ORFFA finals week one review

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By Bandit on Aug 12, 2021 at 3:03 PM
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    The big dance

    Foul Bay Chickens 1224 defeated Lovely Banks Lilacs 990
    The Chief might be hobbled, but he isn’t done yet… grinding out a win against the Lilacs. Dangers injury takes another one down which leaves him with a soft underbelly, and the gallant efforts of two meter Peter (149) weren’t enough for @Jen ’s mob.

    Venus Bay Vultures 1355 defeated Gariwerd Cockatoos 1335
    This was a close one, with both coaches watching on intently. @Fitzy even prayed to the gods which resulted in a delay to the final game, and his rousing speech in the change room caused the turnaround in Gaff and Yeo required to get the Vultures over the line against the unlucky Cockies. Fiorini good for the victors, and Buddy a stinker… but we all want him to get to the 1000. Miller and ANB went large for @anthak ‘s men,

    Gundagai Grasshoppers 1302 defeated marble Bar Misfits 1213
    Boy oh boy wowee what a game… both teams down on their best, and @snoz ‘s men did enough even though they only recorded three tons to @Len ‘s four. Wil Powell went nuts

    Cradle Mountain Devils 1581 defeated Mount Beauty Uglies 1296
    Probably easier to call out who didn’t perform for @dmandrews squad… 1581 is right up there in terms of the biggest scores in ORFFA history. 11 scores over 90, 7 of them over 120. It wouldn’t have matted if @HeavyMen put the boots on, the Devils are the form team in the finals race, and everyone is shit scared of them… No Pendles, no worries

    The Zac

    Charlie’s Opening Spelunkers 1244 defeated Nareewillock Nuffers 972
    My mob just quietly going about their business… my forward line still sucks. @chris88 ‘s team will be back bigger and better next year.

    Wagga Wagga Wombats 1098 defeated Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 1026
    @Lenny120 finally breaks the run of losses… @that_ki_guy building as well… Thomas seems to be as astute trade.

    Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles 1299 defeated Birdsville Battlers 1098
    @graeme knocks out the top scores of the also rans… which also would have beaten four of the top 8. @JC happy to put the queue in the rack for the year, although there is rumour of a scratch match at the Tiki Bar.

    Wineglass Bay Packers 1091 defeated by Nowhere Else Wanderers 1094
    Three points in this family affair… I wonder if they are still talking? Aliir going big to get Dave’s mob over the line

    Whitsunday Warriors 969 defeated by Iron Knob Codpieces 1010
    @TerryinBangkok and @jimbowan both not in prime form, one on the rise back up the ladder and one on the way down… next season’s draft will be interesting for both
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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by Bandit, Aug 12, 2021.

    1. TerryinBangkok

      Still scratching my head over the "family affair" though. Very much doubt @Tracey would be having such an affair.
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    2. Bandit
      Dave is the big man @Len ‘s brother in law is he not?
    3. JC
      Thanks for the write up, @Bandit . More than happy to put the cue in the rack after that mess of a year, but will front up for one more week of misery against my old mate @TerryinBangkok .
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    4. ChiefRussell
      Chooks hanging on by a thread. Regular season powerhouse but finals flops once again. We should call ourselves Geelong…or Port (whoever goes worse)
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    5. snoz
      Thanks @Bandit great weekly review. Looking forward to being roadkill this week !!
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    6. Len
      Thanks mate, was a good round, not so much for the Misfires though :)
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    7. TerryinBangkok
      No social distancing required in the Tiki Bar, except for Chellsea.
      Since the Whits are not more than 10km from your Birdsville nest you should be okay.
      May you have lots of INS this week - I have already lost my ruck.
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    8. TerryinBangkok
      Wasn't aware @Bandit, but no doubt you are right. ORFFA becoming quite incestuous.
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    9. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Cheers bandit.
      Can’t even notch a win in the Zac.
      How f@*king long is this rebuild?
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    10. dmandrews
      Great review @Bandit.

      Thanks @Fitzy for the score update to your game before the lightning impacted Eagles-Demons game, it certainly was a thrilling and unusual finish to your contest against the Cockatoos.

      From 2015 to 2019 a team scored over 1500 points in an ORFFA final three times. The first team to achieve this feat during this five year period was the Venus Bay Vultures with 1534 points in a 2017 quarter final 174 point victory against the Cockatoos. The following week the Vultures scored 1299 and were knocked out of the finals by the Marble Bar Misfits who fell just short of 1500 points, scoring 1481.

      The only other weekend when a team reached 1500 points in an ORFFA final from 2015 to 2019 was semi final weekend 2019 when two teams achieved this feat. The Foul Bay Chickens scored 1505 against to defeat the Cows 1262 and the Vultures 1510 thrashed the Devils 1149. In the 2019 Grand Final the Vultures 1382 defeated the Chickens 1234 to win the premiership.

      I haven't got a record of scores for the 2013 and 2014 ORFFA finals series so I don't know if any 1500s were scored then. The Cradle Mountain Devils score of 1581 in a quarter final last weekend is the highest score in an ORFFA final from 2015 onwards.

      CMD are in the fortunate position of having every player that averaged 75+ this season available apart from Pendles. Whilst Pendles can't take the field he is having an impact on the playing group as an assistant coach on the interchange bench. Given the Devils recent form and player availability together with injuries and/or suspensions to key players in the three other semi final sides Cradle Mountain would be the premiership favourites with ChiefBet. Several premiership favourites have come unstuck previously in ORFFA finals campaigns. The Grasshoppers and Chickens have both registered 1500+ scores after the mid-season break this season and as mentioned above the Vultures have gone 1500+ twice in finals previously and have performed very well in head to head battles this season. Team scores can fluctuate greatly from week to week so there is plenty to play out in the final three games to determine the 2021 ORFFA premiers.
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    11. anthak
      Thanks Bandit & DMA for the news!
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    12. HeavyMen
      Wow what a great team effort by the other Mount, congrats.
      Been off the grid for a bit with some skin graft work on a few skin cancers.
      Great to have been part of this community for another year & enjoy the weekly reviews.
      Cheers to all :p
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    13. graeme
      Hope the Pathology came back "clear at the margins" Heavy.
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    14. anthak
      Good luck mate, great to hear from you
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    15. HeavyMen
      Bit more work to do on the nose cartridge, so that graft to be redone but clear on the other 10.
      At this rate I will go from a “honker” to a button nose :) :)
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    16. Bandit
      At Meatloaf was rumoured to have said, 10 out of 11 ain't bad :confused:

      Good luck with the final one @HeavyMen , and just thump him if he calls you big nose again
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    17. graeme
      Relatively good news mate, keep fighting. Where is the donor(s) site @HeavyMen ? I found the inside of the upper arm reasonably painless, but the pain from stripping a layer of skin from the inside of my upper thigh was worse than the bloody graft site. :spew:
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    18. HeavyMen
      Yeah Graeme, front upper right thigh but all good there no discomfort

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