2016 AFL draft

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By TheTassieHawk on Nov 24, 2016 at 10:19 PM
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    The 2016 draft is here, all 18 clubs will be hoping that they can pluck champions of the future at their turn, with the 2016 All Australian U/18s sure to be in the mix for the first 2 rounds.

    As always comment below !
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Nov 24, 2016.

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    1. port_leschenault
      Jack Graham won the Larke Medal for best player at the champs. Should be picked up in the 20-30 mark.

      Seems the late mail is on McGrath being picked #1. McCluggage still a possibility. Setterfield talk is Dodo playing silly buggers per usual.

      Bit exciting considering there's so many ways teams can go this year, it will be one of those draft where it's fun to look back on in hindsight.

      For us Supercoachers, Will Brodie is the one to look out for and hope is not called out too early. Ready for Rd1 midfielder who was talked up as a potential number 1 early on, could now go as low as North's pick @ 11-13. Every pick not taken = money saved.
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    2. walesy
      I really hope he's playing funny buggers. Love the cut of McClovin's gib!

      Either way, looks like it's gunna be a strong draft- so lotsa rookies for next year!!
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    3. Len
      Hope so mate gws traded up to two for a shot at the other mc I like taranto a lot but not sure 2 is his current value

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    4. graeme
      please walesy, jib not gib. :rolleyes:

      Some pithy comments would be nice Len, I don't expect interviews, but they would be nice. BTW, your boy Kennedy is watching so don't put the mockers on that friendship.
    5. TheTassieHawk
      McGrath was correct
      mClugage #3 (Lions)
      Settersfield #5 (GWS)
      Brodie at #9 to the Suns
    6. Len
      Lol Matt is in the next row across from me , interviews could be tricky

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    7. Len
      Giants looking likely to burn some of next years points

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    8. TheTassieHawk
      IMO not a bad idea if it is early picks they are burning for 2017, just in case the AFL is heavy handed over the Whitfield matter
    9. TheTassieHawk
      Graham went at Pick 53 to the Tiges, that's a fair slide although to be fair the big footy consensus phantom draft had him pegged at #37
    10. TheTassieHawk
      here is the full 2016 draft

      1 Essendon Andrew McGrath Sandringham Dragons
      2 GWS Giants Tim Taranto Sandringham Dragons
      3 Brisbane Lions Hugh McCluggage North Ballarat Rebels
      4 Gold Coast Suns Ben Ainsworth Gippsland Power
      5 GWS Giants Will Setterfield Sandringham Dragons Academy
      6 Carlton Sam Petrevski-Seton Claremont
      7 Gold Coast Suns Jack Scrimshaw Sandringham Dragons
      8 remantle Griffin Logue Swan Districts
      9 Gold Coast Suns Will Brodie Murray Bushrangers
      10 Gold Coast Suns Jack Bowes Cairns Academy
      11 Sydney Swans Oliver Florent Sandringham Dragons
      12 North Melbourne Jy Simpkin Murray Bushrangers
      13 West Coast Eagles Daniel Venables Western Jets
      14 GWS Giants Harry Perryman Collingullie Academy
      15 Adelaide Jordan Gallucci Eastern Ranges
      16 Port Adelaide Todd Marshall Murray Bushrangers
      17 Brisbane Lions Jarrod Berry North Ballarat Rebels
      18 Port Adelaide Sam Powell-Pepper East Perth
      19 Western Bulldogs Timothy English South Fremantle
      20 GWS Giants Isaac Cumming Broken Hill Academy
      21 Sydney Swans Will Hayward North Adelaide

      22 Essendon Jordan Ridley Oakleigh Chargers
      23 Brisbane Lions Alex Witherden Geelong Falcons
      24 Brisbane Lions Cedric Cox North Ballarat Rebels
      25 St Kilda Ben Long NT Thunder
      26 Geelong Cats Brandan Parfitt NT Thunder/North Adelaide
      27 Carlton Zac Fisher Perth
      28 Western Bulldogs Patrick Lipinski Northern Knights
      29 Richmond Shai Bolton South Fremantle
      30 Collingwood Sam McLarty Oakleigh Chargers
      31 Essendon Joshua Begley Eastern Ranges
      32 Port Adelaide Joe Atley Bendigo Pioneers
      33 Port Adelaide Willem Drew North Ballarat Rebels
      34 North Melbourne Declan Watson Aspley Academy (not matched)
      35 Collingwood Callum Brown Eastern Ranges FS
      36 North Melbourne Josh Williams Surfers Paradise Academy (not matched)

      37 West Coast Eagles Josh Rotham West Perth
      38 Fremantle Sean Darcy Geelong Falcons
      39 St Kilda Josh Battle Dandenong Stingrays
      40 Geelong Cats Thomas Stewart Geelong VFL
      41 Fremantle Brennan Cox WWT

      42 Essendon Kobe Mutch Bendigo Pioneers Academy (not matched)
      43 Geelong Cats Esava Ratugolea Murray Bushrangers
      44 Adelaide Myles Poholke Dandenong Stingrays
      45 Sydney Swans Jack Maibaum Eastern Ranges
      46 Melbourne Mitchell Hannan Footscray
      47 Carlton Harrison Macreadie Henty Academy (not matched)
      48 Sydney Swans Darcy Cameron Claremont
      49 Western Bulldogs Lewis Young Sturt
      50 Collingwood Kayle Kirby Bendigo Pioneers
      51 Adelaide Elliot Himmelberg Redlands
      52 West Coast Eagles Willie Rioli Glenelg
      53 Richmond Jack Graham North Adelaide

      54 GWS Giants Lachlan Tiziani Murray Bushrangers Academy
      55 Brisbane Lions Jacob Allison Aspley Academy

      56 St Kilda Edward Phillips Oakleigh Chargers
      57 Collingwood Josh Daicos Oakleigh Chargers FS
      58 GWS Giants Matthew de Boer Fremantle (AFL)

      59 Carlton Cameron Polson Sandringham Dragons
      60 Geelong Cats Quinton Narkle Perth
      61 Carlton Tom Williamson North Ballarat Rebels
      62 Adelaide Matthew Signorello South Morang Football Club
      63 Essendon Dylan Clarke Eastern Ranges
      64 Melbourne Dion Johnstone Oakleigh Chargers
      65 Carlton Pat Kerr Oakleigh Chargers
      66 Fremantle Luke Ryan Coburg
      67 Gold Coast Suns Brad Scheer Palm Beach Currumbin Academy
      68 Geelong Cats Timm House Geelong (VFL)
      69 Geelong Cats Ryan Abbott Grovedale Tigers
      70 Western Bulldogs Fergus Greene Bendigo Pioneers

      71 Brisbane Lions Corey Lyons Sandringham Dragons
      72 Richmond Ryan Garthwaite Murray Bushrangers Academy (not matched)
      73 North Melbourne Nick Larkey Oakleigh Chargers
      74 Hawthorn Harry Morrison Murray Bushrangers
      75 Adelaide Ben Davis UNSW
      76 Hawthorn Mitchell Lewis Calder Cannons

      77 West Coast Eagles Jake Waterman Claremont FS
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    11. Len
      Based on our drafting post 20 I think we were "advised against it"
    12. Len
      Doesn't matter how many times I see pick 58 listed I still can't figure who was smoking what
    13. Jason
      Brisbane smashed it, but obviously a worry as to whether they will all be there in 5 years time.

      Very happy with our English Bulldog, perfect fit for the high-speed game style that we have going.

      Think the Saints reached a bit early on Long, he wasn't as good as guys like Hrovat and Stevens when playing alongside them in the VFL, yet those two guys only netted us much lower draft picks than Pick 24.
    14. port_leschenault
      I'm biased but Matt De Boer goes alright. Absolutely tore up the WAFL this year. Probably should've gone to another team which needs midfielder, but GWS may want to use him in the forward line, which Freo tried and failed at.

      Luke Ryan should be a lock for SC. Maybe Thomas Stewart too. Sam Powell-Pepper from the higher ups, not sure who else outside of top 5, who'll be too expensive. Darcy Cameron will get games sometime in the year with Sydney's fragile ruck stocks so a perfect downgrade target.
    15. Len
      Midfield coach in our NEAFL side, we should have just hired him for the roles, not wasted the pick, different spending cap in play that way.
      I can't think of a single best 22 player he could replace, and is behind others as a backup in every role also, lunatic pick for our squad.
    16. TheTassieHawk

      Apart from Sam Hayes and James Worpel (who will play TAC Cup again in 2017) seven other players named in the TAC Cup Team of the Year were not picked up and you would think they would all be in the running for rookie spots:-
      - Sam Fowler (Fwd)
      - Brett Blair (Fwd)
      - Mason Blakey (Def)
      - Brodie Romensky (Def)
      - Taylin Duman (Def)
      - Lachlan Filipovic (Ruck)
      - Luke Bunker (IC)

      With Matt De Boer the only 2016 AFL listed player picked up in the draft you would expect several others could be rookied and there are likely to be a few mature agers from the State Leagues as well, it sounds like Brett Eddy is being talked up but I am sure a few of you may be able to suggest others.
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    17. Len
      And it's about to get worse... rumour is we are going to take Sproul tomorrow who I like as a prospect and may be good, but also Mzungu, I don't have enough ways to express WTF
    18. graeme
      Someone has photos of some indiscretions Len? :p
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    19. TheTassieHawk
      not at all @graeme

      breaking news on www.afl.com.au

      In the matter of the disrepute charges against Lachie Whitfield, Graeme “Gabby” Allen and Craig Lambert the AFL finds Greater Western Sydney Football Club be as guilty as hell.

      Greater Western Sydney submitted that it should be stripped of all 1st and 2nd Round draft picks for the next 10 years but after much consideration the AFL determines that a fitting and far harsher punishment is that Greater Western Sydney shall draft no fewer than 2 Fremantle Football club rejects from a motley crew comprising Mat Deboer, Tendai Mzungu and Alex Silvagni.

      Should Greater Western Sydney finish in the top 4 in 2017 (and let's be honest with all their academy talent they will be unlikely to drop a game) the AFL has determined that a further punishment shall apply in that Ross Lyon shall be appointed head coach of Greater Western Sydney on a 20 year deal from 2018-2037, with Zac Dawson tagging along on a 5 year $17 million marquee contract.
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