2017 Round Review: Round 18

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Jul 23, 2017.

By walesy on Jul 23, 2017 at 7:48 PM
  1. walesy

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    Bit of a rough week this week. A combination of short term injuries and choosing to save trades til the finals have ended up leaving a Cameron shaped donut on my field.

    Definitely sub-optimal, but not as bad as it could have been!

    Still lost my matchup for the week, but I'm already a shoe-in for the finals, so we just gotta coast.

    How are you all shaping up towards the finals?
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Jul 23, 2017.

    1. TerryinBangkok
      Relatively low scores in the Sydney - St. Kilda game would have hurt a few.

      I tossed up all last week who to offload for Ducky between Sloane and Rocky. Perhaps choosing Sloane was the first serious error I have made this year. 2300+ not complaining. Hopefully Cameron back next week.
    2. anthak
      At one stage during the weekend I was projected to score 2500+ but I couldn't even get to 2400 :(

      My POD Rocky is still stinking it up. I was actually going to trade him out this week until Pendles' inj came to light. It's funny, when he was scoring badly, I decided to watch a bit of the game to see how he was doing, and I only watched a few minutes and he put a huge tackle on Gibbs in that time and looked alright haha, but he mustn't have done much else all game ;)

      I also made the wrong decision choosing to run with Nank instead of Lynch's 77 (who was my em), but I'd make the same decision again, it's just a shame Nank played poorly.

      Lots of sub100 scores in my team, from players I would hope to do better.
      I was saved a bit by some big scores from Hibberd, Dusty, Danger, Jelwood, but most people own those guys anyway.

      Very happy with Tuohy and Kreuzer doing well.

      2397 all up. As always, very eager to see how it went.
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    3. choppers
      Rocky tagged Gibbs all game and kept him to 8 possessions. I think it was the 3rd term before Gibbs got a touch. You done good with 2397 under those circumstances. 2354 for me....
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    4. choppers
      And keeping Gibbs to 8, was probably the main thing that got the Lions the win, as Gibbs has been pretty influential the past few games.
    5. stripey
      That's a good score @anthak i would be surprised if you fall in the rankings... you live to keep the fight going another week!!
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    6. TheTassieHawk
      The very definition of par this week with my team scoring 2334 and gaining 36 places overall.

      League wise I achieved 3 wins out of 4 but the loss was in a league I have been sitting in the top 4 and now sit 5th heading into the final week.
    7. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      I was projected for 2400 and ended up with 2239, dropped 1400 places and won 2 out of 3 leagues but should make finals in all unless I have another bout of below par scorers next week. Your still hanging in there Anthak
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    8. anthak
      Dropped to 15th.
      Most of the teams above me scored 2400+

      I'm still only 43 points away from 10th

      A long way to go, anything can happen from here.
      Geez I would love for Rocky to pull his finger out, it would help me so much. Strange to hear he's tagging, @choppers - thanks for that info. Pretty handy ball winner to have tagging.
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    9. walesy
      stats up
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    10. bosco
      Sorry to hear you slipped @anthak. Likewise I slipped another 3 spots down to 54 with 2427. Nank the biggest loser with 54 this week but maybe he has been pipped at the post by toby greene from what I hear. There must have been some pretty big scores this week....well into the 2400's+
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    11. RPritch
      Enormous 2553 for me this week, top 300 for Rd. Had 8 players hit 125 in Danger (loopholed as captain), Sloane, Dusty, Hibberd, Grundy, Selwood, Zorko and Beams. Lloyd 72 and Nank 54 only two players sub 80
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    12. ViQBoZ
      Weird round, scored 2361 which was the 19,802nd highest score for the round, yet jumped 367 spots to 8,181.
      Still have top spot in the TS div 2 league, despite being 8th in total points!

      Reckon finals matchuips will see me fall to the right level sadly!
    13. choppers
      Know what you mean about Div 2. I have 2nd highest pts scored, but only sit in 11th and no guarantee of making the 8.....them's the breaks.
    14. RPritch
      Now Greene is out for two and Zorko out for one, can't see that 2500 being repeated this week. I think I'm going to hold onto the 4 trades I have left and just have to play Young (Bulldogs) in fwds and hope one of Bolton and Fisher play, to field in mids. Could still make a trade or two, just don't want to run out for the one cash league I have
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    15. anthak
      Could this be Rocky's chance to shine?
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    16. RPritch
      Yeah could be, obviously did a good job at curbing Gibbs' influence last game. No real reason for Fagan to not unleash the beast at Domain
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    17. anthak
      Just read that Pendles has had further surgery today, maybe out for the season now.
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    18. choppers
      didn't take the risk and traded him last round......
    19. bunza52
      2,352. Strange w/e for me. Started off with Danger on the pine, ended up going Macrae as C, which was looking gold at 1/4 time, as I think he was on about 50. Great efforts by Dusty, Ducky, Hibberd as Zorko. Wish I would have listed to my own advice last week, where I said Zorko, based on prior history, goes big for 2 weeks after pumping out a 50. Poor scoring by Newman, Walters and Mountfield (covering for Pendles). Was able to loop in Greenwood for Nank. Was all set to trade Nank to Yeo and Newman to anyone, as I would have 610K (maybe Hurley or Roberton, but no idea really as the defender seem to play one good then one bad game. But might have to change that if Pendles is done for the year. Zorko missing this week is going to hurt as I finally got into the top 8 of TS Div1, so looking like I would need to double trade, just to be a chance to win.....anyway, if Danger could play with a 6 day break after nearly losing his leg, surely Pendles can play with a sore finger....

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