For those who take it way too seriously

Not much movement at all in the teamsheet, which is kinda nice :D

In: Krooooooze, Higgins
Out: O'Shea
Firstly, I want everyone to realise how great the TS stats section is. Seriously go clink on the link and check out all the information on different tabs. It's a gold mine of information. Huge props to @walesy always delivering the goods that we enjoy.

Onto the article.
Another weekend of slapping and sniffles...

Cows 1354 slopped on Wombats 1210

This was billed as a strictly one-sided affair but the memo didn’t reach Wagga Wagga. Lenny’s troops flew out of the blocks courtesy of tons to Gibbs, Swallow, Oliver and a misplaced Jenkins. The home side, comfortable with their preseason conditioning, elected to tease the opposition by fielding just a smattering of players up until half time. Fortunately, Sauce and Fyfe needed little assistance early as they weaved a merry haka around the come-what-Mayes and half-dead Rat. A solid second half performance from the hosts saw TMitch and McLean put on a clinic despite some unsociable tactics from Kneecaps Sicily.

Vultures 1388 gnawed on Cockies 1024

The tale of two contenders, largely let down by their rucking rabble.
Both teams set sights on muscling in with height but the sandy slopes of the Venus Bay centre square were not well prepped for big men. Krooz ran screaming before the ball was bounced and Sandi ended up waist deep in his namesake and tellingly, was shorter than a crouching Matt. Martin and TBC went head to head with no clear winner, other than perhaps Archie Smith. Tall forwards had a better showing with Hoges and Jenkins going goal for goal with 5 apiece. The Vultures depth was duly tested here but cameos from benchers in Finlayson and Menzel saw the home side prevail.

Packers 1143 picked a peck of pickled Lefties 830

So, we can all field Jenkins right?
A wishful Lefties coach pondered how to fill yet another semi-deserted team sheet.
None-the-less we bounded into the annual French Park Faceoff with shifty eyes and chaffed gonads as we sought to elevate ball-tampering to a new level.
To be honest, it was apparent from early on that the Lefties needed all the help they could get as the impending 6-million-dollar man gave the Packers an unassailable early lead. Who woulda thought that fielding 1.5 defenders was a poor coaching move.
Not to...
@walesy is out of the office for a bit, which gives me the opportunity to start this week's review thread with a

2460 - ranked 357 for the round! Moved up 33k places this week in the overall rankings. :D

Props to Martin, Mitchell, McLean, Laird, Howe, Smith, Whitfield, Doedee and Johannisen

Slops to Caddy for getting suspended for Round 3 :( and Ryan for being on my FWD bench with a lazy 115!

How did you go? Tell us your hits and misses.
Round 2 starts on Thursday night so be sure not to miss the early partial lockout hot on the heels of thursday night teams at 630pm.

Thursday March 29, 7:20pm, Adelaide Oval

IN: W.Milera, T.Walker
OUT: R.Douglas (suspension), C.Hampton (groin)
EMG: J.Gallucci, K.Cheney, M.Signorello, R.O’Brien

IN: B.Houli
OUT: N.Vlastuin (concussion)
EMG: A.Miles, S.Lloyd, J.Higgins, I.Soldo

Friday, March 30
North Melbourne v St Kilda at Etihad Stadium, 4.20pm AEDT

No change
Emg - Daw, Mitch Hibberd, Ben Mckay, M Wood

No change
Emg - Gilbert, Coffield, Marshall, Weller

Saturday, March 31
Carlton v Gold Coast at Etihad Stadium, 1.45pm AEDT

In: D.Cuningham, C.O'Shea
Out: J.Silvagni, M.Kennedy (ankle)
New: Cameron O'Shea (Northern Blues)
Emg - Kerridge, Polson, J Silvagni, De Koning

In: A.Hall
Out: M.Rosa
Emg - Rosa, Spencer, Brodie, Nicholls

Collingwood v Greater Western Sydney at the MCG, 4.35pm AEDT

In: C.Brown, M.Scharenberg
Out: J.Smith (hamstring), M.Cox (suspension)
Emg- J Blair, C Mayne, T Broomhead, B Mihocek

In: T.Scully
Out: A.Corr
Emg - J Hooper, D Simpson, L Keefe, A Corr

Brisbane v Melbourne at the Gabba, 6.25pm AEST

In: C.Cox, R.Mathieson, R.Bewick
Out: D.Rich (ankle), M.Robinson (suspension), T.Bell
Emg - T Cutler, Z Bailey, J Barrett, A Smith

In: D.Tyson, T.Bugg
Out: C.Maynard, M.Hannan
Emg - Stretch, Kent, Frost, Maynard

Fremantle v Essendon at Optus Stadium, 5.10pm AWST

In: S.Hill, J.Hamling, A.Cerra, M.Crowden
Out: S.Kersten, D.Pearce, C.Sutcliffe, D.Tucker
New: Adam Cerra (Eastern U18), Mitch Crowden (Sturt)
Emg - Sheridan, Darcy, Hughes, B Cox

No change
Emg - Baguley, J Merrett, Redman, Leunberger

Sunday, April 1
Western Bulldogs v West Coast at Etihad Stadium, 3.20pm AEST

OK, so this may not be a regular thing (so chip in in future if you want) but for now I'll get the ball rolling with Best Buys this week and start the discussion for the upcoming round!


Player of the Week: The Hold (N/R, Free!)

That's right the best player to bring in this week is no one at all. It's week one people, this isn't AFL Fantasy, cool your jets! Your underperforming premiums? You picked them for a reason, back them in. A rookie you don't have went nuts? They could score 20 next week and be out the door. Chill, assess your team, make any correction trades next week before price rises. It's never a good idea to waste too many trades on players early, and losing trades early on when you will need them by the end covering injuries is asking for trouble. You will just have to ride the rollercoaster with players and hope they do well soon. Good luck

~ (read for more)
That @TerryinBangkok bloke does alright.
Dive into his musings...

Reflecting SuperCoach fortunes, ORFFA coaches either posted record scores or had a very ordinary weekend. One coach had read the tea leaves and didn't turn up, while other teams were riddled with no shows. Three close and exciting matches, some wipeouts and a record first round score.

The boys from Wagga (1230) went down narrowly to the Cockies (1295). Good for Ant to get one of those close ones out of the way early, while the Wombats give a glimpse of return to form this season. The Cockies had a handy 112 from Shagger Hurn, while Matt Crouch (105), Jack Steven (125), Wingard (110) and Aaron Young (112) all put in tons, with Sandi on I/C tossing in 104. Six tons in all and the only damp spot being Harry Taylor limping off on 19. Wagga managed six tons as well, with contributions from Barrass (101), 4 in the guts from Oliver (123), Gibbs (116), Shiel (129), Swallow (110). This was added to by Sicily playing up front with 125. Alas, not enough.

Our next match was the train wreck and the thoroughbred. Hard to believe that the Larrikins could field players who did not play and still manage to field them out of position. With ball tampering, I guess anything goes.The Lefties posted a score of 784, while the Waikiks trotted in a casual 1224. Accidental tons to Seb Ross (113) and Berry (103) were the aberrations and a public spanking will be meted out at training on Monday at the Lagoon. For the ex- Kiwis, TMitch (167) held up the midfield on his own, while Parfitt chipped in with a nice 104.

Next up were the highly confident Hoppers (1340) who copped an uncharacteristic smacking from the Vultures (1505). Nukes are heading towards Venus Bay as we speak. Three tons not enough for the Hoppers, with Cripps (130), Billings (133), and the Curnow brothers adding 126 and 95. VB had 5, with Yeo (109), Parker (149), Buddy (175), Greene (131) and Stef Martin cleverly on I/C...
Supercoach is back! And with it, the highs and lows.

For me, I dodged a lot of bullets. Dodged Ryder, Krueze, Rockliff, Zorko, Adams

Of course, I couldn't dodge them all, and got nailed with Liber.

Meanwhile, made a lot of hits with Laird, Dusty, Titch, Coniglio, Billings, Gawn and Sicily.

A couple of the big ones I missed were Simpson, Cripps, Bonner, Greene, Shaw

Also, my bench selection was WOEFUL, with Naughton, Barry and Fogerty on the field and Doedee, Finlayson, Holman and Kelly sitting on the bench.

At least I won't have to trade those guys in those.

All in all, I'm looking at about a 2200 so far, which is a decent start considering.

Have left a good 300 points on the bench though with poor bench choice already though! which STINGS!!

Gunna be some big 2500 scores around I reckon!

How'd you all go first week back?
After a long offseason Supercoach is BACK !!!! Hopefully this is your year to jag the 50k.

Round 1 Teams (now updated for Friday 5pm culling)


B - Alex Rance, David Astbury, Dylan Grimes
HB - Nick Vlastuin, Jayden Short, Brandon Ellis
C - Shaun Grigg, Shane Edwards, Trent Cotchin
HF - Jason Castagna, Jack Graham, Jacob Townsend
F - Jack Riewoldt, Josh Caddy, Dan Butler
Fol - Toby Nankervis, Kane Lambert, Dustin Martin
I/C - Reece Conca, Shai Bolton, Kamdyn McIntosh, Corey Ellis
Emg - Anthony Miles, Sam Lloyd, Callum Moore, Ivan Soldo
New: Nil
Notable absentees: Bachar Houli, Dion Prestia, Daniel Rioli, Nathan Broad

B - Kade Simpson, Liam Jones, Caleb Marchbank
HB - Dale Thomas, Jacob Weitering, Lachie Plowman
C - Aaron Mullett, Patrick Cripps, Marc Murphy
HF - Zac Fisher, Levi Casboult, Jarrod Garlett
F - Matthew Wright, Charlie Curnow, Jack Silvagni
Fol - Matthew Kreuzer, Matthew Kennedy, Sam Petrevski-Seton
I/C - Ed Curnow, Ciaran Byrne, Paddy Dow, Jed Lamb
Emg - David Cuningham, Cameron Polson, Harry McKay, Cameron O'Shea
New: P.Dow (debut), M.Kennedy (Greater Western Sydney), J.Garlett (Gold Coast/South Fremantle), A.Mullett (North Melbourne)
Notable absentees: Sam Docherty, Jarrod Pickett, Sam Rowe

Friday March 23 at Etihad Stadium (7.50pm)

B - Dea, Hurley, Hartley
HB - Saad, Brown, Goddard
C - Zaharakis, Z. Merrett, Parish
HF - Stringer, Hooker, McDonald-Tipungwuti
F - Begley, Daniher, Stewart
FOLL - Bellchambers, Heppell, Smith
I/C - McGrath, Langford, Green, McKenna
EMG - J. Merrett, Redman, Baguley, McKernan
New: A.Saad (Gold Coast), J.Stringer (Western Bulldogs), D.Smith (Greater Western Sydney)
Notable absentees: Orazio Fantasia, David Myers, Martin Gleeson, Travis Colyer

B: Kelly, Talia, Hartigan
HB: Laird, Brown, Seedsman
C: Mackay, Sloane, Gibson
HF: Ellis-Yolmen, McGovern, Murphy
F: Betts, Jenkins, Fogarty
FOLL: Jacobs, Douglas, Crouch
I/C: Gibbs,...
Good news guys, I've got this up and running again this year for SC.

It's by far the most effective thing on this site to use, so get in there if you haven't used it before! Also a great way to check out your Bye profile :D

The Trades remaining and Cash doesn't work, so if you're using the Trade Plan stuff, you'll need to fill those in Manually.

Fantasy and DT won't work, but if you run into problems uploading your SC squad, let me know!

I'll have a play with AFLF and see if I can't get it up and running this evening. Will keep you all posted.