2017/18 Off-Season - 'Tis the Season of Optimism

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Nov 15, 2017.

By Jason on Nov 15, 2017 at 3:21 PM
  1. Jason

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    In here for AFL off-season discussion folks.

    Tell us who's training the house down, etc.


Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Nov 15, 2017.

    1. Jason
      Docherty out for all of 2018 with an ACL.

      Shocking news, big blow to Carlton for sure. Just sucks for good players to not be playing.

      But more importantly - who the hell is going to be a premium DEF option for 2018 now?
    2. walesy
      Early call-
      Hurley + Savage finished the year very well.

      Zachary with continue his upward momentum

      Heater with the bounce since Wilson left. At least for the first 6 games or so :D Trade him out after the byes
    3. Jason
      Libba apparently started pre-season training 2 weeks early as pennance for all the Vietnam nonsense and generally not looking after himself last pre-season.
    4. walesy
      He's a great option if he gets his shit together. Almost a must-buy already based on price and ceiling alone.
    5. Jason
      Will not be touching Shaw.

      Will the 2017 rising star have 2nd year blues, or go gangbusters in the midfield now that Jobe has gone?
    6. walesy
      I'm not sure if there has been many second year players where picking them was the right choice :D
    7. Jason
      Clayton Oliver says hi
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    8. Len
      My initial thought is me either, but Wilson was taking a lot of kickins, IF (no lock it happens) they do go back to Shaw that's a lot of effective kicks as he kicks to himself 90% of the time.
      That said Wilson was taking them as Shaw was deemed correctly to be too predictable, hopefully someone else gets that gig
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    9. port_leschenault
      Slotting in Docherty for 2019 team. #NeverTooEarly
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    10. Iain
      Saad should definitely be worth a watch in the pre-season, if he gets some mid/wing time switching with McGrath he could be great.
    11. insider
      Thought maybe his value decreases from a Supercoach viewpoint with McKenna & Baguley taking his points?
    12. Iain
      I don't think he had much direction at GC, seemed like he was just told to run the ball out of the backline but that was it, nothing about what to do after that. His scores have been pretty stable since entering the system so by my reckoning he's due to push up his average a bit, but will depend a lot on how the Bombers use him.

      If they use him on the wing as well, and give him targets to kick to out of the backline that aren't playing at FF, I reckon he'll improve by a fair bit. Plus Bombers should win a few more games than he's used to as well.

      Obviously still guesswork at this stage of the year though.
    13. insider
      similarly what happens at Gold Coast with his absence?
      I imagine something like: Harbrow, May, Scrimshaw/Bowes/Joyce?
      Kolodjashnij, Thompson (Day?), Martin

      Or will Martin be released onto a wing and resting forward and maybe put Hanley back instead of wing/mid?

    14. Iain
      If Day's fit he's hopefully in the backline, but fairly big if unfortunately for my ORFFL team.

      If I was deciding I'd put Hanley as a HB/M and have him switch with Martin, but with Gaz leaving I think they'll probably keep Hanley in the guts 90% of the time. Should have some room for improvement though.
    15. choppers
      With Dew now at the helm, we might actually see players getting games that deserve to get them. With that in mind, our back six might look like......Spencer..Thompson..Joyce
      Harbrow..May..Kolodjashnij................with Hanley Scrimshaw Leslie Wigg waiting in the wings for their chance
      I think it might be mid season before we see Day, but hope it's earlier and not sure about Hanley as he has a broken hand.
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    16. anthak
      @walesy do you still think this, priced at $434k
    17. walesy
      Currently, I'm tossing up between him and Conoglio for that spot in my team.

      Libs is still well on the watchlist though.
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    18. anthak
      Coniglio is in my team. Not Libba. Better bye and more reliable. Coniglio is the highest ranked player who had a discounted starting price, which is why I chucked him in my team.
    19. Len
      I don't have either of them atm, but would choose Cogs over most if not all Mid Pricers in a heartbeat for SC ceiling and potential to hit it this year
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