For those who take it way too seriously

Got another early game this week, feels like almost yesterday that lockout opened!

Make sure you get your VC's on Danger for tonight, and any trades needed done!

Teams over the break.
Man, for only a handful of games, it has sure been a long, lovely weekend!

Cruised through this week with a 1764, which while terrible, was 4 more points that my opponent.

Well, I think I won anyways, I'm pretty sure the currently listed screens have the end scores up. (And my calc skills are all lazy and whatnot!)

wooo! Happy news for so many double-digit scores, specially after he nailed the Zerrett captain pick. *Cough*thankyoudonut*cough*
Got another early start this week, and another series of byes.

I imagine that like me, you guys are swimming in players this week, looking at a shocker next week.

So don't be afraid to pull the trigger early on some of next weeks outs.

I'm looking at you in particular Otten/WHE/Sandi.

Teams over the break
Ok, round is coming to a close, and I still have no idea what kind of score I've gotten :D

Hopefully it's a winning one!

How'd you all go?
Got and early lockout this week and a whole ton of byes. Hope you're prepared!

Teams over the break
So, I flipped a coin on who to upgrade in the backline. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have been too upset with Marchbank's 70, but Otten's 121 was the thing of legends.

Combine that with Dangers efforts on Thursday and we had the building blocks for a decent score this week.

2231 in the end, not huge, but certainly looks above par.

Heading into the byes this week, so I hope you've all been getting well prepared! :D
Round 9 2017 review – The Science of the ORFFA round 9 fixture

Charlies Opening Spelunkers 978 def by Foul Bay Chickens 1425

Many have speculated that the Troggs failed to show up for this one. This is totally fake news.
The truth is that cave-dwellers have not been sighted since October. More disappointing than an incarcerated 14yr old, step child, the crew from the deep south have alienated all but their dumbest of fans. The merchandising dept can probably shoulder some of the blame for the disharmony, with their evocative branding of their “mini-rebuild”. Must confess that “Follow us into the Darkness” doesn’t inspire unity. Anyway, this all smells of pathological deflection disorder and won’t win me any friends.

This match had everything we’ve come to expect from the Chooks. Bernie eating, then throwing up karma pie. The Dangerwood rollercoaster coastering. Mummy trying his hardest to suck us all in, before handing the keys to Flynn in 3 weeks. And of course, Eddie kicking GOTY for the 9th week in a row. Shining light for the Opening is that Zerrett is still alive, a rare attribute.

Iron Knob Codpieces 1026 def Whitsunday Warriors 1013

Man, we all love a low scoring slog-fest don’t we?
The deafening silence punctuated by snoz rubbing his legs together, echoed the sentiments of the turnstiles in the Rusty Triangle. This display epitomised the scientific genius that is the ORFFA round 9 fixture, as these perfectly matched/obliterated sides pummelled each other with jelly-filled donuts.
The Warriors put up some cameos and won the triple figure shoot out courtesy of Jezza, Tarrant and Smithy but were overshadowed by the Roberton Revue. The result sees the Cods unconvincingly stumble to 4 on the trot, while TiB patches yet more wounds and prays for a ruckman to emerge from his tequila worm.

Darraweit Guim Dirigibles 1188 def Lovely Banks Lilacs 786

And they say spousal poisoning is a dying art.
No doubt this...
Looks like Brodie is going to get a call up this week! Beautiful timing!

Geelong Cats v Port Adelaide

Thursday May 25 at Simonds Stadium (7.20pm)


B: Tom Stewart, Lachie Henderson, Jed Bews

HB: Zach Tuohy, Andrew Mackie, Mark Blicavs

C: Scott Selwood, Joel Selwood, Cameron Guthrie

HF: Jordan Murdoch, Harry Taylor, James Parsons

F: Dan Menzel, Tom Hawkins, Steven Motlop

R: Zac Smith, Patrick Dangerfield, Mitch Duncan

I/C: J Cunico, Jake Kolodjashnij, Darcy Lang, Sam Menegola

EMG: Rhys Stanley, Tom Ruggles, Mark O’Connor

IN: Cameron Guthrie, Darcy Lang, Jordan Cunico

OUT: Tom Lonergan (managed), Nakia Cockatoo (hamstring), Mark O’Connor (omitted)


B: Darcy Byrne-Jones, Tom Clurey, Jack Hombsch

HB: Matthew Broadbent, Tom Jonas, Jasper Pittard

C: Brad Ebert, Ollie Wines, Jared Polec

HF: Jarman Impey, Justin Westhoff, Aaron Young

F: Sam Gray, Charlie Dixon, Jackson Trengove

R: Paddy Ryder, Robbie Gray, Travis Boak

I/C: Sam Powell-Pepper, Hamish Hartlett, Karl Amun, Brendon Ah Chee

EMG: Jimmy Toumpas, Aidyn Johnson, Dan Houston

IN: Aaron Young

OUT: Chad Wingard (calf)

Sydney Swans v Hawthorn

Friday May 26 at the SCG (7.50pm)


B: Dane Rampe, Heath Grundy, Nick Smith

HB: Zak Jones, Lewis Melican, Callum Mills

C: Jake Lloyd, Josh P. Kennedy, Isaac Heeney

HF: George Hewett, Lance Franklin, Will Hayward

F: Tom Papley, Kurt Tippett, Sam Reid

FOL: Callum Sinclair, Luke Parker, Dan Hannebery

I/C: Oliver Florent, Nic Newman, Gary Rohan, Dean Towers

EMG: Aliir Aliir, Jordan Dawson, Harry Marsh

IN: Oliver Florent

OUT: Harry Cunningham


B: Blake Hardwick, Josh Gibson, Shaun Burgoyne

HB: Taylor Duryea, Ryan Burton, Ricky Henderson

C: Isaac Smith, Luke Hodge, Liam Shiels

HF: Luke Breust, Paul Puopolo, Dallas Willsmore

F: Ty Vickery, Jarryd Roughead, Jack Gunston

FOL: Ben McEvoy, Tom Mitchell, Daniel Howe

I/C: Kaiden Brand, James Cousins, Brendan Whitecross, James Sicily

EMG: Kade Stewart, Kurt Heatherley, Will...
So, I broke 2200 this week, for the first time in ages. Still looks under par though!

Big scores from certain captain options looks to have secured big scores all round!

Still will be interesting to see which way I've gone. How'd you all go this week?
Don't forget, there's no Suns or Power this week.

Or Rocky or Boyd or Libba or Butler or any rookies to speak of! Rough times.

Treloar and Beams are back though- woo!

Teams over the break