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Howdy all, just a quick update to introduce a couple of new faces to the TooSerious family.

Firstly, we have the big, the bad, the burly, Big Bad Burley. A self confessed stat junkie, and someone who definitely takes Dreamteam too seriously. I imagine his posts will be both informative and I myself are looking forward to reading them. (Which you can do yourself in the Dreamteam forum, go say hi! )

Our other new poster, Nathan, who hails from the Supercoach side of things, will be writing columns with more of a Supercoach slant. I look forward to reading his reviews, as well as a Supercoach Captains thread. Which should be be good reading.

So pop in, drop a comment to say Hi (Cause yanno, we get paid in hugs and comment here), and enjoy what these guys have to say.
Following on for last weeks posts, I will do another little write up on what Rookies are going to be top buys this week and who to trade for them. Although, different to last week I will do it in a list of which rookie you should look at first. Please read this weeks DOGS BEST BUYS to work out who to use the greenbacks on.

WARNING: There are West Coast backmen everywhere you look.

[span style="font-size: 1.2em;">TWO GAMERS
[span style="font-size: 0.6em;">Thats played last weekend

1. Trent Cotchin - RIC
Price: 140k. BE: -62. Position: MID
This bloke is going to be a superstar - cant see the Tigers dropping but I can see his scores improving. Only got scores of 74 and 72 but wait until he finds his feet and we will start seeing Palmer like scores. Could even be a handy 6th midfielder for a couple of weeks for people like me with Browne still on the gorund. Haha. Who to downgrade for him? Craig Bird although aint going to drop in price (only needs to score 50s to hang around his current price) is a must for Cotchin this week. Others that could be downgrade to him: Travis Tuck, Rhys Palmer (although if I had him I would keep him as my 6th midfielder), Ibbo, Wona and Cale Morton.

2. Shane Valenti - MEL
Price: 84k. BE: -83. Position: FWD/MID
If ya need more money that than you could get if downgrading to Cotchin, or you already have Cotchin - Valenti is your man. But, be very careful when going for him cause he is likely to go back down to the Rookie List soon. And, should be your 9th forward at worse. Also dont trade him in until the teams are named, cause he isnt a sure thing to snag a game but likely he will. Gamble is the obviously one to leave your side, but Tippett and McKinley are also popular picks. Hill &amp; Nath J. Brown should be both gone by now. And, Rioli keep him unless he is sitting on...
Gday all, Week in week out there are forums and threads all over the place about Captains, who I should make Captain and why - etc, etc. So I thought I would provide, as my first contribution, a weekly run down of the usual suspects and players in good form - and give you all a one-stop shop for all your Captain Considerations!

Likely Options

Gary Ablett

The last two weeks have seen Ablett return with a vengeance - scores
of 162 and 127 give him an average over 144.5 and he is the in form
player in the comp at the moment. You know youre going alright when
your team gets absolutely smashed all over the park yet youre still
able to rake in a healthy 127. Geelong play Carlton this week, a team
Ablett has traditionally played well against, and the stats back me up
- he has an average of 127 against Carlton with a highest score of 132
in last years game vs the Blues. If you have him, he should be at the
top of your list for this week.

Jimmy Bartel

Gone a little bit off the radar and for some coaches, the time is
now to get in Jimmy. A few off weeks (by his lofty standards) has seen
him drop into the high 500s and his breakeven head up to 184. The last
two weeks have seen him score 103 and 65 (with an average of 84).
However, like Ablett, seems to like playing against the (relatively)
inexperienced midfield of Carlton and their lack of taggers may see
Bartel fire this week. He has the pedigree, and the history shows that
he averages 105 against Carlton, with a highest score of 112 vs the
Blues. Should be a consideration.

Jonathon Brown

Hit the form that all supercoaches were hoping for, and not before
time! With 131 and 132 in the last two weeks, hes shown that a little
faith in your guns goes a long way. Sitting on a breakeven of 13 means
hes probably the in form forward of the comp at the moment and with
North at the Gabba this week, things could look good for Brisbane.
Brown tore North a new one last...
note: this was written after round 8, prices / breakevens etc have changed, the principle remains the same.

Its at that time of year where everyone is looking at selling those
rookies, claiming a healthy little profit and using the profits on that
gun point scorer. However as usual making sure you use those measly 20
trades in the most effective manner is paramount, and this is where
your rookies breakeven is important.

Often people will look at their rookies and as soon as their
breakeven rises above their average they believe the player has
'peaked'. However this is not always the case and can cost you
significant dollars, and those precious trades. To illustrate this i am
going to use the Melbourne rookie midfielder Cale Morton.

Now Cale is one of the prime rookies looking at being sold for a
profit. Before round 8 he had a price of $216,500 an average of 59.29
and a breakeven of 61. After putting in two weeks of 39 and 49 (and
dropping $4,700) it looked like his time as a cash cow was over and i
am sure many people decided to trade.

However what you must remember is that a price of $216,500 is not
hard to maintain. Cale promptly dropped a 95 point game (which is not
his highest score, that was 97 in round 3 so he knows how to rack them
up) and he increased by $7,100. More importantly his breakeven has now
dropped all the way back down to 10! Yep, 10!! Plus he gets the benefit
of a score of 95 in his average for 3 weeks.

What does this mean? Well if he scores 63 (his current average) for
the next 2 weeks he will increase another $32,000 and still have a
breakeven below his average!!!!

So, which would you prefer? A
used trade and a potential saving of say $5 - $10k if Cale puts in a
bad one? Or to save the trade and maybe hold out for some more serious

Now obviously this isnt always the case. Everyones favorite cash
cow, Josh Hill, is an example where holding out will have cost you over
$25k the past three weeks (but he is still up over $100k)...
Jarrad Waite is <a href=",26576,23759987-19742,00.html">facing a one game ban[/url] for striking Fremantles Chris Manye. While, Sam Mitchell will play for your fantasy team this week, but his Brownlow hopes might be gone - he has been offered 93.75. Nath Jones and Pavlich copped a fine. Not a heap happened on the injury front on the weekend. Symes and Ottens could be back this week.
I read through alot of forums and things that relate to SuperCoach and the amount of people that do pointless upgrades is amazing. Everyone wants the Shaws, Abletts and Franklins but sometimes we might have to settle for a Milburn, or a Swan, or a Chappy.

I can understand their thought process 'Bloody [Gilbee, Kornes, Mattner, etc] I paid 550k for you and your only averaging 80' but then they show there rest of there team and they have Taylor on ground and then they still have Nathan Thompson and Tom Hawkins sitting in the forward line. They just want the best straight away.

Trading Burton could get you someone like Franklin, but really at the end of the season he only going to collect 10-15 more points per game (at most), if you then look at Nathan Thompson who will probably score about 70 all year and upgrade him to someone cheap like Chappy who might average 100. Sure you still dont have Franklins big 180 points, but you have a much better improvement to your team and it cosh you about the same amount of greenbacks. Now what looks better: Franklin and Thompson or Burton and Chapman?&nbsp; I just had to let this out, cause Im just about have had enough of pointless so called upgrades.

If you need any advices on how you could improve your team, simply post here and Ill give you my advice on what would be best. And, keep an eye out for DOGS BEST BUYS - some rippers this week, and coming up.&nbsp;
<p class="MsoNormal">[span style="font-family: Tahoma;">Another round has gone, and
if you didn’t score too well I wouldn’t worry about it because it was an awful
week for any real massive scores. Here’s a bit of wrap up of the week and I
took away the “ABOVE PAR” because it’s easier to just sort them in two simple
groups. I haven’t got my stat of the week yet, need to do some more research
but it’s a good one.

<div class="entry-more">
<p class="MsoNormal">[span style="font-family: Tahoma;">[span style="font-size: 1.2em;">SUPERSTARS.<o:p></o:p>

<p class="MsoNormal"><st1:city w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on"></st1:place></st1:city>

[span style="font-family: Tahoma;">Geelong only had 2 players hit the hundred, no surprises
who they are Ablett (127) and Corey (105). While Heater (116) bounces back.
Swan (109) escapes from the Clingage, while a popular cash cow in Wellingham
(105) scores his highest ever score. Stevens (132) dominates in the blues win,
Carrazzo (117), Bentick (129), Waite (120) help him out. Pav (111) the only
light for Freo. To prove that Sydney<st1:place w:st="on"></st1:place>
are pain when it comes to fantasy scoring - Ebert (110) kicked 6 goals and
still only just broke the hundred. Cassisi (110) and Pearce (100) also snuck
over. Kirk (151) is ripping it up lately. Hey Jude (136) was also solid. And,
what about Shit Schmidt (105) doubling his DreamTeam score for Super Coach ton, as did
West Coast’s Wikies (106) keep an eye on him. Nath Brown (168) is back. <st1:place w:st="on"></st1:place>Del<st1:state w:st="on"></st1:state> (111) and Foley
(137) also starred. Lloyd (123) is the only bomber to crack 100. West Coast’s
midfielders are still tearing it up Priddis (143), Flecther (144) and Embley
(153). Thompson (135) is...
<a href="">FanFooty[/url] has a great live scores, but you have those tossers in the comments bar. Some of the dickhead examples...

'I have [insert lowest scoring players name] as captain... bugger'.
'[insert stars name] has done a knee' when, really he is only off for a spell.
'Oh, get me another 20 points [insert a player on 130 already here]'.

If their was a way to close the box I would be telling ya to go there... But, instead have some fun with the DreamTeam Talk boys and there Live Scores. They have a comments box too but atleast it aint full with low life losers. Get on board.

<p align="justify"><a target="_blank" href="">Carlton vs Fremantle[/url] - Telstra Dome - 2:10pm

<p align="justify"><a target="_blank" href="">Port Adelaide vs Sydney[/url] - AAMI Stadium - 3:10pm

<p align="justify"><a target="_blank" href="">West Coast vs Adelaide [/url]- Subiaco - 7:40pm

<p align="justify"><a target="_blank" href="">Essendon vs Richmond [/url]- MCG - 7:45pm
Everyone was scoring about their average until Saturday night and Big Cox comes in a scores a 83 - that doesnt surprise me cause he my captain. And, I have had a shocker year with captains. Then Birdman going from 178 to 4. Unbelievable. Hows your boys going?
Everyone loves FanFootys live scoring, well not as much as our <a href="">DT Talk[/url] boys. But, it is a sensational site. This is breaking news and has been first reported on TooSerious. It even looks like FanFooty hasnt even announced it but their live scoring has got some sweet new icons. Some Im not even sure what they mean, but theres no doubt we will find out on the weekend.

But, have a look at the at a couple from last week: <a href="">Carl Vs Bris[/url], <a href="">Cats Vs Tigers[/url]. And, just change the number in the URL around to look at more.

Love your work, Monty.