2017 Round Review: Round 11

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Jun 4, 2017.

By walesy on Jun 4, 2017 at 7:16 PM
  1. walesy

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    Ok, round is coming to a close, and I still have no idea what kind of score I've gotten :D

    Hopefully it's a winning one!

    How'd you all go?


Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Jun 4, 2017.

    1. choppers
      1778 for me with 6 players under 80.
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    2. insider
      1670 with 17 players due to Sandi donut
    3. benny01
      1769 only had 7 crack the 100 and that was with 3 from Sunday game.

      8 scores under 80 but one of them didn't count thanks to having 19 available.
    4. NedFlanders
      1876, largely off the back of Danger, Ducky and Dusty who all go to my bench next week.

      The roller coaster of the bye weeks!
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    5. ELeviathan
      1933 - shouts outs to Danger(C), Dusty, Treloar, and in particular Zac Williams (have had him since Day 1)
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    6. St
      1741 with only Danger and Treloar the only ones to make it past 110, Had 18 but this includindg a bunch or rookies scoring in the 50's like rookies do, luckily Laird's 59 was shared in my leagues. Unfortunately opp in cash league was near full strength and knocked up 1997 :( and could have been higher if not for Sandilands pullout causing Ottens 36 to come into play
    7. anthak
      lockout over !
    8. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      Scored 1722 but only won one league. Was looking good until Sandy pulled out and gave me a donut. Had he played I would have won all leagues. I think I will have to trade him out. Currently have 20 players for round 12 excluding Sandilands the dud. I bet they rest him again next week.
    9. TheTassieHawk
      20 players totalling 1723, 1638 from best 18

      enough for 3 wins out of 4 and now 5th, 11th, 13th and 14th

      unfortunately I didn't move up much in the rankings this week
    10. walesy
      well, ended up with 1646. Well below the pace, but enough for the big W in the result column :D
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    11. stripey
      1777 took me from 19,395 to 13,707... I wasn't feeling it was a good score considering I only had 18 players on the ground after sandi pulled out.. but seems everyone struggled this week, 16k position for the week.
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    12. walesy
      stats are up
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    13. Micksdemons
      1764 - 4 wins and Kennedy and Sandi adding to the byes so ok for me in the end
    14. Senator96
      Nice score there Ned.

      Royboy I understand your frustration with sandilands, i had my game 100% iced until he pulled out, probably sensing an unlikely opportunity my oppenent then pulled a 3rd trade to bring in luke ryan and i was left with hoskin elliott as the only playing pod then and he needed 44 or more for me to win. Pretty safe youd think but unfortunetly i seem to be one of those people who can lose from the most impossible positions so very nearly traded sandi out for grundy to make sure id come away with the win. I didnt but agree there is that concern they might give him another week going into the bye off a 6 day break, hopefully not though.

      Finished with 1753 and a slight movement up to 2672 overall. Should be some good defensive options coming up for those of us looking for final upgrades namely lloyd and laird. Ottens score was disappointing as was hoping he could get to 400k ahead of his bye the week after next but still holds plenty of value. Looking like having 21 at this stage this week which is good
    15. anthak
      I scored 1825 this week, which I was a bit disappointed with because I had 2 players under 50 and Laird with 59. Sandi out meant I only had 18 scorers, but at least no zeros.

      I had trades set up most of the week to bring in Joel Selwood. Then about 20 minutes before lockout, I was driving and pulled the car over to reverse my trades. I was thinking to maybe bring in Ebert or Scott Selwood. I checked my trades and none of the 6 players were playing thursday night, so I just reversed it and thought Id look into later that night when I had more time. Stupidly, I'd not twigged that Ebert was playing, so I missed that chance. Then I ended up deciding on Scott Selwood instead of Joel who I had had all week. Not to worry, I'm ok with Scott, he tonned up and is making some nice cash... but that extra 50 points woulda been good.

      Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I improved my rank this week by 59 spots, and im now ranked 122nd oa :)

      Still, not much point thinking too much about rankings right now in the middle of byes. Everyone has different teams and strategies and stuff in byes so we need to see where we're at when we come out the other side after r13. Some teams could be stacked for r13, but not for r11 for instance.

      Without any trades, I should have 19 players this week for r12, but thats relying on Sandi and Rocky to come back.
      I will probably trade Stewart and Bolton this week, for a def rookie and my last upgrade in fwd line. Also, if Sandi is out this week, I'll prob trade him too.
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    16. anthak
      great score, and well done on Zac Williams!
    17. anthak
      see the #1 team this round scored 2302! :eek:
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    18. Penske file
      Penske file
      1780 won 6/8 leagues, possibly lost 2 with Sandi donut. Could have traded him but looking only at pies or freeo with impending bye decided to bite the bullet and play the long game, sticking to planned trades, hoping not having to contend with injuries or omissions. Pleased overall advanced 1106 places up the rankings.
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    19. IPOD
      1637 and 2/2/ league wins. Only had 15 this week (16 had Sandi played) so all in all cant complain and as strange as this may be i will have (barring omitions etc) 22 on the field this week. Although just 16 the week after. Is it worth getting players this week seeing as best 18 only counts or wait for next week and the 2 trades needed for 18

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