For those who take it way too seriously

Wagga Wagga 1167 def Charlie’s Opening 980
The Wombats did just enough to keep things comfortable against the winless cave dwellers. Sicily (123) was great until he remembered he’s an epic wanker and acted accordingly. Lycett decided to surprise Coach Lenny with a 116 and Oliver (104) was the pick of the mids. On the downside, only a lack of available players may save Barrass (23) this week.

An interesting tactic from the Spelunkers coaching staff as they choose to spend the weekend watching u18 prospects rather than attend their own game, no doubt confident that the seeds of the tank tree will bear fruit this year. Had they been there, they would’ve enjoyed the efforts of Merrett (114) and Atkins (104), but not much more. Only Dale (40) genuinely stunk it up, while everyone else was just a bit ‘meh’.

Lovely Banks 1133 def Some witches hats (aka the Lefties) 801
An easy and stress-free week on the track for the Lilacs as they enjoyed light training against some witches hats. Track watchers said Heeney (123), the Hoff (106) and Jonas (105) looked the pick of the bunch during the drills, while Tom Stewart (62) took the opportunity to take a week off from channelling Corey Enright. Now sitting at 3-2, there’s plenty of optimism amongst Lilacs supporters this year.

For the ‘Hats/Lefties, rumours abound that Ross (160) and Berry (96) may find themselves dropped this week for attempting to positively impact the result. Most of the others were either missing or not very good.

(That review will properly bite me on the arse should the Lefties beat Birdsville this week!)

Iron Knob 1410 defeated Gariwerd 1046
A strong showing from Jimbo’s men saw the Knob post their best score of the season and the highest score of the round. Gray (137) was the standout but ten scores over 90, including six tons, highlighted the Codpieces dominance. Mirra (54) and Darling (42)...
Upgrade season!

But before we get hasty, we need to be thinking about which premos we realistically think will be top shelf in their respective positions for the rest of the year. Remember there’s still plenty of footy to play out and aggregate is just as important as average when deciding on premos you are bringing in at this point of the season.

The list below is purely my take on which premos have bottomed out (or still represent value based on average) and are worthy considerations to fill your top shelf for the remainder of the season.

Player of the week

Elliot Yeo WC Def $506K BE 40 Avg 101

It will no doubt be a rollercoaster as he occasionally gets thrown into a different role. Pretty much lock him in as a top 6 defender regardless. This will probably be the cheapest we’ll see him all season.
Edit - WARNING, possible late out with injury


Kade Simpson Carl Def $532K BE 99 Avg 117
Another locked top 6 defender that has all but bottomed out after matching his 141 BE this weekend. Could wait another week without massive price jump.

Zach Merrett Ess Mid $486K BE 71 Avg 77
Is Zerrett back? Back to back tons would suggest so.

Top 8 mid? Coin toss I reckon but has form. Don’t be put off by the slow start, that’s his MO. Previous two seasons (where he has averaged 109+ for the year), he started with only 3 tons in first six games. Not to mention his concussion affected round 1.

Clayton Oliver Melb Mid $581K BE 117 Avg 115
Can probably wait a week or two but can’t see him getting much cheaper. Solid odds for top 8.

Stephen Coniglio GWS Mid $540K BE 98 Avg 121
Why on earth haven’t you got him yet? Do it. Do it now!

Joel Selwood Gee Mid $533K BE 122 Avg 108
Cleared to play. Basement price. Even money chance of top 10 mid. Can probably wait a week.

Patrick Cripps Carl Mid $545K BE 84 Avg 116
Had us a little...
A long round of footy saw some great scoring from Gawn, Fyfe, Cripps and others and some disappointing scores from the likes of Dusty and Titch and another suspension for Sicily.

Scores seem to be final in SC - congrats to Wu Tang Clan who scored the highest in my 3 TS leagues, the 25% mark was 2239 and 50% mark was 2170.

Let us know how you went !
Friday 20 April at SCG (7.50pm)

B: Smith, Grundy, Lloyd
HB: Mills, Rampe, McVeigh
C: Jones, Parker, Heeney
HF: Cunningham, Franklin, Hewett
F: Papley, Towers, Jack
FOLL: Sinclair, Kennedy, Hannebery
I/C: Florent, Rohan, Hayward, Marsh
EMG: Aliir, Fox, Robinson, Ronke

IN: Rohan, Marsh
OUT: Newman, Aliir

B: Brown, Talia, Hartigan
HB: Laird, Doedee, Seedsman
C: Atkins, Gibbs, Knight
HF: Lynch, McGovern, Milera
F: Jenkins, Walker, Otten
FOLL: Jacobs, Douglas, Ellis-Yolmen
I/C: Greenwood, Gallucci, Kelly, Poholke
EMG: Hampton, Wilson, Fogarty, O’Brien

IN: Knight, Otten, Gallucci, Poholke
OUT: Betts, Sloane, Mackay, Fogarty

Saturday 21 April at Etihad Stadium (1.45pm)

B: White, Brown, Savage
HB: Gilbert, Carlisle, Newnes
C: Geary, Steele, Acres
HF: Sinclair, McCartin, Billings
F: Gresham, Membrey, Long
FOLL: Hickey, Ross, Steven
I/C: Dunstan, Clark, Coffield, Weller
EMG: Longer, Armitage, Austin, Battle

IN: Membrey, Clark, Weller
OUT: Roberton, Lonie, Marshall

B: Deledio, Tomlinson, Shaw
HB: Finlayson, Davis, de Boer
C: Lloyd, Griffen, Whitfield
HF: Greene, Patton, Hopper
F: Taranto, Cameron, Reid
FOLL: Simpson, Ward, Coniglio
I/C: Corr, Shiel, Haynes, Himmelberg
EMG: Bonar, Cumming, Keeffe, Shipley


Saturday 21 April at MCG (4.35pm)

B: Plowman, Jones, Mullett
HB: O’Shea, Rowe, Simpson
C: Fisher, Dow, Kerridge
HF: Lamb, Casboult, Curnow
F: McKay, Curnow, Wright
FOLL: Phillips, Cripps, Petrevski-Seton
I/C: O’Brien, Garlett, Thomas, Silvagni
EMG: Kerr, Shaw, Graham, Lebois

IN: Rowe, Kerridge, Lamb, McKay, Phillips
OUT: Cuningham, Weitering, Kennedy, Kreuzer, Graham

B: Hurn, Barrass, Sheppard
HB: Jetta, McGovern, Duggan
C: Sheed, Shuey, Masten
HF: Cripps, Darling, LeCras
F: Waterman, Kennedy, Lycett
FOLL: Naitanui, Yeo, Gaff
I/C: Redden, Nelson, Hutchings, Rioli
EMG: Petrucelle, Watson,...
Wagga Wagga 1213 d Wineglass Bay 882

The Marsupials chalked up their first win for 2018 in style, knocking together 1200+ despite playing one forward short.

Wagga's midfield foursome of Oliver, Gibbs, Swallow and Shiel racked up 450 points between them to lead the charge. Sicily and Cripps notched tons up forward, while Jarman Impey shows signs of real progress in 2018.

The Packers also enjoyed a series of centuries in the midfield - from Mundy, Dunstan and newcomer Stephenson who looks the goods. But too much was left to too few, with only Alex Neal-Bullen really firing and just one fit player on the bench.

Venus Bay 1372 d Charlie's Opening 1081

Eventually someone might beat Venus Bay in season 2018 ... but I'm not sure who and when as Fitzy's mob rolled to another big score in their win over the cave dwellers.

Barely a weak link across the field. Lids, O'Meara and Carlisle warming the emergencies list. Bench rookies scoring 100s. Plenty of talent there to allow Venus Bay to indulge the ups and downs of the Yeo yo-yo. Of course, this week's 150 meant Elliot managed to pull off all the tricks without clunking himself or any nearby spectators in the scone.

The Spelunkers were improved this week but remain a work in progress. Short played tall, Hooker the forward looked better back and Duggan appropriately dug in to ton up. Bont, Zerrett and a welcome Atkins century pushed the total towards 1100.

Waikikamoocow 1392 d Whitsunday 1121

Hmm, maybe I spoke too soon when wondering who might measure up to Venus Bay, with the cow-kickers continuing on their merry and undefeated ways over the Warriors.

You know you have depth when your best first 15 scorer starts on the pine (looking at you, Mr Menegola), and your best scorer for the weekend doesn't even get a guernsey (that's you, Mr Parfitt).

Even with Mitchell, Jacobs and Fyfe looking mortal, others stepped up - McLean, Dunkley, McGovern and the returning Prestia. Bailey Williams...
Man, lost my cash league by an O'Meara and a Parfitt.

I can stomach the O'Meara score, but losing to the guy who selected Parfitt, sheesh.

Nah, I kid, well played buddy.

How had everyone else done this week?
Friday, April 13
Adelaide v Collingwood at Adelaide Oval, 7.20pm ACST

In: D.Fogarty
Out: L.Murphy (hamstring)
Emg - Gallucci, Hampton, Wilson, O'Brien

In: J.De Goey
Out: T.Adams (hamstring)
Emg - Blair, Mayne, Fasolo, Mahocek

Saturday, April 14
Greater Western Sydney v Fremantle at UNSW Stadium (Canberra), 1.45pm AEST

In: T.Greene, D.Simpson, R.Griffen
Out: R.Lobb (knee), J.Kelly (groin), H.Perryman
Emg - Bonar, Keeffe, Shipley, Perryman

No changes
Emg - Duman, Tucker, D Pearce, S Jones

Richmond v Brisbane at the MCG, 2.10pm AEST

In: J.Caddy, D.Prestia
Out: S.Lloyd, J.Higgins
Emg - Lloyd, Higgins, Broad, Soldo

In: D.Beams, Z.Bailey
Out: C.Cox, R.Lester
New: Zac Bailey (Norwood)
Emg - McStay, Lester, Barrett, McInerney

Western Bulldogs v Sydney at Etihad Stadium, 4.35pm AEST

In: S.Biggs
Out: Z.Cordy (suspension)
Emg - Young, Webb, Roughead, Lipinski

In: A.Aliir, Z.Jones, N.Newman
Out: S.Reid (quad), L.Melican (hamstring), G.Rohan (personal)
Emg - Fox, Marsh, Robinson, Ronke

North Melbourne v Carlton at Blundstone Arena (Hobart), 7.25pm AEST

In: R.Tarrant
Out: N.Hrovat (thumb)
Emg - B McKay, Wood, Mountford, Zurhaar

In: C.O'Shea, J.Silvagni, L.O'Brien
Out: C.Marchbank (ankle), C.Polson, J.Lamb
New: Lochie O'Brien (Bendigo U18)
Emg - Phillips, Graham , Lamb, H McKay

West Coast v Gold Coast at Optus Stadium, 6.10pm AWST

In: J.Kennedy, L.Duggan
Out: M.Hutchings, L.Ryan (ankle)
Emg - Cole, Schofield, B Ainsworth, Hutchings

In: J.Bowes
Out: P.Hanley (shoulder)
Emg - Powell, Spencer, Rosa, Heron

Sunday, April 15

Essendon v Port Adelaide at Etihad Stadium, 1.10pm AEST

In: M.Guelfi
Out: C.McKenna (suspension)
New: Matt Guelfi (Claremont)
Emergencies: Hartley, McKernan, Langford, J Merrett.

Not much this week to talk about so there's not going to be a normal list format yet. The key points of discussion are what to do with Liam Ryan, who is unfortunately out for 10-12 weeks and Gary Ablett.

Gary Ablett
Rather straightforward. At $620,700 he can be turned into pretty much any premium you can afford. So if you don't have any of the top guys, grab them, maybe hop onto the Cogs-train too, otherwise it's who you feel is best.

Which brings me to a point of discussion that's a good excuse for filler. Right now Jackson Macrae is getting a lot of love since he currently sits as the second best player after the freaky Mitchell. After only being in just under 3k teams, he's going to be in a lot more by trade deadline. Is he worth it? This is where diving back into the stats is a good idea.

Last year, there were quite a lot of players who started with a 130+ average, here they are listed and with their final overall average:
Dustin Martin
3Rd Ave: 144
2017 Ave: 119 (2nd best)
Marc Murphy
3Rd Ave: 142
2017 Ave: 108 (16th)
Patrick Dangerfield
3Rd Ave: 139
2017 Ave: 136 (1st)
Marcus Bontempelli
3Rd Ave: 131
2017 Ave: 105 (20th)
Oliver Wines
3Rd Ave: 131
2017 Ave: 99 (39th)
Rory Sloane
3Rd Ave: 130
2017 Ave: 110 (10th)
Scott Pendlebury
3Rd Ave: 130
2017 Ave: 107 (19th)

Most of these players are very good but what this shows is that if you brought in anyone who's not in that elite bracket (Dusty/Danger) you got them after they had their best scoring period for the season (Sloane is kinda anomaly, remember he went insane for 5 rounds then really dropped off badly til end of season). You would have been better trying to bring in Mitchell, Kelly, Crouch, Neale or Oliver. Making that call though, that is the hard challenge.

Scoring peaks are very hard to maintain. Right now I'd say by end of season Titchell is in line for a 130+ season, Dusty 120+, Danger...
Coming to your interface courtesy of @graeme , chels, el premier, de cup holder

ORFFA Round three – a return to normalcy?

Finally, we had TNT (team naming Thursday) and games played over Friday evening and the weekend. So we were back to normal in the sense. There were no repeats of the multiple team entries including JJ; so we were back to normal in that sense. Having 15 guys who would play? No chance; so we were back to normal in that sense. Would the favourite teams win - based either on the ChiefBet scale or the table after two rounds as indicated in the headers – read on to see if this was business as normal. Oh, and by the way this week we focus on the poorer performers rather than the normal approach of applauding star performances. All points count, you cannot ignore the weak links in your team.

WWW (14) v VBV (1)

ORFFAns had assumed the good mates would play a sporting game and applaud their opponents whenever possible. Well that was the theory. In what turned out be something of a yeo yeo (27) verbal stoush, Lenny had the barrassed (36) effrontery to ask of Fizzy how Dayne Beams was travelling? Fitzy gave as good as he got with a retort which your correspondent thinks included “gaff***ed” (123) followed by a Crisp (128) enquiry about how Cam Guthrie (7) was travelling. The VBV continue on their march to the top spot and perhaps, this year, finals glory. Lenny’s internet appears in need of an upgrade from dial-up to fibre and some new tweaks / apps in the MSD. WWW 931 lost to VBV 1379

WKI (3) v WBP (13)

The Packers made the long commute to the green and pleasant land of Jerusalem; well Bulls actually. Jerusalem is a little ways up the river. James Baxter established Aotearoa’s first hippie commune at Jerusalem in 1968 – great days. So peaceful, such a contrast to the uncouth, shambolic ritual of post-match drinks in the Bulls Hit Tavern. But I digress. For the locals, Aaron Hall (21) copped...
2212 this week felt like a bloody solid score, still only 6,753th for the week though shows that there is still people getting a ton of mileage out of their players!

I reckon Fogarty and Ryan is going to to push a few forward lines to the limit, but hey, the way that English is going, it might be worth trading into some kind of R/F link to get him onto the field in the forward line :D

Anyways, how have you guys gone?