For those who take it way too seriously

Thank you to all those who signed up to the TS Leagues this year. Coaches have been sorted into 3 leagues with a few put on a reserve list should we have any vacancies not filled.

Please expect a PM today from your league captain as listed below. Leagues are as follow:
Once upon a time (2012 actually) there was the ORFFL, then the ORFFA came along a few months later. The ORFFU arrived in 2014 and in 2016 the ORFFF joined them bringing the number of ORFF* clubs to 70.

Lots of teams might make for an interesting early to midseason knockout comp of between 6 and 8 weeks, with teams fielding the same 15 they have playing in their ORFF* comp for that week (no knockout play in Round 9).

As you all know I’m a glutton for setting up and running knockout comps, so why the heck not see if there is any interest about ?

Entries close at 7pm on Tuesday 28th March. All you have to do to enter is to post your ORFF* team’s name and the ORFF* Completion in which they play - ie Black Swamp 29ers, ORFFF – in the comments below. If you have two teams and want to enter both of them then go right ahead.

Cheers TTH
Welcome Everybody to the 2017 Trading Games league!

What's it all about?
Basically every year some of the leaders in the community gather together and choose the players picked in a team we all start with. The players in every team in the group start the same before the round 1 lockout. Then, as the year progresses, and trades are made, the challenge becomes finishing on top of the group with the most points overall. That's it; just use your trades and your emergency/captain picks wisely, and turn the team we all start with into a winning team by scoring the most points.


1. EVERYBODY must start with the exact same 30 players. No exceptions.

2. You don't use your main team, we would prefer if you 'invited' your daughter, wife, grandfather etc to create a team that you help to manage throughout the year. Don't join this league if you don't want to follow rule 1.

3. Like always, let's have fun and keep positive. Banter is expected and welcomed! Anyway, the whole thing is up in the air for discussion as always. What are your thoughts to make it interesting again this year?

How to Join?

Step 1: Sign up to the Trading Games group
(url deleted)

Step 2: Makes sure you have the correct team entered! The correct team is shown here just below.

Step 3: Choose your captain/vice captain and any emergencies. You could get the jump on the rest of the field with some astute choices even with an identical 30-man squad.

Step 4: If you wish, you can use DPP to rearrange the 30 players before the start of R!. Just don't change the squad of 30.

Good luck everybody and happy trading!

League Code currently setup is - 998246
Only 8 days to go before the season finally kicks off!!!
I don't think I am alone in thinking it's about bl*#*y time :)

After a bit of a discussion with the Chief @walesy the other week, the call is going out for expressions of interest to join a TS Footy Tipping comp and see who is the best tipster in the TS community.

This will be a paid entry comp, with all funds to be handled via TS - so your entry fee and the overall prize pool will be safe :)

Entry fee will be $69 for the season (that's $3 per round) - fees to be paid up in full by the beginning of round 6.

Prize allocation depends on the amount of entrants - the more entrants, the bigger the prize pool - bigger prize pool = more prize placings and higher prize values.

If we get enough entrants, we can also allocate funds to have a weekly "jackpot" for tipping a perfect round and closest to the margin in the 9 game rounds.

The comp will be run on and the more tipsters we get in the comp, the bigger the overall prize pool.

Respond in the comments section if you're keen to have a crack to see who can be crowned the best tipster in the TS community - I will continually update this OP as we get entrants committing.

As soon as you register your interest I will send you details of how to join via PM

1 - Bearfly
2 - Sharkwhisperer
The TooSerious tradition that is Rate My Team (RMT) is back in 2017!

A quick refresher on the rules.

1. In order to get feedback on your own team, you must first provide feedback on the teams that have been recently posted. This is the golden rule and is what makes this whole thing work. :)
2. If you just post your team without giving any feedback, your post will be deleted. :mad:
3. Please refrain from commenting on teams that have been posted by others that have not followed the golden rule. :cool:
4. Keep it civil. Constructive criticism is fine. But there is a line and please don't cross it. :eek:

Here's how my team looks as we approach the end of February:

Find that value, search hard and follow your instincts!
Or just tell me I'm dreaming and where I've gone wrong...

Previous threads by @Tomster

Please post below if you have general leagues to fill or you want to join any leagues that are not yet full.

We will set up some TS leagues based on interest and amount of coaches we get. Please give details on previous rankings, preferably last three seasons., and we'll do our best to sort people into appropriate leagues.

How to find your previous ranks.

Step 1: Go to home page:
Step 2: Click 'Team History'
Step 3: Click appropriate seasons to find previous rankings
Step 4: Screengrab or post details on TS!
The grand finals are now upon us.

Here are the results from the prelim finals:

Premier League

Hersey Hawkins Athletic Club 1660 d Freak It Up 1540
Team Stowie 1819 d TS Heaver 1789

Consolation finals

King of Karlos 1367 d ElDoraldo Elbonz 1222
Wade Machine 1303 d Anthak 1219
Nahla vs Little Dee 1598 d Three Point Buzzer Beaters 1418
Westside Hardcore 1557 d Paky Ballers 1254

Division One

CK Nicks 1768 d Mr Pegasoreass 1529
G Train 1663 d Oh Sixteen 1592

Consolation finals

.Blatche 1457 d Golden State Blew a 3-1 Lead 1424
Crossy Crusaders 1492 d Jasmine's Mob 1297
Don Cottagers 1908 d Kevin Walker 1538
.tasho 1403 d .610 1210

Division Two - Conference One

High on Potential Stars 1746 d .Belmont383 1643
Adelaide Maggots 1630 d SF Bulls 1620

Consolation Finals

PistNBroke 1799 d Launceston Seagulls 1713
The Royals 1454 d Broady Broncos 1207
San Diego Anchormen 1332 d KAThmandu Wolves 1181
JT's Bricks 923 d Waltham City We Made U Romy 920

Division Two - Conference Two

Wafty Boxes 1763 d The Delly of the Beast 1654
Hoop Hunters 1647 d Hotham Huskies 1466

Consolation finals

3-1 Lead 1188 d Drunken Master 1044
Dann's Stars 1443 d Useless Hacks 1332
Smokin Joe Misiti 1505 d Marble Bar Boozers 1431
Run T Mull C 1254 d Larry Byrd Gang 673
The last week of the JLT series sees all 18 teams in action and a lot of players looking to secure Round 1 spots

As with previous weeks teams will be posted with sub $250k options and players playing in their 3rd JLT game will be highlighted

Gold Coast v Western Bulldogs, Metricon Stadium, 4.50pm AEST

1. Pearce Hanley, 3. Matt Rosa, 4. Jack Martin, 6. Alex Sexton, 8. Brayden Fiorini, 9. Gary Ablett, 10. Kade Kolodjashnij, 11. Touk Miller, 13. Callum AhChee, 16. Rory Thompson, 17. Steven May, 19. Tom Lynch, 20. Michael Barlow, 21. Jack Leslie, 24. David Swallow, 25. Jarryd Lyons, 27. Ben Ainsworth, 28. Jarrod Witts, 29. Jack Bowes, 30. Peter Wright, 33. Aaron Hall, 38. Jesse Joyce, 41. Will Brodie, 42. Adam Saad
Emergencies - 2. Jarrad Grant, 15. Dan Currie, 36. Josh Schoenfeld

Notable absentees: Jarrod Harbrow, Jesse Lonergan, Sam Day, Trent McKenzie, Tom Nicholls, Brandon Matera, Michael Rischitelli

1. Matthew Suckling, 2. Robert Murphy, 4. Marcus Bontempelli, 5. Matthew Boyd, 6. Luke Dahlhaus, 7. Lachlan Hunter, 8. Stewart Crameri, 9. Jake Stringer, 10. Easton Wood, 11. Jackson Macrae, 12. Zaine Cordy, 13. Travis Cloke, 14. Clay Smith, 16. Toby Mclean, 17. Tom Boyd, 18. Fletcher Roberts, 21. Tom Liberatore, 24. Shane Biggs, 25. Marcus Adams, 35. Caleb Daniel, 39. Jason Johannisen, 42. Liam Picken, 44. Tim English, 46. Lin Jong
Emergencies - 20. Josh Dunkley, 31. Bailey Dale, 34. Bailey Williams

Notable absentees: Mitch Wallis, Tom Campbell, Jordan Roughead, Tory Dickson, Dale Morris...
Finals time is upon us.

Teams are battling to gain promotion or to avoid relegation

Here are the results for round one of the finals.

Premier League

Hersey Hawkins Athletic Club 1938 d King of Karlos 1498
TS Heaver 1997 d ElDoraldo Elbonz 1858

Anthak 1600 d Three Point Buzzer Beaters 1590
Wade Machine 1568 d Paky Ballers 1555
Nahla vs Little Dee 1538 d Westside Hardcore 1349

Division One

Mr Pegasoreass 1873 d Blatche. 1675
G Train 2159 d Golden State Blew a 3-1 Lead 2048

Jasmine's Mob 1674 d .610 1673
Kevin Walker 1834 d Crossy Crusaders 1780
Don Cottagers 2100 d .tasho 1623

Division Two - Conference One

Adelaide Maggots 2054 d Launceston Seagulls 2009
High on Potential Stars 1879 d PistNBroke 1580

The Royals 1597 d KATmandu Wolves 1339
Broady Broncos 1613 d Waltham City We Made U Romy 1155
San Diego Anchormen 1314 d JT's Bricks 1184

Division Two - Conference Two

The Delly of the Beast 1719 d 3-1 Lead 1538
Hoop Hunters 2168 d Drunken Master 1758

Useless Hacks 1714 d Smokin Joe Misiti 1661
Dann's Stars 1588 d Run T Mull C 1581
Marble Bar Boozers 1481 d Larry Byrd Gang 1063
you know the drill 6 teams have played 2 games and have the week off while the other 12 teams play their 2nd game and we start to see which rookies may or may not be in their clubs round 1 plans

I am on the road this week so I will leave to others to post teams for the 2nd-6th games and to highlight the sub $250k options and in particular the second gamers

Western Bulldogs v Brisbane Lions, Etihad Stadium, 7.40pm AEDT

1. Matthew Suckling, 8. Stewart Crameri, 9. Jake Stringer, 10. Easton Wood, 11. Jackson Macrae, 14. Clay Smith, 16. Toby McLean, 17. Tom Boyd, 19. Lukas Webb (260.5k FM = 2nd game), 20. Josh Dunkley, 22. Mitch Honeychurch (268.5k FM = 2nd game), 25. Marcus Adams, 26. Declan Hamilton (123.9k FM = 2nd game), 27. Patrick Lipinski (117.3k FM) 31. Bailey Dale (238.7k FM = 2nd game), 32. Kieran Collins (123.9k D), 33. Lewis Young (117.3k F), 34. Bailey Williams, 36. Brad Lynch (123.9k D = 2nd game), 37. Roarke Smith (208.9k D), 38. Dale Morris, 40. Nathan Mullenger-McHugh (103.9k R), 42. Liam Picken, 44. Tim English (130.8k R), 46. Lin Jong
Emergencies - 4. Marcus Bontempelli, 5. Matthew Boyd, 12. Zaine Cordy (222.3k F), 13. Travis Cloke,

Notable absentees: Bob Murphy, Luke Dahlhaus, Lachie Hunter, Tom Campbell, Tom Liberatore

1. Ben Keays, 4. Ryan Bastinac, 5. Mitchell Robinson, 6. Hugh McCluggage (202.8k FM = 2nd game), 7. Tom Bell, 8. Rohan Bewick, 9. Dayne Beams, 10. Daniel Rich, 12. Stefan Martin, 15. Dayne Zorko, 17. Claye Beams (257.5k D = 2nd game), 18. Nicholas Robertson, 26. Tom Cutler, 27. Darcy Gardiner, 28. Lewis Taylor, 30. Eric Hipwood (260.6k F), 31. Harris Andrews, 32. Sam Mayes, 33. Michael...