For those who take it way too seriously

Alright, its happened. And its taken this long to get over it enough to show my face.

I am out of the eliminator.

Out by 13 points.

13 points with the following under performers
Macdonald - 56
Milburn - 47
Burgoyne - 42
Birchall - 53
Cornes - 44
Deledio - 51

And an opposition who had the unstoppable Sam Mitchell (141) and Jarryd Morton (98)

On the plus side, he did have Scott Thompson (59) as captian VS my GAblett (147)

But not even the great man himself could get me over the line.

Having said that, Burgoyne and Cornes in the backline looks pretty ugly, I sure hope the 'prove the footballing world wrong' and play Cornes. Thats right, not. tanking.

Cheers all.
Decent rookies are as dry as a... drought affected dam. The only place youll find fresh meat this week is at the local butcher, cause the SuperCoach shop is running low. Valenti still cant get a gig in a Robbo and Nietz-less Melbourne forward line. And, all the others that are coming up are just plain shithouse like Nick Lower whos scores are exactly what his name suggests - low. But, cause Im a good bloke I will show the lack of rookies that are about.

Ok, I might have been abit harsh on Nick Lower off the top, better apologise before those teeth-less Port supporters start chasing after me. He has averaged a decent 36 and has a BE of -15. Not a bad pick up at 95k for those in need of a downgrading a back.&nbsp; And, with Power all but out of the finals race and Mark Williams love for young boys he might just play out the season.

Another two gamer is Alan Obst who has an average that bad, that he actually predicted to go down in price. Yes, you heard he is going to fall below his extra rookie price of 84k, wonder if thats ever happened before? I think thats the bloke that did hurt his lung in his debut game and only got 9 points but he only got a 21 on the weekend and he has got no excuse for that. In the end he might not be bad buy although you might have to wait a few more weeks until his price actually goes up. Or, Dean Never-Been-Laid-Ley could just play the good rookies like disco-biscuit SDT and giving first gamer Lachie Hansen another crack, who from all reports had an awesome game and picked up 58 points.

Downgrading a ruck? Didnt think so. But, for those who are, jump on Ben Renouf, this kid doesnt look to bad. Who is actually averaging more than Kreuzer. Not bad for 95k, and BE of -71.

We all heard about three debuants from St. Kilda. But other than the ruckmen Ben McEvoy (28 points), none are likely to hold there spot, but they might be worth looking at next...
In a Dream Team season plagued with backline problems it just doesnt seem to be getting any better. Lack of talent combined with injury after injury means you are more than likely to be not alone in having a backline with more holes than a soup strainer.

The only true premium back in Chad Cornes has been playing injured for some months and he decided to add a calf strain to his list of ailments this week. Combine that with his Power team mate Peter Burgoynes dodgy hammy and Beau 'I cant get a senior game' Waters completely stuffed elbow thanks to a pointless WAFL appearance.

Adding 'injury' to insult Jake King, Brad Symes and Daniel Bradshaw have been warming the pine for a few weeks whilst everyones answer to any forced DreamTeam trades, Andrew McLeod, decided that he would also take a holiday.

Given my own personal predicament with a few of the above players some major analysis and review of options is needed and this is what i personally think of the situation.

Its f**ked.

But beyond that pearl of wisdom you might like to consider this.

Cornes: Latest news is he isnt going under the knife so keep him unless his season is over, his potential talent and the saving of a trade should be too important.

Burgoyne: Keep him on your bench. He is listed as 2 weeks, one of which is the split round, so a chance to only miss one game.

Waters: Trade, no point holding $264k of nothingness on your bench.

King and Bradshaw: Listed as 'tests' this week so a chance to play. Definitely no point trading either of those two.

So what options do you have?

Well here is my personal opinion on some of the main backline players, placed in a vague order of preference:

Over $300,000

Heath Shaw: ($303,000). Simple, if you dont have him, get him. Cheap and beyond struggling with an opponent / tag (its a team sport Heath...!) he is capable of awesome scores, 8 94+ scores out of 13 isnt shabby.

Lindsay Gilbee ($308,000). If you have Shaw but not Gilbee once again...
Move over Craig Hutchison, here at TooSerious we pull all the big names and this week we have managed to the grab the hottest name in SuperCoach, TooSerious own Lucas coach of Champange Footy 3, yes, the team that banged on a massive score of 2745 and picked up the weekly number one ranking and the lazy grand, pushing him to 5th overall. We ask him all the tough questions.

<p class="EC_MsoNormal">[span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Tahoma,sans-serif;">BrayDog: With
5 trades left, are there any weakness is your team worth trading out? Tredrea?

<p class="EC_MsoNormal">[span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Tahoma,sans-serif;">Lucas: Clear
weaknesses exist. In
the defence, Ibbotson. And maybe coaching strategies (ferrets). In
midfielders, Stanton and maybe Nick Stevens. In
forwards, Tredrea. In
rucks, Fraser/Kreuzer gives me some headaches as does the hot/cold Dean Cox

<p class="EC_MsoNormal">[span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Tahoma,sans-serif;">I
think Tredrea has been awesome value this year though and he has done well
since the start of the year. Much
like Bradshaw who I traded out for Brown this year, it will be done with a
heavy heart and gratitude, but ruthlessness as well.

<p class="EC_MsoNormal">[span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Tahoma,sans-serif;">
It would make sense that your go to captain is Ablett, but who is ya most
popular vice captain?

<p class="EC_MsoNormal">[span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Tahoma,sans-serif;">Probably
COOOON dog. It was hilarious at the footy dressed in my Collingwood gear
yelling out COON louder and more often and before most Doggies fans knew their
hero had got the ball. I just was tallying the points up and when it was
Gilbee to Coon to H Shaw contested ball it was wonderful stuff. Shame we didn’t
see Heater run down and kick the winning goal. In my dreams?

<p class="EC_MsoNormal">[span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family:...
Untaggable, unstoppable and un-selectable as captain - Gary Ablett. Scored 160s in consecutive weeks and is without peer in Supercoach stats. If you have him, youd probably have stopped reading by now. For those that dont, or are feeling a little speculative - trying to get the upper hand on the rest of their leagues when (if) Gaz does drop off Ill run through some other options to think about.

Joel Bowden

Huh? The bloke who was so far out of favour at the start of the
season and was heavily traded away has stormed back into SuperCoach form.
Second highest individual score this season and a return (hopefully) to
that floating, strolling, free running, unaccountable half back flanker
will prove SuperCoach gold for the latter half of the season. 223 last week and
Carlton to come this week - and 85 earlier this year when these two met
and a disappointing average of just less than 65 would lead this blog
to conclude that Bowden probably isnt your best bet this week. IMO all
it takes is for Carlton to have to make Bowden accountable and refuse
to allow him to play in front of Fevola and the 3rd man up all game and
his score will suffer. Definitely a speculative choice this week.

Adam Cooney

Never disappoints. Doggies head up to Darwin to take on the Power.
112 last time these two teams met up there and an overall average
against the Power of just over 80 leads him into calculations this
week. In the SuperCoach form hes currently in - Cooney is my best bet as your
VC this week - especially if youre going for a C thats playing in the
2nd half of the Round.

Brent Harvey

TooSerious pick as trade-in of the round last week didnt
disappoint, with a big score lodged against the Hawks. Averages 100+
against their opponents - the Saints this week. I reckon Boomer is in
with a big show this week, the Saints midfield is slow and struggling
for form at the moment - a big free flowing game from the Roos could
break the shackles of the...
Ill make this very quick, this week. Sorry, but I will do my best to whip up something worth reading during the week to make it up to you. But, some teams have had big ups this week, others have had big downs. Been quite an interesting one, and worth looking into. Well, it must be interesting if Tippett can score tons.

Saint Nick
hits some form on the wing which he has struggled to find all year, while Pav was in for a big one until a negative 16 final term. Mitchell finally puts on a really big score, also my Best Buy Boomer, shows everyone why he was the bargain of the year. Is Joel Bowden back? That question will be asked heaps this week, as will is McLeod back? Luke Power had a weekend high 40 touches. The whole Geelong team (Chapstick and Guess Who? were stand-outs) got peoples scores back, while the only Eagles that you be happy with is Cox and Embley. Festival Hall and Kirk were some more high scores. Nick Stevens showed why he is a keeper. Gilbee and Shaw hit up some good scoring after both having a below average season. COONEY and Cross never let you down, either.

There were plenty this week: Buddy, Simmonds, Bock Choy, Brown, Bartel, Juddy, Didak, Aker, Chadwick, Peter Burgoyne, Deledio, Black, Nath Jones, Goodes, BJ and ROK. But, the only one we care about at TooSerious is Scott bloody-no-one-ever-tags-me Thompson. Grrr.
Ok, basically tell us how us how your team is going. I will update this with the good, the bad and ugly after every game.

I would imagine alot of peoples weekends would have been saved by captain Gablett, while those you went for Thompson, Buddy, Brown are shattered. Please tell me your having a bad weekend too.
This is a must read before hitting those C and T buttons.

1. Dont touch Brown as captain this week, even in Brisbane. He hates the crows averaging 64 in his last three. And, the Bock Choy is his likely opponent. I had that written down all week, then bloody Kevin Sheedy said it in todays Sun, I reckon he has read my notes.

2. The only rookie this week is Callan Ward get him for Palmer and that will bring you a nice chunk of greenbacks. Valenti missed out again.

3. Buddy has Banana Firitto who is actually leading the reserve-Coleman Medal with Brown, Mooney and Pav dominating on him in previous weeks. But, dont be fooled Kangaroos have double teamed in the past.

4. Buddy too big of a risk? I think so, definitely take the safer option of a midfielder - Ablett vs. West Coast and Goodes vs. Melbourne are the stand outs. Scott Thompson is in some fine nick and Brisbane hardly ever tag. Cooney is in the same boat, but might get Rhyce Shaw who kept Juddy quite.

5. Oh, god Nicky Dal has been told to Nick off, put him on the bench and give your rookie a run. Definitely dont trade.&nbsp;
First things first.

The Eliminator.

I got so amazingly lucky this week. 1954 - and made it though.

Mind you, the efforts of McIntosh, Shaw, Macdonald and my favorite, Captain Franklin, tried their darnest to sink me, while on the other side, we saw smashing efforts by Hille, Osborne and Murphy, I managed to squeek through by 50 odd points because he wore a Jake King donut in the backline.


Now, you may have seen me say - McIntosh. OUCH.

but what to do... Sadly, Im feeling that the answer to that is: Something crazy.

So heres the plan.

Im going to field Kruezer... and downgrade McIntosh.

However, there is method to this madness... my final upgrade that I really needed to do was Jack. (Yes, I still have Jack on the field! How am I in the eliminator?? :D)

By downgrading McIntosh (Ave: 70), and fielding Kruezer (Ave: 50), Ill be able to upgrade Jack (Ave: 62) to Gablett (Ave: 117).

This would net me an extra 35 points per week, but also sure up my Captain...

Yeah, crazy... like a FOX!

So, if youre in the Eliminator this week, give us a shout out! Theres only 1000 of us left!
Sorry guys, I wont have time to enter in the teams tonight.

It seems I have prior obligations with Paintball.

But you can all rest assured, that while youre cursing me out for not getting the teams up, Ill be getting pinged in the back at close range. and hopefully will have the bruises to prove it.

Cheers all, and Ill try my darnest to get the squads up first thing tomorrow morning.