For those who take it way too seriously

A big 2479 in the penultimate round sees a granny appearance for this little black duck.

Anyways, allow me to tell you a quick tale about who that 2479 knocked out this week.

The following email was sent around the league last week (Names changed to protect anonymity)


Good luck in this final week guys. Hope you all have a trade spare! :D
Friday August 19, 8:10pm, Subiaco Oval

B: B.Sheppard, W.Schofield, S.Wellingham
HB: S.Butler, J.McGovern, S.Hurn
C: E.Yeo, M.Priddis, L.Jetta
HF: J.Cripps, J.Darling, C.Masten
F: S.Lycett, J.Kennedy, M.LeCras
Foll: N.Naitanui, A.Gaff, L.Shuey
I/C: D.Sheed, J.Nelson, J.Hill, M.Hutchings
EMG: J.Redden, E.Mackenzie, T.Cole
IN: L.Jetta, J.Nelson
OUT: S.Tunbridge (suspension), T.Barrass (leg)

B: T.Duryea, J.Frawley, S.Burgoyne
HB: S.Mitchell, J.Gibson, G.Birchall
C: I.Smith, L.Shiels, B.Hill
HF: L.Breust, J.Gunston, C.Rioli
F: P.Puopolo, B.McEvoy, R.Burton
Foll: J.Ceglar, J.Lewis, L.Hodge
I/C: K.Brand, B.Whitecross, B.Hartung, W.Langford
EMG: J.Sicily, A.Litherland, T.O’Brien

Saturday August 20, 1:45pm, Blundstone Arena

B: S.Thompson, M.Firrito, S.Atley
HB: J.Macmillan, R.Tarrant, N.Dal Santo
C: J.Ziebell, T.Dumont, D.Wells
HF: B.Harvey, B.Brown, L.Hansen
F: L.Thomas, D.Petrie, M.Daw
Foll: T.Goldstein, B.Cunnington, A.Swallow
I/C: B.McKenzie, J.Anderson, A.Mullett, S.Gibson
EMG: R.Clarke, R.Nahas, J.Tippett
IN: S.Thompson, B.Brown
OUT: R.Nahas, R.Clarke

B: N.Smith, A.Aliir, D.Rampe
HB: C.Mills, H.Grundy, J.McVeigh
C: J.Lloyd, J.Kennedy, D.Hannebery
HF: I.Heeney, L.Franklin, H.Cunningham
F: X.Richards, G.Rohan, T.Papley
Foll: S.Naismith, L.Parker, T.Mitchell
I/C: G.Hewett, B.McGlynn, D.Towers, K.Tippett
EMG: H.Marsh, T.Nankervis, J.Rose
IN: B.McGlynn, K.Tippett
OUT: K.Jack (foot), T.Nankervis

Saturday August 20, 2:10pm, MCG

B: D.Astbury, A.Rance, D.Grimes
HB: J.Short, T.Hunt, B.Ellis
C: O.Markov, T.Cotchin, S.Grigg
HF: D.Martin, S.Lloyd, S.Edwards
F: K.Lambert, J.Riewoldt, D.Rioli
Foll: S.Hampson, N.Vlastuin, A.Moore
I/C: T.Elton, C.Moore, C.Menadue, B.Houli
EMG: N.Broad, A.Marcon, D.Butler
IN: K.Lambert, T.Elton, C.Menadue, C.Moore
OUT: T.Vickery, A.Miles, N.Drummond, B.Lennon...
The two home sides notched up preliminary final wins and will clash in the first ever ORFFF Grand Final at Drouin

@stowie, @That KI Guy

Finals Results so far
QF1 - Drouin Dropbears 1234 defeated Chinchilla Chumps 1205
QF2 - Neptune Island Noahs 1263 defeated Black Swamp 29ers 1081
EF1 - Cockburn Avengers 1406 defeated Mole Creek Glow-Worms 1127
EF2 - Jan Juc Ducks 1185 defeated by Useless Loop Virgins 1391

SF1- Chinchilla Chumps 1168 defeated Cockburn Avengers 1162
SF2 - Black Swamp 29ers 1255 defeated by Useless Loop Virgins 1452

PF1 - Drouin Dropbears 1418 defeated Useless Loop Virgins 1277
PF2 - Neptune Island Noahs 1411 defeated Chinchilla Chumps 1355


Week 4 ORFFF Finals Fixture (AFL Round 22) - as always first named is the home side

Grand Final – Drouin Dropbears (1st, 14-1) vs Neptune Island Noahs (2nd 13-2)
Since Round 6 these 2 sides have sat at #1 and #2 on the ladder in either order and their preliminary final wins were Drouin’s 5th score over 1400 for the season and Neptune Island’s 4th score over 1400. Their weekly averages are 1366 and 1308 respectively.

Last time they played (2016, ORFFF Round 9) – Neptune Island Noahs 1356 defeated Drouin Dropbears 1333 (23 points)

Round 9 Brownlow votes and other tons
Neptune Island: Ross 152 (5 votes), Bugg 124 (2votes), Prestia 104, Howe 104, Rich 102
Drouin: Steven 148 (4 votes), Docherty 135 (3 votes), Walker...
Week 1 of finals and we had some entertaining ones, to be fair some people were more entertained than others.

Foul Bay Chickens vs Birdsville Battlers

1296 vs 1347

Well, that set the cat amongst the chickens for sure, Foul Bay were raging favourites with most agencies, though suspiciously not by the FA’s inhouse Chief Bet (one word or two?) operated by Foul Bay management.

Foul Bay defence was well, foul, Shaw batted almost 20 below average, Bartel couldn’t find his average and used Dawson’s, whilst Biggs and Frawley turned into Irish famine solutions. In the mids Dangerfield became Cautionfield at best and Cunnington apparently wants a slot at the Misfits. Mumford starred along with dollhouse and Betts while Vince, Selwood, & Kelly battled manfully.

For the Battlers, subpar performances from Ebert and Lloyd were their only concerns though I’m sure JC would like to not have to play Taylor and McEvoy onfield in their current form. Treloar starred, Atkins and Dea batted well above average whilst the rest of the team performed at or above expectation.

Larrikin Lagoon Lefties vs Darraweit Guim Dirigibles

1232 vs 1210

Close contest this, not unexpected given the variance in averages between the two for the season proper was only 58 points and the backup coach for the Lefties is bloody glad he wasn’t in charge this week.

KI dude would be very happy with the performances of Mitchell and Bugg in particular, whilst Fisher will be asked to do extra laps at training in his wheelchair and Tom Lynch won’t be able to look to many in the eye. The remainder of the team put on a very even performance.

Chris on the other hand had highs and lows and very few averages, Rance, May, Tyson, Hrovat & Gleeson all played well above their normal standard whilst Young, Edwards and Newnes have all been asked to “Please Explain”, Ceglar doesn’t need to, he’s special.

Mount Beauty Uglies vs Gariwerd Cockatoos

1189 vs 1172

Close contest this (theme), odd...
draw for week 4 - 2016 TS Masters Series Grand Final (Round 22)

Match 15 - SF Bulls (@tyze1 – ranked 836) vs TrigaGotzNoHeartFC (@Mick – ranked 2027)

2 of the ORFFU crew face off in the Masters Series Grand Final, if I recall correctly this is Tyze1’s 2nd time in the decider after a runners up effort in 2013. Good luck fellas !!


In 2013 we started the TS Masters Series as a midseason knockout competition

In 2014 we also held the TS Challenge, TS Shield and TS Plate and changed the Masters Series to the best 32 teams on the site towards the end of the year.

In 2015 @TopHeavy took out the 2015 TS Shield while @BlueSteele took out the 2015 TS Masters Series (run on a 24 team 5 week knockout format).

In 2016 the Masters Series is back !! Unfortunately due to time constraints we won't hold the TS Shield this year.

If we get 24 teams nominated of a sufficient standard (approximately top 5k or better, a higher cutoff should be achievable) we will run the comp as a knockout comp during rounds 19-23, if not we will look to hold a 16 team comp (Rds 19-22 or 20-23)
Please note Trading Games teams are eligible – they have 10 sides in the top 5k

What you have to do by the 12 noon Thursday 28th July cutoff

1 – join the TS Group (if you didn’t do this at the start of the year)

Simply click...
Looks like those guys in lockout land are busy watching the Olympics. I know I have been! :D

That said, it was nice to see the two cellar dwellers pick up a win for the week!

On the fantasy front, was glad to have the weekend off as 7 of the 8 finalists in my league would have knocked me off this week! Think it's time to burn my final trades to get Petracca off the field! :D

Friday 12 August, 7.50pm, Etihad Stadium

B: S.Biggs, F.Roberts, E.Wood
HB: J.Johannisen, J.Hamling, M.Boyd
C: L.Hunter, M.Bontempelli, L.Picken
HF: L.Jong, J.Stringer, C.Smith
F: T.Dickson, T.Boyd, C.Daniel
R: J.Roughead, L.Dahlhaus, J.Dunkley
I/C: M.Suckling, Z.Cordy, N.Hrovat, L.Webb
EMG: T.McLean, W.Minson, J.Adcock

IN: M.Suckling
OUT: D.Morris (Hamstring)

B: J.Marsh, N.Brown, J.Howe
HB: J.Smith, T.Goldsack, B.Maynard
C: S.Sidebottom, A.Treloar, J.Aish
HF: R.Wills, D.Moore, T.Varcoe
F: A.Oxley, J.White, J.Blair
R: B.Grundy, S.Pendlebury, T.Adams
I/C: J.De Goey, L.Greenwood, T.Phillips, J.Crisp
EMG: B.Macaffer, T.Cloke, A.Toovey

IN: T.Goldsack, A.Oxley, D.Moore, J.De Goey, T.Phillips
OUT: B.Reid (Knee), T.Cloke (Omitted), M.Williams (Omitted), B.Crocker (Concussion), M.Cox (Shoulder)

Saturday 13 August, 1.45pm, Gabba

B: T.Cutler, D.Merrett, D.Gardiner
HB: M.Close, H.Andrews, S.Mayes
C: T.Rockliff, B.Keays, L.Taylor
HF: P.Hanley, A.Smith, E.Hipwood
F: R.Lester, J.Walker, D.Zorko
R: S.Martin, D.Rich, M.Robinson
I/C: R.Bastinac, J.Jansen, R.Mathieson, M.Hammelmann
EMG: J.Clayton, L.Dawson, J.Paine

IN: S.Martin, M.Close, J.Jansen, T.Cutler
OUT: J.Green (Foot), L.Dawson (Omitted), N.Robertson (Knee), J.Schache (General Soreness)

B: Z.Tuohy, S.White, K.Simpson
HB: S.Docherty, J.Weitering, L.Plowman
C: D.Armfield, P.Cripps, B.Boekhorst
HF: J.Silvagni, L.Jones, E.Curnow
F: D.Cuningham, L.Casboult, D.Buckley
R: M.Kreuzer, B.Gibbs, S.Kerridge
I/C: A.Phillips, M.Wright, D.Thomas, S.Rowe
EMG: N.Graham, A.Everitt, K.Jaksch

In: L.Jones, D.Cuningham
Out: A.Walker (Retired), N.Graham (Omitted)

Saturday 13 August, 1.45pm, MCG


B: T.Duryea, J.Frawley, S.Burgoyne
HB: S.Mitchell, J.Gibson, G.Birchall
C: I.Smith, L.Shiels, B.Hill
HF: L.Breust,...
4 sides remain in the hunt as the first season enters the all important last 2 weeks
@stowie, @YAD69, @That KI Guy, @choppers

fun fact 1 - only 4 sides sat at #1 on the ORFFF ladder this season, and all 4 made the prelims! Useless Loop (Rd1), Chinchilla (Rounds 2-5), Neptune Island (Rounds 9-10), and Drouin (Rounds 6-8 and 11-15)

fun fact 2 - the lowest each side ever sat on the ladder was - Useless Loop 13th (Rd7, they were actually outside the 8 for Rounds 5-8), Drouin 5th (Rd1), Chinchilla 4th (Rds 12-15), Neptune Island 3rd (Rds5-6).

but I digress..................... Finals Results so far
QF1 - Drouin Dropbears 1234 defeated Chinchilla Chumps 1205
QF2 - Neptune Island Noahs 1263 defeated Black Swamp 29ers 1081
EF1 - Cockburn Avengers 1406 defeated Mole Creek Glow-Worms 1127
EF2 - Jan Juc Ducks 1185 defeated by Useless Loop Virgins 1391

SF1- Chinchilla Chumps 1168 defeated Cockburn Avengers 1162
SF2 - Black Swamp 29ers 1255 defeated by Useless Loop Virgins 1452

Another big round of finals last week has seen the Avengers and 29ers bow out for 2016 in contrasting fashion after a low scoring nailbiter at Chinchilla and a shootout at the Paddock, with both losing coaches having yet more reasons to detest the purple muppet (aka Ross the Boss).

Meanwhile, Drouin and Neptune Island have been able to rest up as they now take on the surviving teams from Week 2

Week 3 ORFFF Finals Fixture (AFL Round 21) - as always first named is the home side

Preliminary Final 1 – Drouin Dropbears (1st, 14-1) vs Useless Loop Virgins(7th, 8-7)
Last time they played (2016, ORFFF Round 14) – Drouin Dropbears 1233 defeated Useless Loop Virgins 1173 (60 points) more over the break...
Courtesy of @graeme :)

Round 17 (AFL round 20), the final H&A round for 2016

The Lefties Round; The Latin adjective sinister/sinistra/sinistrum originally meant "left" but took on meanings of "evil" or "unlucky" … and in English "sinister". In French, droit(e) means both "right" and "straight" (humph). While gauche means "left" and is a synonym of maladroit, literally "not right", perhaps "clumsy". In Sanskrit, the word "वाम" (waama) stands for both "left" and "wicked." So a fun round looked likely if viewed from the right or should that be the left? Oh, our review looks at things a little differently – why are you surprised?

Despite excellent prescience from the FIXtures Committee in scheduling fixtures that should have been critical to the composition of the top eight most of the final positions on the ladder were determined before the round began. The numbers in parenthesis were the ladder standings going into the final round.

Larrikin Lagoon [2] 1291 defeated Foul Bay [1] 1218

The bookies’ pets were far enough ahead of the Lefties to probably maintain their first pick in the finals advantage. The penultimate fixture of the round presented us with the prospect of Danger and Ducky performing what many pundits assumed would be the coup de grace;except Chris Scott decided to indulge in the sort of shenanigans Sam Newman might have thought were OTT. While Danger (who must be in his own SC team) decided to win his first round finals match the only way he knew possible the head Leftie (Lucifer?) drew a line in the sand and denied the chooks a win away from home. Sam Day’s 32 was trumped by BJ’s 36, and with many similar small gains the LLL eked out a victory which may be the entrée for the round 23 final. But who would you have as favourite now?

Iron Knob [3] 964 were defeated by Mount Beauty [4] 1468

Equal on 44 points before the round there was a lot to play for, viz the third choice of...
Olympics and SC finals. It's all happening.

I'm happy cause Australia is on top of the ladder, and I now get the week off in my cash league. Squeaked over the line in the last game with Priddis' heroics! :D

Also cooked a killed Snapper and prawn bisque. #winning

How have you guys gone?