2017 Round Review: Round 4

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 17, 2017.

By walesy on Apr 17, 2017 at 6:57 PM
  1. walesy

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    I'm gunna open this post by making you all feel better about yourselves.


    I can't remember scoring a worse score than that! Awful stuff!

    Danger (C), Treloar's 72, Roughy's 53 and Watson's 44 the highlights, but there was a lot of players down on their usual form.

    Not even Dahl could save my score!

    Hopefully we see a few better scores in the comments :D
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 17, 2017.

    1. TheTassieHawk
      not feeling any better @walesy as I scored lower than that ! 1905.

      I saw a couple of scores >2100 in leagues so it was definitely a tough week for the vast majority
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    2. Bucko
      Lots of bullets to dodge this round.

      Loopholed Dahl as captain which was a shining light on my way to a paltry 2057
    3. Senator96
      Wheels fell off in the final game finishing with 2161 over 100 less than predicated. Roughead and danger as captain didnt score well and burton was only okay, Selwood the only one of the 4 to really produce something decent. No new injuries this week though which was good.
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    4. benny01
      Dahl the only great score for me but had quite a few around 110 that helped me score 2k. This round will really spread the field.

      Edit: managed to move up 176 spots to 6978 overall
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    5. chelsea01
      Only 2111 but good enough to win all 8 leagues. I had no way to take Rocky as VC as the non scorers on the bench had already played. Ended up with Fyfe as VC and in hindsight should have taken that.
    6. walesy
      Stats are rolled.
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    7. St
      2025 here, Dahl and Murph (had him as vice but kept the C on Danger) the heroes, Swallow and SamPP the worst. Still managed to win 7 out of 10 leagues and beat trading team score for first time this season. Somehow moved up in rankings as well.(Still crap)
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    8. walesy
      Oh man, that's rough!!
    9. anthak
      2094 for me. Luckily had Dahl as VC.
      I slipped back about 50 spots but still in top 500 oa.

      There were several SuperCoach relevant players who went huge this week, so I reckon some folks out there woulda got some decent round totals. But most of us were left with slim pickings of points remaining each game for all other players, meaning a score of 2000 wasn't that bad.
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    10. chibbingus
      2138 for me this week and still lost in my league, although enough to bump me up to just outside the top 1000. Same story as many with Danger as captain and a couple of other poor performances but really can't complain!
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    11. Mick
      Tough round. Looks like I did well to manage a 2119 with Danger C. Moved up 1500 spots to 1681 overall.

      Had the VC on Dahlhaus all week too then moved it to the Bont when I traded him in. Could've easily been a 2174 which seems like it would've been huge this week.
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    12. morgan ward
      morgan ward
      Gee what a tough week it was. 2134 for me and I thought I would go backwards a lot in the rankings, i actually moved up 1 spot to 12th.
      I feel for anyone who brought in swallow, dusty etc. I was so close to doin swallow for Taranto but decided to spend my money on the pine and to marchbank and Barrett for Newman and macrae which scored me an extra 53 points so was very happy with that.
      The question this week is Taranto and WHE for balic and yeo or do no trades at all....o_O
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    13. morgan ward
      morgan ward
      Just looked at my by structure and I've got a heap out round 11 and 13 so bringing in yeo could be a good thing with his round 12 bye. That could help out a lot of us on here actually
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    14. walesy
      Caught in two minds on that one. Historically, I'd advise holding trades for the inevitable end-o-season carnage, but that just hasn't eventuated in recent times, so aggressive trading is the way to go.

      Taranto definitely doesn't look to have the ceiling that we all hoped for, while WHE has certainly hit a wall on his early day scoring. Is that a sign of things to come though? Not sure, haven't been watching the Pies games- Perhaps the 120 was an extreme outlier and a 75 average is all we can expect from here on out? (Netting only $40k extra leading to the byes).

      Yeo has always threatened to do what he's doing this year, but every year he's disappointed- so much so, that he's on my "Never again" list! He seems to have patches of brilliant scoring, only to fall back into the 40-60 range. Super frustrating. But then, perhaps that his ups this year will balance that out- his scoring thus far certainly is undeniable.

      You mention the bye profile, which is a great point. Getting some more balance into that will certainly get you more points over the long run.

      Balic looks a solid option. Not gunna knock the roof off anytime soon, but you'd expect him to get games.

      All in all, I think I like the trades. It's aggressive, certainly, but not dangerously so- It will sting if WHE comes out with another ton, but that would easily be forgotten with another Yeo 130:D (unless Yeo regresses back to throwing in 40's again!)
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    15. Owen
      2062, but enough for a few league wins. Roughy and JOM annoying me, might give them the boot.
    16. Penske file
      Penske file
      2068 , many premiums under performing, Roughie is a worry is he ready to go or not lots to ponder on.
    17. insider
      1930... :(
      already pulled the trigger on Callum Mills to Taylor Adams.
      Was going to bring in Parsons for Wingard but maybe now Balic? Some early 'option' voting if you please TS family?!?!

      Option 1 - reverse Mills to Adams trade and keep the faith; thus performing no trades this week
      Option 2 - Wingard to Balic; thus generating 300-odd thousand and cutting off the bleeding by the "ill spend more midfield time this year' chad wingard
      Option 3 - Eddy to Balic - Wingard is playing, Eddy is not so don't rage trade
      Option 4 - D. Swallow or J. Omeara to... someone else - two made-of-glass liabilities in the mids is one too many
      Option 5 (aka leftfield choice) - Trade backline 'keeper' Bernie Vince as a mid 80 average wont cut it.

      FYI - have $35k in the bank after the mills to adams trade. Thanks in advance all!
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    18. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      I went away for Easter and so did my team - only scored 1884. Seems like I had all the guys who had a bad day.
      I was also halfway way through trades to get rid of Gawn and some of my dud picks so this week could do Florent to Rockliff and Eddy to Matera and still have a bit of money in the bank.
    19. morgan ward
      morgan ward
      @insider can I suggest option 3 and 5. I think Wingard has the ability to be 95+ avg so I would keep. I'm not sure what people were thinking with vince, was never even a blip on my radar I would trade him but having said that he's a guy who is playing and has ability to score over 100. If there is Simone you really like for him a would trade him. Eddy to balic is a good option if he doesn't look like getting a game.
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