For those who take it way too seriously

The flying start to the 2021 AFL season shows no signs of slowing down for Melbourne, although they had to survive an almighty scare in the derby encounter with North Melbourne, who led the fiercely contested Round 7 duel at half-time.

Despite being bottom of the ladder and without a single win, North Melbourne looked ready to inflict the first defeat of the campaign on their much-fancied rival, heading into the interval with an advantage of 19 points. However, there was no denying an under-strength Melbourne side, who already had Jack Viney absent and then lost Adam Tomlinson early in the game.

The Kangaroos were full of bounce in the first half, putting in what looked to be their best
shift of the season. The highlight for North Melbourne was a classy display by midfielder
Ben Cunnington, who eventually played all four quarters. He registered 34 touches, 8
clearances and 2 goals, yet that excellent performance wasn’t enough for his team in the end.

Rediscovering their inner fire, the Demons turning an already fascinating battle into a six-goal third quarter, as the Kangaroos quickly lost their grip on the game. The keys to unlocking the rival team were defender Christian Salem and ruckman Luke Jackson, while marksman Bayley Fritsch booted six goals.

North Melbourne remained in the fight for points throughout the second-half confrontation, yet there was no stopping Melbourne, who showed the extra quality and class needed to dominate the remainder of the game. That said, the final winning margin of 30 points was perhaps a little misleading for the Demons, given the Kangaroos deserved more for their efforts.

Following the joy of victory for the Demons at the weekend, they were struck with bad news regarding key defender Adam Tomlinson, after he suffered a knee injury in the...
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Waikikamoocow (1421) vs Wagga Wagga (1002)

Cows came play, Wombats came to party..

It’s never going to be easy to beat a team with 5 players scoring over 120, Menegola 152, Dunkley 148, Parfitt 135, McGovern 130 & Fyfe 125 combined to pretty much seal the deal against a Wagga side playing a man down. Smith and Lycett stood out for Lenny who will be hoping Ridley only misses the one game and a few mids get games.

Graeme now sitting 7th with a 3/2 record with scoring returning to the more imposing type

Lenny copping his first loss with a very uncharacteristic low score for R5 will be hoping for a bounce to hold onto or advance his 5th position on the ladder

Nowhere Else (1149) vs Foul Bay (1303)

Wanderers had a highly credible 6 centurions but lined up two short with half a numpty in ruck, the Chooks had just the one big score with Ziebell’s 148 but a good even score across the rest, full compliment of players and depth in reserves highlighted the respective current status of the two squads.

Foul Bay sitting at 4 and 1 and looking certain to play & impact finals this year, aiming to prove you don’t need a team of champions to win, more a champion team.

Nowhere Else are coming out of the rebuild phase, desperate for a playing ruck and a few more games into the youth, whilst 0 and 5 they would have beaten 7 other teams this week.

Cradle Mountain (1345) vs Charlie’s Opening (1272

Tassie Titans Clash – Would hardly have been a believable playbill but with the cavemen finally emerging from their long cold winter that was how it played out. The Devils were best served by Rich, Lever, Steele, Redden, Nank and Zorko, for the Spelunkers Duggan, Bont, Merrett, Brayshaw and Darcy were highlights but Dean had a superior supporting cast and took the points.

Cradle Mountain are sitting 8th with a WLWLW pattern, very binary group that, will play...
There is something irresistible about a team that has a gung-ho approach to winning a game. Whatever sporting code it may be and however tribal the feeling of animosity towards even the most hated rival is, one can’t help but admire a team that puts on a show. That is the Westen Bulldogs in a nutshell at the moment having come out the traps flying in the new AFL season.

Indeed, much to the surprise of most AFL fans, the Doggies have made it three wins from their opening three games. Whilst it may be too early to say if this form is here to stay or it is merely a case of the Bulldogs riding the crest of a wave, everyone has been thoroughly entertained regardless.

Having said that, perhaps it is slightly unfair to suggest that it is purely momentum that is keeping the Doggies going at the moment given that they are at just 8/1 in Aussie Rules betting to win the 2021 Grand Final.

Additionally, the Bulldogs have just come off the biggest win in the history of the club after tearing North Melbourne apart. There’s a good chance that Good Friday will from now on be remembered as Great Friday by the Western Bulldogs after they beat the Kangaroos by an unprecedented 128 points.

It’s worth noting that North Melbourne have their own set of very real problems to deal with this season. A string of injuries and a defence that is shipping points at an alarming rate will give many frequent goers to the Marvel Stadium sleepless nights. In reality, the overwhelming evidence suggests that it's going to be a long season for the Kangaroos having lost all three opening games but even still, they ran into a team that will put many to the sword in a similar fashion this season.

The footy on display from the Bulldogs was simply sublime and much of that was done to Josh Bruce....
Round 4 in the ORFFA saw a couple of close contests, including a tight tussle for the Mark Seaby Memorial Trophy. Some words below that may or may not tell you how your team went this week….

Nowhere Else Wanderers 996 def by Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles 1304

The Cows curb stomped the undermanned Wanderers in a very one-sided affair. I shudder to think what the margin would have been if Nat had brought his kicking boots – 0.6 is potential coach killer material! I’m sure Graeme was relieved that Brad Crouch remembered what he’s supposed to do when he sees a white line. One short and one of many with half a ruck, it was a difficult weekend for the Wanderers. A ton from new recruit Powell was encouraging, though.

Wagga Wagga Wombats 1333 def Cradle Mountain Devils 1277

Lenny’s boys stay undefeated in a high-quality contest against the Devils. The Wombats got an even effort across the board to back up a strong midfield performance. The Devils didn’t do a lot wrong and had plenty of contributors, but the coach would be hoping for a bit more from the forwards.

Foul Bay Chickens 1170 def Birdsville Battlers 1161

Well, Chief, spitting in my face with your two playing rucks was uncalled for but, let’s be honest, I’d have done the same if I could. This one was closer than it usually is between these teams, but the status quo remains, and the Battlers are still shitter than the Chooks. Granted, half a ruck and a 3 for Luke McDonald sting in a 9-point loss – but as my 9-year-old self used to say, look at the scoreboard loser.

Charlies Opening Spelunkers 1267 def Mount Beauty Uglies 1238

Won’t lie, read this one a few times before I convinced myself it was right. A good team effort from the cave dwellers, including six tons, may have pleased the coach - but it’s hard to know with the tankers, isn’t it? Tough loss for the Uglies who slump to 1-3. Just not enough support for Petracca and Gawn this week. A bit concerned I may incite the wrath...
Big round for trade decisions - assuming a lot of owners have Young, and already had to burn 2 trades on Danger and Rowell, maybe even Caldwell. Do you still have room for correction trades?

Some more rookies named this week:
Will Martyn, Richmond, MID, 123,900
Rhyan Mansell, Richmond, DEF, 102,400
Beau Mccreery, Collingwood, FWD, 117,300
Lachlan Jones, Port Adelaide, DEF, 139,800

Not tremendous job security; seems Mansell is in for McIntosh. Richmond still have Riley Collier-Dawkins not getting a game too and McIntoch and Prestia shouldn't be out too long, so not sure I'd trust getting 3 games out of these guys but something to monitor.
McCreery could be an interesting one as not many guaranteed starters in that Pies side...
Will Jones keep his place in that strong Port squad?
Round 3 in the ORFFA saw us pay tribute to our friendly friend Walesy. Hooray for Walesy, and hooray for the ORFFA.

Now, let's see how Round 3 treated our teams...

Devils 1314 d 'Cows 1171

Cradle Mountain got back on track with a convincing win over the Incorrigibles.

It was the Devils' defence that did the damage, with Rich, Lever and O'Connor racking up tons. Four other Devils hit the century as well in what was a good team effort.

The Cows got got big scores out of Dunkley, Papley and OBrien, but Prestia's early injury hurt - and may continue to sting for the next few weeks.

Battlers 1121 d Wanderers 1021

Birdsville shored up a spot in the eight with a hard-fought win over the Wanderers.

Big Harry McKay led the charge, kicking goals from everywhere on the way to 145 points. The only sour note for the Birdsville was the serious injury to ruckman Witts, who is unlikely to take the field for the rest of the season.

The Wanderers' had their own injury issues, with Stephen Coniglio hurt early on. Lyons with 139 top scored, while the defensive quartet of May, Ballard, Aliir and Plowman showed plenty of fight.

Wombats 1227 d Uglies 1179

Wagga overcame an interchange doughnut to remain undefeated, sneaking home over the Uglies in a close contest.

Jordan Ridley's 147 spearheaded the Wombats' effort, while Langdon and Impey scored much needed tons.

The Uglies kept it close all day- Max Gawn almost singlehandedly carrying his team to victory with 163 points. Ultimately some below par performances from Martin and Butters made the difference.

Vultures 1446 d Chickens 1306

A near top of the table clash produced a high scoring, high quality contest, with the Vultures emerging undefeated.

Seven tons all over the park helped the Vultures, with OMeara, Gaff and Kossie Pickett top scoring. Higgins' injury the only sour note.

The Chooks were well served by Ziebell, Jack Higgins and Goldstein, but were ultimately outgunned elsewhere...
Round 3 has started! Grundy has gone large! Hopefully some of us have him as VC, but are there any loophole options on the horizon?

Has anyone heard any news about any rookies being dropped later this round?
Stupid injury round hey? better late than never on the old review

Nothing could be more stupid than Nigel Smart trying to firewalk back in the day….

Round 2 of the 2021 ORFFA season is done and dusted, here is the super quick lowdown

Birdsville Battlers 1239 defeated Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles 1194
JC gets the corned beef sarnies in a close one. Ryan, Cerra and Witts tonning up, with Mitchell and Dunkley doing well for the Cows. Pig Hunter Robinson was shit

Cradle Mountain Devils 1153 smacked by the Mount Beauty Uglies 1353
Tons to Rich, Pendles, Steele and Gresham weren’t enough for the Devils, as the Uglies went mad. Salem, Walsh, Ellis, Gawn, Martin were good and Butters went bananas with 163

Nowhere Else Wanderers 1180 defeated by Venus Bay Vultures 1213
Dave goes down in another close one with tons to Atkins and Lyons. Newnes and Scott were unremarkable. Crisp, Houston and Parker all put in a decent shift for Fitzy

Wagga Wagga Wombats 1289 do Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 1183
Lenny’s now top of the tree with a win against the bye. 6 tons and a scintillating 19 from Aaaaaaarts was enough to get over the improving Lefties, who now might not be a bye, just bi.

Foul Bay Chickens 1132 defeated Lovely Banks Lilacs 1042
Chooks go 2-0, Lilacs back to 50%, Old crew in Libba, Selwood and Hawkins good for the Chooks. The flowing locks of Darcy Moore were in fine form for the Lilacs

Charlies Opening Spelunkers 1140 defeated by Gariwerd Cockatoos 1186
Spelunkers are a tale of two teams, one elite, the other very very shit. Gariwerd might have found one in Jiath

Whitsunday Warriors 1009 defeated Nareewillock Nuffers 995
The TikiBar was a hive of activity after a close one! 4 tons to the home team was enough to get them home by 14 points.

Iron Knob Codpieces 1099 whacked by the Gundagai Grasshoppers 1317
Reigning premiers go 2-0 on the back of a very consistent performance. A couple of shining lights for the...
Need to trade Rowell...

I’m thinking...
Williams via Laird
T Mitchell

Could also trade to Jordon but prefer to wait another week..

I’m genuinely undecided - Titch would only leave $37k in the kitty

What are all your trade plans?
Round 1 Review courtesy of @TerryinBangkok

Win or lose, isn’t it just great to be back?

Waikiks 1380 def. Uglies 1252
Good tussle this one with both teams scoring 5 tons. Great way to start the season but it doesn’t get any easier for Mount Beauty next week with the clash of the Tassie Mountain Men.

Vultures 1226 def. Battlers 1078
Fitzy started with a bang and the Battlers well, they battled. Only one ton to the Vultures but very good even scores across the board. Ominous.

Devils 1354 def. Lefties 1048
It’s official. The Lefties are building. The Devils made a mess of them with a polished performance, but the Lefties have set themselves a benchmark for the rest of the year. Larrikin Lagoon rises from the ashes?

Lilacs 1189 def. Wanderers 996
Lilacs are a rapidly improving team and will be thereabouts come finals time. The Wanderers remain a development team but are pushing that magic 1k mark. Hope to see steady improvement this year from both teams.

Wombats 1334 def. Cockatoos 798.
Bang. The Wombats are the Adelaide Crows of the ORFFA and the Cockies are Geelong. We know the Cockies will bounce back, but can the Wombats put together a consistent season and climb to the heights we know they are capable of?

Chickens 1330 def. Nuffers 909
Like good wine, the Chooks just get better with age and have shown they still have plenty left in the tank. The Nuffers are another development side, fueled by enthusiasm.

Grasshoppers 1301 def. Spelunkers 1066
The Spelunkers signed the Magna Carta while Gundagai would be happy to have that one in the bag. Both teams can be expected to improve on this outing.

Packers 956 def. Warriors 934
Warriors got off to a bad start with injury woes aplenty, but full credit to the Packers who ground out a gutsy well deserved win. 1k is the target for Tracey and this week would be a...