For those who take it way too seriously

Travis Boak is one of the most consistent performers in the AFL, and despite having numerous opportunities to leave the club, his commitment to Port Adelaide is admirable. As the 30-year old makes his 250th AFL appearance, his legacy should be celebrated in Alberton. The midfielder is seemingly getting better with age, and his 2018 statistics displayed a remarkable consistency to his game. His numbers are certainly eye-catching, although his reliability can sometimes result in him being overlooked by fantasy managers. He isn't a fashionable choice by any means, but he continues to lead by example, and is viewed as an inspiration by many of the younger players at the club.

Boak had the opportunity to leave Port Adelaide back in 2012. After five seasons with the club, he was understandably attracting interest from elsewhere, with the Cats reportedly making an approach for the then-22-year old. However, Boak opted to stay loyal to the Power, signing a new contract with the club amid ongoing financial turmoil. The temptation to join Geelong could have proved too much for the midfielder, who could have been wooed by the possibility of a move back home, but after much deliberation, he opted to put pen to paper on a new deal in Port Adelaide.

At the time, Boak was averging 0.6 goals per game, and around 12.4 kicks per match. During the 2011 season, he notched 458 disposals across the campaign, and had already outlined his importance to the side on many occasions. Those numbers have since risen, with an impressive 19 goals throughout the 2018 season, as well as making a crucial 94 tackles.

Port Adelaide co-captain Ollie Wines lavished praise upon his team-mate ahead of his forthcoming milestone calling him...
Friday Teams have dropped. Some big outs and rookies on the bubble dropped.

There’s going to be some nerves before the extended benches are locked in.

What’s your concerns, strategy and trades this week.

Who is the best Trade in FWD, MID & DEF this week?
Amid a plethora of awkward blow outs, the author has found it refreshing to be remind y’all of not whom starred for your team but whom brought their “C” game and sealed their own fate. And yes, rolling with this brevity theme. Apologies if you waited up for this...

Whitsunday Warriors 1180 def Wineglass Bay Packers 1073

The Wineglass Bay scenic shuttle was well overbooked this weekend, as passengers were so plentiful, they outnumbered the healthy folk. Mr Hewett can be thanked for single-handedly getting the visitors into 4 digits.
Rubberneck Packers – McKenna, Collins, Scully, Matera, Reid, Lynch, Stretch

For the home side, only a minor stain in an otherwise mediocre performance.
Grubby Warriors – Gray, Wines, Tarrant (and probably JJK cos he’s still half of what he should be). Props to Jezza who’s having a career year.

Charlies Opening Spelunkers 980 def by Venus Bay Vultures 1206

The hosting Spudlunkers were even more putrid than normal as the Vultures pecked the cotton-pickin life out of them. Oh Bont was ok.
Cotton-picked Troggs – Bonner, Atkins, SPS, Florent, Higgins, Fritsch, Merrett, Williamson

The visiting Vultures were not immune to regurgitating all over their team mates, just well disguised by some return to form of Gaff, Yeo and Stef.
Yaked on Vultures – Howe, Walker, Fiorini, Beams, Hogan , Daniher

Bring on the MSD so both these teams can load up on more junk.

Mount Beauty Uglies 1002 def by Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 1025

Must be some sort of divine intervention that I get to pen the review for my solitary win for the season (nothing to do with the fact I swapped duties with Len a week ago).
To be honest, when a team a shite as the Lefties gets a win, its gonna be hard to sort the chaff from the chaff. But here goes.
Fistful of SFA Lefties – Brayshaw, Berry, Clark, Ruck dept, Coach

With a 3-3 win loss record heading into this game, the Uglies were staring at a probable victory, unfortunately their absentee list is...
What a round - suspect some very indifferent scores this week (some under 2000).
Teams form is a week to week proposition at the moment, whilst some others injury lists are getting rather long - hope you dodged that bullet.

That curse of the late change strikes again - looking at you Chris Scott.

How did your team go, did you nail the Cpt this week, any issues you need to address and who is a must trade (in/out) for your team this week?

And is Daniel Caleb the new Ram Man?
Okay - its time to get your structures sorted, however, without viable downgrade options do we have to lower our expectations for a few weeks and adopt a Moneyball move and target extra points (which could be a winning move while others sit on the same rookies for a few more weeks) before the byes?

Don't Wait, Shop Early!
Does anyone rate a player who hasn't played yet but its only a matter of time before they break into an AFL team (eg: Ben Cavarra seems to be on the mend and played last week or Marc Pittonet who had 12 clearances, 29 disposals, 42 hit outs and a goal)

Warning for those with Rookies from the Tigers. Shai Bolton who was dropped last week and racked up 26 disposals, 17 contested possessions, 11 tackles, eight clearances and seven inside-50s.

Mid Season Draft - Ben Kennedy had 19 contested possessions for Williamstown’s and looks likely to be picked up again.


AFL Players In The Mix
AFL Injury List Updates

Other News:
Finally - Ask yourself this question!
If your trades are not going to be playing (at least 2 games) during the byes, don't pic them!
With only a few weeks to go, who you trade in now has never been more critical!

They must either ripen up to cash in or simply must be playing. So what’s your strategy. Do you have a plan?

If you Fail to Plan then you Plan to FAIL!
Charlies Opening Spelunkers 876 vs Whitsunday Warriors 1049
The Cavemen got well and truly stuffed by @TerryinBangkok ’s forward line. Boak, Cameron and Gray of the Sam variety went nuts on my depleted backline with 2 out of position defenders proving easy pickings. Everywhere else it was potatoes for both sides.

Not a bloody ton anywhere from my mob, and whilst the fans are disappointed, the match committee are delighted. New draftees Tarryn Thomas and Sydney Stack are showing a bit. For TiB, his focus will be on trying to breathe some life into his midfield and defensive lines.

Wineglass Bay Packers 1153 vs Mount Beauty Uglies 998
@Tracey notches her first win for the season, and just as @HeavyMen gives @bama a new contract, it all goes to shit. Wilson, Stretch and the returned Mummy all went large for Tracey. The Uglies’ forward line needs to get into the room of mirrors and stare down a pissed off @HeavyMen

Venus Bay Vultures 1265 vs Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles 1226
Match of the round and a battle between two of the flag favourites. The more optimistic within our rank would say scoring was hampered due to the quality of the opposition, I say it was just a shit game. 1267 without Buddy and a tight in the butt Simpson isn’t a bad score I guess. @graeme shifting his focus to Stamford Bridge in the hope his blues can get the last Champions League spot.

Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 821 vs Birdsville Battlers 1148
@JC gave a brief review last week, and this match didn’t conjure up much in the way of content. Birdsville had the bye, and the players treated it as such.

Gariwerd Cockatoos 1564 vs Nareewillock Nuffers 1040
@anthak steps up and gives @TheTassieHawk an arse kicking of mammoth proportions. 9 tons and only one score under 80… not bad for a team in...
Just when you thought you were going to break 2300 and leap up in the rankings. Sunday games again failed to fire.

Did anyone bye pass Grundy, Gawn and Neal for Cripps? Who couldn’t find a loophole?

Who surprised? Who Sucks? And who is on the chopping block?

Are you trading up or down this week?

Let the trades begin!!
Friday April 26, 7:50pm at the Adelaide Oval

B: Bonner, Clurey, Houston
HB: Burton, Jonas, Byrne-Jones
C: Duursma, Rockliff, Westhoff
HF: Boak, Ebert, Butters
F: R.Gray, Ryder, Rozee
FOLL: Lycett, Wines, Drew
I/C: Powell-Pepper, Howard, Marshall, S.Gray
EMG: Broadbent, Johnson, Lienert, Amon

No changes

B: Macmillan, Tarrant, Pittard
HB: Wright, Thompson, Atley
C: Dumont, Higgins, Polec
HF: Hall, Ziebell, Zurhaar
F: Wood, Brown, Turner
FOLL: Goldstein, Cunnington, Anderson
I/C: Davies-Uniacke, McDonald, Larkey, Thomas
EMG: Hrovat, Simpkin, Scott, Hayden

IN: McDonald, Larkey, Thomas
OUT: Simpkin, Ahern, Scott

Saturday April 27, 1:45pm at Metricon Stadium

B: Harbrow, Collins, Ballard
HB: Murdoch, Hombsch, Hanley
C: Ainsworth, Bowes, Horlin-Smith
HF: Sexton, Wright, Holman
F: MacPherson, Corbett, Martin
FOLL: Witts, Miller, Swallow
I/C: Brodie, Fiorini, Joyce, Lukosius
EMG: Day, Heron, Miles, Young

IN: Corbett
OUT: Burgess

B: Hodge, Walker, Rich
HB: Witherden, Gardiner, Robinson
C: Berry, Neale, McCluggage
HF: Rayner, Hipwood, McCarthy
F: Cameron, McStay, McInerney
FOLL: Martin, Zorko, Lyons
I/C: Cutler, Taylor, Lester, Answerth
EMG: Bastinac, Robertson, Ballenden, Smith

IN: Cutler, Taylor, Lester, Answerth
OUT: Robertson, Christensen, Andrews, Mathieson

Saturday April 27, 4:35pm at Marvel Stadium

B: Webster, Brown, Savage
HB: Wilkie, Battle, McKenzie
C: Steven, Ross, Newnes
HF: Billings, Bruce, Parker
F: Lonie, Membrey, Gresham
FOLL: Marshall, Steele, Sinclair
I/C: Acres, Long, Kent, Paton
EMG: Longer, Joyce, Hind, Marsh

IN: McKenzie
OUT: Geary

B: Keath, Talia, Laird
HB: Mackay, Hartigan, Kelly
C: Knight, Greenwood, Atkins
HF: Crouch, Walker, Lynch
F: Murphy, Himmelberg, Betts
FOLL: O’Brien, Ellis-Yolmen, Sloane
I/C: Crouch, Gibbs, Poholke, Smith
EMG: Jenkins, Gallucci, Jones, Fogarty

IN: Poholke
Apologies for the brevity, but a short turnaround equals a short review. Here 's round 5 in a sentence or two:

Whitsunday Warriors 1109 def by Mount Beauty Uglies 1131
tough loss for TiB but he needed a few others to help Ollie out.
Uglies: After 3 straight wins, I wonder how many cans deep @HeavyMen is into the celebrations?

Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles 1075 def Charlies Opening Spelunkers 964
an ordinary effort by their usual standards but still got the job done.
Spelunkers: Operation ‘Sir Tanks-a-lot’ is alive and well.

Birdsville Battlers 1325 def Wineglass Bay Packers 1047
A couple of 150’s helped paper over the cracks.
Packers: Stephenson continues to show plenty and a playing ruck surely makes life easier.

Nareewillock Nuffers 1092 def by Venus Bay Vultures 1189
Only claiming half their top score hurt. Building, but it’ll take some time.
Vultures: A long way off last year so far, but a win gets them on the positive side of the ledger.

Nowhere Else Wanderers 1163 def Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 1041
Got everything from terrible (Aliir) to sublime (Walters), but most importantly - a win.
Lefties: Nice debut from Hately, but still crying out for a playing ruck.

Marble Bar Misfits 1343 def Gariwerd Cockatoos 1280
No Ward, no worries, as the defending champs just keep ticking along.
Cockatoos: Can count themselves unlucky to be 1-4 given they’re the sixth highest scoring team.

Wagga Wagga Wombats 1180 def by Gundagai Grasshoppers 1233
A touch unlucky as their best was better and they had the best four players on the park.
Hoppers: Still the only undefeated team as their superior depth got them home this week.

Iron Knob Codpieces 1229 def by Foul Bay Chickens 1386
I thought the green vest was back after Darling pumped out a 9.
Chooks: Eddie Betts, what a...