For those who take it way too seriously

The byes are almost over, but there are a lot of premiums taking the week off, full teams to be posted on Thursday night
The byes part 2 - most of you are likely to still be in the foetal position after a particularly tough round 12 so hopefully this week is much kinder to all of us

ROUND 13 TEAMS (All times AEST)

Thursday June 14, 7:50pm at the Adelaide Oval

B: Bonner, Hombsch, Houston
HB: Byrne-Jones, Clurey, Pittard
C: Motlop, Wines, Polec
HF: Boak, Westhoff, Wingard
F: S. Gray, Dixon, R. Gray
FOLL: Ryder, Rockliff, Ebert
I/C: Howard, Powell-Pepper, Marshall, Thomas
EMG: Amon, Johnson, Trengove, Toumpas

IN: Hombsch, Marshall, Thomas
OUT: Jonas, Watts, Neade

B: Williams, Trengove, Richards
HB: Crozier, Cordy, Wood
C: Johannisen, Hunter, Lipinski
HF: Daniel, Schache, Wallis
F: Dahlhaus, Bontempelli, Gowers
FOLL: Boyd, McLean, Macrae
I/C: Webb, Honeychurch, Biggs, Smith
EMG: Young, Dunkley, Roughead, Jong

IN: Cordy, Wallis, Webb, Biggs
OUT: Suckling, Morris, Dickson, Roughead

Friday June 15, 7:50pm at the SCG

B: Lloyd, Grundy, Smith
HB: Jones, Rampe, Marsh
C: Cunningham, Kennedy, Florent
HF: Hewett, Franklin, Hayward
F: Ronke, Rohan, Parker
FOLL: Sinclair, Heeney, Hannebery
I/C: Allir, Jack, McCartin, Papley
EMG: Cameron, O’Riordan, Robinson, Rose

IN: Allir, Jack
OUT: Robinson, McVeigh

B: Hurt, McGovern, Cole
HB: Jetta, Sheppard, Duggan
C: Masten, Redden, Gaff
HF: Rioli, Brander, Cripps
F: LeCras, Kennedy, Waterman
FOLL: Naitanui, Yeo, Shuey
I/C: Ryan, Sheed, Lycett, Nelson
EMG: Hutchings, Darling, Petruccelle, Ainsworth

IN: Masten, Brander, Shuey, Ryan
OUT: Ah Chee, Hutchings, Darling, Barrass

Saturday June 16, 1:45pm at Etihad Stadium

B: Rowe, Jones, Simpson
HB: Thomas, Weitering, Plowman
C: Lang, Cripps, Kerridge
HF: O’Brien, Curnow, Dow
F: Wright, Kerr, Fisher
FOLL: Kreuzer, Silvagni, Petrevski-Seton
I/C: Casboult, Graham, Curnow, Lamb
EMG: Mullett, Polson, Phillips, O’Shea

IN: Casboult, Graham
OUT: Cunningham,...
Whelp, this week was brutal!

Touch wood though, I've got 20 starters next week, so c'mon. (Probably would have said the same thing around now the week before though also!)

As an aside, I've gotta get surgured next Thursday. Nothing serious, but who knows what state I'll be in. Should be fine to get the stats up next weekend, but will let you all know if I'm unable to.

Speaking of stats, they are up! Enjoy. And good luck!
Pure Carnage. Can't remember a start to the byes like this one. How many do you have playing?
Tim Kelly bounced back, the other Tim underwhelmed a lot of coaches who brought him in.

Quite a bit of carnage heading into Byes, but those who avoided it could be getting some handy ranking boosts.

Let us know how you went, and how you are placed with the byes now upon us.
Weekly teams including Sunday Squads of 26

Friday nIght


B Jake Lloyd, Heath Grundy, Nick Smith
HB Harry Marsh, Dane Rampe, Jarrad McVeigh
C Harry Cunningham, Luke Parker, Isaac Heeney
HF George Hewett, Gary Rohan, Will Hayward
F Oliver Florent, Lance Franklin, Kieren Jack
FOL Callum Sinclair, Josh P. Kennedy, Dan Hannebery
I/C Zak Jones, Nic Newman, Ben Ronke, Ryley Stoddart
EMG Aliir Aliir, Tom McCartin, Tom Papley, Daniel Robinson

IN Gary Rohan, Nic Newman
OUT Tom Papley (Managed), Tom McCartin (Omitted)

B Sam Kerridge, Sam Rowe, Kade Simpson
HB Dale Thomas, Jacob Weitering, Lachie Plowman
C Lochie O'Brien, Patrick Cripps, Cameron O'Shea
HF Matthew Wright, Charlie Curnow, Zac Fisher
F Sam Petrevski-Seton, Jack Silvagni, Darcy Lang
FOL Matthew Kreuzer, Ed Curnow, Paddy Dow
I/C Jed Lamb, Pat Kerr, Liam Jones, David Cuningham
EMG Aaron Mullett, Jarrod Garlett, Nick Graham, Harry McKay

IN Jack Silvagni
OUT Harry McKay (Omitted)


B Matthew Suckling, Jackson Trengove, Ed Richards
HB Bailey Williams, Dale Morris, Easton Wood
C Jason Johannisen, Lachie Hunter, Patrick Lipinski
HF Caleb Daniel, Josh Schache, Tory Dickson
F Luke Dahlhaus, Marcus Bontempelli, Billy Gowers
FOL Tom Boyd, Toby McLean, Jack Macrae
I/C Hayden Crozier, Mitch Honeychurch, Jordan Roughead, Roarke Smith
EMG Lewis Young, Tom Campbell, Lukas Webb, Lin Jong

IN Dale Morris, Mitch Honeychurch
OUT Zaine Cordy (Injured), Bailey Dale (Injured)

B Michael Hibberd, Oscar McDonald, Neville Jetta
HB Angus Brayshaw, Jake Lever, Jordan Lewis
C Bernie Vince, Jack Viney, Nathan Jones
HF James Harmes, Jesse Hogan, Jake Melksham
F Timothy Smith, Tom McDonald, Christian Petracca
FOL Max Gawn, Christian Salem, Clayton Oliver
I/C Charlie Spargo, Mitch Hannan, Alex Neal-Bullen, Bayley Fritsch
EMG Billy Stretch, Cameron Pedersen, Tomas Bugg, Joel Smith

No Change

B Ryan Burton, James Frawley, Ben...
So, this is an actual thing? Selling out stadium naming rights to comic franchises? Guess this should fit in nicely with the proposed re-branding to “Heckle and Jeckle Oval” in Brisbane and “La La Loopsy Arena” in Western Sydney. Not to be outdone, the ORFFA have honoured this marvel-lous occasion with some temporary re-branding of their own.

Lovely Banks Black Widows 977 def by Wagga Wagga Wolverines 1190

Not one to shy away from gender stereo-typing, Jen’s mob have attracted the Black Widow tag due to their dubious femme fetale hijinx over previous seasons which have almost led to the untimely demise of Chris’ franchise on more than one occasion. In this outing, Lenny’s marsupials have merely sharpened their claws for a classic roll in the dirt. The Widows won the donut fight which arguably meant their undoing. Wagga’s new recruits in Richards and Langdon showed some muscle, whilst Plowman carved in to further embarrass their midfield team mates. For the home side, a healthy return from Duncan, Stewart and Heeney wasn’t enough to plug the holes in a mangled web

Cradle Mountain Daredevils 1303 def Ironmen of the Knob 988

The Knob rocked up in Tassie and had barely staggered off the bus when they launched into a Cosmic Psychos classic, “Somebody put something in my drink”.
Punters wept into their bookies tote bags as the visitors shot 400+ in arrears on last week’s score. The ‘devils got their own pipes in tune as Blue Moon was pumped out on high rotation across all lines. Notably, Messrs Gresham, Hopper, Zaha and Lever more than covered the late Seedsman fallout. A long trip home for the Ironmen as Jack murmurs incoherently whilst fighting back nightmares of Carlisle’s bad arm tats.

Birdsville Battle Machine 1051 def by The Thing of Marble Bar 1176

So the jingle goes, “it’s just like an orange soft drink - only crunchy!” The Thing from the Bar found a new lease on life and ground out back to back wins after a couple of narrow...
The Pies, Tiges, Swans, Cats, Bombers and Eagles have won, the Dees are smashing the Crows and the Roos are narrowly leading the Dockers in the 2nd quarter.

SC has thrown up its usual challenges but also some high scores. My plodders managed 2299, with a last minute choice of Gawn as C over Fyfe costing me 2 league matches. How has your team fared ??

As for the poll question - once lockout is over add up your best 22 players season averages and then double your captains score to see what your team should be scoring on a weekly basis
- ie
Def = 110, 106, 104, 91, 84, 79 = 574....Mid = 125, 122, 117, 111, 107, 103, 90, 85 = 860
Ruck = 129, 99 = 228 plus 129C = 357....Fwd = 105, 94, 82, 70, 67, 65 = 483
TOTAL = 2274

Friday May 25 at Etihad Stadium (7:50pm)


IN: Reid, Daicos, Greenwood
OUT: Fasolo, Murray, Wells


IN: Schache, Dickson, R.Smith
OUT: Wallis, Dunkley, Webb


Saturday May 26 at the MCG (1:45pm)


IN: Higgins, Moore, Menadue
OUT: Townsend, Castagna, Lloyd


IN: Austin, Carlisle, White, McCartin, McKenzie
OUT: Brown, Marshall, Weller, Armitage, Coffield


Saturday May 26 at the Gabba (4:35pm)




IN: Marsh, Stoddart
OUT: Mills, Rohan


Saturday May 26 at GMHBA Stadium (7:20pm)


IN: Ratguolea, Stanley, Jones, Parfitt
OUT: Horlin-Smith, Parsons, Smith, Thurlow


IN: Weitering, Cuningham, E.Curnow, C.Curnow
OUT: Mullett, Murphy, Graham, Garlett


Saturday May 26 at Spotless Stadium (7:20pm)


IN: Kelly, Patton, Buntine
OUT: Finlayson, Keeffe, Cumming


IN: McGrath
OUT: Clarke


Sunday May 27 at Etihad Stadium (1:10pm)


I/C (from): Mirra, Cousins, Henderson, Burton, Schoenmakers, Ceglar, Glass, Langford

IN: Frawley, O’Meara, Glass, Ceglar, Langford, Schoenmakers
OUT: Brand, Worpel


I/C (from): Brander, Cole, Nelson, Ainsworth, Waterman, Hutchings, Ah Chee, Allen

IN: Brander, Nelson, Ainsworth, Allen
OUT: Nil


Sunday May 27 at TIO Traeger Park (3:20pm)


I/C (from): Harmes, Spargo, Tyson, Hannan, Garlett, Pedersen, Hunt, Fritsch

IN: Tyson, Hunt, Pedersen, Garlett
OUT: Nil


I/C (from): Gallucci, Poholke, Hartigan, Gibson, Murphy, Otten, Milera, O’Brien

IN: Brown, M.Crouch, Milera, O’Brien
OUT: Nil


Sunday May 27 at Optus Stadium (4:40pm)


I/C (from): D.Pearce, Kersten, Sheridan, Nyhuis, Tucker, Giro, Matera, Cerra

IN: Hill, D.Pearce, Kersten, Sheridan, Giro
OUT: Crowden


I/C (from): Garner, Hrovat, Davies-Uniacke, Clarke, Zurhaar, Atley, Wright, Durdin

IN: Garner, Hrovat, Davies-Uniacke, Durdin, Zurhaar
OUT: Daw
The Round 9 That Was…….

Strange weekend. Either your boys came good and you went big or there were a few misfires and you fell well off the pace. Here’s how it turned out.

Wombats 1226 def by Codpieces 1390. Vintage Melksham 160, assisted by Sheil with 107. Hurt by sub-par performances from Sicily, Oliver, Gibbs and Swallow. Meanwhile, the team with Jackson Macrae (177) just sits there and counts the money. A poor 55 from GAJ? Who cares. Harbrow turned back the clock (a long way) with 126. But it was the most potent forward line in the ORFFA that cut loose, led by Darling (181), Riewoldt (114), de Goey (111) and Waite (129). Scary stuff.

Misfits 1226 def Lilacs 1111. Misfits made a welcome return to the winner’s circle, despite a Giant’s team still in the doldrums. Tons to Laird, Webster, Fantasia, Haynes and a massive 173 to Jake Lloyd. The Lilacs continue to keep their heads above the 1,000 mark (a good sign) and were helped with tons from Rampe, Duncan and Heeney.

Uglies 908 def by Devils 1304. The Uglies decided to go for all-out attack by fielding only one defender. A failed strategy, despite 103 from Dusty and 121 from Max. The Devils were simply solid without much fanfare. 104 from Lever, 113 from Heppell, 121 from Zork and 108 from Redden. Uglies looking to dig deep in the MSD.

Warriors 1164 def by Battlers 1203. It was a good week all round for the Battlers. After Brisbane got up they drank the Tiki Bar dry and headed back up the Birdsville track with a win under their belt and getting all feely – touchy with the top 4. It was basically Witts effort in Shanghai (129) that made the difference. Despite an offer to trade Ainsworth, @JC would not leave him off the plane. He was helped by McDonald (115), Ryan (121) and Cutler (113). Otherwise JC would have been a bit disappointed by the flatulent effort from his mids. The Warriors provided a bit of a tussle with 115 from Andrews, 105 from Wines, 125...