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  1. JMac
    An eternal Saints pessimist with a flair for the outlandish. Current Head Coach of the Popanyinning Pyrite. CARN THE PYRITE
  2. Jasmine
    Jasmine anthak
    Hi Ant, can I ask, how is the waiver order determined? Is it reverse draft order or is it randomised?
    1. anthak
      Hi Jasmine, it is reverse draft order. It automatically updates at the end of the draft, so they should be all set now. Let me know if you see any problems
      Oct 23, 2023
    2. Jasmine
      Thanks Ant, yes it updated so all good. Hope you had a good draft! All the best for the season!
      Oct 23, 2023
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  3. chris88
    Current coach of the Nareewillock Nuffers in the ORFFA. Former coach of the ORFFA team formerly known as the Darraweit Guim Dirigibles.
  4. Pistolas de Espana
    Pistolas de Espana anthak
    Hi Anthony, I'm back from O/S. Looking for some good leagues to join and trashtalk my way through 2021. Hope your killing it. Cheers.
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  5. Pistolas de Espana
    Pistolas de Espana
    Pistolas are ready to shake and bake 2021.
  6. Don_Cottagers
    Hey mate - is the league still open? Been swamped, but hopefully able to have a look before R1
  7. crossy
    crossy Bearfly
    hi mate, are you keen on joining nbl ntasy again this year? league info is on last nba thread, cheers mate
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    2. Bearfly
      Tried to join but league must be full
      Jan 14, 2021
  8. crossy
    crossy Don_Cottagers
    hi mate, are you keen on joining nbl again this year? I have always quietly enjoyed our battles ha ha, league info is on last comment on latest nba thread, cheers mate
  9. HeavyMen
    Proudly #1 ticket holder for the Mount Beauty Uglies
  10. stripey
    2020: The year of the Bullfrog
  11. walesy
    walesy insider
    Favorite staff member, amazing performance and always willing to help.
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  12. chris88
    Proud former coach of the Darraweit Guim Dirigibles in the ORFFA. Interested observer of all things ORFFA.
  13. Aussie Realms
    Aussie Realms
    Ranked 5350 hoping to get into the top 3k this week Hurn 161 helped :)
  14. Pistolas de Espana
    Pistolas de Espana
    In ROB we trust.
  15. lsco
    Loopholed Gawn to the bench Rd 3 and somehow didn't have the EMG on him! A lovely round of 2,270 instead of the expected 2,396. N00b FTW!
  16. Pistolas de Espana
    Pistolas de Espana
    Scott Lycett on the bench last round :(
  17. pacman81
    Carn the Crows.... gotta be better than last year.
  18. Tim Sim
    Tim Sim
    New to SC ... trying to learn as much as possible asap!
  19. showmedamane
    showmedamane anthak
    I can't seem to attach a screenshot of my team. If i can get your email i can send a photo of my team to receive payment?
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  20. Moggies