2017 Round Review: Round 3

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 9, 2017.

By walesy on Apr 9, 2017 at 7:32 PM
  1. walesy

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    Nov 30, 2015
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    Another round is coming to a close. Newman looks like a must grab, while Gawn is gaaaaaaawn.

    Thankfully I've got Jarrod "Ready made replacement" Witts kicking it on the sidelines to step in for the big fella. Might make a Gawn>Spencer trade viable.

    Anyways, I've scored almost 2200 which seems about par from what I can tell. Got my cash-league season campaign under way with a win so I can't complain too much! :D

    How have you all gone?
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 9, 2017.

    1. morgan ward
      morgan ward
      2274 for me, pretty happy with that had marchbank, Taranto and SPP all spud it up but other than that everyone did their job hoping it will keep me not too far off the leaders.
      Special mention to witts, my only trade for the year so far and boy did he deliver!
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    2. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      2190 for 2 wins and a loss. Gawn's 27 didn't help nor did O'Meara's 44. Can switch Nankervis into the ruck and upgrade a forward or just go for it and trade Max. I kept Jack Stevens this week and looks like he could be back v soon so may not have to do anything with him for the moment. One of his sponsors told me he will only miss 2 weeks.. Richo's says he's driving the doctors mad trying to get back in.
    3. Dekka
      2267 with Maxy and Omeara. Gawn to Martin for first trade but Omeara lives to fight another day. Welcome also Nic Newman
    4. TheTassieHawk
      2055, smashed in my 4 leagues and and in the bottom 2-3 scores in each one capping a truly miserable opening 3 weeks of the SC season

      2 trades definitely are going to be used this week, I will need to research which Ruck or Ruck Forward to bring in for Gawn

      for those of you in keeper leagues here is some reading for the 2017 and 2018 draftees
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    5. Micksdemons
      2132 with Higgins Marchbank Omeara and the Adelaide backline all helping me have a sub par round -all that and no Gawn and still lost the $ league - Too (2 as well ) many mid priced spuds !
    6. Owen
      2314 and happy, Jbombed and a few other low rookie scores. Super happy I kept Roo.
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    7. Len
      For the record AFLF beat SC for rollover this week
    8. walesy
      Hun taking forever tonight!
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    9. St
      2135 thanks too Gawn and JOM and some average rookie scores (apart from those on the bench).Still happy with the Hanners to Murph trade. Only won 3 out of 10 leagues but won cash league by a point so could be worse. TG team continuing to lead the way.
    10. drlok
      2249 - about 50 shy of what I wanted, however, have risen 60000 places since round one. in the top 8% with a bullet. One all league games as well as TS Div 3..... whew
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    11. Matty C
      Matty C
      2325 takes me up to 1491 overall. Finally, a good start after a few tough years. I'm thinking my only trade this week will be Hibberd to Newman to make sure there's plenty of cash flow. The bullets are starting to fly though, with Gawn and JOM this week. There will be plenty more to come so hopefully I can dodge them for a little longer.
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    12. walesy
      ok, stats are up.

      ORFF* Knockout folk, don't forget to press the < button to see the results of last round :D Go the Pointers!
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    13. drlok
      And I left 100 points on the pine!!
    14. bunza52
      2,134, as like others, had Gawn and JOM. Hibbert to Newman seems pretty straight forward this week. Not sure who Gawn will become. Had Martin for the whole of last year, so not sure if I am willing to ride that roller coaster again. But if the Lions are only going to play one ruck, I might have to buy that ticket again.....& I just noticed that he does not share his bye with Sandi or Preuss, so there is another positive.
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    15. Penske file
      Penske file
      2213, sadly Gawn and a few under performers this week won some but %'s low so dropped a few spots. Now do I swing Nank from F to R and strengthen fwds or mids with gain from Max's trade, option B/ Gawn for Grundy,Witts or Martin? Decision time
    16. IPOD
      Posted a mediocre 2113 but 2/2 league wins so cant complain.
    17. TheTassieHawk
    18. benny01
      2234 moved up 2k to 7154 overall.
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    19. St
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