Name Here (6-3) 1359 defeated XYZ Elbonz (4-5) 1228

    Travys Boys (4-5) 1433 defeated SmokinJoeMisiti (3-6) 1431

    Nahla Vs Little Dee (8-1) 1672 defeated Wafty Boxes (5-4) 1423

    Cyrils33 Crushers (5-4) 1429 defeated Doobia Dominators (1-8) 1227

    NettinBlatche (4-5) 1667 defeated Paky Ballers (6-3) 1257
    Pegs Men Lethal (4-5) 1327 defeated Laino's Nuggets (3-6) 1312

    Division Three
    Big Shot Bob (6-3) 1436 defeated Run T Mull C (5-4) 1261

    Hoop Dreams (6-3) 1457 defeated Morris Magic (3-6) 1374

    Team HeatNation (5-4) 1411 defeated Team Short (7-2) 1395

    San Diego Anchormen( 6-3) 1527 defeated Ararat Armadillos (2-7) 1106

    Yesterday's Heroes (6-3) 1643 defeated Hoop Hunters (3-6) 1145

    Perth Red Power (3-6) 1488 defeated Bonafide Spuds and Hacks (2-7) 1172


Discussion in 'Blog' started by Steve, Jan 3, 2015.

    1. anthak
      Thanks for the writeups :)
    2. anthak
      Steve, you should categorise these posts as 'NBA'
      It makes it easier to search for old posts.
    3. anthak
    4. Pearcey47
      Couple of epic games coming down to the wire in Div 1 with a half of LAL vs IND to go!
      Broady Broncos has Wesley Johnson and 10 points vs Hinrich Manoeuvre's Kobe and Hibbert.
      Biggest Losers has Ed Davis and 25 points vs CK Nicks' Jordan Hill, Ronnie Price and Donald Sloan (who is also looking good for a triple double).
    5. crossy
      Epic finish to your game pearcey, has not disappointed at all haha!
    6. Pearcey47
      Epic finish to an epic week-long contest! F**king Donald Sloan cost me the victory by 10 points!
      It is now obvious that CK was implementing a plan all along and it has pinnacled in this victory! Well done CK, great win!
    7. anthak
      Weird schedules this week. Makes streaming difficult. I've dropped ETurner while hot, and I'm passing up on solid FAs cause there's not much point owning guys just to sit on bench on days I've got >10 active players.
    8. Steve
      I wonder who is going to take the chance on Smoove who is on waivers in the Premier League?

      The schedule this week is crazy. I have 13 players lining up on both Thursday and Saturday (our time) which does not help me at all.

      Good luck this week Karlos. I think I will have my work cut out looking at the number of games played this round.
    9. Steve
      3 team trade just announced in the NBA

      Waiters to OKC
      JR Smith to Cavs
      Reggie to Knicks

    10. Steve
      Reggie now may not be part of the trade
    11. stowie
      Knicks Tank
    12. stowie
      Reckon Walesy might have me covered this week. Looks like most my players are playing on the same days and I always leave the wrong one on the bench haha.

      Ohh and BroLo might've worked out how to play basketball again.
    13. walesy
      Reckon walesy has a ticket to Div 1 covered. :D I'm sure I'll WW my way to another loss this week! :p
    14. Owen
      Can't believe I won again by a very slim margin, 6 points last week. I just wish my players would stop getting small injuries - will definitely come into consideration with who I draft next year.
    15. stowie
      Wow, so after plenty of wild speculation it ended up being:
      Waiters to OKC
      JR Smith and Shump to CLE
      Alex Kirk, Lou Amundson and Lance Thomas to NYK
      ... with a couple of draft picks floating around.

      NYK also waiving Dalembert who could end up in CLE.

      Knicks going for all the ping pong balls they can handle!

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