For those who take it way too seriously

We’ve hit the point in the season where all teams have played each other once each.

Have a look in this thread for info about the current standings across the three leagues and the recent Cup results and next round's fixture.
This season we will be running a side competition for all 36 teams in our three leagues combined together into one knockout cup draw.

This will be run over 5 (non-consecutive) rounds, commencing next matchup on Tuesday 27th December.

See in this thread for more info and the full draw!
Opening night of the NBA season is tomorrow!
We have held our Fantasy NBA drafts and have posted the comparisons between the three drafts in this thread.
There were some surprising selections across all three leagues. The only consensus decision was Nikola Jokic at #1!
We still need two more coaches to fill our third league, and perhaps we might even get a late rush to fill a fourth league again.

Please let us know in the comments in this thread if you want to join the competition or if you have any questions.
We've got 32 coaches committed for the coming season, and we are still looking for four more.

Like last year, we have ordered the draft based on ADP for the coach over the history of the TS Fantasy NBA competition.

See here in this thread for the draft order for each of our three leagues.
NBA preseason starts in a couple days.
Let us know in this thread if you are keen to play fantasy NBA here this coming season.

The deadline for nicksnow and Eggrobber to commit to hold their spot in the leagues is midnight AEDT on Monday night, 3rd October (exactly 5 days from now). Otherwise they will move down to Division 2.
We're gearing up for our 13th season of fantasy NBA here at TooSerious!
Please post in the comments of this thread if you are keen to play this season or if you have any questions etc.

Former champions of the TS Premier League are:
21/22: @stowie
20/21: @HEAVER
19/20: @Steve *unfinished season
18/19: @bgt2110
17/18: @anthak
16/17: @stowie
15/16: @stowie
14/15: @stowie
13/14: @Mick
12/13: @Ruddy
11/12: @Jasmine
10/11: @dabombers
And along with that, came a good 50 new position amendments.

Gunna leave it as an ugly table for y'all :)

ADE Dawson, Jordan DEF MID
BRL Ah Chee, Callum DEF MID
BRL Fort, Darcy FWD RUC
BRL Rayner, Cam FWD MID
BRL Zorko, Dayne DEF MID
CAR De Koning, Tom FWD RUC
COL Daicos, Nick DEF MID
COL Hoskin-Elliott, Will FWD MID
COL Lipinski, Patrick FWD MID
COL Pendlebury, Scott DEF MID
ESS Cutler, Tom DEF MID
ESS Durham, Sam FWD MID
ESS Guelfi, Matt FWD MID
FRE Aish, James DEF MID
FRE Clark, Jordan DEF MID
FRE Tucker, Darcy DEF MID
GCS Chol, Mabior FWD RUC
GCS Davies, Alex FWD MID
GCS Ellis, Brandon DEF MID
GCS Swallow, David DEF MID
GWS Bruhn, Tanner FWD MID
HAW MacDonald, Connor FWD MID
MEL Brayshaw, Angus DEF MID
MEL Harmes, James FWD MID
NTH Goldstein, Todd FWD RUC
NTH McDonald, Luke DEF MID
NTH Scott, Bailey DEF FWD
NTH Stephenson, Jaidyn FWD MID
NTH Turner, Kayne DEF FWD
NTH Xerri, Tristan FWD RUC
NTH Ziebell, Jack DEF FWD
PTA Butters, Zak FWD MID
PTA Houston, Dan DEF MID
PTA Mead, Jackson FWD MID
RIC Aarts, Jake FWD MID
RIC Baker, Liam DEF FWD
RIC Balta, Noah DEF FWD
RIC Edwards, Shane FWD MID
STK Battle, Josh DEF FWD
STK Hill, Bradley DEF FWD
STK Sinclair, Jack DEF MID
STK Wood, Mason FWD MID
SYD Gulden, Errol FWD MID
SYD Parker, Luke FWD MID
WBD Cordy, Zaine DEF FWD
WBD Liberatore, Tom FWD MID
WCE Nelson, Jackson DEF MID
WCE Rioli, Willie FWD MID
ESS Martin, Nic FWD MID
Following the conclusion of the AFL Draft 2021 at the end of November, some teams are placing a lot of hope in their new recruits and hoping to change their fortunes after disappointing seasons in 2021.

As the bottom team on the ladder in 2021, North Melbourne Kangaroos had the first pick in the 2021 draft and they selected Jason Horne-Francis with their number one pick. Horne-Francis is an all-Australian and his state’s MVP at under-16s level just two years ago.

North Melbourne will have high hopes for Horne-Francis and with two years of senior football under his belt, it is hoped he can change the fortunes of the struggling Kangaroos who finished rock-bottom in 2021, picking up just four wins across the 22 game season.

The 2021 draft was perhaps the hardest for a number of years due to the lack of playing time for a lot of the prospects over the past 18 months. This meant that this year’s recruits were the most under-viewed for decades, however, that doesn’t diminish from their talent and there were some huge prospects up for selection in the draft.

Let’s take a look at five of the biggest prospects for 2022:

Jason Horne-Francis - North Melbourne Kangaroos
We’ve already talked about the impact the Kangaroos will be hoping Horne-Francis can make in 2022 and they will be looking at his ball-winning ability in the middle of the park to help them to improve on their woeful defensive record from 2021.

Horne-Francis averaged 16.5 disposals (8.8 contested), 4.2 tackles and 3.2 clearances in 20 games at senior level this year as well as representing both Australia at Under-18s level and South Australia at Under-19s level.

The Kangaroos have a big job on their hands and they are already the favourites with Betway to...
SSP's are added, stats are rolled, DT is added and the season is good to go!

Good luck all!