For those who take it way too seriously

Review written by @Bandit
Short review this week folks as I am in the middle of moving house! It’s amazing how much crap one accumulates over 10 years in one spot.

Wagga Wagga Wombats 1031 defeated by Nareewillock Nuffers 1107

Nuffers notch a win, even thought their defence was poor , but JPK (103), NicNat (115), Lazarus Dixon (115) and Grigg (101) did enough to get them over the line. Lenny’s Wombats didn’t offer a lot… with one red nut going bananas (Oliver 154) but another ranga (Richards) being shit with a 59.

Birdsville Battlers 1316 defeat Darraweit Guim Dirigibles 1227

4th vs 3rd… and the Birdsville lads come out with the chocolates. 7 tonnes including a massive 130 from Hipwood (Outta nowhere Vince McMahon style) get them home comfortably. Darraweit’s ruck woes continue, but a nice return to form for Aliir and Cogs, Walters, Gunston and Edwards all doing their part. If one of the Geelong rucks players Chris goes awfully close to a win. Things need to change if the Blimps are going to worry anyone come finals time though.

Cradle Mountain Devils 1417 defeat Foul Bay Chickens 1350

@dmandrews needed this one for his beloved Devils sitting in 9th to keep in touch with the 8, as @ChiefRussell ‘s Chooks were one spot above him. A 1400+ scores with only 5 tons shows a good consistent effort across the board. Foul Bay’s defence sucked, with no player scoring over 70, but with 6 tons across the other three lines, there is still quality there and only write them off come finals time at your peril.

Lovely Banks Lilacs 1072 defeated by Gundagai Grasshoppers 1162

@Jen goes in a player short and loses by 90. @snoz might have been lucky or he might not have, as the Hoppers weren’t brilliant either. Man bun Grundy went large for Gundagai with a 155. For the purple haze, Duncan was solid with a...
The Fyfe, Heeney and Simpson outs have seen teams up top use trades in order to stay in contention and tested bench cover for others further back or already low on trades

There seem to be some 2400 and 2500 ish scores around the TS leagues this week, and Wu Tang Clan went 2600 plus - congrats mate !

How did your team go and who were this week's heroes and villains ??
With a combination of school holidays, a frantic workplace and the early start to ORFFA round 13, your erstwhile reviewer has found himself well behind the eight-ball in preparing this rundown of ORFFA Round 12.

So, before we move onto this week’s action, let us return to a quieter time, a more gentle time, a time before the Lefties had notched a win … let’s revisit the highs and lows of ORFFA Round 12 as we again hit our straps post bye and post mid-season draft.

Birdsville 1092 d Wagga 1087

BEST: Birdsville – that defensive line – Doedee (109), Cutler (102) and Witherden (86) all did their jobs, while Lewy Taylor (98) led the forwards. Wagga – Swallow (114) and Gibbs (112) were great in the middle, while Macmillan (107) continued his good form up back.

THE SKINNY: Narrow win to Birdsville keeps them in the race for a top four berth, despite the loss of Adam Treloar to injury mid last week. Wagga unlucky, playing one man short and almost stealing the win thanks to late inclusion Paul Ahern.

Nareewillock 1230 lost to Cradle Mountain 1369

BEST: Cradle Mountain – Six centuries led by Vlastuin and Nank the Tank. The Devils forwardline has also found some bite with StKilda’s improvement – Membrey and Gresham playing well. Nareewillock – JPK (140) and the wonderful Kade Simpson (139) led a vastly improved effort.

THE SKINNY: The Nuffers enjoyed a much improved effort post-bye, with trades, drafting and selection bonuses doing the job. Conca’s absence will see another defender required to fill the breach. The Devils’ Operation Zorklebury (or Pendle-o, or something) continues to provide hope. Brennan Cox proving to be a sneaky-good mid season pick-up as Cradle Mountain press for a finals spot.

Darraweit Guim 1194 d Lovely Banks 984

BEST: Darraweit – Lyons, Coniglio and Savage scored tons. BJ played ruck, Walters and Edwards did Walters and Edwards things. Lovely Banks – Westhoff, Duncan, Stewart and MSD pick-up Thomas hit three figures,...
Another Thursday game this week

SCG, Thursday July 5, 7.20pm AEST

B Nick Smith, Heath Grundy, Zak Jones
HB Jarrad McVeigh, Dane Rampe, Jake Lloyd
C Kieren Jack, Josh P. Kennedy, Oliver Florent
HF Will Hayward, Lance Franklin, Harry Cunningham
F Dan Hannebery, Tom McCartin, Ben Ronke
FOL Callum Sinclair, George Hewett, Luke Parker
I/C Aliir Aliir, Dean Towers, Robbie Fox, Daniel Robinson
EMG Darcy Cameron, Harry Marsh, Nic Newman, Colin O'Riordan

IN Dean Towers, Robbie Fox, Daniel Robinson
OUT James Rose (Injured), Isaac Heeney (Injured), Gary Rohan (Injured)

B Jed Bews, Harry Taylor, Tom Stewart
HB Zach Tuohy, Jake Kolodjashnij, Mitch Duncan
C Mark Blicavs, Joel Selwood, Jordan Murdoch
HF Sam Menegola, Patrick Dangerfield, Lachie Fogarty
F Jamaine Jones, Tom Hawkins, Quinton Narkle
FOL Rhys Stanley, Gary Ablett, Tim Kelly
I/C Cameron Guthrie, Jack Henry, Brandan Parfitt, Scott Selwood
EMG Wylie Buzza, James Parsons, Sam Simpson, Jackson Thurlow

IN Jamaine Jones, Scott Selwood
OUT James Parsons (Omitted), Jordan Cunico (Omitted)

MCG, Friday July 6, 7.50pm AEST

B David Astbury, Alex Rance, Dylan Grimes
HB Jayden Short, Brandon Ellis, Nathan Broad
C Shaun Grigg, Trent Cotchin, Shane Edwards
HF Daniel Rioli, Kane Lambert, Dan Butler
F Callum Moore, Jack Riewoldt, Josh Caddy
FOL Toby Nankervis, Dion Prestia, Dustin Martin
I/C Jack Higgins, Jason Castagna, Jack Graham, Corey Ellis
EMG Connor Menadue, Kamdyn McIntosh, Shai Bolton, Ryan Garthwaite

IN Callum Moore, Corey Ellis
OUT Reece Conca (Injured), Nick Vlastuin (Suspension)

B Kyle Hartigan, Daniel Talia, Tom Doedee
HB Luke Brown, Jake Kelly, Rory Laird
C Wayne Milera, Rory Sloane, Paul Seedsman
HF Myles Poholke, Taylor Walker, Hugh Greenwood
F Darcy Fogarty, Josh Jenkins, Jordan Gallucci
FOL Sam Jacobs, Matt Crouch, Bryce Gibbs
I/C Curtly Hampton, Kyle Cheney, Richard Douglas, Tom Lynch
EMG Rory Atkins,...
Some big Captains scores this week and at the other end of the spectrum plenty fielding Heeney with an 18 in the Thursday night match.

Let us know how your team went this week, and whether like mine you copped Fyfe as Captain.

To answer the poll question - once lockout is over add up your best 22 players season averages and then double your captains score to see what your team should be scoring on a weekly basis
- ie Def = 110, 106, 104, 91, 84, 79 = 574....Mid = 125, 122, 117, 111, 107, 103, 90, 85 = 860
Ruck = 129, 99 = 228 plus 129C = 357....Fwd = 105, 100, 97, 94, 82, 70 = 548
TOTAL = 2339
Another Thursday night match - this one is between the #1 and #2 ranked sides

Thursday, June 28

Richmond v Sydney at Etihad Stadium, 7.20pm AEST

In: David Astbury, Dion Prestia
Out: Ryan Garthwaite, Kamdyn McIntosh
Emg - Moore, McIntosh, C Ellis, Soldo

In: Jarrad McVeigh, James Rose
Out: Tom Papley, Harry Marsh
Emg - D Cameron, H Marsh, D Robinson, D Towers

Can someone please add the remaining sides once named on Friday night

Ins and outs for the remaining games (including confirmed Sunday)

Etihad Stadium, Friday June 29, 7.50pm AEST

IN Matthew Suckling, Brad Lynch
OUT Mitch Honeychurch (Omitted), Caleb Daniel (Injured)
NEW Brad Lynch

IN Harry Taylor, Cameron Guthrie, Quinton Narkle
OUT Cory Gregson (Omitted), Lincoln McCarthy (Injured), Zach Guthrie (Omitted)
NEW Quinton Narkle

MCG, Saturday June 30, 1.45pm AEST

IN Marc Murphy, Jarrod Pickett, Andrew Phillips, Levi Casboult, Nick Graham
OUT Dale Thomas (Suspension), Lochie O’Brien (Managed), Cameron O’Shea (Omitted), Lachie Plowman (Injured), Matthew Kreuzer (Injured)

IN Jack Hombsch, Jack Trengove
OUT Darcy Byrne-Jones (Omitted), Tom Jonas (Injured)
NEW Jack Trengove

Adelaide Oval, Saturday June 30, 4.35pm AEST

IN Luke Brown, Rory Laird, Rory Sloane, Darcy Fogarty, Cameron Ellis-Yolmen, Curtly Hampton
OUT Andy Otten (Injured), Eddie Betts (Injured), Sam Gibson (Injured), Rory Atkins (Omitted), Myles Poholke (Omitted), Patrick Wilson (Omitted)

IN Brendon Ah Chee, Brayden Ainsworth
OUT Mark LeCras (Injured), Jackson Nelson (Omitted)

Metricon Stadium, Saturday June 30, 7.25pm AEST

IN Rory Thompson, Steven May, Wil Powell, Brayden Crossley
OUT Tom J. Lynch (Injured), Jack Leslie (Omitted), Callum Ah Chee (Managed), Sam Day (Injured)
NEW Wil Powell

IN Ben Crocker, Brayden Sier
The byes are done and dusted, once lockout is over your new rank will hopefully be better than it was going into Round 12 and with 9 rounds to go teams are getting closer to being complete.

How do you feel your team is going, which players are in your sights to complete your team and how are our best leagues now placed ?

Please note the poll below should hopefully indicate how you went relative to other TSers over the byes, but those teams who used less trades than others should be lower than those who burnt through them to avoid donuts

Cheers TTH
The byes are almost over, but there are a lot of premiums taking the week off, full teams to be posted on Thursday night
The byes part 2 - most of you are likely to still be in the foetal position after a particularly tough round 12 so hopefully this week is much kinder to all of us

ROUND 13 TEAMS (All times AEST)

Thursday June 14, 7:50pm at the Adelaide Oval

B: Bonner, Hombsch, Houston
HB: Byrne-Jones, Clurey, Pittard
C: Motlop, Wines, Polec
HF: Boak, Westhoff, Wingard
F: S. Gray, Dixon, R. Gray
FOLL: Ryder, Rockliff, Ebert
I/C: Howard, Powell-Pepper, Marshall, Thomas
EMG: Amon, Johnson, Trengove, Toumpas

IN: Hombsch, Marshall, Thomas
OUT: Jonas, Watts, Neade

B: Williams, Trengove, Richards
HB: Crozier, Cordy, Wood
C: Johannisen, Hunter, Lipinski
HF: Daniel, Schache, Wallis
F: Dahlhaus, Bontempelli, Gowers
FOLL: Boyd, McLean, Macrae
I/C: Webb, Honeychurch, Biggs, Smith
EMG: Young, Dunkley, Roughead, Jong

IN: Cordy, Wallis, Webb, Biggs
OUT: Suckling, Morris, Dickson, Roughead

Friday June 15, 7:50pm at the SCG

B: Lloyd, Grundy, Smith
HB: Jones, Rampe, Marsh
C: Cunningham, Kennedy, Florent
HF: Hewett, Franklin, Hayward
F: Ronke, Rohan, Parker
FOLL: Sinclair, Heeney, Hannebery
I/C: Allir, Jack, McCartin, Papley
EMG: Cameron, O’Riordan, Robinson, Rose

IN: Allir, Jack
OUT: Robinson, McVeigh

B: Hurt, McGovern, Cole
HB: Jetta, Sheppard, Duggan
C: Masten, Redden, Gaff
HF: Rioli, Brander, Cripps
F: LeCras, Kennedy, Waterman
FOLL: Naitanui, Yeo, Shuey
I/C: Ryan, Sheed, Lycett, Nelson
EMG: Hutchings, Darling, Petruccelle, Ainsworth

IN: Masten, Brander, Shuey, Ryan
OUT: Ah Chee, Hutchings, Darling, Barrass

Saturday June 16, 1:45pm at Etihad Stadium

B: Rowe, Jones, Simpson
HB: Thomas, Weitering, Plowman
C: Lang, Cripps, Kerridge
HF: O’Brien, Curnow, Dow
F: Wright, Kerr, Fisher
FOLL: Kreuzer, Silvagni, Petrevski-Seton
I/C: Casboult, Graham, Curnow, Lamb
EMG: Mullett, Polson, Phillips, O’Shea

IN: Casboult, Graham
OUT: Cunningham,...
Whelp, this week was brutal!

Touch wood though, I've got 20 starters next week, so c'mon. (Probably would have said the same thing around now the week before though also!)

As an aside, I've gotta get surgured next Thursday. Nothing serious, but who knows what state I'll be in. Should be fine to get the stats up next weekend, but will let you all know if I'm unable to.

Speaking of stats, they are up! Enjoy. And good luck!