For those who take it way too seriously

Finals are now sudden death, enjoy the weekend off if your side are already in the prelim final.

Speaking of finals here is the latest number crunching by champion data


Etihad Stadium, Friday August 10, 7.50pm AEST

B Ben McNiece, Michael Hurley, David Zaharakis
HB Adam Saad, Brendon Goddard, Conor McKenna
C Orazio Fantasia, Zach Merrett, Darcy Parish
HF Andrew McGrath, Mitch Brown, Mark Baguley
F Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Cale Hooker, Travis Colyer
FOL Tom Bellchambers, Dyson Heppell, David Myers
I/C Kyle Langford, Aaron Francis, Devon Smith, Jake Stringer
EMG Dylan Clarke, Matthew Leuenberger, Jayden Laverde, Matt Dea

IN -

B Jarryn Geary, Jake Carlisle, Jack Newnes
HB Daniel McKenzie, Nathan Brown, Jimmy Webster
C Nathan Freeman, Jack Steele, Jack Sinclair
HF Jack Lonie, Tim Membrey, Jack Billings
F Jade Gresham, Rowan Marshall, David Armitage
FOL Lewis Pierce, Jack Steven, Sebastian Ross
I/C Blake Acres, Ben Long, Bailey Rice, Ben Paton
EMG Luke Dunstan, Hugh Goddard, Ed Phillips, Nick Coffield

IN Rowan Marshall, Lewis Pierce, Ben Long, Bailey Rice, Ben Paton
OUT Nick Coffield (Omitted), Luke Dunstan (Omitted), Hunter Clark (Omitted), Tom Hickey (Injured), Josh Battle (Injured)
NEW Ben Paton

MCG, Saturday August 11, 1.45pm AEST

B Ryan Schoenmakers, James Frawley, Ben Stratton
HB Jack Gunston, Kaiden Brand, Blake Hardwick
C Harry Morrison, Tom Mitchell, James Worpel
HF Jarman Impey, Ryan Burton, Isaac Smith
F Luke Breust, Jarryd Roughead, Paul Puopolo
FOL Jonathon Ceglar, Shaun Burgoyne, Jaeger O'Meara
I/C Teia Miles, Liam Shiels, Ricky Henderson, Conor Nash
EMG Marc Pittonet, Taylor Duryea, David Mirra, Jonathan O'Rourke

IN Conor Nash
OUT Brendan Whitecross (Illness)
NEW Conor Nash

B Tom Stewart, Lachie Henderson, Jake Kolodjashnij
HB Cameron Guthrie, Mark Blicavs, Zach Tuohy
C Scott Selwood, Joel Selwood, Mitch Duncan
HF Sam...
ORFFA Round 17 Review

So here we are at the end of yet another ORFFA regular season – our seventh! Where on earth did the time go? And it’s fitting that we concluded the home and away fixture with Fellowship Round and raised a glass in honour of this wonderfully eclectic group of ORFFANs.

And, most importantly, we entered the final round with so much still at stake, with six games having the potential to shape both the make-up of the eight and the all-important top four. In the end, five teams finished on the same number of wins, with only three making the finals. Let’s have a look at how it all unfolded. (spoiler alert – good luck to those picking an opponent this week!)

Wagga Wagga Wombats 1144 def by Larrikin Lagoon Lefties 1199
With a slim chance to garner another number 1 pick, the Lefties coach insisted that he could only find 13 and a half players to send out on the field. The attempted tank job backfired spectacularly, however, with Ross (158), Brayshaw (115), Dumont (132) and Berry (106) all flipping the bird to the coach as the ‘Goon posted their third win of the year and headed off to Mad Monday celebrations in high spirits.

As for the Wombats, four scores under 50 – including a craptactular 15 from O’Brien – ensured the off season will be a long one in Wagga. On a positive note, Wagga fans were delighted to see Brodie Smith (49) return to action after his serious knee injury. The Wombats list management will be a fascinating watch in the offseason as they continue to build around young gun Clayton Oliver (147).

Lovely Banks Lilacs 1015 def by Mount Beauty Uglies 1256
Some nervous moments for Uglies fans who were counting on the Lilacs solid recent form to help them wrap up the coveted number 1 pick, but instead they got the best of both worlds – a win and the number 1 pick. Fans were also left with a wondering “where the hell has that been all year?” as Salem (149), Gawn (112) and Petracca (110) took full advantage of the...
Josh Kelly - what a star !
Mitchell keeps being Mitchell, while Buddy rebounds with a massive score.

How did your team go this week ?
ORFFA Muso round.

A number of coaches have nominated aussie/kiwi bands (and inspirational songs) to headline their matchups on the regional stage. For the rest, yours truly has undertaken widespread consultation then unceremoniously picked some random band names out of a hat. Let the gratuitous lyric grabs and awkward metaphors spill over.

Next Big Thing Hoppers 1360 vs Meat of Tomorrow Wombats 1194

What does this shiny red button do? muttered newbie Wil Powell sheepishly, not having read the glaringly large font: SELF DESTRUCT.

This was the final straw for the embattled Hoppers as the cupboard was already pretty thin in the lead up to this game. Exit Martin, Fisher and Shaz in the space of a heart beat and the insects have gone from medium-well to incinerated.
A last hurrah here as Cripps and Grundy went bonkers against a mediocre Wombat midfield.

AC/DC-esque: Hopp - Cripps, Grundy, Milera, Curnow squared, Neale,
Bats – Gibbs, Oliver, Cripps, Macmillan, Ahern

Rolf Harris-ish: Hopp – McClug, Rayner, JKolo.
Bats – Swallow, Shiel, Richards

RIP – Shaz

Lyrical snapshot – “It’s a setback for your country”

Up Against The Wall Lefties 1031 vs Laugh In Their Faces Chooks 1345

Well, we went into this game expecting to lose. We weren’t disappointed.
If it wasn’t for the heroics of Tomahawk, Cunners, Goldy, Shaw, Shiels, blah blah blah, we would have gotten close.

AC/DC: Lefty – Phillips, Simpkin
Chook – almost everyone

Rolf Harris: Lefty – the rest
Chook - Ducky, Kelly

RIP – PSD #1

Lyrical snapshot – “all my friends are fcuk-ups, but they’re fun to have around”

Cloud 9 Cockies 1294 vs Pressure(d) Blimps 1147

Poetic licence has been taken here. With no nominated Aussie band for this match up, young rapper Baker Boy sets the theme.
The white-hot Cockies are making one hell of a racket as they storm towards the finals.
A ding dong contest here...
SC League home and away is done and dusted. Only 4 weeks to go for those focusing on overall finish instead.

My team won 4 out of 5 but lost in my main league so I have missed finals in all leagues, so with only 1 trade left it is gong to be a pretty boring finish to the year for me.

How did your team go?

Only 2 rounds to go before the tight and exciting stuff. Who will make it? Who will fall away? What do the results of the last round tell us?

Wagga Wagga 978 vs Foul Bay 1340

Sicily out has just about ended any hope the Wombats may have had. Oliver, Gibbs and Cripps all scored tons, while Langdon was putrid with 20.

The Chooks went bang with 5 tons to Danger, Cunnington, Kelly, Goldy and Hawkins. The Dalhaus injury will hurt, but watch out if the Cats decide to make a charge.

Darraweit Guim Dirigibles 1181 vs Gundagai 1313

The Blimps could not find a good wind. Only 2 tons to Allir and Coniglio, while the Hoppers enjoyed the fruits of a Magpie win with big ones to Cripps, Neale, Adams and Grundy. Sier and Cameron will be crucial to how the Hoppers fare in finals.

New Nuffers 1037 vs Larrikin Lagoon 1078

Close one. What Melbourne like to call an honorable loss. Only one ton for the Nuffers from the ageless JPK. The Lefties had two from Ross and Worpel. Lefties finally managed to get a playing ruck onto the field – and didn’t he spud it up big time.

Birdsville 1055 vs Gariwerd 1326

A match of tons. The Battlers with Witheden, Cutler, Witts and McDonald, while the Cockies had Laird, Tuohy, Crouch, Miller, Wallis and Lambert. Big dent for the Battlers turning the corner towards finals – strong Lions flavor about this team which augers well for the future. The Cockies will need Bellchambers to stand up in finals to be a serious threat.

Cradle Mountain 1322 vs Waikiks 1375

The Devils built themselves up for this one and put up a score their coach must be happy with. Sadly no chocolates. If Titch had one his tagged days, the Mountain may well have got home. But he hit a 192 and dragged the Cows across the line single handed. The Devils had tons from Pendles, Zorko, Nankervis, Gresham and Zaha, while the Cows had McGovern, Gardiner, Mitchell, Menegola and Prestia. The latter coming good at the...
Looks like another huge round this week! Especially for those who captained Tom Mitchell.

Let us know how you went over the break...
Etihad Stadium, Friday July 20, 7.50pm AEST

B Jarryn Geary, Jake Carlisle, Shane Savage
HB Daniel McKenzie, Sam Gilbert, Jack Newnes
C Ed Phillips, Jack Steele, Jack Sinclair
HF Josh Battle, Tim Membrey, Jack Billings
F Jade Gresham, Rowan Marshall, Maverick Weller
FOL Tom Hickey, Sebastian Ross, Jack Steven
I/C Luke Dunstan, Hunter Clark, David Armitage, Bailey Rice
EMG Blake Acres, Billy Longer, Nick Coffield, Ben Paton
IN Josh Battle, Sebastian Ross
OUT Jack Lonie (Injured), Jimmy Webster (Injured)

B David Astbury, Alex Rance, Dylan Grimes
HB Jayden Short, Nick Vlastuin, Nathan Broad
C Shaun Grigg, Trent Cotchin, Dion Prestia
HF Daniel Rioli, Kane Lambert, Jason Castagna
F Callum Moore, Jack Riewoldt, Josh Caddy
FOL Toby Nankervis, Shane Edwards, Dustin Martin
I/C Jack Higgins, Brandon Ellis, Connor Menadue, Kamdyn McIntosh
EMG Jacob Townsend, Ryan Garthwaite, Liam Baker, Tyson Stengle
IN Nathan Broad, Connor Menadue, Kamdyn McIntosh
OUT Bachar Houli (Injured), Shai Bolton (Omitted), Corey Ellis (Omitted)

MCG, Saturday July 21, 1.45pm AEST

B Brayden Maynard, Tom Langdon, Jack Crisp
HB Jeremy Howe, Matthew Scharenberg, Sam Murray
C Chris Mayne, Scott Pendlebury, Tom Phillips
HF Jordan De Goey, Will Hoskin-Elliott, Travis Varcoe
F Josh Thomas, Mason Cox, Jaidyn Stephenson
FOL Brodie Grundy, Taylor Adams, Steele Sidebottom
I/C Brody Mihocek, Brayden Sier, Darcy Moore, Levi Greenwood
EMG Callum Brown, Ben Crocker, Josh Daicos, Sam McLarty
IN Sam Murray, Mason Cox
OUT Ben Crocker (Omitted), Josh Daicos (Omitted)

B Sam Wright, Scott D. Thompson, Marley Williams
HB Jamie Macmillan, Robbie Tarrant, Majak Daw
C Luke McDonald, Paul Ahern, Trent Dumont
HF Shaun Atley, Jack Ziebell, Jy Simpkin
F Jed Anderson, Ben Brown, Kayne Turner
FOL Todd Goldstein, Ben Cunnington, Shaun Higgins
I/C Nathan Hrovat, Luke Davies-Uniacke, Ryan Clarke, Alex Morgan
EMG Nick Larkey, Ben...
Plenty of monster scores from popular players should see some high team scores.

Unfortunately some ruck injuries and Robbie Gray getting KO'd may hurt teams running low on trades and also have some big ramifications for the remainder of the AFL season.

Leagues are getting to the pointy end and no doubt there will be some narrow margins at the end of this round.

Congrats to Buddy on kicking goal #900 and also to Aliir Aliir for kicking goal #1 in the clutch.

Comment below !
Review written by @Bandit
Short review this week folks as I am in the middle of moving house! It’s amazing how much crap one accumulates over 10 years in one spot.

Wagga Wagga Wombats 1031 defeated by Nareewillock Nuffers 1107

Nuffers notch a win, even thought their defence was poor , but JPK (103), NicNat (115), Lazarus Dixon (115) and Grigg (101) did enough to get them over the line. Lenny’s Wombats didn’t offer a lot… with one red nut going bananas (Oliver 154) but another ranga (Richards) being shit with a 59.

Birdsville Battlers 1316 defeat Darraweit Guim Dirigibles 1227

4th vs 3rd… and the Birdsville lads come out with the chocolates. 7 tonnes including a massive 130 from Hipwood (Outta nowhere Vince McMahon style) get them home comfortably. Darraweit’s ruck woes continue, but a nice return to form for Aliir and Cogs, Walters, Gunston and Edwards all doing their part. If one of the Geelong rucks players Chris goes awfully close to a win. Things need to change if the Blimps are going to worry anyone come finals time though.

Cradle Mountain Devils 1417 defeat Foul Bay Chickens 1350

@dmandrews needed this one for his beloved Devils sitting in 9th to keep in touch with the 8, as @ChiefRussell ‘s Chooks were one spot above him. A 1400+ scores with only 5 tons shows a good consistent effort across the board. Foul Bay’s defence sucked, with no player scoring over 70, but with 6 tons across the other three lines, there is still quality there and only write them off come finals time at your peril.

Lovely Banks Lilacs 1072 defeated by Gundagai Grasshoppers 1162

@Jen goes in a player short and loses by 90. @snoz might have been lucky or he might not have, as the Hoppers weren’t brilliant either. Man bun Grundy went large for Gundagai with a 155. For the purple haze, Duncan was solid with a...