2016 Teams - Round 10

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By TheTassieHawk on May 26, 2016 at 7:17 PM
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    here are the teams - including extended teams for Sunday

    by the way no Laird or Crouch brothers for the Crows and Rocky remains out - was there anyone else expected to be back who didn't make it ??

    Sydney Swans v North Melbourne, SCG, 7.50pm AEST, Friday 27 May
    In: Harrison Marsh ($117.3k DEF, 1st game)
    Out: Ted Richards (concussion)

    In: Daniel Wells, Sam Wright
    Out: Aaron Mullett (omitted), Farren Ray (omitted)

    Brisbane Lions v Hawthorn, Gabba, 1.45pm AEST, Saturday 28 May
    In: Tom Cutler
    Out: Billy Evans (omitted)

    In: Matt Spanger
    Out: Kaiden Brand (omitted)

    Melbourne v Port Adelaide, TIO Stadium, 2.10pm AEST, Saturday 28 May
    In: Neville Jetta, Dom Tyson
    Out: Clayton Oliver (quad), Viv Michie (omitted)

    In: Dougal Howard ($123.9k FWD, 3rd game)
    Out: Tom Jonas (suspension)

    St Kilda v Fremantle, Etihad Stadium, 4.35pm AEST, Saturday 28 May
    In: Brodie Murdoch, Jack Sinclair
    Out: Jack Billings (ankle), Jimmy Webster (illness)

    In: Sam Collins ($117.3k DEF, 1st game), Cameron Sutcliffe, Michael Barlow, Stephen Hill, Matt de Boer
    Out: Alex Pearce (leg), Clancee Pearce (concussion), Zac Clarke (omitted), Ethan Hughes (calf), David Mundy (calf)

    Essendon v Richmond, MCG, 7.25pm AEST, Saturday 28 May
    In: Courtenay Dempsey, Shaun Edwards, Ryan Crowley
    Out: Conor McKenna (omitted), James Polkinghorne (omitted), Mason Redman (omitted)

    In: David Astbury, Daniel Rioli, Corey Ellis
    Out: Troy Chaplin (hip), Connor Menadue (omitted), Jayden Short (omitted)

    Adelaide Crows v GWS Giants, Adelaide Oval, 7.40pm AEST, Saturday 28 May
    No change

    In: Adam Tomlinson, Jack Steele
    Out: Tim Mohr (hamstring), Matt Buntine (concussion)


    Carlton v Geelong, Etihad Stadium, 1.10pm AEST, Sunday 29 May
    In: Levi Casboult, Matthew Kreuzer
    Out: Liam Jones, Daniel Gorringe,
    EMG Kristian Jaksch, Liam Jones, Daniel Gorringe,

    In: Tom Lonergan, Jake Kolodjashnij, Billie Smedts
    Out: Daniel Menzel (soreness),George Horlin-Smith, Jed Bews,
    EMG Jordan Murdoch, George Horlin-Smith, Jed Bews

    Collingwood v Western Bulldogs, MCG, 3.20pm AEST, Sunday 29 May
    In: NIL
    Out: NIL
    EMG Jarrod Witts, Jonathon Marsh, Ben Sinclair

    In: Matthew Boyd, Marcus Adams, Jack Redpath, Matthew Suckling, Josh Dunkley ($123.9k MID, 3rd game)
    Out: Kieran Collins (omitted), Koby Stevens (abdominal), Lin Jong (suspension), Bailey Williams, Jed Acock
    EMG Will Minson, Bailey Williams, Jed Acock

    West Coast Eagles v Gold Coast Suns, Domain Stadium, 4.40pm AEST, Sunday 29 May
    In: Thomas Cole ($117.3K D/M, 1st game is onfield), Lewis Jetta,
    Out: Elliot Yeo (quad), Andrew Gaff (concussion)
    EMG Xavier Ellis, Patrick McGinnity,Thomas Barrass

    In: Steven May, Tom Nicholls, Gary Ablett, Clay Cameron, Aaron Hall,
    Out: Darcy MacPherson (knee), Sam Day (hip), Daniel Currie (finger), Jarrad Grant (hamstring), Callum Ah Chee (concussion)
    EMG Mackenzie Willis ($117.3k MID), Joshua Schoenfeld ($117.3k MID), Jesse Joyce ($102.4k D/M)
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, May 26, 2016.

    1. port_leschenault
      I'd rather pick up Wingard. He's an AA-calibre forward. May lack the mid time you want to make sure his scores are consistent, but as Stowie said, capable of going very big. Good time to get him if you want to run the risk on a cheap player.
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    2. walesy
      Cheers for getting this up TTH. Mah interwebs has been flaky. Actions were necessary though to get my trades in! :D
    3. TheTassieHawk
      Sunday teams have now been updated above !
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    4. RPritch
      Definitely not a bad idea to get in the Chad. I'm just a Richmond supporter and admit am biased. Edwards is also one of my favourites to watch when he's up and going (as is Chad), but I myself won't be getting either in, might get Edwards for something different in my Trading Games team ...
    5. TheTassieHawk
      Swans and Roos are unchanged
    6. ELeviathan
      Call out to Jason - what are the chances Bailey Williams will get more games in the near future? Lack of defensive rookies creating some challenges in the upgrade season!
    7. Len
      Having a Port bet each way this week, brought Westhoff in for my SC team and Wingard for trading games, surely they are both bottomed out now?
    8. port_leschenault
      J will have a better idea but I don't like his chances, may be one of those in and out depending on any other defensive injuries. Hold out for Freo's Collins or Tom Lee getting back into the Saints side.
    9. maxweas1
      Who would be taking Goldsteins vc score of 112? Thinking about taking the punt on pendles.
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    10. walesy
      Can't take a 112. :D Pendles is in some killer form at the minute also! Worthy punt for mine.
    11. ELeviathan
      I'm taking Kennedy's 161
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    12. Iain
      I'm still tossing up whether or not to put Gawn as C, Port will really struggle in the ruck and he's always capable of kicking a few but I talked to my dad yesterday (a Melbourne member) and he said he had heard that Gawn has been told to focus on his ruck work recently and not "run around like a mad thing getting possessions". Makes it a much tougher call as that could well explain his recent scoring drop.
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    13. Bearfly
      What I have heard, Laird has apparently overcome the toe injury but Adelaide were concerned bringing him back in off a 3 week lay-off against a flying Giants outfit.
      Also, Brad Crouch is being given an extended run in SANFL to get some much needed match fitness and form back - and the biggest talk is about Matt Crouch, lots of noise being made that the coaching staff are very reluctant to have both MC and Scott Thompson in the same midfield due to both being very similar "slow" players.

      Could be some very interesting times ahead for Adelaide with player contracts, Thompson wants to continue, both Crouch boys are up for renewal (1 end of this season the other end of next), and Jenkins has been offered big $$$'s by Brisbane (something Adelaide have baulked at twice in past few months).
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    14. TheTassieHawk
      No late changes in either of the 2 early games
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    15. Bearfly
      Actually a bit incorrect really with Port - Broadbent was ommitted this morning and replaced by Sam Gray
    16. Iain
      Damnit Gawn.
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    17. Bearfly
      I gather that comment means you didn't VC big Max???
    18. TheTassieHawk
      Luenberger out replaced by jamer for dreamtime at the g

      No changes for crows and Giants
    19. TheTassieHawk
      My bad there bear, I wasn't following this morning and the source on Twitter obviously didn't factor in that one as a change form the original team as they should have
    20. Iain
      No I VC'ed Goldy and after having it in all week changed my mind at the last minute and went Danger C instead of Gawn. Regretting it now obviously.

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