For those who take it way too seriously

This week provides us with some key players coming back into their sides and there are some few outs also. Watson is back for tonights game against the eagles, Houli out with a groin injury. Murphys back from suspension for the dogs, while Bradshaw is a big out for the Lions who welcome back Drummond into their side. Can this spell danger for Joel Mc? Wells and Josh Smith are back for the roos while the crown and hawks welcome back Griffen and Dew. Brent Renouf will make his debut for the hawks and may be a good downgrade in the ruck position this week. Big Bad Barrys back for the swans and will look to throw some punches against the saints who also welcome back King, Gilbert and Harvey. Out goes L.Fisher and Armitage. In Sundays games Pendlebury, J.Selwood and S.Burgoyne are back with Scarlett and J.King both big outs for their teams.

[span class="Normal">ESSENDON v WEST COAST EAGLES


Andrew Welsh, Dustin Fletcher, Nathan Lovett-Murray
HB: Brent Stanton, Patrick Ryder, Mark McVeigh
C: Kyle Reimers, Adam McPhee, Andrew Lovett
HF: Angus Monfries, Scott Lucas, David Myers
F: Jobe Watson, Matthew Lloyd, Jay Neagle
Foll: David Hille, Henry Slattery, Sam Lonergan
I/C: Adam Ramanauskas, Jay Nash, Leroy Jetta, Jason Laycock
EMG: Jarrod Atkinson, Ricky Dyson, Mal Michael

In: Laycock, Neagle, Ramanauskas, Watson
Out: Tom Bellchambers, Bachar Houli (groin), Tayte Pears (foot), Jason Winderlich (back)

West Coast Eagles

Beau Wilkes, Darren Glass, Mark Nicoski

Adam Selwood, Adam Hunter, Brett Jones
C: Andrew Embley, Daniel Kerr, Tim Houlihan
HF: Brad Ebert, Brent Staker, Sam Butler
F: David Wirrpanda, Quinten Lynch, Mark LeCras
Foll: Dean Cox, Matt Priddis, Chris...
Oh, dont hit that C or T button just yet. Just a quick run down of what to do before making those changes.

1. Dennis Armfield and Gav might be the last two decent rookies all year - depending on Valenti getting a game - if you need any money. BUY NOW, they cant stay at this price any longer.
2. Scott Thompson loves playing Hawks (touches wise) with 34 disposables of the prune last time. Although, that only got him 87 points. Surely, he wont be that ineffiecentive this time round.
3. Buddy might be a Buddy bad pick for captain this week. Only getting 30 last time the Crows faced off with the Hawks. Who trusts him yet, anyway? Speaking of which, Big Cox also hates Dons. He just doesnt go well agaisnt them. Be careful.
4. Possible bargains this week include Jimmy Bartel, Andy McLeod and Paul Chapman. And, I better mention Danny Kerr to keep old Greg happy.
5. The Roos are struggling with big forwards lately with the Twin Towers getting 6 each agaisnt them and MOOOONEY snagging 7. Pav might be good choice for captain. But he does only average 90 against them the last 3 times.
Woof, woof. The dog has got some ripping buys this week, cheap backs are left, right and centre at the moment. There is finally a good buy in the midfield but there are reports going around that niggling injury is slowing him down. And, a couple of forwards. Lets go.

Andrew McLeod

Peaked: 566k. Now: 362k. BE: 82.
Ok, this is a massive risk. But, thats what SuperCoach is all about taking a risk and hoping it pays off. His form has been shocking low with 68, 44, 39, 69, 68. And, your probably asking: Why would I buy someone that has averaged 58 over the last 5 weeks. Well, in the first 6 rounds he had an average of 110 so we know he can score big and price is too good to ignore and like all the bargains he will stay bottomed out for a couple of weeks unless he scores a 300 or something.

Getting abit lazy this week and cant be typing out all that for each Best Buy this week, so we just go through them all breifly. Firstly, Bartel has an average of 111 but some below average scoring has pushed his price down to 516k, still got a BE of 118 so your got a couple of weeks to get on board. Last chance for Gilbee this week who is about to shoot up in price (Now: 440k) with a BE of 6. BJ has decided he is going to fall a little more (BE: 101) after just a 65, but he starting to get alot more of the ball. So, jump on him as soon, or as late as you want. Chappy wanted to give everyone a couple more weeks to buy him with just an 86, and will Break Even at 85 this week and he is still just under 500k. Milburn at 460k is still asking people to buy him, but he is about to shoot with BE of 67. Get in soon. Stanton is cheap at the moment, and is about to rise cause he finally got a score of 100. But, dont buy him.

Shaw thing is still bloody falling (BE: 157). Brad Ottens could be a good swap for Simmonds who will drop 72k this week...
With half the year already over and with many Supercoachers either nearly out of trades or have trades to burn, these coming weeks are very important weeks to start making your move in your league and in the overall rankings. Supercoachers across the whole competition are now looking for the little extra edge over everyone else for those league wins and if your lucky that end $25,000. So i have decided to write up about those players that are currently running hot and those players that are currently out of form. But apart from from the obvious stars like Ablett and Franklin i have decided to go with players that have been playing well above or below their average lately.

[span style="font-size: 1.2em;">Whos Hot
[span style="font-size: 0.8em;">1. Scott Thompson (Ade)
Average in the last 3 weeks: 138.6
Average before that: 100.25
Overall Average: 110.73
has taken his game to a new level over the last 3 weeks. Even though he
was averaging a very respectable 100.25 in his first 8 weeks, his last
3 have been outstanding. With scores of 135, 134 and 147 in the past 3
weeks it has highlighted not only his scoring skills but also his
consistency. Currently priced $568,100 i believe he would be a great
addition to any side.

2. Jonathan Brown (Bris)
Average in the last 4 weeks: 136
Average before that: 81
Overall Average: 103
big powerhouse forward from Brisbane has showed in the last 4 weeks why
many regard him as the best Centre Half Forward in the competition.
With scores of 131, 132, 165 and 116 since coming back from his week
off through injury he has shown why he should be in every Supercoach
side. He is also climbing back to his staring price of $597,000, he is
currently at $565,400.

3. Jason Akermanis (WB)
Average in the last 4 weeks: 123

Average before that: 86

Overall Average:99.45
former Brownlow medalist has been showing us that form recently that
got him the medal. Playing as a...
Oh, can you believe it we are already half way through the year? Thats only 11 rounds to go. Most of your teams should be just about set, with only 2-3 more upgrades to go. And, get those 6-8 trades ready for finals time. But, I have been writing these blogs for weeks now but I have never had a chance to show you my team. So, first of all I will get my team a bit of a review then I will hand over the baton and you give it a shot.

[span style="font-size: 1.2em;">[span style="font-size: 1.4em;">BrayDogs Catters.[span style="font-size: 0.6em;">
[span style="font-size: 0.8em;">Total Score:&nbsp;
[span style="font-size: 0.8em;">23,510[span style="font-size: 0.8em;">
National Ranking:
Trades left:
Bank Balance:


While everyone was struggling with injuries to their backmen including (Kennelly, Cornes and Symes) mine have been cruising all year. Although some have dropped off a bit lately including Brett Jones, Nathan Bock and Grant Birchall. Jonesy was never going to be in my team all year but so far he has picked up an average of 83, which aint too bad. Most likely be traded for Gilbee this week (cause I was waiting for Cornes, but I wont risk it now). Bocky had been bloody awesome for me up until 3 weeks ago, now he hasnt cracked the ton in the last 3 weeks, averaging just 71. And, has been one of the reason my NR has slipped from 64th. Hopefully he will be back up to that average of 105 soon. Church has always been the 90s king, knocking a score up in the 90s five times this year, and only two 100s. But, still have a healthy average of 87. Since Ive traded in Heath Shaw he has averaged just 68, so dont even start me on that, but mind you I did get rid of that hack in Nicoksi for him. Sam Fisher, Marty Mattner and The Stiff Johncock have been three very handy performers for me all year.... there any point of this blog this week?? I doubt it. If you have Ablett &amp; Franklin - one of them as captain and you cant go wrong. If you only have one of the two, your choice is made for you. If you have neither - cash in a cow and get one, because it doesnt look like their form is going to drop off anytime soon or their prices decrease.

Having said all that - exlcuding Franklin or Ablett - Ill run through a quick list of your other options, and offer a few thoughts as to why Franklin or Ablett may not be the best selections this week.

Dean Cox

Eagles playing the Dons this week and a chance at being a bit of a
smoky. Struggled against the Dons last year with scores of 76 and 67
and may be too big a risk this week with the two guns in such good
form. Look elsewhere for your captain, this blogger says!

Adam Cooney

Dogs back at the G this week to play the in form Lions and Cooney
coming off a somewhat disappointing 82 last week. Scored 125 last year
against the Lions but the Bulldogs have only played once at the G this
year, and the Dogs have had mixed results at the G over the years so
that may be a bit of a factor. Definitely worth a look if you dont
have the big two.

Adam Goodes

The luckiest man in football these days scored a big 153 last week
despite the Eagles going for him at every opportunity...apparently.
Against the Saints he should be a big chance for a similar score - but
scored 49 when these two met in Round 1 this year. Having said that he
scored over 100 in a 3 Brownlow vote performance last year so make of
that what you will. In the form he is in (I think he has 7 consecutive
100+ games) I dont think hes that much of a risk to put in as captain
this week.

Jono Brown

Top form, and playing the Doggies who may be without full back Brian
Lake. A respectable 116 last week but has turned the corner in form and
with Bradshaw out it may bring him back into 2007 scoring form. Got a
71 in...
Ok, two new features. One big. One small.

Ill start with the small one, cause yanno, it goes out to everyone. ;)

Multi-positional players now have an Asterix * next to their position, to indicate to you, that they can also be selected in another position. Its nothing fancy, and wont tell you exactly where the other position is (but hey, you got a 1 in 3 chance of guessing...), but it will do the trick for you in a pinch.

The next addition is for the Premium Dream Team tab - This is a subscriber only feature.

Now, first of all, you will find a bunch of fields under your account tab. These are yours to rename.

Once you have done this, youll find that when selecting a player, instead of having the options of Squad, Bench and Watch - Youll have the option to allocate players to teams.

Enabling you to keep track of your players, but also letting you see who out of the player-pool isnt selected.

Very. Handy. Stuff.

Theres more uses for it, but Ill let you figure that out yourself... ;)

And now that this is in, I can finally get started on my gameday pages... Which if it works as i imagine, should be very nice.
I gotta make it quick this week, busy with alot of other stuff. There is a couple of good backs, but other than that I wouldnt downgrade this week. Unless Valenti gets picked.

The two back men Im talking about are Dennis Armfield and Gavin Urquhart (lets call him Gav). But, they both have knock up an average of about 75 in there first two games. Gav has a BE of -101, while Armfields is -90. They both look very handy players. If your still got Taylor - downgrade now. Also, watch for Selwood, Spanger, Hinkley and the big V to get a game.

We also had some debutants on the weekend being the The Hawk in James Hawksley from Brisbane, the school boy from the Dogs Callan Ward and the roo Ben Davis. None of them stood out only collecting 117 between all three.
A flippin DISASTER!

This week the Viking Quest were a rabble, the only saving grace was the little man Gary, who as a captain, scored a magnificent 380 points! Despite his heroics, the team this week unfortunately slid 200 odd places in overall rankings after having climbed the rankings steadily for the last month.


[span style="color: #ff6600;">The V.Q. TEAM BLOG! - ROUND 12

[span style="color: #ff6600;"><img border="0" src="" title="I_hate_fevola" alt="I_hate_fevola" />

Team: Viking Quest
Round 11 Score: 2,121
Overall SuperCoach Ranking: 1,128
Cash stashed $46,700
Trades left: 10

Rd 11 Scores:&nbsp; H. Shaw (78), Mattner (64), Roughead
(83), Gilbee (126), C. Cornes (66), Goddard (92), Ibbotson (77), Myers
(69), Proud (0)

This week Gilbee showed that when not shadowed by a tagger he
can dominate. His long accurate kicking was a real feature of his game
has he was the best VQ defenders with 126. Theres nothing more
pleasing then seeing your player quickly kick-to-self to play on after
a behind has been scored and Gilbee was making VQ proud with this practice on the weekend. As most would be aware direct kick-ins dont count as a stat. Chads
form on the weekend was a bit of a concern. Whats more of a concern is
this apparent knee cartilage injury hes been carrying for the past
three years. Should Port decide to reset early for 2009, Chad
could be one of those to go under the knife, much like the Kangaroos
did with several key players late in 2006. The worst case scenario is
he continues to play and score poorly, reducing further his value
because right now McLeod (despite his recent form) + $90k is
looking rather appetizing. My intuition tells me hell play out the
season and its a media beat-up. If it...
This guy looks to be the goods. The big question though, Will he manage to break into the Geelong Snr. side next year?

I could see him going as a high-1st round draft pick, but instead, the 17 year old Midfield/small forward, signed up for the Geelong Scholarship Scheme.

If hes named next year in the forward line, hes going to be a must pick in the forward line. Even if he isnt named in round one (Ala Palmer this year...)

Actually, no, must is a little strong, but well see which way the winds are blowing next year...

(And an overview of the weekends under 18s over the break.

NSW/ACT RAMS&nbsp; &nbsp; 3.1&nbsp; 3.1 9.5&nbsp; &nbsp;11.6&nbsp; (72)
Vic Country&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; 2.3&nbsp; 7.4 8.6&nbsp; &nbsp;10.7&nbsp; (67)

NSW/ACT RAMS – Foster 3, Breust 2, Frail 2, Reed, Kirkwood, Ediriwickrama
Vic Country – Butcher 4, Rockliff 2, McKenzie 2, Ziebell, Stevens

NSW/ACT RAMS – Ediriwickrama, Duryea, Frail, Klemke, Clisby, Reed
Vic Country – Butcher, Sheahan, Hooper, Ziebell, Sidebottom

Western Australia 5.2&nbsp; &nbsp;6.4&nbsp; &nbsp;11.9&nbsp; &nbsp;15.12 (102)
South Australia&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; 1.3&nbsp; &nbsp;3.7&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; 4.9&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; 4.13&nbsp; &nbsp;(37)

Western Australia: Olds 4, Yarran 2, Bennell, Naitanui, Daly, Pearce, Jetta, Marsh, Warner, Hill, Ross
South Australia: Hartlett, Mardling, Cahill, Redden

Western Australia: Hill, Pearce, Laurie, Jetta, Naitanui
South Australia: Johnston, Schoenmakers, Cahill, O’Keefe

Tasmania 1.7 (13) def by Vic Metro 12.8 (80)

Tasmania: Mihocek
Vic Metro: Lynch 4, Purves 3, Watts 2, Joyce, Gilchrist, Stanton

Tasmania: Robinson, Salter, Crichton, Davies, Hislop, Milverton, Allwright
Vic Metro: Lynch, Banner, Shuey, Sloane, Hurley, Strauss