For those who take it way too seriously

So, week two of Beat Baz is down, and looking around the grounds of Round 2, we see that he finished 2802nd in the free game last week, netting everyone who beat him $3.57 into the war chest.

Barry’s worst position in a paid game was 1316th when the Cats overcame the Roos in an exciting match, while his best position was 275th, during Melbourne’s win over Carlton at the M.C.G on Sunday afternoon.

With Barry struggling in the Geelong and North clash, the Cats’ game against Melbourne and North’s fixture with GWS could see cash fly into punters’ pockets with Hall clearing struggling when it comes to those sides.

I'd draw some kind of predator quote here, but it's not a matter of "If it bleeds" here, Baz is hemorrhaging!

Just a quick reminder on the rules, first game for the round is free (Sydney v Collingwood), the rest will have a small fee to enter. You pick six players in a game, and if those guys outscore Baz. You win. AFL Fantasy is the scoring system, so it's all about quantity of disposal, not quality!

As per the first two weeks, all you have to do to beat Barry is pick six players and have them outscore Hall’s six selections, and if they do you’ll share in a $10,000 prize pool. And remember the scoring system is the same as AFL Fantasy.

This week, Baz has selected the following players for the first game of the week: Tom Phillips (Collingwood), Jeremy Howe (Collingwood), Lance Franklin (Sydney), Sam Naismith (Sydney), Josh Kennedy (Sydney) and George Hewett (Sydney).

Hewett feels like the most vunerable of that lot, with zones running rampant in the middle, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Of course, maybe Baz knows his Swans a little better than me! Maybe not.

This week you have another chance to earn some cash and share in the $10,000 prize pool....
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Wineglass Bay Packers 1080 defeated by Foul Bay Chickens 1300
The struggling Packers are looking to improve on 2016 but have started the season slowly, going down to Foul Bay by 220pts and have now started 0-2. Stand outs were Sloane with 146 and Mr Fragile Sam Reid with 115. Leading Premiership favorite Foul Bay has started 2-0 and are more than capably led by Danger 140, old man S Mitchell 111 & Jelwood 128. Convincing winners even with the Goldy donut.

Lovely Banks Lilacs 983 defeated by Whitsunday Warriors 1255
TiB has started the season bloody impressively, only going down by 1pt to Venus Bay last week and dispatching this week the Lilacs comfortably by 272 pts. Led by Ollie 145, Jeremy Cameron chipping in with 108 and even Sam Gibson a surprising 108. The Lilacs on the other hand were picked by CR to improve somewhat in 2017, and sit in 16th spot even though they have started 1-1. No tons for the Lilacs, Mitch Duncan scored 99 for the young team.

Waikikamoocows 1138 take down Charlies Opening 1108
Last week the Cows were donut city, however this round they managed to get 14.5 players on
the field which was enough to take down the Spelunkers by a mere 30 points. Fyfe 117 was
everywhere, Sauce 108 turned back the clock but it was Rising Star hopeful Ryan Burton that
really shone, scoring 104 to have the Cows at 1-1 and back on track. The Spelunkers have Zerrett 112 and the Bont 140 holding the team up; Gunston got in some form with 131 in the forward line but was left to do it all with new draftee Bowes stinking it up with 26. With a 1-1 start the Spelunkers will be looking for some depth to help the studs going forward.

Mt Beauty Uglies 1214 go down to Cradle Mountain 1316
At 2-0 and sitting in 2nd Place, the Devils have opened 2017 strongly and look to improve on last year’s 11th place. Calling the victory aka The Babe, Heppell 108, Dependles 120 & Zorko 112 do... The ORFFA round two efforts disected with precision...
Ok, round two is coming to a close- and with it, the price changes, right around the corner!

Initial thoughts have WHE as a trade target this week, he's absolutely flying! Don't know what to do about Hanners though. Gut says to hold him, but man, he's about to hemorrhage!!

Score wise, I'm happier this week, but it's feeling like a strange season. Not too many huge rookies around, and midpricers all flying! So much so, my Nank, Sandi, Witts ruckline would be doing better if I moved Nank into the forward line!! Maybe to bring in upcoming price rise of Preuss.

Ahhh, supercoach. So much to consider!! :D Can't wait til rollover is complete, wanna start crunching numbers!!
With a game on tonight, it's going to be a bit of a scramble for anyone needing to make a trade.

Biggest question I need to ask myself is the $213k question. To WHE, or not to WHE.

I wasn't a fan all preseason, and maybe should back my gut, but it was a great score for the lad.

Alternatively, can always hold another week, no need to do anything rash just yet.

Teams over the break.
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Loads of close ones in the opening round of the ORFFA, and a couple of blowouts

Nunawading Nuffers 1019 vs Lovely Banks Lilacs 1063

Lovely Banks record their first round 1 win ever, against the Nuffers. Ebert, JPK and Simpson were the only ones to turn up for the Nuffers, the rest were busy making the new seasons pom poms for the cheer leaders. Only one ton for Jen’s mob, but a more consistent effort over the field got the job done.

Wagga Wagga Wombats 1062 vs Charlies Opening Spelunkers 1304

The Spelunkers have officially started to rebuild, with a lot of the foundation club members and older players being let go in the off season in exchange for new blood. The coach had a bit of a stretch in the trouser region however with the first round performance against the Wombats. Merrett, Bontempelli and Shill went huge in the guts, with Luke Brown (103 - yes you read that right), Big Boy McEvoy (106 - that one too), and LeCras (108 – and again) all lighting it up around the ground. Clayton Oliver was a standout for the Wombats… and was the subject of a bloody hard trade push from the Spelunkers in the off season… he will be a rippa. Buddy Franklin turned it on as well, as Buddy does.

Cradle Mountain Devils 1445 vs Gariwerd Cockatoos 1412

A close match with two teams pushing ChiefBet’s number crunching to a new level in the off season. Will the Devils and Cockies finally live up to the hype… or is it mediocrity that awaits them again. They gave it a bloody good run, scoring the two highest scores for the round, so Coach Dean will be pissed he hit a team in godo form. 4 tons in the guts for the devils shows the strength of their side, and Toby Nankervis standing up proud as well. Ant’s lads went bananas everywhere, masking the problems he has in the ruck (for this week at least)

Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles 883 vs Marble Bar Misfits 1261

Ahhh, a couple...
It looks like Baz is back and from all reports, is fired up for another round of Beat Baz (or as I like it call it, Pummel Baz).

I say pummel, because a whole swag of players managed to take the big man down last week, with 5121 players managing to knock him off in the Magpies/Bulldogs game alone.

To be fair though, he put in a much better showing in the Suns/Lions game, with a noble effort of 264th (And at the same time, netting players a sweet $40.65 for those of you who knocked him off!)

Overall, you stood to walk away with $105.68 last week if you managed to win all 9 games. ($130.35 if you fronted up against Wendell too.)

Anyways, Baz is going around again this week, however, as mentioned last week, the first game is free - but the other 8 will have a small buy-in. For Friday night’s match, Hall has selected Swans midfielder Callum Mills and Josh P. Kennedy and Bulldogs players Marcus Bontempelli, Tom Liberatore, Matthew Suckling and Jake Stringer.

Talking strategy, I think we came up with a killer last week - picking the weakest of Baz's 6 lines to target, then matching the other 5. Would be interested to hear of any others?

So, I'll be giving it another crack this week I reckon, see if I can put in a repeat performance of last week!


Due to state regulations, residents of NSW and SA are ineligible to enter free $10,000 Beat Barry contests.

Draftstars is licensed as a sports bookmaker in the Northern Territory and is available to over 18s only.Terms and conditions apply.|You must be 18+ | You know the score. Stay in control. Leave before you lose it.Gamble Responsibly. Call Gambler’s Help 1800 858 858 or visit...
So, round one is nearly complete, and the cockles of my heart have been warmed but an upset victory over the Hawks.

Slightly less warming though, was the 2000ish score that I'll be opening the season with. With a bit of luck though, I might crack 2100. Feels a little low, but I guess there have been a bunch of trash rookies and Hannebury stinking it up, so maybe that par? I dunno- can't seem to see anyone's scores anymore.

To remedy that, hit us up with your scores in the comments below! :D
Footy footy footy footy footy


I still find the partial lockouts on opening day to be a little weird, kinda anti-climatic, but man, I'm not gunna complain!

Great to have footy back!


sorry to cut into Walesy's thread but I have updated the Rookies file to show selections as at Thursday night - organge = emergency/7 man interchange, cheers TTH
Righto guys, we've watched the pre-season. We've done the research and now, we've got an extra swing to turn that knowledge into some dollars.

Draftstars is running a new competition over the first four weeks of the season, giving us all a chance to share in $10,000 per game.

All you need to do is to beat former Swan and premiership captain, Big Bad Bustling Barry Hall.


As most of you guys know, Draftstars does most of it's business on a game-by-game basis, where you pick your team and compete against others for free, or for cash prizes. There's no long term commitment, just quick, fun games.

For more specifics, beating Barry will be played using the AFL Fantasy scoring model, using Draftstars Turbo format, which involves selecting a single player from six different groups of player.

It's just that easy. Pick six guys, and if your squad can beat Hall's score, then you walk away with a share of the $10,000 prize pool for that game.

The comp will run for four weeks in total, and every single game in round one will be free to enter.

For the remaining three weeks, the Friday night game will be free, but the other eight games will have an entry fee. Still, twelve free cracks at beating Baz is a damn good deal!

Taking a look at the Collingwood/Bulldogs game, we can already see Halls selections.

Tom Liberatore, Lin Jong, Easton Wood, Marcus Bontempelli, Josh Smith and Adam Treloar.

So that's it, beat him and walk away with a share of $10k. I would love to hear some strategies in the comments, but already I'm thinking that the best way to nail Barry would be to match 5 of his picks, and focus in on his weakest link with your 6th pick....
Good news folks!

The SC Upload is back in operation!

Ready for all your bye planning and trade tracking needs!

Cows are locked and loaded in the meadow. Bring on 2017.