2017 Round Review: Round 6

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 30, 2017.

By walesy on Apr 30, 2017 at 8:41 PM
  1. walesy

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    Nov 30, 2015
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    Man, this season hey? Another week, another horror! And it's only round 6!!

    Nank, Rocky, Beams, Fyfe, Captain Dangerfield- it's been a disaster!

    Heck, I had Doch's 149, Yeo's 150 and WHE's 125 and still barely cracked 2k.

    Man, looking around the grounds, I might have even gotten above par with that rubbish!

    What is going on this season!? :D Anyone do well this week?
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 30, 2017.

    1. TheTassieHawk
      1955 and 3/4 league losses. My losses leave me 0-4 and in 18th spot in those leagues but in my other one I am 3-1 and in 5th with the worst points for out of the 18 teams so will be prioritising trying to finish top 8 in that one.

      I saw 4 scores above 2100 in my 4 leagues, it will be interesting at the top.
    2. RPritch
      Managed 1824!
      Worse score I can recall ever. Johannisen (68), Franklin (82), Zorko (68), S.Martin (68), Treloar (71), Grundy (83), Dahlhaus (87), Beams (66), Fyfe (62), Nankervis (68), Houston (51), Hampton (41), Otten (61), Butler (54), Newman (59) and Danger as captain (65*2) all failing to reach 90!
      Only players to reach 90 were Greene (92), SPP (97), Adams (120), Laird (122), WHE (125) and Docherty (149). Basically the premiums were worse than the rookies, without the rookies being spectacular! If back premos hadn't have scored so well I might have scored 1750!
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    3. insider
      2,029 and overall team value ($) went down..... rapt
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    4. anthak
      Terrible score for me too. Didn't even crack 2k
      Looks like most others were in the same boat.
      I had Danger as cap, as most would have. It would've been a good week to have a high VC score.

      Scored 1961 and got 5/8 league wins!

      I went backwards in rank, almost doubling it in one week. Hopefully push back the other way this week.
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    5. walesy
      Stats are up.
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    6. chibbingus
      I thought 2103 wouldn't be amongst it but somehow I've managed to jump from outside the top 1000 up to 453 and the team's gone up around $300k in value too... I can't sniff at that amongst the carnage
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    7. benny01
      managed 2109 which was helped by Docherty Laird Adams Bont (VC*2) Pendles
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    8. Mick
      Carnage! 1933 saw me drop back 845 spots to 1416 overall. So many turds on every section of the ground :spew::poop:
      4 of my "premium" mids scored under 74! Somehow still only 444 back from the overall lead and managed to get wins in 6/8 leagues.

      An unfortunate decision to switch the VC from the Bont to JPK 5 mins before lock out hurt - stopped me from keeping my head above the 2k line. Danger C WTF!? :mad: Oh yeah - I traded out WHE this week too :spew:
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    9. Penske file
      Penske file
      2031 won 7/8 leagues, losing TS2. Same problem as everyone else underperforming premiums. Waiting for that magical week they all get up, alas all and sundry will benefit on the same week. Need some PODs.
    10. drlok
      CARNAGE!!!!!! everything that could have gone wrong did. Somehow got 1890 with Dangermouse as Capt?? Left 300 points on the pine. Stupid Stupid Stupid.
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    11. The_Punt
      Managed a dismal 1891!
      Nankervis, S Martin, Witts, Dangermouse, Fyfe, Johanissen and Dollhaus were the main offenders. Just to add insult to injury I somehow managed not to have a mid E selected and copped a donut! *doh*
      Thank gawd I put the C on Slone this week rather than Dangerfield!
    12. stowie
      Nank gets a week, Toby Greene gets 2.
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    13. The_Punt
      Greene only got 2 weeks? Little prick deserved a month off for that dog effort.
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    14. TheTassieHawk
    15. The Pivotonian
      The Pivotonian
      2155 for a close league win (by only 23 - my opponent was unlucky as he was the third highest scorer in the league and still lost) and up ~4k spots in the overall rankings to around 1,400.

      Had the VC on Bont so took that and luckily avoided the Dangerfield captaincy carnage. Same issues as everyone else with poor efforts from Dangerfield, Fyfe, Murphy, Beams, Dahlhaus and Nankervis, but offset a little bit by some nice numbers from Docherty, Adams, Bont, Steele, SPP and WHE.
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    16. chelsea01
      2006 this week and lucky to get that. Couldn't get the 2nd chance going with Rocky / Danger so I put the VC on Docherty, just about the only thing that went right. Still managed to improve 702 places, so it was bad for most people. 5/8 in leagues.
    17. brownje
      My positive spin on this round is the fact that I got some good rookie scores which will bring down their break evens, which were looking pretty ugly last week. WHE SPS SPP Taranto, McGrath have dollars in them yet
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    18. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      Am up in Sydney so am a bit behind in my processes - not unlike the team from this town.
      My trades are starting to pay off and had 2073 despite captain danger and many others. Who would have thought that 2073 would jump me 12000 places.
    19. Mick
      300! How'd you manage that!? WHE, SPP + ??...

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