For those who take it way too seriously

the bossman @walesy is awol so here are this week's teams


Adelaide Crows v Sydney Swans
Friday August 18 at the Adelaide Oval (7.50pm)

B: L.Brown, D.Talia, J.Lever
HB: J.Kelly, A.Keath, R.Laird
C: D.Mackay, R.Sloane, B.Smith
HF: C.Cameron, T.Walker, R.Knight
F: T.Lynch, J.Jenkins, E.Betts
FOL: S.Jacobs, B.Crouch, M.Crouch
I/C: H.Greenwood, R.Atkins, R.Douglas, M.McGovern
EMG: P.Seedsman, K.Cheney, W.Milera


B: D.Rampe, H.Grundy, N.Smith
HB: Z.Jones, L.Melican, J.McVeigh
C: J.Lloyd, J.Kennedy, I.Heeney
HF: G.Hewett, L.Franklin, G.Rohan
F: D.Towers, K.Tippett, S.Reid
FOL: C.Sinclair, L.Parker, D.Hannebery
I/C: W.Hayward, K.Jack, C.Mills, T.Papley
EMG: A.Aliir, J.Dawson, N.Newman

IN: J.Kennedy
OUT: N.Newman

Western Bulldogs v Port Adelaide
Saturday August 19 at the Mars Stadium (1.45pm)

B: S.Biggs, Z.Cordy, D.Morris
HB: R.Murphy, L.Young, M.Suckling
C: L.Hunter, M.Bontempelli, B.Dale
HF: J.Johannisen, J.Stringer, L.Picken
F: L.Dahlhaus, T.Cloke, T.Dickson
FOL: J.Roughead, T.Liberatore, J.Macrae
I/C: T.McLean, J.Dunkley, B.Williams, C.Daniel
EMG: M.Wallis, F.Roberts, M.Honeychurch

IN: D.Morris, J.Johannisen
OUT: M.Wallis, J.Redpath

B: R.Bonner, T.Clurey, D.Houston
HB: D.Byrne-Jones, T.Jonas, H.Hartlett
C: J.Westhoff, O.Wines, J.Polec
HF: S.Gray, T.Marshall, R.Gray
F: A.Johnson, C.Dixon, C.Wingard
FOL: P.Ryder, B.Ebert, T.Boak
I/C: J.Neade, S.Powell-Pepper, K.Amon, D.Howard
EMG: J.Trengove, M.White, J.Impey

IN: S.Powell-Pepper, R.Bonner, T.Marshall
OUT: J.Pittard, B.Ah Chee, J.Impey

Collingwood v Geelong Cats
Saturday August 19 at the MCG (2.10pm)

B: B.Maynard, L.Dunn, M.Scharenberg
HB: J.Howe, T.Langdon, J.Crisp
C: S.Sidebottom, T.Adams, T.Broomhead
HF: J.Daicos, D.Moore, C.Brown
F: J.Elliott, B.Reid, J.Blair
FOL: M.Cox, J.Aish, A.Treloar
I/C: T.Phillips, J.Thomas, W.Hoskin-Elliott, J.Smith
EMG: L.Keeffe, K.Kirby, J.Ramsay

Courtesy of @Bandit :)

Ahhhh the first week of ORFFA finals, and the lesser known, but just as highly coveted, Zac ‘Get Stuffed’ Dawson Cup. After Andy’s stunning announcement of Krispy Kreme being the Nuffers main sponsor for the 2018 season, half of the Association decided to have a donut fest, forcing some of the elite of the previous years to draw curtains on their season. Elsewhere some of the more fancied prospects took care of business, and the guys and girls in the bottom half of the ladder had to decide if they front up or go on the end of season trip whilst the powder is still good up at Mt. Hotham.

In the big dance, the home sides all emerged victorious:

Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles 1365 vs Iron Knob Codpieces 1188

These two teams were given every chance according to the ORFFA’s official bookmaker ChiefBet at the start of the year, but this match was obly ever going to fall one way. @jimbowan was without Gazza, and Koby Stevens (17) was seeing triple after tripping over a misplaced codpiece in the warm up, and taking a heavy knock. Ironically, Jim’s Achilles heel in the ruck was a highlight this week, with Vardy finally getting on the team bus to post a respectable 105. @graeme team fared much better than his beloved Chelsea… with a five tons and five 90+ scores ensuring the lads from Iron Knob were put to the sword. The three Jack’s in the Knob’s forward line were disappointing.

Venus Bay Vultures 1534 vs Gariwerd Cockatoos 1360

As @Fitzy sat back in the Parc Le Grange, taking in the wonderful vista of Mont Blanc, his Vultures were putting the smack down on @anthak ’s cockies. With more hits than Geneva’s own DJ Bobo, the crew of Pittard (111), Beams (138), Parker (126), Kreuzer (133) and Martin (129) were impressive, but it was left to Buddy (169) to bust out the real dance moves and finish off Ant’s season with authority. The only...
Well, it appears that I'm some kind of seer now.

The bad news though, is that I'm on a bye this week, so I didn't trade diddly in.

And honestly, with the Prelim on next week, I'm a little scared to do it again now. :D

How good has Fyfe gone of late? That guy has been killing it since everyone traded him out!

Anyways, how have you all gone? Still in the hunt for the silverware?
Courtesy of Lenny120

Larrikin Lagoon (857) def by Mount Beauty (1127)

This was a routine win for the Uglies to round out the season, with not much at stake for both teams. Gawn (160) produced what the Uglies became so familiar with last season, whilst Dusty (119) has simply had an incredible season. For the Lefties, it has been a memorable premiership defense for all the wrong reasons, who failed to notch up a win for the season. On a brighter side they will have the first selection in the 2018 PSD in a bid to bolster their squad for the future.

Charlies Opening (1236) def Birdsville (1092)

In another match with little at stake for both sides, the Spelunkers managed to round out the year with a win. Bonty (127) and Savage (115) led a consistent overall team effort. The Battlers were dominated in the rucks with their ruckman turning up to the wrong ground. However, they will be excited by the very good form of youngster Luke Ryan (116) going into 2018.

Venus Bay (1223) def by Waikikamoocow (1563)

Rumor has it Fitzy has decided to take a lengthy overseas holiday to escape the stresses of a possible first premiership. Without a coach to prepare the side, the Vultures tried their best but were dismantled by a dominant Waikikamoocow, who are looking very ominous going into finals. Brad Crouch (149) showed his capabilities, while Fyfe (140) is back to his best. Can the Incorrigibles continue their blistering form to win the flag, or will the Vultures produce a miracle without a coach?

Nunawading (731) def by Cradle Mountain (1298)

Cradle Mountain head into the finals on the back of an easy victory over an injury-plagued Nuffers. Steele (137) produced his best for the year in a confidence boosting win heading into September (August). The Nuffers had a combination of injuries (Easton Wood – 10) and poor performances (Powell-Pepper – 17) in a disappointing finish to the season for them.

Gundagai (1321) def Wagga Wagga (1000)

Now, I'm not sure about the rest of you all, but I've got a bye this week- So I'm not even gunna look at the teams. :p

Ok, maybe I will :D

Get in their Dunks!!

Teams over the break
So, I brought in Rory in time for his 36 and Franklin in time for his 42.

Tune in next week to find out which pick you should be avoiding!

On the plus side though, Captain Fyfe was enough to get me through to the Prelims in my cash league. Oh sweet sweet bye. :D

How'd you all go?
Danger, JPK, Cameron and Witts out
Gablett, Priddis, Deledio and Goldy in

It's like the new guard is making way for the old guard. (shut up, JPK counts.)

Teams over the break

1950. What a shocker of a round!!

Sloane, Rocky, Shaw stinking it up, Franklin, Cameron, Sloane stinking it up

Selwood, Dahlhaus, SLOANE stinking it up!

What a stinker of a week!
Round 15 review...
There were moments of pure fantasy poetry, and then there were the Trump moments.
(Apologies for the brevity and the delay!)

Lefties vs Vultures (641 1443)
Lefties in full tank mode, (Herman not Sherman) provided a carcass the already fattened Vultures really didn't need.
Lefties were incredibly crap on all lines, Ross's 99 the high score in a sublime performance of emotive excrement.
Fitzy's lot did what they have done all year and dined on the aforementioned carcass. 7 (SEVEN!!!) centurions made the squad more like a Roman army than an FA team.

Spelunkers vs Dirigibles (1260 1111)
Also in full tank mode bandit has opened an enquiry as to how he ended up with 5 tons, assistant coaches scurrying for cover like cockroaches off a cadaver.
In a remarkable performance Ben Brown was the single blimp to look like a footballer, the rest are undergoing post-traumatic stress treatment.

Misfits vs Codpieces (1383 vs 1196)
Despite a humiliating loss in the nursery league, the AFL, the Misfits orange brigade combined for 623 points at an average of 104 ensuring a comfortable home win for Marble Bar.
For the Cods, Ablett sent a note from his parents, Vardy sent a FU from his heart and Murdoch was counselled for repeated use of #WTF. De Goey was a lone soldier for Iron Knob, something of a "hire me" display for the Misfits some cheekier fans have noted.

Cockatoos vs Chickens (1336 1283)
Hurn 139, Danger 142, Crouch, 134, Wallis 124, Selwood 127. Good scores were certainly easy to find, but the cockies were more consistent across the park whist the chooks are looking wistfully at their list of not availables and wondering which underperformers are to be put to the sword.
Gariwerd becoming a team to avoid during the finals whilst a "legged" chook outfit are starting to look like Vulture bait.

Wombats vs Warriors (1105 1196)
Oliver, Picken & Sicilly vs JJ Boak & Douglas!!!
Not exactly a game for the ages this,...
A suprisingly easy week at the selection table.

Hope it hasn't kicked anyone too hard.

Changes over the break