For those who take it way too seriously

Just a weekly segment for those that are interested how I am going on my quest to win SuperCoach. I gained 140 on the leader this week, much more than the 119 needed, which puts me 444 points away or 111 per week. I actually lost ground on the top 10, only needing 33 points per week before this round, but now has been pushed out to 183 or 46 per week and a simliar result for winning the Geelong supports group needing 180 or 45 per week.

Keep reading for some awesome stats.

That made me think, which players will I need to score big to improve on my ranking. So, I went through the top 23 teams and count with teams have which of my players and came back with these results, with the % of teams that have them in the top 23.

22. Johno Browndawg (100%)
21. Dean Cox (100%)
20. Matthew Pavlova (96%)
19. Buddy Franklin (96%)
18. Heath Shaw (87%)
17. Nicky Riewoldt (83%)
16. Jimmy Bartel (78%)
15. Ryan OKeefe (73%)
14. Marty Mattner (73%)
13. Linds Gilbee (65%)
12. Troy Simmonds (61%)
11. Nicky Stevens (61%)
10. Dan Cross (57%)
9. Nath Bocky (43%)
8. Chris Judd (39%)
7. Brett Lids (39%)
6. Brent Harvey (39%)
And, the top 5 most important players...
5. Stiffy Johncock (35%)
4. Sammy Fisher (30%)
3. Grant Birchall (26%)
2. Matty Richoman (22%)

The most important player for my teams chance at $20,000 is...
1. Scott Thompson (13%)

Some interesting facts that came out of this was that Brown and Cox are the only two players selected in every one of the top 23 sides. Buddy and Shaw despite being dirt cheap are unselected in 1 and 3 sides respectavitly. Those three without Shaw are extremly happy. Three of the top 5 are backmen and will be lifted slighty with all these Shaw trades needing to be made. Troy Simmonds was in half as many sides than I expected and is actually going to play a role in me getting up into the top 10, Sandilands was the probably the 2nd most popular other ruckmen...
Oh, its finals time. Did you make the top 8? Are you confident your team can take the cake? Or did you lose this week to give up your spot? How was your score this week? I think most would be looking at the 2200 cause all the mainstream players like Buddy (171), Bartel (150), Brown (132), Newman (126), Pavlich (124) and Gilbee (104) had decent scores. And plenty of scores between 70-90.

I finished with 2286, and probably wont move too far in the NR, maybe even down a little.
Let us know how your boys are going? Most the popular players have scored big.
Woohoo! Ablett will definitely be missing this week. Sorry Lucas, but this could mean the BrayDogs Catters can keep pouncing there way up the SuperCoach ladder. But, his Brownlow chances are slowing.

Also, in other news that is a couple of days old, Stiffy is still unlikely to play, but my man Bock Choy wants him back. Of course he does, he got a 49 without the Stiff and him playing kick-to-kick. Haha. The Clinger is back, so Deledio owners, get worried. Chappy is out for up to four weeks now, have to look at trading now. Not so Goodes is out for three weeks just for those that are abit slow.

But no Ablett...
This blog is getting more and more pointless cause most people are only trading injured players and are looking at the best player in there price range. So, this week we will look at Chappy who is out for up to four weeks, and I have him so I need to do the research myself.

[span style="font-size: 1.2em;">Paul Chapman - $486,400

Mr. Tightarse
[span style="font-size: 0.8em;">Ive got the money, but I want to pick up a good value for money player and spend the quid elsewhere.
Rob Murphy has got his name written all over this one, sitting at $390,800 nearly $100k cheaper than the Chapstick, averages a handy 93, but hasnt scored over 70 in three weeks. If the dogs can get back up, so will Robert. Doggies run home includes Sydney, Kangaroos, Brisbane, Essendon and Adelaide. Which are all sides fighting for the a spot in the top 8 and will come out hard. Definitely a good cheap option. Brad Johnson is the next best, at $403k. But has really struggled to find a decent run of form all season. Then Buddy at $435k, is a definite for those that dont have him. The last two are small forwards Didak and Gia, both below $450k and with an average fo about 90. Gia always seems to get to get atleast an 80, only 3 times falling below that mark, but only managed the ton four times. Didak is alot more up and down, and he never handballs which is good in fantasy terms.

Im Low on Dough
[span style="font-size: 0.8em;">Only got a couple of greenbacks, and am looking for someone around Chaps price tag.
Only one man is worth a peak here and thats Deledio, at 15k lower than what youll get for Chapman and an average of 100. And, scoring over that same mark nine times this season. Tigers run home is Geelong, Adelaide, Hawthorn, Fremantle and Melbourne. So, if he can get through those next three games with decent scores youll be very happy come the pointy end of the...
In recent weeks I have rocketed up the SuperCoach tables after falling to 255, but two 2200+s and now two 23000+s in a row and Im sitting pretty at 29th. Thanks to finally picking decent captains, and having the best forward line ever. Imagine if I didnt have Brown captain with his 24, Shaw with a 45 and BJ with his 39. And, what if I had Ablett? Im one of the highest ranks with an Ablett-less team.

My team has been more consitent than Dan Cross, with no scores under 2000 all year and never getting over 2400. Lack of injuries have also been a blessing with Judd, Gamble, Richo, Johncock and Pavlich the only ones missing weeks for me... while Burton being the only trade due to a injury/supension, which worked out a beauty picking up Roo and Birdman getting an season ending injury. Other rippers was the downgrade of Brad Johnson for Richo just before his 177 then he has been on a roll since. But, my highest scoring player which Ive had from day one is my favourite Crossy, what a legend. Disapointing trades included Stanton for Boomer before he went nuts, and Nicoski for Shaw when he was over $500k. Bloody hell.

Anyway, back to the reason why Im doing this blog, my aim is to hit the top 10 before seasons end which Im 166 points behind or 33.2 per round from now on. Very possible. Just will need alot of luck. My 2nd aim is to win the Geelong supporters table, Im sitting 4th and need 171 or 34.2 per round. Another big possibly, but cause they are all Cats fans they have Ablett, and I dont. Cmon Mark Thompson, we have Richmond this week, give Ablett one more week off. My 3rd aim, or dream is the overall top spot, and I would be getting odd of like 3,000,000-1 at the TAB, but it is possible. Sitting 584 away and needing atleast an extra 116.8 points per round, but we only have three differences in the middle and up...
The weekend of the upsets, with sides from 2nd to 7th all losing, does anyone actually want that left-over top four spot? Its like that terrible pasta your Mum cooked one night, but the left-overs just sits in the fridge cause no one wants it. On top of that I played my Joker this week. For those that have never heard of it, its a footy tipping rule, and you choose to play your Joker when ever and you get double tips that week, I tipped 3. Therefore 6 points. Go me. Lucky, I went better in SuperCoach...

Well, not really. Injury to Chapstick hurt. Might have to go to Priceline to pick up a new Chapstick cause my <del>lips</del> forward line will dry up with him on the sidelines and Pav bailing on us, and having that hack in Tippett as emerg, while Valenti went bang with like 90 points. Bloody hell. Thought my forward reserves were having the week off with Richo Man back. My man Bock Choy was put up forward, why Craig? He was never a good forward. Marshmallow was always going to struggle agaisnt Sydney at the SCG so I will forgive him. Finished with 2310.

The highest score of the round goes to Andrew Welsh, who has really hit a peak in his career and put on a whooping 185. Good on him, shame no one would have him. If I had a chance to do a Last Minute Review this week I would have said Nick-A-Roo for captain and he would have made you happy with a 125, while other favourites in Cox does a 84 and sat out most of the last quarter and looked more sore than he has all season and Pav pulls out with a jarred knee, hopefully you picked a good VC.
How are your boys going? Read on to see the most popular players (minus rookies) at each club. How many do you have?

Most Popular: Bartel - 153 (Also highest)
2nd Highest: Selwood - 136

Most Popular: Franklin - 105
Highest: Mitchell - 113

Most Popular: Shaw - 63 (Surprise!)
Highest: Medhurst - 120

Most Popular: Hille - 93
Highest: Welsh - 185

St. Kilda.
Most Popular: Riewoldt - 126 (Also highest)
2nd Highest: Fisher - 110

West Coast.
Most Popular: Cox - 83 (Glass is there 2nd most popular player - hehe)
Highest: Lynch - 137 (Yes, the big Q. Played in the middle)

Most Popular: Deledio - 124
Highest: Bowden - 182 (Match winner, plus other last qtr goals boasted his score)

Most Popular: Brown - 96
Highest: Sherman - 130

Most Popular: OKeefe - 124
Highest: Mattner - 136

Most Popular: BOCKYYY! - 49
Highest: Vince - 123
With Ablett likely to be out for another big game against the Hawks, punters looking for value as their skipper this week have a few likely choices (and a few unlikely ones too). With ROK hitting some top form again, Pav, Pratt and Petrie scoring ridiculously highly, and Big Cox proving that hes the best ruckman in the league despite carrying a right foot thats as broken as buggery. I reckon theres some games this weekend that will lend themsleves to unaccountable, high possession football - which is a fantasy footy coachs dream. The Dogs and the Blues usually have pretty high scoring shootouts, the Cats and the Hawks should put on one hell of a show tomorrow night, and the Anzac Day rematch should be one to look out for too.

Ryan OKeefeHitting top form while
running circles around Waite last week, a cool 199 warmed the hearts of
those who had him as their skipper. With Big Bad Bashing Barry Hall
likely to be back this week against the Crows, ROK could be a good bet
to follow up the way that he left off last weekend. Having said that,
the Crows defence has been good this year, Stiffy and Bock being
standouts. Im hoping that Symes goes to ROK this week, and hopefully
plays a little wide of him, allowing another big score - having said
that, Craig may go the hard tag on him with McLeod maybe getting the
job. ROK has cracked the ton in 10 out of 16 games this year - not a
bad ratio - having said that - matches with the Crows has typically
been dour affairs with not many goals, and ROKs highest score being an
83 against them last year.Dean CoxRumours are that
he may do a Chad - play til the Derby comes up and then put the cue in
the rack for 08 - getting him right for pre-season 09. If thats the
case Ill be devastated, but his scores to date will probably mean
hell still finish the season as the years top ruckman. Saints this
week, locking horns with his old mate Gardiner. Cox has hit 4
The first time I have ever had a special Best Buys but basically I will look how much your going to get for a star that is out for the season (this case Chadwick) and see which are the best pick-ups depending on your kitty balance.

Chad Cornes: $381,800.

Kitty Balance: Nil.
Its safe to say your f**ked. Chad actually having the highest average in this price range, so it is a downgrade at best. Even rookies like Harry Taylor are too expensive, so maybe downgrade Chad to a rookie and play Taylor if you have him on your bench. So look at names like Josh Head and Eric MacKenzie. Grant Birchall ($365k) is the best name that stands out but he hasnt really carried on the form he had at the end of last year and somethings even getting some close attention. The Church is well worth a look averaging 83 if your one of these poor bastards. Youll need about $3,000 but Guerra is another bloke around Chads price tag, averaging about 80. Kennelly is also in the mix, but miles to injury-prone for me. Then its all full-on key defenders.

In short: Birchall.

Kitty Balance: Under $50,000
Easy, dont have Shaw? Get him. Averages 90-odd and is $417k. Got Shaw? It gets dry. Look at Symes, back from injury and scoring 114s, just under $400k. Wirrpunda having a super season, averaging 90 and The Punda is only worth $409k. Craig Bolton ($414k) is in AA form, but he is no fantasy player although he has topped the 100 mark four times this year so is worth a peak.

In short: Shaw, then just go back to Birchall.

Kitty Balance: Under $100,000
Now we are talking. The Boner is my choice out of this bunch, but his aging body might be getting tired, failing to hit 100 for three weeks, which he hasnt done all year. Johncock at $441k is well worth getting up and about over. Jarrad...