For those who take it way too seriously

Round 1 Review courtesy of @TerryinBangkok

Win or lose, isn’t it just great to be back?

Waikiks 1380 def. Uglies 1252
Good tussle this one with both teams scoring 5 tons. Great way to start the season but it doesn’t get any easier for Mount Beauty next week with the clash of the Tassie Mountain Men.

Vultures 1226 def. Battlers 1078
Fitzy started with a bang and the Battlers well, they battled. Only one ton to the Vultures but very good even scores across the board. Ominous.

Devils 1354 def. Lefties 1048
It’s official. The Lefties are building. The Devils made a mess of them with a polished performance, but the Lefties have set themselves a benchmark for the rest of the year. Larrikin Lagoon rises from the ashes?

Lilacs 1189 def. Wanderers 996
Lilacs are a rapidly improving team and will be thereabouts come finals time. The Wanderers remain a development team but are pushing that magic 1k mark. Hope to see steady improvement this year from both teams.

Wombats 1334 def. Cockatoos 798.
Bang. The Wombats are the Adelaide Crows of the ORFFA and the Cockies are Geelong. We know the Cockies will bounce back, but can the Wombats put together a consistent season and climb to the heights we know they are capable of?

Chickens 1330 def. Nuffers 909
Like good wine, the Chooks just get better with age and have shown they still have plenty left in the tank. The Nuffers are another development side, fueled by enthusiasm.

Grasshoppers 1301 def. Spelunkers 1066
The Spelunkers signed the Magna Carta while Gundagai would be happy to have that one in the bag. Both teams can be expected to improve on this outing.

Packers 956 def. Warriors 934
Warriors got off to a bad start with injury woes aplenty, but full credit to the Packers who ground out a gutsy well deserved win. 1k is the target for Tracey and this week would be a...
Stats are up peoples! Sorry about the delay, how did we go?

I cracked 2100 which is fricking bossly, considering I traded Mills for Lloyd at the last minute, had Meek onfield instead of Floyd, and had Rowe benched.

Che sera.

Hopefully next week goes better!

Hodl. No trades yet.
Just quietly, how good is it to have footy back? That game last night was such a great start to the year!

Hands up if you skipped on Martin?
Sport is one of the few things in life that has the magical power of uplifting people. Indeed, sport transcends our everyday life and takes us to a place where the impossible often becomes possible. Ask any sports lover and they will tell you how enchanting that place really is, where real-life tales of courage overcomes hardship and leave you feeling inspired. There really is nothing like sport in terms of a sensational pick me up.

Like Nelson Mandela said “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.”

In reality, there are few sports that get people to their feet as Aussie Rules does. The only problem at the moment is that the only supporters getting to their feet are Australians as the game remains untouched by the rest of the international sporting community. You’re left scratching your head as to why given that as far as excitement goes, Aussie Rules has it all and then some.

Indeed, part of the attraction of Aussie Rules is how the game can ebb and flow. You’re only ever one moment of magic away from a comeback that will leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing upright. And as for real-life heroes who defy the odds, well, Aussie Rules has them in spades. Who can forget Jason McCartney’s return to Aussie Rules in 2003? McCartney would inspire North Melbourne to a win over Richmond and in doing so complete the greatest comeback Australian sport has ever seen.

These days, it must be said, Richmond don't seem susceptible to losing and find themselves the favourites in Aussie Rules betting to win a...
Ok peepers and jeepers, the site is officially rolled over to 2021.

Hopefully there are no 2020 gremlins in the code that mess anything up, as always, if you spot anything weird, let me know!

Also let me know, is Laverde a good pick yet?
Hi All,

Too Serious will be holding our 3rd season of AFLW based competition in 2021 during the 2021 AFLW home and away season, building on the success of our 8 team, 7 week competition in 2019 and our unfortunately more succinct 2020 season.

We are one of the few full season fantasy comps on offer for AFLW next season – the other many played in 2020 was Sheplays (ShePlays Fantasy League).

Hopefully success of ShePlays as well as our comp and others elsewhere will lead to SuperCoach and RealDream team comps further down the track.

We are looking to grow our numbers substantially so whether you are an AFLW fanatic, general fantasy football or fantasy sports fan or both please consider having a crack at either a keeper league or (re)draft format competition (or both). Also pass on the word to your family, mates and fantasy league buddies if you think they would be keen. Let's try our hardest to get this shout-out to go viral. Multiple leagues can be formed depending on how many entries we receive.

Whether you are a long time Too Serious member or otherwise we would love to have you joining in. If your fantasy site of choice for AFL mens comps and other Australian and global sports is elsewhere that is no issue and this comp will slot in nicely with slight overlap only for those who compete in BBL supercoach and AFL Supercoach and AFL Fantasy comps.

With the AFLW season commencing on Thursday 27th January, 2021 there has been a decision to start new leagues commencing week 2 of the AFLW season which allows a majority of players to be selected post AFLW round 1 selection.

Drafts would commence between Friday 22nd January and Tuesday 26th January with an optimal league size of 8 teams to provide an intense home and away comp prior to finals. AFLW player positions will be finalised by 20th January and league draft order, league draft starting time and other details will be finalized and listed as soon as practicable...
Hi Folks

Despite the delayed AFL draft this year the major fantasy comps have released their 2021 team pickers which allows us to commence the annual task of identifying the players and team structure we want and then reassess things throughout the AFL preseason leading into Round 1.

Let us know how you are tackling the 2021 season including the scheduled Rounds 12, 13 and 14 byes.

The NBA season has kicked off today and we had our fantasy drafts a few days ago.

See below spreadsheet for the results of all three drafts.
Here are links to each of the leagues:
Div 1:
Div 2:

The #1 and #2 pick was the same in all three drafts, Giannis and Luka across the board.

Something I always find interesting is the players who went undrafted in some leagues but not others. You will see in the table that any undrafted players were given a figure of 157 where they were undrafted.
The highest ranked player who went undrafted in at least one league was Tim Hardaway Jnr, who was undrafted in Premier, but drafted at 107 & 109 in the other two leagues.
The highest ranked player who went undrafted in two leagues was Terrence Ross, who was drafted at 122 in Division 1.
The lowest ranked player who was drafted in all 3 leagues was Joe Harris, drafted at 155, 153 & 128 across the three leagues.
The lowest ranked player drafted in at least two leagues was Jordan Clarkson who was drafted at 153 in Premier and 150 in Div 2.

We havent gone into as much detail this year with std dev and the like, but have highlighted some of the big sliders and reaches for ease of finding them.

I don't know about you, but Ive got two of the reaches and one of the sliders! Hopefully they all work out :)

It's been tricky to decide when to hold the draft at this time of year.
We've set up a poll with two options and it is only open for 24 hours, closing approximately Thursday 3:20pm AEDT, so get in and vote quickly.

We have also set the draft orders. See over the break.
We have set a poll for the draft date. We are only allowing two options and please only select if you CANNOT attend on that date at that time. We will go with the option that has least amount of people who cannot attend. The poll will only be open for 48 hours, until Tuesday night. All going well, we will announce draft date/time on Wednesday.

We still need three more to commit.