2017 AFL Finals - Teams and Discussion

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By TheTassieHawk on Sep 7, 2017 at 12:16 AM
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    It's September !!


    First Preliminary Final: Adelaide Crows v Geelong Cats
    Friday September 22 at the Adelaide Oval (7:50pm)

    B: R.Laird, D.Talia, J.Lever
    HB: L.Brown, K.Hartigan, J.Kelly
    C: R.Atkins, R.Sloane, D.Mackay
    HF: R.Douglas, T.Walker, C.Cameron
    F: T.Lynch, J.Jenkins, E.Betts
    FOLL: S.Jacobs, B.Crouch, M.Crouch
    I/C: R.Knight, P.Seedsman, H.Greenwood, A.Otten
    EMG: W.Milera, A.Keath, R.O’Brien

    IN: A.Otten, R.Sloane
    OUT: B.Smith (Knee), M.McGovern (Hamstring)

    B: T.Stewart, T.Lonergan, Z.Tuohy
    HB: A.Mackie, L.Henderson, J.Bews
    C: M.Duncan, J.Selwood, M.Blicavs
    HF: S.Motlop, H.Taylor, D.Lang
    F: D.Menzel, P.Dangerfield, T.Hawkins
    FOLL: Z.Smith, S.Menegola, S.Selwood
    I/C: N.Cockatoo, J.Kolodjashnij, B.Parfitt, R.Stanley
    EMG: Z.Guthrie, J.Murdoch, J.Parsons

    IN: T.Lonergan, N.Cockatoo
    OUT: J.Parsons (omitted), Z.Guthrie (omitted)

    Second Preliminary Final: Richmond v GWS Giants
    Saturday September 23 at the MCG (4:45pm)

    B: B.Ellis, A.Rance, D.Grimes
    HB: B.Houli, D.Astbury, N.Vlastuin
    C: K.McIntosh, T.Cotchin, J.Townsend
    HF: K.Lambert, D.Martin, J.Caddy
    F: D.Butler, J.Riewoldt, D.Rioli
    FOLL: T.Nankervis, D.Prestia, S.Grigg
    I/C: S.Edward, J.Graham, N.Broad, J.Castagna
    EMG: S.Hampson, S.Bolton, C.Ellis

    IN: Nil
    OUT: Nil

    B: Z.Williams, P.Davis, H.Shaw
    HB: N.Haynes, A.Tomlinson, N.Wilson
    C: D.Shiel, S.Coniglio, T.Taranto
    HF: M.de Boer, H.Himmelberg, T.Scully
    F: S.Johnson, J.Patton, B.Deledio
    FOLL: R.Lobb, J.Hopper, J.Kelly
    I/C: A.Corr, L.Whitfield, T.Greene, C.Ward
    EMG: D.Smith, H.Perryman, S.Reid

    IN: Nil
    OUT: Nil
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Who will win the 2017 AFL Prelim Finals ??

Poll closed Sep 24, 2017.
  1. Crows and Tiges

  2. Crows and GWS

  3. Cats and Tiges

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  4. Cats and GWS



Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Sep 7, 2017.

    1. Len
      Crows clearly about to become roast bird
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    2. walesy
      Crows have been fairly blessed this year in injuries (no data, just off memory) - rough time to get such a big one now. He should be right to go next week though if they don't get up yeah?
    3. Len
      Hard to know but I'd say so, not at all confident we win even with him out, not even sure I want us to win tbh due to the way the fixtures have panned out
    4. dmandrews
      Giants and Crows are on the better side of the finals draw with the loser of their qualifying final to play the winner of Port and West Coast. Very confident that the Giants and Crows will both make it through to the preliminary final.

      The loser of the Geelong vs Richmond game is likely to play their semi final against Sydney who have been the form team of the comp since Round 7 with 14 wins from 16 games, which would be a far tougher ask than Port or West Coast. In a semi final I would back Sydney against either Geelong or Richmond.
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    5. anthak
      I wouldn't write off Essendon just yet, DMA
    6. dmandrews
      @anthak I wrote that the loser of Geelong and Richmond was 'likely to play their semi final against Sydney' I didn't say that the Sydney vs Essendon final was a forgone conclusion. Essendon can move the ball quickly and should have defeated Sydney in their game earlier this season so can't be discounted. I just think that although they won that game Sydney would have learnt more from that earlier encounter and their finals experience advantage over Essendon will be crucial. Hooker being out is a blow for Essendon and places even more responsibility on fellow key forward Joe Daniher who already shaped as the most important player for either side in this game. My prediction is Sydney to win by four goals, however if my tip of the winner is wrong it is going to a massive 24 hours for the sash's. 'Yellow sash' Richmond won a final for the first time in 16 years last night and if they win 'red sash' Essendon will break a drought almost as long - winning a final for the first time in 13 years.
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    7. JPK
      Go You MIGHTY EAGLES!!!!

      Luke Shuey may be getting all the plaudits right now, but I have to tip my hat to Eric Mackenzie for that save. Just wow!

      Quite possibly the best game I've ever been to!
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    8. RPritch
      Hopefully you beat GWS. Playing West Coast in Melbourne sounds like a great prelim for Richmond to have
    9. TheTassieHawk
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    10. TheTassieHawk
      @Len - how will your boys go this week and is Smith any chance of being a late in ?

      Richmond at the G is definitely a big stage but personally I expect last year's experience to hold the Giants in good stead, a pity for them they are missing so many of their leading lights.
    11. Len
      I think Smith has been named in case Stevie J is below whatever threshold they use to determine if he is match fit, I can't see him playing otherwise unless there is a sneaky injury.

      The game is one I can't get a feel for at all, tbh I've found this week pretty hard to stomach and have tuned out a lot of commentary, the Vic media dons have picked their favourite and are riding the story for all it's worth. Unlike last year when I was kinda barracking for the dogs just a little bit, this year I am finding it hard to give a shit about the opposition. Hopefully the tiger players are as entitled as some of their army, if so we probably win easy.
      If we can take the crowd out early I think we probably go on and win, but if it gets tight or the tigers get on a run I can see us losing and possibly badly.
      In last years PF people forget how early we lost our captain and #1 inside mid, all good the victor writes the history, but it does show how one fraction of a second within a game can have such a huge impact.

      I think there is an arguement to be made that Mumford's injury has improved the team balance, Leon is addicted to talls, Jeremy Cameron out is a big loss, his replacement in HH is a great young player, but even his mum wouldn't rate him against Cameron. The other injuries I think are covered by their replacements very well, considering the time of year both teams appear in decent health..

      I think it's a genuine 50/50 game.
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    12. graeme
      Hope it's more than a 50/50 game as quickly as possible Len. You sound as though you now understand what Swannies' supporters have had to put up with for a long time. :D I am firmly in the ABBR (Anyone But Bloody Richmond) camp. Don't get me started on the crap about how to sort out the jersey clash for the grand final before the preliminary finals are played. :spew:
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    13. JC
      I'm going to the game so, as a neutral observer, I'm hoping it'll be close enough to keep the crowd in it for the duration. On one hand the roar from such a one sided crowd after a close win would be immense, but then it would also be kind of funny to see how salty that kind of crowd would get after a close loss.

      I came for the atmosphere but stayed for the lolz, perhaps? :)
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    14. anthak
      No Brownlow predictions this year?
      @Holey ?
    15. anthak
      A look back in the search and I see there was none last year either...
    16. stowie
      Any idea for the best place to go for sneaky team vote chances? Those big multis always make Brownlow night exciting.
    17. anthak
      Thats what i was thinking too.
      If anyone knows where theres decent predictions, let us know ;)
    18. TheTassieHawk
      Both teams are unchanged for the decider, and speaking of predictions let's hear them

      Winner and Margin - Crows by 45
      First Goal - Betts
      North Smith - Sloane
      Leading Goal Kicker - Jenkins (3)
      LEAST Disposals (excluding first half injuries) - Dylan Grimes


      Enjoy the day and stay safe everyone - especially you long suffering and very excited Tigers fans
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    19. anthak
      Too difficult to predict i reckon.
      I s'pose you'd have to say Adelaide are likely winners, but Richmond are right in there too. It wouldn't surprise me either way.

      Im not gonna sit on the fence though.

      I'll pick Richmond by a goal!

      Eddie Betts for 1st goal, and most goals
      Trent Cotchin for norm smith

      Least possessions: really tough to pick... but cant really go past Dylan Grimes.
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