For those who take it way too seriously

Oh, we still have one more day to go. But, Im sure this weekend will be remember for the Buddy and Gablett shows. Oh, and Nick Stevens 107 in the final term. Cox, Riewoldt and Birchall have been some big let downs so far. While BJs efficentcy lets him down yet again and Gilbees helps him out yet again. More information on all the ups and downs tomorrow.  Hows your team going?
Just before you make any trades and captain selections read this...

1. A downgrade is a must this week. If downgrading a back go for Wilkes, if downgrading a midfielder (which I dont think anyone would) go for JPK, and if a forward go for Jarryd Morton.
2. Also, an upgrade is also on the cards this week. Gilbee looks good down back. Roo, BJ and Chapman are all cheap down forward and in the midfielder it could be any one of 20 players.
3. Brown looks like the pick for captain this week. But, Im worried about his knee. Cox and Cross are always safe bets.
4. What to do with Waters and Burton?  If you got 10+ trades then trade. Less than 10, dont. Simple as that.

Two big ins for Geelong, Chapman and Mooney are surely to please Supercoach fans this week. For those that have N.Thompson and Hawkins this may the week to trade them out, both are out this week, SDT returns. Johnson is out also for the Tigers due to injury. The suspensions of Burton, R.Murphy and Waters hurt supercoachers throughout the country. One gun out (Sewell) and one gun in (Hodge) for the hawks, Morton and Kennedy keep their spots. 7 changes for the WCE this including Hunter and Masten in, McKinley dropped. Cassisi, Bell and Waite back for their respective teams. Plenty of oportunities to downgrade injured, dropped or 'Peaked' player this week to a number of 'cheap' players that are named for there sides this week.

Tip of the week - must downgrade Tippett if you still have him on your bench (BE 113) and will only go down from now on, to J.Morton[span class="Normal">

[span class="Normal"><p class="MsoNormal" style="line-height: normal;">NORTH MELBOURNE v GEELONG
North Melbourne

Daniel Pratt, Josh Gibson, Scott Thompson
HB: Gavin Urquhart, Michael Firrito, Ben Davies
C: Matt Riggio, Adam Simpson, Brady Rawlings
HF: Brent Harvey, Drew Petrie, Scott McMahon
F: Matt Campbell, David Hale, Lindsay Thomas
Foll: Hamish McIntosh, Daniel Harris, Ed Lower
I/C: Sam Power, Shannon Grant, Leigh Brown, Leigh Harding
EMG: Ben Ross, Shannon Watt, Josh Smith

<p class="MsoNormal" style="line-height: normal;">In: Davies, Thompson, Brown
Out: Nathan Thompson (knee), Corey Jones (ankle), Shannon Watt
New: Ben Davies (Williamstown/Collingwood)

<p class="MsoNormal" style="line-height: normal;">Geelong

Tom Harley, Matthew Scarlett, Andrew Mackie
HB: Darren Milburn, Max Rooke, Corey Enright
C: Joel...
(As exerted from the AFL site)

They were among Western Australias best, along with lively small forward Michael Walters, John Bennell and Clint Gartlett. They kicked nine goals between them and complimented the work of midfielder Kane Lucas. His ball-winning ability and usage was exceptional.

And we all know how small forwards go ;)

The athletic potential and promise of Nick Naitanui was again a feature. He laid a game-high seven tackles and had 20 hit-outs, as he continues to learn the rucking craft.

For NSW/ACT, Ranga Ediriwickrama was prolific. He gained 25 disposals and was one of his sides best. His clean hands and quickness around the ground was a feature.

Rams midfielder Jeremy Kirkwood also displayed a disciplined game, curtailing the exciting Daniel Rich.

Western Australia: Daly 5, Bennell 4, Walters 3, Garlett 2, Marsh
NSW/ACT: Kirkwood, McNeil, Ruffles, Sleeth

Western Australia: Walters, DeBoer, Lucas, Hill, Daly, Bennell, Pearce, Mather, Warner
NSW/ACT: Clisby, Ediriwickrama, Klemke, Fenaroli, Bryce, Gumley, McNeil, Frail, Kirkwood


South Australia had winners in North Adelaide trio - Rhys OKeeffe, Dale Armstrong and Lewis Johnston (four goals).

For Tassie, Mitch Robison and Jesse Crichton were prominent with their pace through the midfield.

(And just to keep it in one place)

County VIC vs Metro VIC

Metros Jack Watts contested mark, 45 metres out from goal, with 15 seconds remaining resulted in an accurate major under pressure, topping off an impressive game from the 194cm tall forward. He finished with four goals.

Vic Countrys left-footed midfielders Nick Suban and Nic Heyne were both outstanding contributors for their side. Heyne took a spectacular one-handed mark in the goalsquare, which was a magic moment.

now, to keep a watch on future games...
The fixture is:
NSW/ACT v Vic Country, Saturday June 7, 12.30pm, Henson Park
South Australia v Western Australia, Sunday June 8, 12.35pm, AAMI...
Hey all Im Jacob but please just call me sizza. Ive been given the chance to be a trial blogger, and must i say what a great opportunity this is. I really enjoy fantasy football and love this site. This year Im just in the Supercoach competition but Im still interested in the Dream Team. Feel free to drop me a comment about whatever and whenever you want. I look forward to supplying this site with hopefully very informative and enjoyable read.
Cheers&nbsp; &nbsp;
Gday guys,

If ya reading this leave some love, we love it. Come on, guys. If I dont get atleast get 10 comments in this blog alone (praise us, bag us, talk shit - we love it all the same) I will never do another Dogs Best Buys, come on, surely that helps you with ya weekly trades? Surely. I know ya all reading this cause I can see we are getting hits, but wheres the love? Like the great Walesy once said we get paid in comments. Lift ya game.

Oh, and I might as well welcome three new bloggers to the team - Frank, Ethan and Jake. Welcome boys. Hopefully you get more love than me. Haha.

<p class="MsoNormal">The name is VQ and with Bray-dogs endorsement, I hope to be providing you all with a weekly blog about my Supercoach team. But wait... hold on... its not all about me venting my frustrations publically! Im hoping itll be an opportunity for people get some insight into the players in my team and the decision-making processes I agonize over weekly. Ranking, Scores, Form and all. Its discussed here.

To Infinity and Beyond!


<p class="MsoNormal">---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

<p class="MsoNormal">[span style="color: #6600ff;">&nbsp;[span style="color: #ff6600;">The VQ TEAM BLOG! - ROUND 11

<img border="0" src="" title="Drama_2" alt="Drama_2" />

Team: Viking Quest
Round 10 Score: 2234
Overall SuperCoach Ranking: 923
Cash stashed $241,500
Trades left: 11


Rd 10 Scores:&nbsp; H. Shaw (31), Mattner (129), Roughead (88), Gilbee
(135), C. Cornes (57), Goddard (147), Ibbotson (71), Myers (66), Proud

This week saw the advent of a number of VQ (Viking Quest) players
finally repay the faith shown in them by their coach. This was the week
where undoubted quality such as Gilbee and Goddard
finally showed some form. Whats more important is that both players
games were recognised by Champion Data with rankings of 135 and 147

My advice is if you need a quality defender who is under the odds, then you cant go past either of these two. In particular Goddard, who amassed 28 possessions at a whopping efficiency of 98%. Goddard is elite for efficiency, and has been for a number of years now (90% in 2007 for the 7 games before injury). Gilbee was great on the weekend but has been the subject of recent tags (and may get Birss on him this week) and like Heater Shaw (31) and Johnscock (48) has...
Well its time to sell those rookies with most starting to peak. Given most people have a combination of Wonaeamirri, Hill, Jack, Morton, Bird, Tippett, Rioli and Gamble there is plenty of dollars to be made.

But who should you upgrade to? Buying the most expensive player you can afford isn’t necessarily the best option and just like selling at the right price, you should make sure you try and buy at the right price.

So, focusing on price, here are my “Gun”, “Mr. Consistency” and “roughie” selections across the backline, midfield and forward line.


Andrew Mackie: $382,200. Expensive but a gun, and no
one has him (only 4,557 owners!!). 60pts round 1 and got injured then
73 &amp; 76 coming back from injury in rounds 5 and 6. Since then =
137, 97, 86 and 102. That’s an average of 105.5 over the past month!

Mr. Consistency:
Nathan Bock: $341,700. Consistency and
backline don’t really go together and Bock isn’t super consistent but
with an average of 86.80 and low of 60 he’s not a bad pick at a good
price. Birchall is another option but doesn’t seem to have the ability
to 100+ like Bocky.

Andrew McLeod: $251,400. With a name like McLeod
it’s a rare “roughie” but with a price like $250k it’s hard to ignore.
Maybe wait a week or two and make sure there isn’t some underlying
injury causing his recent bad scores (first 7 weeks he averaged 82.14,
last 3 weeks he has averaged 38.66), but at this rate you could
“downgrade” Wonaeamirri to McLeod!?!?


Jimmy “don’t call me James” Bartel: $417,100. Is a DT
star and about as cheap as he will get. Averaging 106.3 and down
$79,700 in price! Get on him. Tackles, kicks goals, takes marks, and
has a bloke named Ablett grabbing the attention next to him.

Mr. Consistency:
Simon Black: $396,800. Black’s middle
name is consistency. Average of 99.22 with a low of 83 and a high of...
Wooah, its going to be a big week in trading and if you dont make 2 trades this weekend - you are crazy. There are cheap rookies that are about to shoot like fireworks and we have got some ripping buys this week. Even bargain basement is charging more than the SuperCoach shop. As Darrell Eastlake would say 'Its HHHUUUUUGGGGGGEEEE!'

[span style="font-size: 1.4em;">BARGAIN OF THE WEEK
[span style="font-size: 0.8em;">Lindsey Gilbee
[span style="font-size: 0.6em;">Peaked: 579k. Now: 409k. BE: 51.
As we all know this bloke is a SuperCoach legend, from the top of my head his efficiency was above 95% on the weekend. He is unbelievable at hitting the target. But, he has had little ferrets following him around this year and it is hurting his scores only averaging 87. But, he wont continue that forever he is apart of the in form team of the competition and got a yummy 135 points last week. Seriously, if you got any mid priced backmen left, go for the bee. Watch out for Birss though he has lockedout Shaw and McLeod well in the past. Fact of interest: He has the 3rd current biggest fall in price since the start of the year.
[span style="font-size: 1.4em;">
BEST BUYS[span style="font-size: 0.8em;">
Paul Chapman

[span style="font-size: 0.6em;">Peaked: 613k. Now: 487k. BE: 56.
Alot of teams need this boy back, with forwards dropping like flies. Get on him, if named. Read the last couple of weeks for more information. Plus, he plays Friday so, you can wait all the way up to the late changes to see if he drops out.

Nick Riewoldt

[span style="font-size: 0.6em;">Peaked: 612k. Now: 456k. BE: 64.
The Roo, this bloke is just playing in a team that isnt getting the ball to him as easy as they have in the past. He played Melbourne last week - therefore a massive score. Cause even Kurt Tippett could score 100+ against them the way theyre traveling. Speaking of Kurtos might be a decent...
Its back for another week, and its prefect time to downgarde with good solid options in the backline, the midfield and up forward. I will do it the same format as last week and hopefully we dont have anyone bail on us like Valenti last week. Dont forget to check out this weeks THE DOGS BEST BUYS to work out what you are going to do with those bobs.


1. Beau Wilkes -WCE
Price: 84k. BE: -131 Postion: DEF
This blokes looking sensational at rookie price and scoring elite scores (by McLeods standards anyway). But, that is the problem he is off the rookie list and I have no idea how long he wil be there. But, with the other Beau in Waters out for the next two weeks, I can see him getting a game til atleast he comes back. I would still be careful selecting him cause as a 8th back, cause he likely to get dropped at some stage. I think your well aware of whos peak and shizbang so I wont bother going through those. But, Im definitely trading out Taylor for the big guy.

2. Stane Valenti - MEL
Price: 84k. BE: -84. Postion: FWD
Hes up here again after getting dropped last week. But, I actually want him to stay out for another week cause with Burton out its forced me to trade and I think I prefer Beau over Shaneo. Enough about me, he will get a game this week at the expense of Robbo. So, jump on him if he is going to be your 9th forward.

3. Jarryd Morton - HAW
Price: 95k. BE: -85 Postion: FWD
This bloke is a senstional player and I know alot have been waiting for his debut. And, he has delivered with 61 and 80 points. Although his 80-point preformance on the weekend was alot better than an 80-point preformance - he was tearing it up. Probably going to get higher scores than the Val but I dont think he will be in the team as long. Its a tough one to split but I would go with Valenti by a bees dick.

4. Josh P. Kennedy - HAW