For those who take it way too seriously

Good news guys, I've got this up and running again this year for SC.

It's by far the most effective thing on this site to use, so get in there if you haven't used it before! Also a great way to check out your Bye profile :D

The Trades remaining and Cash doesn't work, so if you're using the Trade Plan stuff, you'll need to fill those in Manually.

Fantasy and DT won't work, but if you run into problems uploading your SC squad, let me know!

I'll have a play with AFLF and see if I can't get it up and running this evening. Will keep you all posted.
Ok, there's been some chatter around the place and a TG teams is looking ready to go for the 2018 season

As always, your team must look as above, with $50,900 in cash and no changes prior to the end of round One. Then it's all on you and your trading.

Enter the Trading Games group here:

Also created some leagues for trading games teams 446649 & 341290. Please only join 1 league per team.

Thanks to @warsaken for getting this together this year.
After a long season and an especially long finals series thus far, we're now on to the grand finals for the 17/18 season, our 8th season running of TS Fantasy NBA!

Read over the break for a quick run down of each league's grand final and some other news re relegations and promotions.
JLT is finished, RMT is underway and the season is nearing closer everyday.
Whilst in the frenzy of finalising your team, make sure to also get your leagues sorted.

Have a look over the break for more details of the TS leagues for 2018.
Anyone using this site for SuperCoach should join the group this year, any contributors, donors, posters, commenters, lurkers, those of you just here for the tools, and anyone else around these parts.

Click into this thread to get the group code.
Got nothing to lose by kicking this off and putting my head on the block as my SC history is littered with...litter.
Give us your thoughts and remember to post feedback before throwing your own team out there.

Knights who say Ni (version 400-ish)

Def - Hibberd, Simpson, Savage, Sicily, Naughton, Finlayson (Doedee, Murphy)
Mid - Martin, Zorko, Fyfe, Cripps, Coniglio, Brayshaw, Dow, Kelly (Barry, Banfield, Holman)
Ruck - Martin, Gawn (Cameron)
Fwd - Walters, Lambert, Smith, Petracca, Christensen, Fritsch (Ryan, Garlett)

$224,000 left

Yep, mid-price madness has got a firm grip on me once again.
Many would argue there's plenty of traps here and unlikely that all these mid pricers will see the journey.
Granted, not choosing any of the top 14 fwds from last year seems risky.
Not sure i'll hold my nerve on this by lockout. We'll see.
Source: Sydney Swans via Facebook

Selecting your fantasy team before the season gets underway is always a tedious and time-consuming affair. It's always tricky trying to fit those big-name players into a budget that always seems just a little too small, as well as looking for that diamond in the rough that no one else will have in their side, but you have a feeling it's their time to shine.

Quite often, many people will have the same top-tier stars and it's usually the breakout players that tend to make the difference between winning and losing. We're talking about young talent that is about to have their best season yet, someone that is on the verge of unleashing their full potential upon the league. Predicting who these new game changers are going to be is no easy task, but if you can manage to pick them correctly, the rewards for your team will be massive. There are several things to consider when scouting for one of these players, so let's take a look at a few viable candidates that could be ready to explode in 2018.
Howdy gang,

I thought instead of using this thread to bask in the afterglow of my fourth ORFFL Premiership, I'd look towards the incipient future and post all the details and relevant info for the upcoming 2018 season ORFFL VII. So here goes:

2018 Pre-Preseason Draft Trade Period - Now to Feb 21st 9pm AEDT
2018 Preseason Delistment Deadline (down to 20 or less) - Feb 24th 9pm AEDT
2018 Preseason Draft - Mon Feb 27th 0:00AM till finished
2018 Post-Preseason Trade Period - End of draft to Tuesday 20th 9pm AEDT

If anyone disagrees say something. Also, thanks @stripey .

Mid-Season Trade Period
Tarwin Lower Pigs trade 2017 MSD first round pick (P16) to Ivanhoe Knightriders for their 2018 PSD fifth round pick.

Popanyinning Pyrite trade Griffin Logue to Ivanhoe Knightriders for IKR 2018 4th Rd PSD

Ivanhoe trade Heath Shaw & Brandon Goddard to Mt.Buggery for Will Setterfield, Kyle Langford and MBD 1st Rd PSD

Pre-Season Trade Period
Sarah Island trade their 2018 PSD P54 to Mallacoota for Matthew Wright and their 20018 PSD P86

Sarah Island trade Koby Stevens to Woy Woy for Luke Hodge.

Popanyinning Pyrite trade Sam Powell-Pepper to Dajarra Dragons for Tom Langdon

Woy Woy Wizards trade 2018 PSD P58 to Mt.Buggery Disappointments for Adam Tomlinson

Woy Woy Wizards trade 2018 PSD P40 to Smiths Beach Seagulls for Harley Bennell

And here be the draft order:

Spreadsheet is attached with this same draft order and lists galore. I think (e.g don't know) that all the team/player details are correct now, but I always take notes updates as they come to light. Speaking of which, if anyone want's to google spreadsheet up this OP, or add anything else, just go for it. Team effort y'all.

AFLW season 2 sees a GF rematch in Round 1 and a 7 week plus Grand Final length season, as per 2017. Expansion is set for 2019 and 2020.

The first ever AFLW prospectus is out now, and discussion has commenced about getting a draft/keeper league up and running for the 2019 season so register your ideas and interest below as needed.
Round 7 AFLW fixture
GWS vs Brisbane, Fremantle vs Carlton, WB vs Melbourne, Collingwood vs Adelaide

Too Serious AFLW Round 7 All Star Squads

Team Marinoff - E Marinoff, D Pearce, C Gum, E Blackburn, K Donnellan, J Stanton, A O'Connor, J Lambert, B Jakobssen, C Molloy, H Miller, K Loynes, S Frederick-Traub, J Wuetschner, Sarah Hosking (aka GGDoL), H Scott, J Dal Pos, B Toogood, B Lochland, T Harris

Team Eva - A Eva, C Randall, E Kearney, K Lutkins, E King, E O'Dea, E Bates, A Farrugia, A Anderson, K Paxman, E Phillips, K Brennan, J Barclay, C Staunton, E Antonio, D Hooker, L Pearce, J Duffin, C Edwards, N Barr
Ok, I've got the first, most important step for the upload done.

SC and AFLF are in the house.

Currently a recalc is running on them, and it hasn't finished yet so I'll check it in the morning cause it's all late and stuff.

But salaries should be in, team movements and positional changes should all be good to go.

Nobody try to auto-upload their SC Team though. That thing has no chance of working!

Finally, Brandon Ellis is a Defender this year. Get in there son!!