For those who take it way too seriously

Sorry guys, have no time for a Best Buys this week. I have been deadset flat out. But, if you have any questions just give me a yell and I will do my up most best to answer them.

Thanks you for your understanding.

BrayDog will be back.
Ok, I know this has nothing to do with SuperCoach, but I want to promote this league as much as possible. Why should I join here rather than DreamTeam Talk, BigFooty or with ya mates? I hear you asking.

Well is up to $100 worth of cash and prizes tempting. Thats right guys.

ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Ok, well we havent exactly decided on the price, or the exact value but it will be good.

<a href="">[/url]

TooSerious league: 877579

At this stage it will be an easy 100 quid because we are lacking numbers in the league, so get on board.
Yep, theyre running it again! The end of years final comp.

<a href="">[/url]

It should be fun again - heck, I might even hook up an extra tab to TooSerious so you can play around with your squad. (And dont forget, some players have swapped positions. Deledio is no longer a Forward, while Lockyer is...)

Ive set up a TooSerious league if anyone is interested in popping in: 877579
Let us know how your boys are going throughout the week and I will fill this with any interesting facts that pop up over the weekend. Actually probably not, I got a flat out weekend including a Pete Muzza concert. I just hope Im not singing Better Days after the weekend.

Might aswell continue this blog, where I have been letting ya all know how Im going for the quest for $20,000. And, this week I have discovered something massive, I possibly have the least unique team of the lot. Meaning Richo and Marshmallow Thompson have an even bigger role than I thought. So, I created this banner to egg them along. Haha.
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to the stats, I had a massive jump on the bloke in number 1 this week. Moving from 444 points behind to just 274, which means I need 91 per week, the lowest it has ever been. I gained a little ground on the top 10, now only behind by 152 or 51 per week. I lost heaps of ground on the Geelongs number 1 coach, falling out to 271 points off the mark, needing 90 per week.

I also promise you some stats, and here they come. The player that I need to struggle most to come 1st overall will be Ablett with 75% of the top 20 teams having him, and every team in the top 10. Followed by Newman who is in 65% of the teams. Then, Milburn who is in 60%. Why couldnt they have given him 4 weeks?

Other players I need to struggle are Bradshaw (50%), Roughnut (25%) and Waite (25%) down back. NDS (35%), Hodge (35%), Hayes (25%), COON! (20%) and Corey (20%) need to find less of the ball though the middle. While up forward it is quite boring, BJ (30%) is the most selected player which I dont have. Followed by Fev and Aker...
Heya all, first of all, no teams tonight (As you may have noticed...)

Also, there appeared to have been a bit of down-time tonight... I hope no-one was overly affected. :)

<a href="">[/url] . Try it out, it should bring you right back here. So I can imagine some exciting developments occuring on there over the offseason.

And speaking of the off season, is anyone here running in the Sportal EPL Comp? I imagine that by week three, Ill be tracking salary movements for it. Though because of the nature of trades (The real ones. :D) and the pain that that can cause, you might notice that Im a little slow in updating teams/new players. But if something is wrong that affects you, let me know. :D

But its not the off season yet, its finals time! I hope youre all progressing well...
(More over the break)

I know I won just one of my 6 games (between DreamTeam and Supercoach, three leagues), but luckily, was only knocked out of one of them. Ah well, still in it, can still win it.

Not quite like a couple of people I need to give shout-outs to. Firstly, Supercoach.

Lucas - sitting at the pointy end, looking good mate, were all cheering for you here.
Boppin - yeah, youve been winning for as long as I can remember, if Lucas and Bray cant get on top, you fully deserve it. :)

And DT.
Banana_Bomb and The Baxters. 5th and 9th, you guys are certainly no passangers! Im hoping one of you guys can get over the line, there will certainly be cheering from this side of the web if you can pull it over the line!

And finally, the Boys from NoPassengers, sitting in 3rd now (though leading in a couple of rounds) in the Premium Dreamteam league, and also the sole league that is using TooSerious as a team register. Youve done us proud guys, keep it up.
With no major injuries on the weekend and everyones trades are as dry as a nuns nasty. Its really no need to put hours of effort into a Best Buys. If you want burn trades, or still holding Dids or Shaw just drop me a comment and Im happy to help.

But, I cant help it youll find some awesome value with these players... For those doing in tweaking in their midfield this week look at Kirk ($478,600), his price is a ripper and hardly anyone has him. Might be a beauty come Grand Final time. I also like the value of Robert Murphy <input type="hidden" value="468" id="playerid" /><input type="hidden" value="FWD" id="pos" />($371,700) up forward. Down back Boltons<input type="hidden" value="56" id="playerid" /><input type="hidden" value="DEF" id="pos" /> ($328,800) price is extremely low in a good season, for those still with Shaw. You will also get good bang for ya buck with Bocky <input type="hidden" value="DEF" id="pos" />
&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;
&nbsp; &nbsp;
&nbsp; &nbsp; ($384,700). At the more expensive scale but well priced for the amount of points Chris Newman <input type="hidden" value="476" id="playerid" /><input type="hidden" value="DEF" id="pos" />($469,600).

My final word: At this stage of the season get rid of the breakeven column it means nothing.

First week of finals, howd your boys go? Have a win and get yaself the week off? Seemed like a pretty poor weekend with midfielders getting 80s including Ablett, Cross, Stevens, Cooney, Mitchell, NDS and the list goes on. Lift boys, its finals. While popular players like Brown (100% of the top 23 players have him) scored 22 and Gilbee and ROK miles below their average. Richo played forward all day and has gone back to his old ways. Put him back on the wing, please, Terry. Some big scores came from the 300 game legends in Macca and Crawf. But, thats about it.

Read on to find out how my weekend went.

Im furious. Going into the Crows and Tigers game looking at a score of 2300+, and with 1st overall having some poor scores from Ablett, Stevie and Pratt. This was my chance to pounce. A real make or break for my season. Stiffy Johncock (5th/No - 5th most impotant player and N.R No.1 doesnt have him) went forward as expected and could have went nuts like he did in the reserves, but he struggle. Got smashed in every one-on-one by Thursfield. Got me 16 points. Then the Cho (2nd/No) arguebly my most important player if I was to take the prize. Not sure if it was his sore knee but, he needs to be back on the wing where he was getting those 177s. He wasnt completely smashed by Bock, but dropped marks and with 4 behinds and one not making the distance really make a difference. Two of the behinds coming from within 20 metres of goal. Just not his day. Speaking of Bock Choy (9th/No), looked alright most the day but a couple of clangers and uncontested disposals and hardly any ball in the last term hurt his score and only managed 69. Then there is Lids (7th/No), struggled early but I do take my hat off to him to push his score to 75. Four clangers were the real killer. Some positives out of the game are Scotty Marshmallow...
Ok, abit like the old Last Minute Check go through all the points you need to think about before lockout. And dont forget...
[span style="color: #ff0000;">WARNING: Lockout is at 7.05pm AEST tonight.

<ul><li>Captain pick is easy this week a Geelong midfielder. Either one of Bartel, Corey and now Ablett. Theyll all rip it up. I dont think I need stats to back this up, but in there last two games vs. Melbourne Bartel has averaged 164, Ablett has put on 123 and Corey not far behind with 119. </li>

<li>Yes, I mentioned Ablett is back. Lets hope he rests in the forward pocket. Key word: Hope. Other selection news is pleasing blokes around the world cause the Stiff is back, and a Burger. </li>

<li>Cox will get smashed by Hille. Absolutely smashed.</li>

<li>Shaw and Dids have been bad cause they buggered up our teams. Some cheap good players to pick up would be Andy McLeod and Robert Murphy.</li>

<li>Speaking of McLeod he pulls on his boots for the 300th time this week, as does sooky boy Crawf. Maybe means big scores. </li>

<li>Richo and Troy Simmonds both seem to have recovered from their jarred knees, just maybe keep a emergency handy. </li>

<li>The Dogs are now focusing on playing Hawks in 5 weeks time. Avoid them for captain selections and even picking up their players. They wont be trying too hard, and alot of players might be rested. </li></ul>

Good luck with your quest through the finals.
This is massive this week guys. 39.18% of all SuperCoach teams (which is actually doesnt seem like much, but 87% of the top 23 sides do) have this no-necked man, that cant break away from a ferret. Besides Grigg, but really, who is he? Yes, you guess it, the piss-head Heath Shaw.

Drink and drive, youre fine. Lie to your mates, youre a bloody idoit and you bugger up our SuperCoach teams. Can you atleast be worth a couple of quid so we can actually get someone decent for you?

Alan Didak owners, get stuffed, Im spent enough time helping those with Shaw.

Note: The price in brackets is the difference to Heater, not their actual price.&nbsp;

[span style="font-size: 1.2em;">Heath Shaw: $371,700

Balance: $0.00
If you had to smash open your money quid just to find a couple of hundreds bucks cause you spent all ya money upgrading Chappy or Cornes. Well, your pretty buggered but I will see what I can find. Nick late withdrawal Maceski (-$1,800) is just under the Shaw price tag and if he gets a game we all know what he is capable of and is an extremely risky choice. Xaivier Ellis (-$2,800) is another bloke has been improving every game, but I think his teammate Brent Guerra (-$23,900) would be a better pick with an average of 83, he can pull out a big score. But, really hes nothing special. Alot of bandwagon jumpers got up and about when Thornton (-$13,700) put on two hundreds in the first two weeks, shame he has only ever managed that feat only twice more and averaging only 72 since then. Craig Bolton (-$24,700) is actually one player I do like, averaging only 81, but had averaged over 90 only five weeks ago. Swans always finish the season well so the old-timer is worth a look.
There is one bloke I have left out, Andrew McLeod (-$10,300), the two time Norm Smith Medalists from the crows has had a season from hell. He has a six week...