18 Team Dynasty

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    The ultimate AFL fantasy game awaits you. Do you want to take your team to a championship? Year after year? Can you build an AFL dynasty?

    This is THE LADDER DYNASTY. A small roster, NFL style team. All 18 teams and only $60 per year.

    Your team:
    1 Ruck
    2 Backs
    2 Centers
    1 Forward
    4 Flex
    18 Bench

    $60 per year (Pay $120 upfront for one year in advance). ($1010 pool after fees)

    $550 winner
    $250 runner up
    $150 most points (regular season)
    $60 Minor premier

    Golden Fist Scoring on Ultimate Footy platform.

    Your Franshise:

    You get to pick ONE franchise player from your own team. If you choose not to pick a franchise player from your own team, you get a predraft selection from all remaining players prior to the normal draft.

    Please note this is dynasty. Every year you get 5 draft picks for an annual rookie draft. Your first pick is whoever your team drafts with their first pick in the national draft. This continues the feel of it being your franchise team.
    Picks 2-5 each year are normal reverse ladder order.

    You keen? First in & Paid gets their own team. Who do you go for?

    This is slow draft. 4 hours per pick. I'll only accept true fans for each team and currently 15 legit fans are in.
    Only Blues, Port and Dees to fill!

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