For those who take it way too seriously

Now, I'm not sure about the rest of you all, but I've got a bye this week- So I'm not even gunna look at the teams. :p

Ok, maybe I will :D

Get in their Dunks!!

Teams over the break
So, I brought in Rory in time for his 36 and Franklin in time for his 42.

Tune in next week to find out which pick you should be avoiding!

On the plus side though, Captain Fyfe was enough to get me through to the Prelims in my cash league. Oh sweet sweet bye. :D

How'd you all go?
Danger, JPK, Cameron and Witts out
Gablett, Priddis, Deledio and Goldy in

It's like the new guard is making way for the old guard. (shut up, JPK counts.)

Teams over the break

1950. What a shocker of a round!!

Sloane, Rocky, Shaw stinking it up, Franklin, Cameron, Sloane stinking it up

Selwood, Dahlhaus, SLOANE stinking it up!

What a stinker of a week!
Round 15 review...
There were moments of pure fantasy poetry, and then there were the Trump moments.
(Apologies for the brevity and the delay!)

Lefties vs Vultures (641 1443)
Lefties in full tank mode, (Herman not Sherman) provided a carcass the already fattened Vultures really didn't need.
Lefties were incredibly crap on all lines, Ross's 99 the high score in a sublime performance of emotive excrement.
Fitzy's lot did what they have done all year and dined on the aforementioned carcass. 7 (SEVEN!!!) centurions made the squad more like a Roman army than an FA team.

Spelunkers vs Dirigibles (1260 1111)
Also in full tank mode bandit has opened an enquiry as to how he ended up with 5 tons, assistant coaches scurrying for cover like cockroaches off a cadaver.
In a remarkable performance Ben Brown was the single blimp to look like a footballer, the rest are undergoing post-traumatic stress treatment.

Misfits vs Codpieces (1383 vs 1196)
Despite a humiliating loss in the nursery league, the AFL, the Misfits orange brigade combined for 623 points at an average of 104 ensuring a comfortable home win for Marble Bar.
For the Cods, Ablett sent a note from his parents, Vardy sent a FU from his heart and Murdoch was counselled for repeated use of #WTF. De Goey was a lone soldier for Iron Knob, something of a "hire me" display for the Misfits some cheekier fans have noted.

Cockatoos vs Chickens (1336 1283)
Hurn 139, Danger 142, Crouch, 134, Wallis 124, Selwood 127. Good scores were certainly easy to find, but the cockies were more consistent across the park whist the chooks are looking wistfully at their list of not availables and wondering which underperformers are to be put to the sword.
Gariwerd becoming a team to avoid during the finals whilst a "legged" chook outfit are starting to look like Vulture bait.

Wombats vs Warriors (1105 1196)
Oliver, Picken & Sicilly vs JJ Boak & Douglas!!!
Not exactly a game for the ages this,...
A suprisingly easy week at the selection table.

Hope it hasn't kicked anyone too hard.

Changes over the break
Bit of a rough week this week. A combination of short term injuries and choosing to save trades til the finals have ended up leaving a Cameron shaped donut on my field.

Definitely sub-optimal, but not as bad as it could have been!

Still lost my matchup for the week, but I'm already a shoe-in for the finals, so we just gotta coast.

How are you all shaping up towards the finals?

Friday July 21 at the Adelaide Oval (7.50pm)

B: J.Kelly, D.Talia, R.Laird
HB: L.Brown, A.Otten, D.Mackay
C: B.Smith, M.Crouch, R.Atkins
HF: C.Cameron, T.Walker, M.McGovern
F: E.Betts, J.Jenkins, T.Lynch
FOL: S.Jacobs, R.Douglas, B.Crouch
I/C: R.Knight, R.Sloane, H.Greenwood, A.Keath
EMG: J.Beech, J.Gallucci, P.Seedsman

IN: A.Keath
OUT: J.Lever

B: J.Bews, T.Lonergan, Z.Tuohy
HB: T.Stewart, L.Henderson, J.Kolodjashnij
C: S.Motlop, J.Selwood, M.Blicavs
HF: S.Menegola, H.Taylor, J.Murdoch
F: D.Menzel, T.Hawkins, J.Parsons
FOL: Z.Smith, M.Duncan, P.Dangerfield
I/C: C.Guthrie, Z.Guthrie, S.Selwood, R.Stanley
EMG: A.Black, S.Simpson, J.Thurlow

IN: S.Selwood, T.Stewart
OUT: B.Parfitt, S.Simpson

Saturday July 22 at Etihad Stadium (1.45pm)

B: A.McGrath, M.Hartley, M.Gleeson
HB: C.McKenna, M.Hurley, J.Kelly
C: Z.Merrett, D.Heppell, B.Goddard
HF: O.Fantasia, C.Hooker, T.Colyer
F: J.Stewart, J.Daniher, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti
FOL: T.Bellchambers, J.Watson, D.Parish
I/C: D.Zaharakis, M.Baguley, D.Myers, J.Laverde
EMG: J.Begley, K.Langford, M.Dea

IN: J.Watson, J.Laverde
OUT: C.Bird, J.Green

B: S.Atley, R.Tarrant, D.Nielson
HB: D.Mountford, S.Thompson, A.Mullett
C: S.Gibson, T.Dumont, A.Swallow
HF: L.McDonald, J.Waite, T.Garner
F: J.Simpkin, B.Brown, N.Hrovat
FOL: M.Daw, S.Higgins, B.Cunnington
I/C: R.Clarke, S.Durdin, N.Larkey, C.Zurhaar
EMG: J.Anderson, L.Hansen, J.Williams

IN: J.Waite, T.Dumont, S.Durdin, R.Clarke, N.Larkey
OUT: L.Thomas, T.Goldstein, J.Ziebell, M.Hibberd, C.Wagner

Saturday July 22 at the MCG (2.10pm)

B: M.Hibberd, O.McDonald, N.Jetta
HB: J.Lewis, S.Frost, J.Hunt
C: A.Neal-Bullen, D.Tyson, C.Oliver
HF: C.Petracca, J.Hogan, J.Harmes
F: J.Garlett, J.Watts, T.McDonald
FOL: M.Gawn, J.Viney, J.Melksham
I/C: C.Salem, J.Trengove, M.Hannan, J.Kennedy-Harris
EMG: B.Stretch,...
Nunawading Nuffers 841 def by Charlies Opening Spelunkers 1279

A woeful scene at Nuffer Park as the home side served up possibly their worst attempt for the season. Coach Andy couldn’t have painted a worse picture even if he tried as a still life of 3 donuts and a bevy of tubers was left out on display.
The power affiliates in Ebert and Dixon held their own but were largely over-shadowed by the Zerrett and Bont show. This dead rubber left both coaches with plenty to ponder (and then quickly forget) as form and consistency were bleakly dismissed.

Gundagai Grasshoppers 1010 def by Venus Bay Vultures 1239

If it weren’t for the hoard of instagram selfies posted on the Gundagai Hospital website, one might ponder that sNoZ had put the cue in the rack and run with auto fill for the last few weeks. Unfortunately, a horror injury run, has this early season contender praying he can drain the last morsels out of “Ex-pat Obama-care” before his entire team is trumped into the turf. The Vultures were far from their ravenous selves as Yeo broke down and Joey and Howe fell flat. However, Buddy and Kreuzer continued to show their unbelieveableness to bolster the Vultures healthy winning streak as the finals approach. Late mail coming through advises that sNoZ maybe contemplating stepping down as he realises that he holds dual-citizenship, potentially in contravention of ORFFA doctrine. In a prepared statement sNoZ babbled: “It is with great sadness I’ve discovered I’m a dual citizen. I have always thought of myself as a citizen of the world, with no fixed ties to any particular race, creed or nationality. In fact, my birth certificate lists my place of birth as No Man’s Land c/o The Nether. I have since found out that this is just a forgery which is part of a cruel joke played on me by my “Minecraft addict” son in conjunction with an anonymous ORFFA representative. Upon scratching away the crudely applied “whiteout”, it is now revealed that I am originally from...
Another week of coasting into the finals, and another week of living vicariously thorough Ant!

Think I'll be coasting for a good few more weeks though. Gunna sit on the trades I've got to go hard at the finals.

Ant, hope you're climbing against this week mate! :D