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Here we go, into Part 3 of this four part series of the highest averaging SuperCoach players. And, we are on to that horrible part of the ground, the rucks.

Here is the team so far...
Backs: Stiffy, Old Mac, Newman, Bowden, Goddard, Pratt and Heavy Waite.
Mids: Jesus, COON, Kirk, Goodes, Power and Hodge.

I bet ya could guess who are going to fill in these spots. Yeah, your right, Cox and Sandilands. They are really the only two decent ruckmen, and if you ever upgrade a ruckmen, your wasting a trade if you dont get either of these. Hille has had a late push to get a gig, averaging a quite amazing 147 in the last three rounds, and makes Mountain roughly the same price as the great Cox. Jeff White is the other that gets close, but being dropped twice this year and only four scores over 100 and an average of 90-odd. He aint no star.

1. Dean 'Big' Cox
Everyones favourite number one ruckmen has not let anyone down this year with an average of 112, thats 9 off the next best, or a total of 127 points for the whole year. Should be the first picked player in every side, every year. Only those with balls will avoid Cox next season. Not only is he is averaging 112, he is doing it with one leg. I spose that stays true to his name. Imagine what he going to be like next year with two legs. Wow. But, the thing that has surprised be the most about looking through his stats is that this is Coxs best year ever, yes, you remember at the start of the year when everyone was saying you must have Cox, well, he only averaged 98 in 2007 and 99 in 2006. Then, I found out the next best in Ottens had an average of only 92. This year has been quite a good year for ruckmen, but most of us still sit on Troy Simmonds, the 17th best ruckmen, averaging 66.

2. Aaron '211' Sandilands

If you dont have Cox, you better have 211 cause it gets pretty dry after...
Can you believe its Round 15 already?? For some, the SuperCoach season is over, and the reconnaissance for 2009 begins. For others, the season is just winding up and the finals and bragging rights are well and truly up for grabs. Captains come into your scores in a big way, highlighted in brutal details when this blogger copped his first loss for the year, purely due to an unnecessarily risky and poor captain choice - nevertheless, well gear up again for this week and try and give you a good guide for who to think about.

Gary Ablett

Week in week out he is the choice for many. Seemed disappointing
last week when he got 91, which isnt that bad, but by his standards, a
bit off for the season. Geelong get the Dockers this week at Skilled -
and Ablett will likely lock horns again with the only man who has been
able to curb his influence this year, Ryan Crowley. Ablett was kept to
a paltry 62, which was his lowest score of the year. Ablett has been
good otherwise at Skilled for the rest of the year, including his
incredible 254 at Skilled against Sydney in Round 5. Ablett averages
just under 90 against the Dockers - though for many the choice is
academic and you probably wont be disappointed if Ablett leads your
team out for this weekends round.

Lance Franklin

Buddys been a little off in the last few weeks. Sydney this week -
and the Sydney SuperCoach curse could mean his lean streak continues. The
Sydney defence has been good this year, and teams traditionally dont
score heavily against them. The last time Buddy played the G he was
held to a miserable 18 points but he averages 119 against the Swans -
Buddys a risk in my opinion, and I wont be going there because Ive
been burned in the past, and against the Swans I reckon hes a bit too
much of a risk - but you all know Ive been wrong before ;)

Adam Cooney

Playing Melbourne this week, the Dogs midfield will be led by Cooney
who is in good SuperCoach form at the moment. With 105...
Im much more lazier than last week, where I spent all this time to give a full review of every game. Miles too much work. So, just let us know how you went last night and what you need tonight to win league games, break 2200, or any other shit you want to say. Not happy with Abletts 91? Burtons 51? Or Chappys 74? Over the moon with Bock Choy and Jimmy? Or just complain about how terrible the split round is, with Harry Taylor being dropped and alot of coaches copping another nil?
Oh, finally, its over.

It was a long time ago now, but Roughnut, the bloke with a face that only a Mother can be proud of banged on 160. Last years Rhys Plamer in Priddis had an amazing 45 touches, he is cheaper than a Frankson prostitute. Bowden backs up his 200+ game with a 155, but heard rumours he might be getting dropped again. Dont panic, only rumours. Nick Stevens starred with 140. St. Kildas twin towers actually both played well with Saint Nick getting 144, and Kosi wanging on 167. Speaking of twin towers, Browndawg got a nice score of 140, for all those 'hes playing Melbourne, lets put him captain' people. Green with 159 deserves a mention. Pavlova was a strong choice for captain aswell, and just managed to get up to 115 with a Cross-like last quarter. Lukey Power powered on 167.&nbsp; McLean played on with a season-ending injury, what courage, what a star. Shame he only got 45. Jimster Bartel finally got over the 100 for 116. My man Bock Choy was hot with 106. Enright was alright with an Ablett-like 164. Kirk continues his sensational form and the only swan that tried all night for 160. Cloke was the best Pie with 149 and Shaw thing broke a tag. Woah.

Buddy couldnt join Roughy, and he keeps giving away free kicks. Only 79. Birchall got the pill, but not the points for 67. Nath Brown was quite for only 62. Nicky Dal below average with 80. Robert Murphy had a rare game, for only 81. Brisbanes popular running backs in The Drum and Old Mac both struggled. McLean on one leg could only manage 45. Come on, mate. Cox can still get 100s on one leg. Ablett and Enright swapped roles, and Jesus only got 91. Oh, no. The years best back only got 74 in Boner. The Birdman is looking old...
but to make it a little better, well give you all a little somethin something to 'celebrate' the split round, Ive developed some new features for TooSerious.

Namely, new columns. And the ability to show, or hide, whichever columns you would like too see. Just click on the Account tab to have a look.

A quick run-down of your new options are as follows:

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YTD Movement - This will show or hide the Year to date Movement column.
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Salary Movement (Overall) - Displays salary movements based on the overall average. This also controls the Break even columns.
3 Week Display - Displays a 3 week average and associated salary movements (as above, but for a 3 week average)
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TS Ratios - Essentially, this is a formula to assist you in figuring out a players worth. Its worked out as ((Overall or Average points)/ Current Price) To work out a price ratio.
Real Values - This uses the salary formulas to determine what a players salary *should* be for his average, his 3 and 5 week averages as well as his total score for the year.

Also, to assist those of you who *must* display everything, theres a new field to change the width of the display. 300 is the default.

A word of note though, the more columns you display, the slower everything will run for you.

So there you go, we now have a system set up for me to add additional columns. If anyone has any suggestions on what else they might like to see, let me know!

Ok, we have alot picked the backline, and now we are on too the centers and unlike the defence, the highest averaging players are no surprises. Lets get into it...

Like I said off the top, none of these players are very surprising but before we start running off the team, we must say these players were close, but couldnt sneak in. Scott Pendlebury with an average of 110, is actually the 7th highest scorer all year and is the real surprise packet. Mr Never-scores-under-90, has done so the last two weeks which pushed his average down and Simon Black just missed at spot at number 8. Then is followed by the likes of Boomer, Marshmallow, Judd, Cross even the under preforming Bartel aint far behind.

Do I even need to say who number one is? Probably not, but we will talk about him, anyway.

1. Gary 'Jesus' Ablett Jnr.
Wow wee, as the great BT would say, this bloke has been amazing all year, only once scoring below 115. Making his average 148. Ive been jealous all year, just waiting for a bad game, but I dont think he will ever have one, if you missed the boat dont bother jumping on now cause even if he does continue his average, his value for money is pretty low.

2. Adam 'Ghost' Cooney.
The only white Coon-ey in the world and the only other player left in the Brownlow medal race, if he continues his awesome form which has seen him average 121 SuperCoach points. This bloke might be worth buying being about 150k cheaper than Jesus and still capable of huge scores. Really has stepped up this year with West being out with injury and is most likely leading the clearances this year, cause they dont call him the Clearance King Coon for no reason.

3. Brett 'Captain' Kirk
And, if you have been picking him as captain you would be pretty happy with his average of 115. Always been a high scorer averaging well over 100 every year since SuperCoach started in 2005. And,...
Oh, we are all bloody bored this week with no trades, captian selections or anything to worry about. So, hopefully I keep you interested with an exciting series of blogs, going through the team of the year. Today we will start with the backline and hopefully get a couple more done during the week.

At the start of the year if you were offered these two backlines, which would you take?

1. Sammy Fisher, Lindsay Gilbee, Peter Burgoyne, Chadwick Cornes, Darren Milburn, Andrew McLeod and Nathan Bock.

2. Graham Johncock, Joel MacDonald, Chris Newman, Joel Bowden, Goddard, Daniel Pratt, Jarred Waite.

I reckon 99.99% would have gone for number 1, but believe it not number 2 is actually the group of the highest averaging backs all year. Wonder why, those bottom on have increased 74 points on the their average, thats 10 points per player including Bowden drop from 117 last year. Joel Bowden is lucky to sneak in with his 225, and only playing 9 games. So, instead will put in the player with the next highest average in the actual team of the year. Guess who? Heath Shaw. I think you guys gotta stop knocking his low scores cause he actually doing better than most ya other backmen.

This is also something I found interesting, that there is only two players that average over 100, Stiffy (101) and MacDonald (100). There is the same amount of rucks that average of the ton. Unbelievable.

Lets go through player by player...

Graham 'Boner' Johncock.
This bloke hasnt averaged 100+ since 2005 and last year only managing an average of 86. And now he the highest scoring back of the year, quite an achievement. Why the change? Crows gameplan. I havent seen alot of the Crows this year, but what I have seen is alot of chipping around the backline, and I hate to hear the stat on Stiffy to Bock Choy passes, The Choy is actually the 6th highest total points of the year, but just missed out in the...
Read <a href="">this[/url] for all ya details from the round so far and just drop a comment on how ya going. Are you going to win ya league game? How many players left? Projected total? Or brag about Brown or Pav being a great captain. We want to hear about it. But, a quick hint of who might feature in the stars and flops. And, read on to win a prize.

The stars might include: Browndawgg, Roughnut, Stevo, Kornes, Bowden and most likely JESUS.

The flops might include: Church, RICHOMAN, Old Macdonald, Drummond and most likely Scott Thompson being shut out by Cling.

Oh, and I need an idea for a nickname for Scott Thompson, if I say Thompson it could be anyone and Scott you would have no idea. Post any ideas. The winner I will give free access to membership features on TooSerious and if your already got them I will think of something else.
Oh, something new at TooSerious. Instead of my boring, quick normal
'How your boys going?' reviews, Im refreshing it up. I will now be
giving every game a full review as soon as I can after every game. Let me know what ya think of it, and brag about how ya team is going.

<div class="entry-more">
Hawthorn vs West Coast.
The story of the night goes to Roughnut, just the lazy 6 goals and 4 behinds to bang on 160 points. While Buddy although banging on 5, he gave away 4 free kicks and only managed 79. A couple of you were talking about Osbourne, hope you didnt. Priddis
is going to have a sore fist, after using the ball by hand a whooping
30 time, plus 15 kicks and 137 points, although alot was cheap touches
with 31 handball receives. But, he wasnt alone 17 other Eagles
handballed more than kicked to put on a record 240 handpasses for the
game. The one-legged-beast in Cox ripped it up for a nice 128, another bloke with a sore leg in Hodge got 110. Birchall despite 27 touches only got 67. Why didnt I trade Rioli? Bloody only 65 aint good enough. Kerr might be hitting some form 40 touches and 125.

Injuries: There was a couple tonight, the first being Lewis got a corked thigh and will be fine after the break, Crawf had a sore left knee and missed the whole last qtr will struggled to get back after the break and Brad Ebert will be fine with an injury to his abs, as will Hodge with his sore leg that kept him off for Q3.Update: Saturday morning at West Coasts recovery session Daniel Kerr was stabbed by a stingray. But, he is fine. <a href=",26576,23939070-19742,00.html">Link.[/url]

Richmond vs Carlton
Ive been out golfing so I didnt see or hear the game, so Im just going off what FanFooty is telling me. Joel Bowden backs up his 200+ game with a 155. Is he back? Nick...
This is seriously my best ever Last Minute Check, an interesting read before hitting those T and C buttons at around 7pm tonight.

1. You Ablett-less? Pav must be your captain this week with an average of 147 in his last 4 games against the Bombers, plus he is in some ripping form averaging 130 in his last 3 games. Also, only once this year he scored below 89 and that was against the great Rutten/BockChoy backline.

2. Dont believe any of the rumours over Heath Shaw and Simon Goodwin. Theyll play. Just in case have a EMG ready, though.

3. VALENTI IS IN. Want some money? Definitely get on this boy. Also, Nick Lower from Port will be the popular downgrade this week. My boy, Callan Ward was dropped. Shattered.

4. Having trouble with ya backline? Your not alone look at all these names which will miss this weekend. Brett Jones, David Wirrpanda, Dennis Armfield, Peter Burgoyne, Chad Cornes, Micheal Johnson and Andrew McLeod are all out. Jake King, Brad Symes are still both expected to miss. Waters is gone for the season. Albert Proud, Scott Thompson and Scott Selwood still aint getting a game. There is still some doubt over Daniel Bradshaw getting up and now an ankle injury to Heath Shaw. That is a total of 445,843 selections. Yes, you heard, every team in SuperCoach has on average two of those players. Next time your bricklayer friend starts whinging about his back, just tell him to get a SuperCoach.

5.&nbsp; Continuing on from point number 4, you are going to want to trade couple of out. There are cheap backs every where from Milburn to Bowden, Birchall to Gilbee. The pick of the bunch would be the doubtful Heath Shaw though at below 400k.

6. <a...