For those who take it way too seriously

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<p class="MsoNormal">Welcome to this week’s When to Buy, if you haven’t been following it <a href=";t=689">here[/url]. I basically go through who to snag this week, who to wait for a couple of weeks for, so you can plan ahead.

<p class="MsoNormal">Told everyone to jump on Rooey the last couple of weeks, but Im sorry I can’t actually predict injuries and he has only been my real big stuff up. Since I said to jump on Nicky Dal he has average 99, and Stevie has been averaging a reasonable 90 ever since I said he was buyable. But my real beauty has been Kade Simpson who was only getting 77 points before I said jump on the Kade train he has got scores of 110 and 121. Watson has been similar averaging 78, and now since I said get him he has got an average of 102. And, here we go for this week...

<p class="MsoNormal">[span style="font-size: 16pt;">BEST BUYS
Heater Shaw

Started: 570k. Now: 530. BE: 67.
Ok, I know he isn’t really that cheap, but he isn’t going to get any cheaper, cause this will be the last week that 28 affects his rolling average. If you have got those back problems, or still got that hopeless Nicoski then its time to get on Heater. Downgrade a peaked out rookie and Bobs ya Uncle. He is averaging 114 this season and is a must have in 2008.

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<p class="MsoNormal">BJ Johnson
Started: 566k. Now: 386k. BE: 36.
I reckon Shaw should be everyone’s pick up this week, but if you already have him BJ is your man. He is one of the legends of SuperCoach and his niggling injuries are nearly gone. Plus, you can nearly do a direct trade with that useless Nath Thompson (300k). But, if you got injuries, have any doubts over his injuries (or like me and getting Shaw) don’t panic he will be still cheap next week at about 400k.

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<p class="MsoNormal">Matt Pavlich...
Gday guys.

As most have you are aware, Im BrayDog and you see me floating in alot of SuperCoach and DreamTeam sites around the net and I have always been interested in giving people my advice. I had one attempt at posting a SuperCoach blog on <a href="">DT Talk[/url] and all those very serious DTers jumped down my throat, but then I reminded them that actually more people play SuperCoach than DT.

So, I then decided to make the move here and add something extra to the great site in <a href="">TooSerious[/url]. There isnt many good SuperCoach blogs around so hopefully we get abit of interest. But, we will see how we go. Just a say a quick cheerio and let us know how your team is going.
Testing testing...

Let there be Supercoach stats for one G. Ablett...

<iframe src=";PlayerID=1&amp;Comp=HS&amp;Round=7&amp;bEnableGraph=True&amp;Standalone=True" width="100%" height="400"> </iframe>

And it was done, And I am pleased, but reckon it could be a lot prettier...