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the chels / @graeme duet step up to the mic...

The Muso round, a time to celebrate some of our favourite local artists.
The review is in the form of a Countdown from ninth to first determined by where the higher placed team in a fixture was after round 10. So appropriately the Commish’s rabble lead us off and last year’s premiers round out the countdown. Some of your scribes favourite tunes provide a back drop to each match.

#10 – A mystery item, let’s see when you identify this song.
It’s not originally Australian but is sung with gusto in Australia (and round the world). Clue #2, it’s a show tune from the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical “Carousel.” Not got it yet? Clue #3, you may have heard the original version from the Carousel cast album, Judy Garland’s version perhaps, or perhaps Frank Sinatra’s take, or maybe the Elvis Presley recording? Olivia Newton-John’s hit perhaps? Clue #4, maybe Gerry and the Pacemaker’s version from the album “How Do Like It”? Yep, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Bandito will sing his tired version at the drop of a hat. Kop is spelt KOP Bandito, not COP.

#9 – COP (935) lost to WWW (1171)

Reckless – Australian Crawl. Lenny shrugged his shoulders, tuned out the drunken mock scousers, delegated Brayshaw to mind the hubcaps, and concentrated on coaching his improving Wombats. Perhaps he was Spured on by the music. His side certainly is performing better sans Buddy Franklin and Clayton Oliver. The jury is still out whether Lenny was “Reckless” but auctions bring action. Action is something that you cannot always say about the Commish’s cavemen.

For the visitors Sicilly threw in a typically punchy (108), while Lycett (115), and Cripps (105) provided back-up. Stack’s (107) was the sole highlight for the home team who did a very fine impression of Burke and Wills.

#8 – BIB (1127) defeated NUFF (893)

Forever Now – Cold Chisel. It’s not...
And that’s a wrap!

We should discuss scores, rank and concerns...

BUT ...

How’s your team structures looking?
How many will you have playing?
Who is are your main trade targets?
Round 11 Teams have dropped.

Some key players are back - Cotchin, Danger, Moore, De Goey & Gibbs. Some key personnel out or back out - Rioli, Rockliff, Ablett, JPK, Shiel, Stringer and Simpson.

5 new faces, none more exciting than the mosquito. And some recent rookies, some of who just came in are now out, presenting further problems for the already disturbed coaches out there.

Burning Questions:
  • Do you trade or hold this week?
  • Are you looking at any donuts this Wk?
  • What’s your plan for the byes?
  • How many on-field for the byes?
  • Will you trade Rockliff or M.Crouch?
Fingers crossed mosquito plays his first game?

Good Luck
Fine musings from @chris88

While the big league celebrated Sir Douglas Nicholls Round to recognise and celebrate the great Indigenous players that have blessed our great game with their presence (and brilliance), ORFFA Round 10 was a celebration of fantasy football messiahs - and, to butcher a rather famous quote, saw many teams also field their share of very naughty boys.

Now that I've tested the goodwill of all FA coaches with exceedingly drawn out introduction, on with the review.

Whitsunday Warriors 1306 d Nowhere Else Wanderers 1289

Arguably the match of the round saw the Warriors sneak home to record win number 7 for the season and further solidify their top 8 spot with a narrow win over the Wanderers.

A back-and-forth game came down to the final few players, with standout performances from Rory Lobb (127) and Harris Andrews' fist (118 points and about that many spoils) enough to hold out the Wanderers final players - Messers Walters (110) and Lyons (109).

Gunston, Edwards and Byrne-Jones led the scoring for the Wanderers, who have been unlucky of late but are clearly enjoying having a full team and playing ruck on the park. The Warriors got a ton out of JJ up back and a series of consistent performances elsewhere - Brown, Holman, Polec and Harmes amongst them.

Fantasy messiah - Brown or Holman for the Warriors, Byrne-Jones or Gunston for the Wanderers. Naughty boys - Gray and Motlop for the Warriors, Hoskin-Elliot for the Wanderers.

Marble Bar 1462 d Nareewillock 1124

The Misfits top the ladder as we close in on the mid-season break, recording a comfortable win over the Nuffers.

Seven centuries headlined by midfielders Kelly (148), Sloane (140) and Taranto (132) laid a formidable foundation for a big Misfits' score. Lloyd and Whitfield continue to do a power of work in defence as well.

The Nuffers got a belter of a game out of Brad Hill, who put on his fantasy messiah cape to score 127....
Well, a massive 2648 was the highest score for the weekend (with Williams on the bench too)...

2314 saw me go up 285 spots to 5,028 overall so I wasn't close but hopefully a few in the TS community were somewhere up there....

Harley Bennell dominated with limited game time on the weekend... is he the one that's gonna change our fortunes??? Personally I'm hoping Hately after 36 disposals, 6 marks and 6 tackles finally returns to the seniors. Charlie Constable the big news from the VFL registering only 3 touches and a leg injury...

How did you score, what trades are you planning, are you ready for the byes???
Round 10 is your last round (IMO) to prepare for the Byes.

Your either trading to make sure you have enough on-field cover or your looking to build a war chest to spend during the byes. Problem I see, and I'm completely Jack-of-it this year (pun completely intended), is still the availability of decent rookies on the bubble or rookies with poor job security (or both) - get these wrong and your byes will be disastrous. (Byes Thread - Click Here)

I have put together are few familiar rookies which most would have or at least a few to discuss your thoughts around what to do with them this week (Trade / Hold) and why. If there are others your jack-of then post and get some input from all.

Some Early News:
Question: Do you think the Mid Season rookies will play?
Teams Have Dropped - Over to you !
Whitsunday 1190 vs Larrikin Lagoon 1002

You’d think that in a round dedicated to Lefties that the team called the Lefties might be up for a win, but you’d be totally underestimating the power of a good tank.

That KI Guy must have been shitting himself when he realised they were going to break the 1K for the round, but as the Spelunkers and Nuffers also managed a similar mark his pick is safe for now..

The win for the Warriors puts them into the 8 and a finals spot is now the man from Bangkok’s to hold.

The Warriors had five tons, Harmes and Polec in the mids but the real damage was up forward with Boak, Cameron and Gray all raising the bat and JJK almost doing so for a combined 401, the Lefties had 1 tonne with Jy Simpkin failing to follow the game plan. Lefties will be a huge improver next year with a squad full of kids on the cusp.

Venus Bay 1275 vs Gariwerd 1097

Despite missing plenty the Cockies could have gone close to claiming this bout had JPK not been a late out, though had the Vultures named Fiorini over Higgins the margin would have been significantly larger.

Three donuts isn’t a lot if they a cinnamon spiced, still hot and accompanied by a great coffee, but in fantasy land it’s enough to guarantee a loss 99 times out of 100 and it certainly did this time around.

The unlucky Cockies find themselves in 12th spot despite having the 4th best points for courtesy of the league high points against, Anthak installing mirrors to try and find the target on his back.

Venus Bay down a bit on their normal ladder slot at 5th, but seemingly just coasting having won 4 of the last 5. Five tons to the Vultures, four to the Cockies inc a massive 161 to Hurn just not enough.

Wineglass Bay 1102 vs Gundagai 1331

Some decent scores starting to appear from wineworld, amazing what a playing ruck does, but not enough to challenge the league leading hoppers.

Hewett, Dunstan and Mumford led the way for the Packers, Stephenson continues to give...
Friday nights game finished and many wished they’d VC’ed Gawn and missed his 144.


Then Grundy saved most of us. Then came the run of high scores where Neil, Sloan and Macrae did what we come to rely on and the expectation of some potentially high scores.

Well that’s until Sunday slide started (excluding those who had Whitfield, Taranto and Kelly’s 450pts).

Like a game of snakes and ladders, SuperCoach has a way of dragging you back down with your mates pissing off.

But all is not lost! We always have trades to burn and look for redemption next week.

  • How did you go?
  • How did your trades turn out?
  • Whats your big move this week?
  • Who booted Heeney?
  • Which Rookies Impressed?
Note: Byes Thread Is Already Up and Running
Round 9 Teams have dropped.

Important Outs: Constable (Gee - Omitted), Brayden Ham (Ess - Omitted), Keilty (Mel - Omitted), Ross (Ric - Injured), Coniglio (Gws - Injured),

Rookies Of Interest -
  • (GWS) Hatley named on extended bench - yeah right. I'd be holding all bets until 100% locked in.
  • (WCE) Rotham not name at all.
  • (STK) Joyce not named at all.
  • (MEL) Preuss named as emergency (also named on field for Casey Demons)
  • (MEL) Sparrow - see above
  • (SYD) Rowbottom named for his 3rd game (midfield option and sits at -7)
New Blood -
  • (MEL) Oskar Baker $123K [Mid] - Mature age, Super fast
  • (STK) Robbie Young $117K [Fwd] - Mature age, Aggressive & Hunts is own footy
  • (BRI) Mitchell Hinge $123K [Def] - Mature age, Silky left footer & Intercept marker
  • (GEE) Darcy Fort $117K [Ruc] - no thanks
  • (RIC) Riley Collier-Dawkins $121K [Mid] - Inside mid, Outside speed
  • (RIC) Callum Coleman-Jones $123 [Ruc/Fwd] - Mature age, 200cm, JS - Maybe Ok
At least there may be a few new rookies on the horizon this week.

- What's your move (s) this week?
- Got any questions?
- How many on field players do you have (at the moment) for your byes (? / ? / ?)
- Trades Left?

Reminder - Don't trust Chris Scott (Oh - Constable named on field in VFL)

Good Luck
ROUND 8 – The Spud Round by jimbowan (it will make you hungry for more than Supercoach)

The great Allan Jeans famously compared footballers to sausages - "You can fry them, grill them, bake them ... but they're still footballers. And while we don't condone the frying, baking or grilling of footballers here in the ORFFA, we do condone the baking of spuds. Especially those fantasy football spuds who score abysmally and cost us our weekly match-up. They definitely deserve a good bake.

Normally when the spud round comes around, we stare off dreamily into the Supercoach past and remember the not so lofty accomplishments of players like the Relton Roberts of the ORFFA. But this year looking to dull things down a bit Iv’e decided to focus on actual spuds. How can you not after reading the above quote? It makes me hungry! Did you know there are over 4000 varieties of potatoes?! Amazing Ha? I know you are all amazed, and with that I offer you the strangest round review ever.

Venus Bay Vultures (1198) sliced by (1309) Whitsunday Warriors

When I think of Fitzy I cannot help but think of him as a German Butterball Potato- irresistible flavour and very good yields (which have translated over to supercoach)

Of course, Terry just screams “I am a Purple Congo Potato” Even though one could argue Thailand and the Congo aren’t actually that close topographically. But it’s got a real feral and dangerous undertone, and Terry being a Port supporter is an ideal fit!

Game Recap – The WSW power triplet of Callum Brown, Jarrod Lienert and Rory Lobb were enough to overcome the poor showing from the VBV forward line and the aforementioned Lobb gave Stefan Martin an absolute bath in the ruck to the tune of 128v66

Spuds – (VBV) Beams (0) Entire Forward Line (47-64) Martin (66) -V- (WSW) Cameron (29) JJK (56)

Yummy Hot Wedges(VBV) Houston (125) Gaff (109) Yeo...