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  1. Len
    Len Guru
    1. Guru
      Thank you very much Len, the date is correct (7th October 1937). I am hoping that I can again this year participate in a T.S. Super coach League.
      Feb 15, 2018
  2. ELeviathan
    ELeviathan walesy
    Hey chief! Are you joining the Ashes league this year?
  3. ORFFWizard
    SC team being worked at after keeper league pre-season all done.
  4. HOLKY
    Will there be a trading game this year?
  5. HeavyMen
    HeavyMen walesy
    Hey Walsey, will be popping my $50 through to your WBC account as per prev. years. Please roll over my donor status :-) Also wondered if you could mention the Too Serious 4 Laughs
    AFL fantasy league code WUW6WPLP somewhere? Have reactivated but can't remember what size league it was last year. Anyway it has 20 spots & we want to fill it. Cheers HM
    PS Also DreamTeam code 203722 TooSerious Lads
  6. ORFFWizard
    First real go at a SC team in recent days whilst also started our seasonal draft league off. Have a premiership title to defend.
  7. DaggsHead
    Might be just a little out there.
  8. HEATalicious
  9. Jen
    Proud coach and owner of the Lovely Banks Lilacs in the ORFFA
  10. Ethan Lee
    Ethan Lee
    2015 Rank: 271
  11. Dan Morris
  12. walesy
    walesy RileyAFL
    G'day mate, sorry- didn't notice your post here. We you able to upload your team into myTeams?
  13. RileyAFL
    Im having problems seeing any of my playing list in the stats section, my team name comes up but shows nothing. Please help
  14. RileyAFL
    G'day all. new to this AFL dream team. One thankyou for your great site.
  15. Senator96
    Senator96 walesy
    Hey walesy i wouldnt mind having a crack at writing a best buys column this year if there are no other takers mate...what does one have to do to apply for this job??!! I finished in the top 100 overall in 2013 and have read the articles for a few years now, anyway let me know if i can help. Cheers MC
    1. walesy
      Oh man, I've very sorry mate, I didn't notice this message at all!! Feel awful!

      Really appreciate the offer though!!!
      Apr 21, 2016
  16. DaveE
    DaveE walesy
    Hi walesy, just thought I'd contact you as I can't seem to be able to upload my supercoach team. Not sure if there is a bug in the system, but every time I try it says that my "login didn't work". Any help you can give would be appreciated
    1. walesy
      Sorry mate, I didn't notice this message- Did you end up getting it sorted?
      Apr 21, 2016
    2. DaveE
      no, i just made 2 'watchlists'; one for my team and another for my watchlist. but the issue i have now is that I can't remove a player frome either list, or go to page 2 of my watchlist. seems like i fixed one problem and created 2 more!
      Apr 22, 2016
  17. 4nsy
    4nsy walesy
    I think your chat is broken.

    Or I am.

    Or both.
    1. walesy
      Yeah, it was broke for me also- but fine for Jase and Bear. Weird, will try sorting it out over the weekend.
      Mar 24, 2016
  18. DC
    find me on twitter @davecama
  19. ELeviathan
    What lies beneath the surface
  20. Jason
    Jason MrsBear
    Strong like-to-post ratio!
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    2. Bearfly
      Think that might be mostly from the ORFFF draft, especially when she snared a player I was after!!!
      Mar 15, 2016
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