For those who take it way too seriously

Cripps is back along with Gawn... Hore, Josh Kelly, M Parker, G Logue all out

Doubts exist on Lycett & Boak and several relevant players named on extended interchanges... Hately, Chol, Ryder

Who is trading Jelly, personally I'm holding as I have no trades ;) - hoping Hately fills the void and goes bang! Lots of rookies getting games now ruining their value for next season :mad:

What is everyone planning tradewise, who are your VC/C selections? Surely a sensible choice for VC is Grundy tonight who will run NicNat into the ground. Good luck all!

Teams are below:


Friday 12 July, 8.10pm at Perth Stadium

B: Hurn, Barrass, Cole
HB: Sheppard, McGovern, Jetta
C: Sheed, Redden, Gaff
HF: Cameron, Darling, Cripps
F: Ryan, Kennedy, Rioli
FOLL: Naitanui, Yeo, Shuey
I/C: Masten, O. Allen, Hickey, Nelson
EMG: Petruccelle, Schofield, M. Allen, Smith

IN: Cole, Kennedy
OUT: Ah Chee (injured), Duggan (injured)

B: Maynard, Roughead, Greenwood
HB: Crisp, Moore, Quaynor
C: Phillips, Pendlebury, Mayne
HF: Brown, Cox, Hoskin-Elliott
F: De Goey, Mihocek, Elliott
Foll: Grundy, Treloar, Sidebottom
I/C: Aish, Noble, Sier, Crocker
EMG: Brown, Thomas, Scharenberg, Daicos

IN: Greenwood, Noble, Crocker
OUT: Scharenberg, Daicos, Thomas

Saturday 13 July, 1.45pm at the SCG

B: O’Riordan, Rampe, Melican
HB: Lloyd, McCartin, Mills
C: Jack, Kennedy, Heeney
HF: Hayward, Reid, Dawson
F: Papley, Blakey, Parker
FOLL: Aliir, Rowbottom, Jones
I/C: Hewett, Cunningham, Florent, Ronke
EMG: Rose, Fox, Stoddart, Amartey

IN: Jack
OUT: Rose

B: Thomas, Jones, Simpson
HB: Plowman, Casboult, Goddard
C: O’Brien, Petrevski-Seton, Setterfield
HF: Fisher, McKay, Silvagni
F: Gibbons, Kennedy, Lang
FOLL: Kreuzer, Cripps, Walsh
I/C: Curnow, Murhpy, Newman, Dow
EMG: Owies, Lobbe, Fasolo, Deluca

IN: Goddard, McKay, Cripps
OUT: Marchbank (injured), Weitering...
This possibly should have been renamed 'Late Out Round'. Some were lucky enough to have cover and others were not so lucky.

All errors below brought to you by the good folks at Mornington Brewery.

Whitsunday Warriors 1102 def by Cradle Mountain Devils 1376
Comfortable win for the Devils as the Warriors post-bye struggles continue. Things are ticking along nicely for the Devils who have arrived at 12-1 with minimal fuss. Even Heppell’s late out barely caused a ripple as Zaharakis (112) provided more than adequate cover on short notice, while Marshall (126) and Himmelberg (122) dominated up forward. Two late outs in the form of Boak and JJK certainly didn’t help the Warriors cause. Motlop stepped in to provide some cover for that pair, but Harmes (119) and Wines (109) needed a bit more help from their mates.

Foul Bay Chickens 1375 def Lovely Banks Lilacs 1340
The clear game of the round and the Chooks best win of the year according to their coach. With the challenge thrown down by the Lilacs, monster scores from Goldy (148) and Danger (146), backed up by Shepherd (131) and Ziebell (126), reminded us that there’s still life in these old Chooks yet. Recent addition Murphy seems refreshed by the move to the Bay. Normally six tons and 1300+ would get you a win but sometimes in this caper you’re just shit unlucky and, unfortunately for the Lilacs, that’s their lot this week. Heeney (134) led the way for the Lilacs and Jen would also have been pleased with the Hoff (125) finding some form and even more so with one out of nowhere from late in Bolton (122).

Gundagai Grasshoppers 1334 def Iron Knob Codpieces 1224
The Hoppers got the win they needed to end their 3 game losing streak and keep themselves a game clear in 4th. Neale, Oliver, Grundy and Billings all went past 140 to put the game out of reach for the Cods. Riding a three game winning streak, Jimbo’s boys didn’t do a lot wrong as evidenced by the six tons, but down days from Henderson...
This week was tough man.... next week already looks worse...

Hows your team looking now, with all the carnage over the last couple of weeks it looks unlikely I'll ever quite get to the 'complete' team.... it's probably going to be a case of do whatever needs to be done from here on just to field a full squad!

Weekly Score: 2320
Overall Position: 1,099 from 1,117
5 trades left and now $24k short on my planned Hore to Whitfield trade :spew:
Injury watch on Josh Kelly and his corked calf, come back soon Crippa!

All times AEST


Friday July 5, 7.50pm at MCG


B: O’Brien, Frawley, Burgoyne

HB: Nash, Sicily, Hardwick

C: Henderson, Howe, Scully

HF: Breust, Gunston, Puopolo

F: Hanrahan, Lewis, Impey

FOLL: McEvoy, O’Meara, Worpel

INT: Stratton, Smith, Shiels, Glass

EMG: Jones, Brand, Cousins, Ceglar

IN: Lewis, Stratton

OUT: Ceglar, Moore


B: Maynard, Roughead, Scharenberg

HB: Crisp, Moore, Quaynor

C: Phillips, Pendlebury, Mayne

HF: Brown, Cox, Hoskin-Elliott

F: De Goey, Mihocek, Elliott

FOLL: Grundy, Treloar, Sidebottom

INT: Aish, Daicos, Sier, Thomas

EMG: Brown, Crocker, Noble, Varcoe

IN: Quaynor, Elliott, Aish

OUT: Reid, Varcoe, Greenwood


Saturday July 6, 1.45pm at MCG


B: Gleeson, Hooker, Zaharakis

HB: McKenna, Hurley, Saad

C: Redman, Merrett, Parish

HF: Laverde, Brown, Francis

F: Fantasia, McKernan, McDonald-Tipungwuti

FOLL: Z.Clarke, Shiel, McGrath

INT: D.Clarke, Stringer, Heppell, Guelfi

EMG: Langford, Zerk-Thatcher, McNiece, Snelling

IN: Z.Clarke, Stringer, Guelfi

OUT: Begley, Bellchambers, Langford


B: Mills, Rampe, Melican

HB: Lloyd, Aliir, Jones

C: Rose, Hewett, Dawson

HF: Hayward, Blakey, Ronke

F: Parker, McCartin, Papley

FOLL: Reid, Kennedy, Heeney

INT: Florent, Cunningham, O’Riordan, Rowbottom

EMG: Fox, Jack, McInerney, Stoddart

IN: Cunningham

OUT: Sinclair


Saturday July 6, Metricon Stadium at 2.10pm


B: Lukosius, Hombsch, Harbrow

HB: Joyce, Hanley, Heron

C: Weller, Scheer, Powell

HF: Sexton, Corbett, Miller

F: Martin, Day, King

FOLL: Witts, Swallow, MacPherson

INT: Ballard, Fiorini, Miles, Wright

EMG: Brodie, Burgess, Ellis, Nutting

IN: Heron, Corbett

OUT: Brodie, Ellis


B: Astbury, Broad, Grimes

HB: Short, Vlastuin, Houli

C: Castagna, Prestia, McIntosh

HF: Lambert, Bolton,...
What an interesting week it was thanks to big names going down...

Cripps, Gawn, Danger, Daniel... all popular selections that are going to give coaches the night sweats this week as we await news from the selection tables... How can you deal with such carnage with 7 trades and $94k in the bank..... How????

Anyway, still having ROB in my team is working a treat, a shame my other ruckman is Gawn not Grundy though... I thought my 2320 was going to be under par, especially with Danger as my captain but it turns out it was position 8451 for the week and dragged my team up 126 places to 1117 overall... :D (2536 was my original projected score so still fairly flat with the final result)

In other news, my daughters Trading Games team cracked the top 1000 overall so pretty pumped about that... she does have all the players listed above and only 4 trades left so this could be fairly shortlived however...o_O

How'd everyone else go, what are your planned trades, have you 'completed' your team yet???
Courtesy of @TerryinBangkok 's gold tipped quill.

The easiest round to tip ever. Yeah, right. These are the rounds where ORFFA teams are
looking to consolidate their place in the 8. Nobody wants to end up like Port or Freo. A brief

Foul Bay Chickens 1408 def. Whitsunday Warriors 1081
North (Cunnigton 146, Goldstein 131, Ziebell 121) and the a few contributors from the Cats
just tore the Warriors a new one. The Warriors have now failed to have a win coming off the
bye for 9 consecutive seasons.

Cradle Mountain Devils 1377 def. Gundagai Grasshoppers 1247
Rowan Marshall (161) proving to be a very astute pick-up for the Devils. The Hoppers
actually played well but were crippled by an on-field 13 from Brayden Sier.

Lovely Bay Lilacs 1216 def. Gariwerd Cockatoos 1136.
Are the Cockies the Port Adelaide of the ORFFA? Both teams’ rucks went down, but despite
this the Lilacs announced they are officially here. Win of the round. Watch out.

Iron Knob Codpieces 1213 def. Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 986
Shock and awe seems to have some merit – just ask Mike. Macrae (142) huge for the
winners and Jack Darling decided to have a day out. Honorable mention to the Lefties Jy
Simpkin (106) – looks like the future right there.

Wagga Wagga Wombats 1264 def. Venus Bay Vultures 1180
Not a lot in this, but Wagga take the chocolates courtesy of a huge 165 from Lycett in the
ruck, while Venus Bay copped a doughnut on the I/C. This will shake up the battle for
bottom 4.

Marble Bar Misfits 1309 def. Wineglass Bay Packers 974
So, who gets to bring the cat in and take out the garbage? Big smacks for Matera, but in the
end it was a case of my Giants are better than your Giants. Two doughnuts on I/C for the
Packers and it must hurt seeing Rory lining up for the opposition. Hopefully peace prevails.

Nowhere Else Wanderers 1194 def, Charlies Opening Spelunkers 1079
A playing ruck high on the shopping list for the...
With the byes now in the rearview mirror we can put our best players back on the park and see whether our teams measure up in a traditional 22 player vs 22 player contest.

We may be welcomed with a glut of rookies with Hately back in and Naish, Hind and Logue all on the bubble.

Thursday 27 June, 7.20pm at Marvel Stadium

B: Ambrose, Brown, Gleeson
HB: McKenna, Hooker, Saad
C: Fantasia, Merrett, Parish
HF: Zaharakis, Laverde, Begley
F: Langford, McKernan, McDonald-Tipungwuti
I/C: Hurley, Redman, Clarke, McGrath
EMG: Francis, Baguley, Clarke, Myers

IN: Gleeson
OUT: Guelfi (injured)

B: Williams, Davis, Kennedy
HB: Perryman, Haynes, Shaw
C: Tomlinson, Hopper, Reid
HF: Langdon, Cameron, Green
F: Finlayson, Himmelberg, Daniels
I/C: Taranto, Hately, Taylor, Deledio
EMG: Buntine, Simpson, Hill, Stein

IN: Haynes, Langdon, Hately
OUT: Stein (omitted), Buntine (omitted), de Boer (injured)


Friday June 28, 7:50pm at GMHBA Stadium

B: Tuohy, Kolodjashnij, O’Connor
HB: Henry, Taylor, Stewart
C: Dangerfield, Kelly, Duncan
HF: Dahlhaus, Fogarty, Hawkins
F: Ablett, Bews, Atkins
FOLL: Blicavs, Guthrie, J.Selwood
I/C: Stanley, Miers, Clark, Parfitt
EMG: Parsons, Smith, Buzza, S.Selwood

IN: Fogarty, Bews
OUT: Fort, Rohan

B: Brown, Talia, Laird
HB: Smith, Keath, Gibbs
C: Atkins, B.Crouch, Kelly
HF: Gallucci, Walker, Douglas
F: Greenwood, Himmelberg, Betts
FOLL: O’Brien, M.Crouch, Sloane
I/C: Seedsman, Hartigan, Davis, Murphy
EMG: Mackay, Jones, Otten, Jacobs

IN: Gibbs, Himmelberg, Davis
OUT: Milera, Jenkins, Ellis-Yolmen

Saturday June 29, 1:45pm at the MCG

B: O’Brien, Frawley, Burgoyne
HB: Glass, Sicily, Hardwick
C: Scully, Shiels, Henderson
HF: Breust, Gunston, Puopolo
F: Hanrahan, McEvoy, Impey
FOLL: Ceglar, O’Meara, Worpel
I/C: Nash, Smith, Moore, Howe
EMG: Brand, Cousins, Morrison, Lewis

IN: Hanrahan, Nash, Howe...
let’s get it up early... Boyohboyohwowee... Those who took Gawn as VC will be mightily disappointed their 151 points didn’t hold up against the mighty Grundy!!!

2014 saw me get rolled in the ORFFL... can I hold my place overall.. currently sitting 1459...
EDIT: went up to 1,243 overall :)

How’s the team looking post byes, fully upgraded or how many short.. chat below...
Are you a Grawndy VC/C combo like everyone else or have you got some tasty left field alternatives.. let us know..

I’ve made it to the last 1300 in the Gauntlet so go Swans... Go Go Go!!

EDIT: Teams

B: Hurn, Schofield, Sheppard

HB: Duggan, McGovern, Jetta

C: Sheed, Yeo, Redden

HF: Cripps, Darling, Masten

F: Ryan, J. Kennedy, Petruccelle

FOL: Hickey, Shuey, Gaff

I/C: Allen, Nelson, Hutchings, Cameron

EMG: Waterman, Rotham, Ah Chee, Smith

In: Hurn, Yeo, Masten, Allen, Nelson, Cameron

Out: Waterman (omitted), Cole (omitted), Smith (omitted), Rotham (omitted), Rioli (suspended), Vardy (suspended)


B: Ambrose, Hurley, McGrath

HB: McKenna, Hooker, Saad

C: Redman, Merrett, Langford

HF: Zaharakis, Laverde, Guelfi

F: Parish, McKernan, McDonald-Tipungwuti

FOL: Bellchambers, Shiel, Heppell

I/C: Brown, Clarke, Fantasia, Begley

EMG: Francis, Baguley, Clarke, McNiece

In: M.Brown

Out: J.Stringer (injured)


B: O’Riordan, Rampe, Melican

HB: Mills, Aliir, Lloyd

C: Florent, Parker, Dawson

HF: Heeney, Reid, Papley

F: Blakey, Franklin, Menzel

FOLL: Sinclair, Hewett, Kennedy

I/C: Hayward, Clarke, Rose, Jones

EMG: McCartin, Thurlow, Rowbottom, Ronke

In: J.Kennedy, Z.Jones, W.Hayward

Out: J.McVeigh (hamstring), J.Thurlow, T.McCartin


B: O’Brien, Frawley, Burgoyne

HB: Roughead, Sicily, Hardwick

C: Scully, Shiels, Henderson

HF: Breust, Gunston, Puopolo

F: Smith, McEvoy, Impey

FOLL: Ceglar, Worpel, O’Meara

I/C: Brand, Glass, Morrison, Moore

EMG: Cousins, Howe, Pittonet, Lewis

In: J.Roughead, H.Morrison

Out: B.Stratton (suspension), J.Cousins


B: Lockhart, May, Wagner

HB: Hore, Frost, Salem

C: Jones, Oliver, Harmes

HF: Baker, Weideman, Hunt

F: Hannan, Fritsch, T.McDonald

FOLL: Gawn, Viney, Brayshaw

I/C: Petracca, Neal-Bullen,...
so week 2 (the round of death) of the byes is done and dusted...

How did you go... did you have 12 on the field, did your rookies stink it up, at what point did your best laid plans come unstuck...