TS Fantasy NBA 2016/17: shoutout for new players

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Oct 1, 2016.

By anthak on Oct 1, 2016 at 1:46 AM
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    Jan 3, 2016
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    We are about to commence our 7th season in a row of fantasy NBA on TS. Its been a lot of fun, ever since starting with a 20 team league in year 1, back in 2010/11, to more recent times where we have had 4 leagues of 12 teams in each since 2013.

    We've had 40 players register their interest for the upcoming season so far. Its great to see so many people interested once again, however we still need 8 more players to reach the same number as the last 4 seasons. If you are interested or know of someone who may be interested, any new players need to register their interest in this thread.

    Here is a little information about the comp for those that are new to this. Also feel free to ask any questions in the comments down below and the community here will be able to help you out.

    Firstly, it is free to enter. We use the fantasy NBA platform on the ESPN site. We use a points system that we have developed ourselves over the years and rosters lock daily at the start of the first game each day. All settings can be found HERE.

    We have leagues of 12 teams in each. with teams getting promoted and relegated at the end of each season. There is a Premier League, a Division 1, and all other leagues are conference leagues that feed into Div 1.

    We run a live snake draft with 1 min per pick, and the draft will likely be held on a Sunday evening (Australian time) within the last fortnight before opening night.

    We run all drafts at the same time and all leagues are exactly the same in terms of size and settings, so it is always interesting to compare teams from different leagues and see how we all go throughout the season.

    Our regular season is for 16 game weeks and the top 5 on H2H make the playoffs/finals. We usually have a new thread posted here on tooserious each week with results from all leagues, which is a good place for some banter with each other.

    Its been a lot of fun, and I can't wait for the new season :)

    We are now going to set a deadline of Friday COB October 7 for last years players to recommit for this season, so that we can set the leagues up accordingly. At that time, we will set up the premier league and Division 1 and 1 conference league, we will set the draft order and send invites to everyone to join their league.

    New players and last years players will still be able to register after this date, however last years players will not hold their spot in their league and will go into a conference league if joining late.

    Here is how the leagues are looking at present. Bold is recommitted, italics is Out, and we're still waiting on the others. Lethal sent me a message through espn, but we prefer people use this site. Everyone is in order to shuffle along if teams drop out.

    HEAVER, Rev, anthak, stowie, dabombers, bgt2110, Steve, karlos, Mick, rodgo, ddsaints, yumcha

    Div 1
    LiQuiD_SiXx, Ruddy, Chris White, costak, jasmine, pearcey47, crossy, twoeyec, doolz, Don_Cottagers, tasho, lethal (has confirmed via espn but not TS)

    G-Train, walesy, owen, headmandude, fez, nicksnow, underachievers, Rad_E_Cool, HEATalicious, maggots, OutKast_au, trav00, Spurs_jay, macca118, Danners, smokinjoemisiti, chris88, Lano24, Emes, that KI guy, Jamie___, Peaches, jmulldihno, BradM

    ViQBoZ, Bearfly, port_leschenault, Len, tyze1

    Spread the word. TS fantasy NBA is back again. Let's fill these leagues up. May be wishful thinking, but it would be excellent to have 3 conference leagues! :)
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Oct 1, 2016.

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    1. crossy
      Hi Ant, does that mean draft order can be done this friday or saturday? cheers buddy :)
    2. anthak
      not sure if that comment has anything to do with it crossy, but yeah, we can do the draft order this friday or on the weekend, at least for premier and Div 1. @Steve will prob do it.
    3. crossy
      ha ha sorry mate not sure how i did that, definitely not related, thanks for the reply though :)
    4. Steve
      I can do the draft order this weekend.

      Ant, let me know who is in each league for the Premier and Div One after taking into account the people who pulled the pin this year and I will do a blog on the weekend with the draft order.
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    5. anthak
      Good to hear from you mate. There should be room and it will be great to have you join the leagues :)
    6. Jai Thomas
      Jai Thomas
      Brilliant, thanks mate, looking forward to it!
    7. Belmont383
      I would like to join please.
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    8. anthak
      Good stuff mate, sounds good. I'll be sorting out leagues tomorrow.
    9. anthak
    10. rodgo
      2015 Winner Of Div 2, 2016 Winner of Div 1 and 2017 Winner of Prem League. Boooooooom Rodgo is ready!
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    11. 610
      I'm in (Twoeyec)
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    12. anthak
      Cool, good to hear, i know you weren't initially sure.
      I remembered just a cpl days ago that you changed your user name. I'll update the OP.
    13. anthak
      I couldnt resist in the end, but i dont think ill be very committed. Just wanted to set up a team :)
      I didnt consider double gameweeks or anything like that, and i also started with injured players like Cam Bairstow.

      Lots of good cheap aussies
    14. anthak
      We've currently got 45 participants for this season.
      Lethal has also sent me a msg through ESPN to confirm.

      We need 48 for 4 leagues of 12.

      Would be good to have 48 locked in by 5pm today so its easier to set up the leagues. We really only need lethal and 2 more.

      Does anyone know of anyone who would be interested?

      Ideally we would hear from @UnderAchievers et al who played last year and before.
    15. anthak
      Sorry, COB came and went. I was still at work until 6:30 doing actual work haha, and now have found time to work out the leagues.

      In the end, it was only Ruddy, trav00 and underachievers who played last year that we havent heard from. Both Ruddy and underachievers have played all 6 previous seasons im fairly sure.

      I will send the leagues to Steve and he will work out draft orders and get a new post up over the coming days to announce it all.

      Also, @headmandude I'm about to send you a message about Lethal too.
    16. anthak
      we do still need 2 more. Ive just heard that @Fez is reconsidering... and hopefully he decides to go on. Fez has played all 6 seasons thus far...
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    17. Auron

      I'm new to this forum but saw a post on DT Live about players needed to fill some spots so I'm keen if there's still any room. I've been in another ESPN NBA fantasy league for a number of years so am familiar with how it all works etc.
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    18. anthak
      Excellent mate, welcome aboard! I thought that mightve been a good place to ask around :)

      With you, we still need 1 more.

      @Fez if you're keen, you better be quick ;)
    19. Lethal
      Hi Ant
      I am confirmed in for another season thanks for the patience. Looking forward to it cheers
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    20. anthak
      Cool, good to hear officially mate ;)

      We have 1 more spot and I think I know someone who is gonna take it

      In any case, I'm gonna set up all the leagues now!

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