2017 Round Review: Round 11

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Jun 4, 2017.

By walesy on Jun 4, 2017 at 7:16 PM
  1. walesy

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    Ok, round is coming to a close, and I still have no idea what kind of score I've gotten :D

    Hopefully it's a winning one!

    How'd you all go?


Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Jun 4, 2017.

    1. TheTassieHawk
      Nothing strange about that I suspect a lot of teams will have 20-23 players this week, and less in Rounds 11 and 13.

      I am not completely clear on your question. If you mean is it best to do 2 trades in Round 12 and none in Round 13, or vice versa I would suggest do the trades in Round 12 if your objective is overall and doing them early grabs you extra points, or wait until Round 13 if your objective is leagues and you are happy to use the 3rd trade in Round 13 in case of Round 13 selection emergencies.
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    2. pacman81
      1732 this week and a small slide back to 125th overall... was always going to be a rough week but managed to stash a 480k war chest for some action this week. Seems like Rocky if fit is a lock for mids.
      Any advances on Roberton to add in defence? (Adams, Laird, Doch, Hibberd, Burton atm)
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    3. pacman81
      Bye special for sure...
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    4. Senator96
      Great position there, good luck for the remainder of the season.

      Are you planning on holding burton as a keeper, or his he last on the upgrade list? I have him as well since pretty much the start and hes generally quite good but cant be relied on the same as a docherty type will get the odd 50 or 60. With all the other trades Ive had to burn through im likely to be using him until the end.

      Robertson seems like a really good option. Have you thought about Lloyd? I'm planning on getting him for stewart or marchbank in a couple of weeks when hes bottomed out in price should be very cheap courtesy of the concussion. What are peoples thoughts on shaw? Very cheap atm having lost 137k but players tend to lose stacks of cash for a reason, is he still a premium defender?
    5. pacman81
      Can't get my head around bringing in Heater... he was unreliable at his best and he's not looking like hitting a 200 again this season.
      Burton needs to go but I'm still not sold on who comes in, so I'll focus on my last forward first and see who looks good in defence later.
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    6. Mick
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    7. Mick
      1775 for me this week which seems OK for what was always going to be my trickiest bye round. I had to make 3 trades to field 18 and got stuck with sub 50's from Bolton, Scharenberg and Myers. Only had 2 massive scores from Danger and Jelwood, the rest was a fairly even spread.

      That score was surprisingly good enough for 8/8 league wins + moved up 31 spots to be sitting #259 overall. The leader skipped away another 100+ points on me though. Might be time to get some extreme POD's in!
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    8. anthak
      Thanks Mick. Well done to you too :)

      So what does everyone think of Tom Lynch from the Suns. Now is probably the time to grab him.
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    9. ELeviathan
      Same thought crossed my mind today
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    10. bunza52
      1695, having to use 3 trade to get to 18. Have 25 playing this week and 19 in R13, (but likely 21 with Taranto and WHE on the chopping block) Might just go the one trade this week, Marchbank to Hibberd. Next rook with the highest BE is Newman, but loathed to trade him as he will be handy in R13, but getting rid of him and Steward this week, would allow me to have 20 keepers going into R13 with 11 trades remaining. If I go down this path, need to decide between JJ or Roberton, leaning towards JJ considering he is 80k cheaper, & surely the dogs are due to find some form...
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    11. The_Swert
      Had him since Rd 1, been very frustrating. Why do you think he will suddenly turn it around?
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    12. anthak
      I could ask you why you picked him in round 1 and its probably the same answer ;) :)
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    13. stripey
      As a Lynch owner from day one, I am happy to answer this one.. I was expecting overall improvement from the Suns this year resulting in more opportunities for one of the best forwards in the league... Cant really say that has happened...
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    14. anthak
      Even though he has struggled and been frustrating for owners, he still averages 90 and his only 2 bad games were against Port and GWS.
      Gold Coast have a fairly good draw for the remainder of the season. They do play Bulldogs once and they've got Port again in the last round of season, but there's a lot of other winnable games for them.
      I went to the game when they thrashed Hawthorn and they were very impressive that day so i have a bit of optimism for them.
      Also if you look in his calculator at his averages at the grounds he will be playing at for rest of season, he has a good record at all of them except the SCG where he has averaged 87, all others are 90+ averages.
      He is now priced at $433k with a be of 65, after he started the year valued over $500k
    15. St
      Could be an interesting ride with the Port rematch being the SC league GF
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    16. The_Swert
      Going by that logic, wanna by another of my poor performers off me - Taylor Walker? A real bargain atm.
    17. anthak
      I'm not sure where any of that logic can be applied to Tex.
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    18. anthak
      So who do we think will be the top 6 forwards for the rest of the year?
      A few of us discussed this a few weeks ago and it will be interesting to discuss again

      I would think definites are:

      But the final 2 could come from a number of guys:
      Isaac Heeney $499k
      Buddy Franklin $490k
      Charlie Dixon $523k
      Mitch Wallis $473k
      Tom Lynch (GC) $433k
      Jeremy Cameron $490k
      Toby Greene $484k
      Patrick Ryder $492k
      Shaun Higgins $455k
      probably others too

      What do yous think?
    19. anthak
      personally, I have Yeo, Macrae, Dahl, Nank, Heeney... I am looking to bring in one more this week, I cant afford Dixon, and I only want players whove already had their bye.
      So I am choosing out of Buddy, Wallis, Lynch and Ryder.
      At this stage I am thinking Buddy, but Im strongly considering Lynch. I think Wallis is too risky, could be up and down, especially when Libba comes back. Ryder is good, but doesnt seem the same level as the other two im considering.

      It's down to two, I may as well give the thumbs a go

      :thumbsu: Buddy

      :thumbsd: Lynch
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    20. bunza52
      I'm thinking the Port guys. Based on their current output, you could nearly argue that they wont drop another game for the year. Effectively the 2nd higher scorers in the league (currently 52 points behind the Giants, 84 behind the Cats with a game in hand). If Ryder is able to keep giving his on ballers the first look, the ball could be coming in quickly to Charlie. From some unknown reason, Charlie keeps finding his way into my team. I think at least 4 of his 7 years, so it is looking like #5...the worry is always the potential for injury, so lets hope his body stands up, if it does, he is looking hard to stop. As a Don man, I have a soft spot for Ryder, so I welcomed him in last week for Martin, cos I can not stand another year of Martin sharing the ruck (so with Smith playing last week & doing ok, he could get a few games in, so i've bet on that) so heres hoping Ryder can light it up in the back half of the year.
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