For those who take it way too seriously

More injuries this week while some of the early season bolsters has ‘mares and some 2020 strugglers finally hit form.

Some great first up rookie scores gives food for thought about a double downgrade in Round 7, so let us know how you have gone and what your plan is ahead of the upcoming round.
Spud Week

This round had it all, upsets, wallopings, nail biters and a butt load of spuds…

Game 1 – Foul Bay 1305 defeated Gariwerd 1305 to 1286
19 points, 30 players battled away for a combined 1500 odd minutes, scored a total of 2591 points and were separated by 19 points at the end, footy is a wonderfully unpredictable game and it’s appropriate that this is reflected in the ORFFA (This wasn’t even the closest contest)

Foul Bay is no longer a team full of 90-110 point soldiers, illustrated by this weeks 100+ cadre of Sheppard, Aish (wtf?), Dangerfield, Goldstein and Hawkins paired with sub 70 scores from Shill, Cunnington, Liberatore and Murphy. A high standard deviation, but the chooks are still formidable as their 5-0 start to the season highlights.

Gariwerd has been there and thereabouts pretty much every year since 2012, this year they are going to be impacted by Houli not planning it, but they have an enviable depth and literally anything is possible. This week Lambert starred with 158, Matt Crouch with 113 and an improving Laird’s 107 the other centurions, but the depth of the squad is such that even with only the 3 above par performances the rest contributed and combined for 1286

Game 2 - Gundagai defeated Nareewillock 1461 to 906
A 550 point loss is rarely something treasured and this one is no exception, but losing Rowell after a few minutes on 5, Brad Hill being a very ineffective OOP ruck did little to help their cause. Charlie Cameron was the only heavy hitter with 101, but reminiscent of the Misfits 4 years or so ago the excitement is in the kids, and they have a very good bunch coming through.

Gundagai are sitting 3rd after this week @ 4 & 1, but their points for is 600 ahead of the next best only 5 rounds in, that is averaging a whole 120 points per week more than the next best. Clearly this year’s juggernaut team they had 9 (that’s NINE!) players raise the bat, Grundy 151. Neale 130, Martin 121, Mills, 119,...
Rowell and Bailey Smith injured early on amongst a number of low player scores has seen Round 5 to be a challenging week on field.

Off field the AFL has seen the Victorian clubs begin to migrate north for 5 rounds (6-10) to keep the 2020 campaign ticking along.

It's now upgrade season so pick your targets wisely and hopefully the cows you trade out don't pick the next week to smash out a ton.

Please post below with your weekly spiel whether it's good, bad or u-g-l-y.
There are several big player scores around the traps and some injuries for the like of Naismith, Howe and Fyfe.

How is your team going after 4 rounds and how many trades do you have left for the final 13 rounds of season 2020 ?
With a late Sunday game in this shortened round please post below to share your experience this week, and also discuss your trade in targets for Round 4 (which may depend on whether that is an 8 game or 9 game round).
Hi Folks,

As Round 2 will soon be completed let us know how your side has gone, who you think are the top trade in targets and also sum up how you are planning to tackle the next 2-3 weeks of the SC season with whatever number of trades you have remaining.

Cheers TTH
Well, we finally know how Supercoach is going to deal with this break... available trades for Round 2 are 5 with the original 30 trades still available....

Who are you trading in or out???
Since turning professional in 1995, Jason Akermanis has become one of the AFL’s most talked-about players, even in his retirement from playing. Because of that, his opportunities to coach have been somewhat compromised. So, should someone take a chance on him?

His Pedigree Cannot Be Ignored
Throughout his 15-year professional career, Akermanis played for very reputable clubs in the AFL, including Brisbane Bears, Brisbane Lions and Western Bulldogs. Crucially, during this period of his playing career, the now 43-year-old helped the Lions secure three consecutive AFL Premiership titles between 2001 and 2003. Having become one of the Lions’ most talented players in his first few years with the team, the two-time Merrett-Murray Medal winner made four international appearances during the 1999-2000 season.

Although coaching qualities cannot be analysed through the successes of a player’s on-field careers, they do help to provide and insight into a professional’s approach to the sport and mental strength. In 2001, Akermanis was awarded the prestigious Brownlow Medal in the same season that he claimed one of his three premierships. Despite his off-field controversies towards the latter stages of his career, the Brownlow Medal signifies that, during his playing days, he was at one stage the fairest and best player in the AFL.

Moreover, following his departure from the Western Bulldogs in 2010, Akermanis went on to become the captain-coach of North Albury Football Club in the Ovens and Murray Football League, highlighting his desire to broaden his role within the popular Australian sport.

Would the Rewards Outweigh the Risk?
There can be no doubts surrounding the on-field abilities that Akermanis possessed during his playing days. However, as touched...
As we all struggle to find enough cheap defenders and midfielders to fill out our teams, meanwhile Round 1 has already started!

Have at it folks.

Friday March 20, 7:50pm, Marvel Stadium

B: Keath, Cordy, Wood
HB: Crozier, Johannisen, Daniel
C: Smith, Bontempelli, Hunter
HF: Dale, Bruce, Suckling
F: Wallis, Naughton, Lloyd
FOLL: English, Dunkley, Macrae
I/C: Le. Young, Cavarra, Williams, Gardner
EMG: Schache, McLean, Richards, Sweet

B: Crisp, Roughead, Howe
HB: Maynard, Moore, Noble
C: Hoskin-Elliott, Pendlebury, Mayne
HF: Phillips, Mihocek, C.Brown
F: De Goey, Cox, Elliott
FOLL: Grundy, Adams, Sidebottom
I/C: Daicos, Thomas, T.Brown, Madgen
EMG: Cameron, Stephenson, Wills, Rantall

Saturday March 21, 1:45pm, Marvel Stadium

B: Francis, Hurley, Zerk-Thatcher
HB: Saad, Ridley, Redman
C: Langford, McGrath, Zaharakis
HF: Fantasia, Laverde, Smith
F: Stringer, Townsend, McDonald-Tipungwuti
FOLL: Bellchambers, Merrett, Shiel
I/C: Parish, Snelling, Guelfi, Cutler
EMG: Gleeson, Ham, Phillips, McKenna

B: Ryan, Logue, Hughes
HB: Conca, Cox, Duman
C: Bewley, Fyfe, Aish
HF: Sturt, Taberner, Banfield
F: Colyer, Lobb, Walters
FOLL: Darcy, Tucker, Brayshaw
I/C: Cerra, Schultz, Crowden, McCarthy
EMG: Serong, Blakely, Watson, Matera

Saturday March 21, 4:35pm, Adelaide Oval

B: Brown, Talia, Laird
HB: Milera, McAsey, Smith
C: Seedsman, M.Crouch, Walker
HF: Jones, Frampton, Lynch
F: Murphy, Fogarty, Stengle
FOLL: O’Brien, B.Crouch, Sloane
I/C: Gibbs, Kelly, Atkins, Davis
EMG: Poholke, Mackay, Himmelberg, Hamill

B: Aliir, Rampe, O’Riordan
HB: Mills, McCartin, Dawson
C: Cunningham, Kenney, Lloyd
HF: Hayward, Blakey, Gray
F: Papley, Heeney, Ronke
FOLL: Naismith, Parker, Rowbottom
I/C: Brand, Florent, McInerney, Taylor
EMG: Fox,...
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