For those who take it way too seriously

The season is finally upon us! Yeah!

The Knicks and the Cavs kick things off on opening night at 10:30am Wednesday morning Melbourne time.
Should be a great season once again, with a lot of teams on the improve this year I reckon.

Let us know your predictions in the comments - Champion, MVP, ROY etc

Good luck to everyone. Have fun :)
2016 Top 6 - WB, Syd, Geel, GWS, Haw, Adel
2016 Middle 6 - WCE, NM, StK, Port, Melb, Coll
2016 Bottom 6 - Rich, Carl, GCS, Freo, Bris, Ess

Rd 9 BYES: Gold Coast Suns, Port Adelaide

Rd 11 BYES: St Kilda, Western Bulldogs, Sydney Swans, Brisbane Lions, Carlton, Melbourne

Rd 12 BYES: North Melbourne, Richmond, West Coast Eagles, Geelong Cats

Rd 13 BYES: Adelaide Crows, GWS Giants, Collingwood, Essendon, Fremantle, Hawthorn

2017 Rd1

Thursday, March 23
Carlton v Richmond, MCG

Friday, March 24
Collingwood v Western Bulldogs, MCG

Saturday, March 25
Sydney Swans v Port Adelaide, SCG
St Kilda v Melbourne, Etihad Stadium
Gold Coast v Brisbane Lions - Q CLASH - Metricon Stadium
Essendon v Hawthorn, MCG

Sunday, March 26
North Melbourne v West Coast, Etihad Stadium
Adelaide v Greater Western Sydney, Adelaide Oval
Fremantle v Geelong, Patersons Stadium - their only double up game against top 6/bottom 6 opposition

Comment here with any rumours, or post fixture discussion
Here are the draft results for all leagues.
Boom. Trade week.

I'll keep this post updated with the latest new that drops.


Daniel Wells has nominated Collingwood as his new home under free agency #NABTradeRadio
Vickery to the Hawks. Richmond get a 2nd rounder as Compo.


The GIANTS have received pick 3 from @freodockers in exchange for Cameron McCarthy and picks 7, 33 & 71


Chris Mayne to Collingwood as a UFA


Freo send their Second (23) to Hawthorn for Brad Hill

Brisbane get Picks 3 and 16 from GWS for Picks 2, 31, 51 and 60


St Kilda recieve Jack Steele from the GWS for a future Round 2 selection

WCE recieve Sam Mitchell, pick 54 and pick 72 from Hawthorn for Picks 52, 70 and 88

Hawthorn recieve Tom Mitchell and pick 57 from Sydney for pick 14 and 52

Hawthorn pick up pick 10 and 68 from St Kilda in exchange for 23, 36 and the Hawks 2017 first rounder


Nathan Brown to St Kilda as a free Agent
North receive Paul Ahern from GWS for pick 69


3 Way
GC: Hanley and pick 67 for Pick 22 and 30
Port: Pick 19, 30 for 2017 1st rounder and pick 67
Lions: Pick 22, Ports 2017 1st for Hanley and pick 19

Melb receive Jordan Lewis, Pick 57 and 68 from Hawthorn for Pick 48 and 66

Freo receive Joel Hamling and Pick 40, 63 from the Dogs for Pick 35, 43


Melbourne receive Hibberd and Pick 59 from the Bombers for pick 29, 68

Richmond receive Prestia and pick 24 from the Suns for Pick 6 and the Tigers 2017 2nd Rounder

Richmond reveive Nankervis from Sydney for pick 46


Suns get Witts from Collingwood for pick 44, 63

Suns receive pick 35, 43 from Dogs for Picks 26 and 80

North receive Hrovat, Dogs 2017 3rd and 4th Rounder from Dogs for North 2017 3rd and 4th rounder

Freo pick up Kersten from Geelong for Pick 63

Cats get Tuohy and Blues 2017 2nd Rounder for Smedts, Pick 63 and the Cats 2017 1st Rounder

Richmond receive Caddy and pick 56 from the...
The draft order has been set for the Premier League and Division One

EDIT - the draft order for the 2 conferences has now been set as well

The drafts will be held on Sunday night 16th of October at 10.00pm (AEST). The reason why I have decided to have nominate the 16th of October is that all unclaimed players can pass through waivers before the season commences. Plus it gives the opportunity for teams to trade players before the season if they wish to do so.

If you are not available at the time of the draft, you can create a pre draft list where the system will automatically pick the next available player from the players remaining.

I strongly encourage any new players to have a go at the mock draft on the ESPN fantasy basketball site before Sunday. Select the next available snake draft and this will give you a fell as to how the system works. Remember you only have 60 seconds to make your pick in our draft.

Over the next week we will send out the invites to join the league that you are in. Once this occurs, please accept the invitation ASAP.

Remember you can also trade draft picks as well before the draft.

We use a snake draft whereby the order is reversed each round (e.g the person who has pick 1 in the first round, will have the last pick in the 2nd round, e.g pick 24)

Here are the draft orders:

Premier League

1 ddsaints
2 yumcha
3 karlos
4 daBombers
5 stowie
6 rev
7 steve
8 rodgo
9 heaver
10 mick
11 bgt2110
12 anthak

Division One

1 costak
2 don_cottagers
3 g train
4 jasmine
5 chris white
6 610
7 walesy
8 doolz
9 L6
10 crossy
11 tasho
12 lethal

Conference One

1 Ball Dont Lie
2 Maggots
3 Belmont383
4 Port_Leschenault
5 Jai Thomas
6 Outkast_au
7 Bearfly
8 nicksnow
9 Heatlicious
10 Viq BoZ
11 Rad E Cool
12 tyze_1

Conference Two

1 That KI Guy
2 Lano 24
for those of you suffering from SC withdrawal feel free to post offseason rumours and discussion below

Friday 7th October - RFA and UFA begins (ends on Oct 16)
Monday 10th October - Trade Period begins (ends on Oct 20)

Sunday 16th October - RFA and UFA period ends
Thursday 20th October - Trade period ends

Tuesday 1st November - delisted player free agent period opens
Friday 18th November - delisted player free agent period closes

Thursday 24th November - AFL Draft
Friday 25th November - preseason and rookie drafts
Indicative draft order prior to trade and free agency commencing

ESS 1. Essendon
BL 2. Brisbane Lions
FREM 3. Fremantle
GCFC 4. Gold Coast
CARL 5. Carlton
RICH 6. Richmond
GWS 7. Greater Western Sydney (received from Collingwood via a 2015 trade for Adam Treloar)
GCFC 8. Gold Coast (received from Melbourne in a 2015 exchange of picks)
PORT 9. Port Adelaide
STK 10. St Kilda
NMFC 11. North Melbourne
WC 12. West Coast
ADEL 13. Adelaide
HAW 14. Hawthorn
GWS 15. Greater Western Sydney
GWS 16. Greater Western Sydney (originally received by Carlton from Geelong via a trade for Lachie Henderson)
SYD 17. Sydney Swans
WB 18. Western Bulldogs

ESS 19. Essendon
BL 20. Brisbane Lions
GCFC 21. Gold Coast (received from...
We are about to commence our 7th season in a row of fantasy NBA on TS. Its been a lot of fun, ever since starting with a 20 team league in year 1, back in 2010/11, to more recent times where we have had 4 leagues of 12 teams in each since 2013.

We've had 40 players register their interest for the upcoming season so far. Its great to see so many people interested once again, however we still need 8 more players to reach the same number as the last 4 seasons. If you are interested or know of someone who may be interested, any new players need to register their interest in this thread.

Here is a little information about the comp for those that are new to this. Also feel free to ask any questions in the comments down below and the community here will be able to help you out.

Firstly, it is free to enter. We use the fantasy NBA platform on the ESPN site. We use a points system that we have developed ourselves over the years and rosters lock daily at the start of the first game each day. All settings can be found HERE.

We have leagues of 12 teams in each. with teams getting promoted and relegated at the end of each season. There is a Premier League, a Division 1, and all other leagues are conference leagues that feed into Div 1.

We run a live snake draft with 1 min per pick, and the draft will likely be held on a Sunday evening (Australian time) within the last fortnight before opening night.

We run all drafts at the same time and all leagues are exactly the same in terms of size and settings, so it is always interesting to compare teams from different leagues and see how we all go throughout the season.

Our regular season is for 16 game weeks and the top 5 on H2H make the playoffs/finals. We usually have a new thread posted here on tooserious each week with results from all leagues, which is a good place for some banter with each other.

Its been a lot of fun, and I can't wait for the...
After an immensely successful opening season in 2015, the Friday Front Bar returned bigger and better in 2016.

The show stars comedian Sam Pang and Mick Molloy as well as revered sports journalist, Andy Maher.

The program is produced by Molloy Productions together with Carlton Draught.

What started a 15 minute show last year, reached 400,000 views in 2015 and has now evolved into a half hour program after the Friday night footy every week on Channel 7.

The trio sit at a bar in Melbourne in a footy program unlike any other. It is a relaxed vibe, as they sip beer and chat about the topics currently taking the footy world by storm.

Maher, Molly and Pang discuss all the hot topics that have caught the attention of the media over the week, while executing hilarious one-liners with brilliant precision.

Their fresh, hilarious take on AFL is refreshing and a must watch every week.

They are joined by special guests each week, ranging from footy legends of years gone by to some of those who perhaps don’t receive the recognition they deserve, such as the umpires of our great game.

The show can be viewed on and Channel 7, including Plus 7 catch up TV.

With the AFL Grand Final just around the corner, this is a show not to be missed.

Check out the latest episode of the Friday Front Bar at and like their Facebook page for more updates and great insight.

Post sponsored by Carlton Draught.
For the past 3 seasons we have had 4 leagues of 12 with promotion and relegation between them up and down.
This season will be the first under a new format, where there will still be a Premier league and a Division 1, however all other leagues will sit directly under Div 1 and all feed into it directly and equally. This will hopefully create a quicker path to the Premier league for new teams and other teams in the lower leagues.

We need to decide how many teams will move between each league...