2017 Round Review: Round 20

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Aug 6, 2017.

By walesy on Aug 6, 2017 at 9:26 PM
  1. walesy

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    So, I brought in Rory in time for his 36 and Franklin in time for his 42.

    Tune in next week to find out which pick you should be avoiding!

    On the plus side though, Captain Fyfe was enough to get me through to the Prelims in my cash league. Oh sweet sweet bye. :D

    How'd you all go?
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Aug 6, 2017.

    1. walesy
      stats are up
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    2. walesy
      Oh, and ORFFolk, when you're uploading your fixtures, don't forget to only upload Round 21 onwards for the finals!
    3. anthak
      Scored just under 2400 and slipped back to 37th.
      Buddy & Lloyd were my biggest :spud:s
      Also wish I had've picked a better VC, cause I ended up with Dusty as Cap, which wasn't all bad, but he was my 8th highest scorer, so could've easily been better.

      Won through to the prelim in 7/8 leagues.
      Bloody @snoz got me in the other league!
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    4. anthak
      Let's hope Buddy backs up with a 150!
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    5. Owen
      Doc, Lloyd and Witherden (as cover), and Buddy my main culprits in getting 2326, which saw me lose all my finals games :( I had a bunch of guys get around the 80 to 90 score mark. Now I wait on news on JPK and Witts, with Jelwood already done. I'm probably going to be heading into the last two rounds with no trades left. On the upside, Luke Ryan is doing well.
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    6. Bucko
      Threw all my eggs into one basket in the hope of a prelim birth and a week off. Traded in dusty and downgrading Nank leaving me with two trades and $340k.
      Did the job with a 2433 and into the prelim. Got my sights on Selwood to Titch & Greenwood / Lynch / Buddy to Ryder as final two trades for Prelim round.
    7. pollypies
      Does anyone know if Gibbs was tagged? Seemed he was the two previous weeks and struggled but scored well this week so was wondering if he was let off the leash. I am considering bringing him in for Selwood.
    8. The_Swert
      Kennedy to Neale worked a treat.
      Still got beat in the main league. Should've fielded Ryan instead of Witherden.
    9. drlok
      What a disaster - how did 4 emergencies all get double the points of supposed premium's. I'd saved two trades but lost 4 finals - fortunately I have the double chance on two leagues this year is killing me.
    10. St
      2410, one of my better ones for the season but average compared to some of the bigger numbers some achieved. Good to see Fyfe coming good and Rocky elevating himself to middle of the road and outscoring some of the rookies.
      Still alive in cash league and this week hopefully get JPK back but looks like I'll lose Zerrett. Don't have Grundy or Mummy so could be worse.
      MRP findings
      Brodie Grundy - 2 matches (3 down to 2) for rough conduct on Ben Brown. Assessed as careless and high impact.
      Tom Hawkins - 2 matches (3 down to 2 and impacted by bad record) for striking Dane Rampe. Intentional conduct and low impact to the face.
      Mitch Duncan - 1 match (2 down to 1) for striking Tom Papley. Intentional conduct with medium impact to the body.
      Zach Marrett - 1 match (2 down to 1) for striking Lachie Plowman. Intentional conduct with medium impact to the body.
      Shane Mumford - 1 match (2 down to 1) for rough conduct on Max Gawn. Careless conduct with medium impact to the head.
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    11. Owen
      Tom Lynch (GC) is done for the year now. Looks like Nank is back on the park for me until the rest of the season.
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    12. stripey
      F#%* F#%* F#%*!!!!
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    13. IPOD
      WOW when in rains it pours have Witheren (possible hammy) Grundy Selwood Merrett and Lynch Zero cover in the fwd line need Darcy to play to Cover grundy and no cover in the mids to cover Selwood 3 trades left and have a game this week after losing my qualifying final............FMSCL
    14. stripey
      Bit surprised to hear that veteran Tom Boyd is announcing his retirement... good job Herald Sun!!!

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    15. anthak
      I was thinking he'd have a big game this week against Brissy too.

      I will have to trade this week to avoid a donut now. Damn
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    16. port_leschenault
      This feels similar to the carnage of that Rd23 in '14 or '15 that decimated our squads
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    17. stripey
    18. Len
      I'm assuming we all got the SC survey email? if so please note that there is a section to state your other sources for supercoach info and tooserious is an option, you know you want to tick it amiright??? :p
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    19. port_leschenault
      Thanks for the heads up! Sent a few paragraphs their way on improving the game. :D

      Ticked the TS option of course.
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