2017 ORFF* Knockout is underway

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    The Round of 16 draw sees the 16 winners from Week 2 matched up as they battle it out for a spot in the final 8 as follows but also shown on the TS Leagues and Matchday reporting pages)


    Home/Away/Team Records and Points Scored in 2017
    49 Foul Bay Chickens ORFFA (3-1, 5469) vs Rutherglen Fugitives ORFFF (3-1, 5476) - this promises to be the match of the tournament so far with the winner likely to be favourites for the inaugural title

    50 Staghorn Flat Bulls ORFFU (3-1, 5112) vs Blanchetown Bunyips ORFFU (3-1, 4831) - both teams would be happy with this draw which guarantees at least 1 ORFFU team makes the final 8

    51 Neptune Island Noahs ORFFF (4-0, 5333) vs Gundagai Grasshoppers ORFFA (3-1, 5364) - two young and impressive teams clash in a beauty down at Neptune Island

    52 Drouin Dropbears ORFFF (2-2, 5354) vs Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles ORFFA (3-1, 4595) - Drouin are overwhelming favourites as the ORFFF and ORFFA again battle it out

    53 Mallacoota Magicians ORFFL (4-0, 5411) vs Mount Buggery Disappointments ORFFL (3-1, 5230) - old rivals clash in for the 2nd time in consecutive weeks after Mallacoota defeated the Pointers in ORFFL Round 4 action, in a matchup which is likely to be the highest scoring of the 3 derbies

    54 Groote Eylandt Barracudas ORFFU (2-2, 5173) vs Jan Juc Ducks ORFFF (2-2, 5160) - only 13 points scored separate these teams over the opening 4 rounds, it should be a mouthwatering battle at Groot Eylandt despite both teams currently being mid-table in their own comps

    55 Nuytsland Vikings ORFFU (3-1, 5397) vs Glenrowan Gunslingers ORFFL (2-2, 5255)
    - the FU leads the FL 3-2 and the Vikings are slight faves to stretch that advantage to 4-2

    56 Gariwerd Cockatoos ORFFA (3-1, 5116) vs Whitsunday Warriors ORFFA (2-2, 5069) - @anthak and @TerryinBangkok battle it out in derby #3

    The middle 2 points scored for the teams remaining in the comp are 5230 and 5255, which should help to show which teams have received a tough draw


    Looking ahead to the Quarter Finals the Winner of Match 49 will play the winner of Match 50 and so on and so forth for all future weeks.

    Once the first week is completed I will set up the Round of 32 draw in TS Leagues, but I would like at least one volunteer to update TS Leagues with the Round of 16, Quarter Final, Prelim Final and Grand Final draws in order to share the admin burden – please post below if you can assist.

    That’s it from me, thanks very much for entering, enjoy the comp (where else will you se Ducks and Crocs locked in mortal combat), banter away if you please and may the best and/or luckiest team prevail, cheers TTH
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Which ORFF* comp will have the most teams winning matches in the opening round of the knockout ?

Poll closed Apr 11, 2017.
  1. ORFFL - 5 or 6 winners out of 9 teams in action

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  2. ORFFA - 5 or 6 winners out of 9 teams in action

  3. ORFFU - 5 or 6 winners out of 9 teams in action

  4. ORFFF - 5 or 6 winners out of 9 teams in action

  5. ORFFL - 7 or more winners

  6. ORFFA - 7 or more winners

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  7. ORFFU - 7 or more winners

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  8. ORFFF - 7 or more winners

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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Apr 7, 2017.

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    1. JPK
      I've got nothing against @graeme
      Its all of you mugs that deserve a FU.
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    2. walesy
      Woo, ORFFL! gogogogogo
    3. TerryinBangkok
      Me. And The Bear. There is a god.
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    4. anthak

      ... would've been funny if the Lefties entered and got a bye, their opponent would've then got a bye in the 2nd round, such is their fall from grace
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    5. Len
      Game 30 and yet another domestic cup, hmmmmmm brownie points or 4 points? the latter feels more satisfying :p
    6. Bearfly
      I've laced the Warriors lobster pies with laxatives TiBby :p
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    7. TerryinBangkok
      Why? Big Tex loves his laced lobster pies. Got to lift your game BF - the Crows gave over 55,000 the shits without a single laxative in sight. :mad:
    8. Len
      3 from 3, though I apparently would have to sleep in the doghouse should we have one, fortunately the cat's house means I get to sleep in my own bed :)
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    9. TheTassieHawk
      Round of 64/AFL Round 3 results are up on the knockouts page

      but also pasted here for easy reference

      Foul Bay Chickens ORFFA vs bye
      Bundalong Bullfrogs ORFFL 1229 def Southern Cross Sandgropers ORFFU 1130 (99 points)
      Venus Bay Vultures ORFFA 1502 def Korumburra Blowflys ORFFU 1189 (313 points)
      Rutherglen Fugitives ORFFF 1376 def Warburton Wanderers ORFFL 1244 (132 points)

      Sarah Island Savages ORFFL vs bye
      Staghorn Flat Bulls ORFFU 1170 def Macquarie Island Whales ORFFF 1142 (28 points)
      Blanchetown Bunyips ORFFU vs bye
      Port Lincoln Power ORFFF 1161 def Wagga Wagga Wombats ORFFA 1013 (148 points)

      Neptune Island Noahs ORFFF vs bye
      Tarwin Lower Pigs ORFFL 1202 def by Serengeti Buffalos ORFFU 1240 (38 points)
      King Island Monarchs ORFFU vs bye
      Gundagai Grasshoppers ORFFA 1396 def Queenstown Quolls ORFFL 1208 (188 points)

      Drouin Dropbears ORFFF vs bye
      Charlies Opening Spelunkers ORFFA 1136 def Bonnie Doon Bandits ORFFL 724 (412 points)
      Smiths Beach Seagulls ORFFL vs bye
      Coolgardie Prospectors ORFFU 1224 def by Waikikamoocow Incorrigibles ORFFA 1259 (35 points)

      Mallacoota Magicians ORFFL vs bye
      Useless Loop Virgins ORFFF 1258 def Eden Whalers ORFFU 1219 (39 points)
      Cradle Mountain Devils ORFFA 1271 def Gisborne Grenades ORFFU 1098 (173 points)
      Mount Buggery Disappointments ORFFL 1251 def Banchang Barcrawlers ORFFU 1074 (177 points)

      Groote Eylandt Barracudas ORFFU vs bye
      Mt Thirsty Boozers ORFFF 1194 def Woy Woy Wizards ORFFL 1095 (99 points)
      Darraweit Guim Dirigibles ORFFA vs bye
      Jan Juc Ducks ORFFF 1265 def Cow Bay Crocs ORFFU 1201 (64 points)

      Nuytsland Vikings ORFFU vs bye
      Heard Island Shags ORFFF 1322 def by Ivanhoe Knightriders ORFFL 1342 (20 points)
      Glenrowan Gunslingers ORFFL vs bye
      Marble Bar Misfits ORFFA 1218 def Wedge Island White Pointers ORFFF 1091 (127 points)

      Gariwerd Cockatoos ORFFA vs bye
      Cockburn Avengers ORFFF 1360 def Wineglass Bay Packers ORFFA 1273 (87 points)
      Black Swamp 29ers ORFFF vs bye
      Whitsunday Warriors ORFFA 1213 def Coulta Couldabeens ORFFL 1109 (104 points)
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    10. TheTassieHawk
      The ORFF* Knockout Round of 64 in summary
      Highest Score - Venus Bay 1502, Lowest Score - Bonnie Doon 724, Average Score - 1205
      Lowest Winning Score - Charlies Opening 1136, Highest Losing Score - Heard Island 1322
      Average Winning Score - 1269, Average Losing Score - 1142

      Largest Win - Match 14 Charlies Opening 1136 def Bonnie Doon 724 (412 points)
      Closest Match - Match 26 Heard Island 1322 def by Ivanhoe 1342 (20 points)
      Average Margin - 127 points

      Highest Aggregate - Match 3 Venus Bay 1502 def Korrumburra 1189 (2691 aggregate)
      Lowest Aggregate - Match 14 Charlies Opening 1136 def Bonnie Doon 724 (1860 aggregate)
      Average Aggregate - 2411 points

      The FA nabbed 7 wins in the Round of 64 including a sweep of the FL and FU (def FL and FU 3-0, lt FF 2-1)
      The FF managed 6 wins in the Round of 64 (def FA, FL and FU 2-1)
      The FL scraped together 3 wins in the Round of 64 (def FU 2-1, lt FA 3-0, lt FF 2-1)
      The FU had a shocker managing only 2 wins in the Round of 64 (lt FA 3-0, lt FF and FL 2-1) with those being by 28 and 38 points respectively.

      The Head to Heads with Round of 32 matchups listed are as follows:-
      FA 3 FL 0 Matches 33, 40, 42, 46
      FF 2 FA 1 Matches 34, 39, 44, 47, 48
      FL 2 FU 1 Matches 35, 45
      FF 2 FU 1 Matches 36, 37, 43
      FA 3 FU 0 Match 38
      FF 2 FL 1 Match 41

      full Round of 32 match details posted above and per
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    11. JPK
      Terrible week for the Prospectors. Sooooo many points sitting on the bench :(:(:(
      Congrats @graeme
      Next year.... (I sound like a Hawks supporter :p:p:p)
    12. graeme
      Thanks @JPK
      You had a glimpse of why we are called the luckiest club in ORFFA. For some reason opponents make the wrong decisions about who to play onfield.
      Fortunately for me there are so few fit players we do not have to make such choices. ;)
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    13. anthak
      Bring it on @Len . Gariwerd vs Cockburn should be a cracker... as would Heard Island vs Marble Bar :)
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    14. TheTassieHawk
      The Warriors @TerryinBangkok have posted 12/982 with Butler, Motlop and Isaac Smith yet to play to be well in command of the match against the 29ers who are on 10/746 with Mayes, Cutler, Grigg, Duckwood and Puopolo needing to all post commanding scores to give them any hope of staying alive in the comp.
    15. Len
      All my sheets are back in Sydney, but I think you will have me beat mate, Tex going bonkers certainly helps
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    16. TerryinBangkok
      Pretty even I would think. Low scoring round (and, since you did the hard work to set this up, hope you sneak through).
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    17. TheTassieHawk
      As per the OP "I would like at least one volunteer to update TS Leagues with the Round of 16, Quarter Final, Prelim Final and Grand Final draws in order to share the admin burden – please post below if you can assist."

      the file to be uploaded will need to be in the same format as attached, and @walesy will need to add you as an admin so please tag him in you post if you want to step up to assist

      Attached Files:

    18. anthak
      I'm happy to help with that this week, but can't commit other weeks.

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    19. Len
      I'm the other way round to Ant so can assist post this week, I missed this in the OP mate sorry

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