2017 Round Review: Round 7

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, May 7, 2017.

By walesy on May 7, 2017 at 9:17 PM
  1. walesy

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    Nov 30, 2015
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    Got the fright of my life this week, just after lockout, I got a call from a mate asking me if I knew that Port and the Suns had a bye this week.

    Now, I *knew* that they didn't, but in that moment, my heart sunk. What, how could I have missed that I wondered? I'm gunna be swimming in donuts I

    Anyways, it didn't take too long to cotton onto the fact that I was being wound up, but it did get me to thinking- with all the rookies missing thus far, it might be tough.

    Thankfully, Nank should be back by then to cover for Witts/Butler, but with 4 trades remaining between now and then, it's probably time to consider your plans- then the actual byes behind them!

    Anyways, onto this week. I actually had a good one this week, with a 2160. About 100 above par I reckon.

    Captain Rocky lead the way beautifully with his 148, and some stud performances from Hanners, Witts and Yeo rounded it out. Thinking though that it might just about be time to cut WHE. He's made some good dollars, but his roller coaster ride is getting awful close to de-railing I reckon!

    How'd you all go?
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, May 7, 2017.

    1. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      2113 for me and moved up another 14000 places. Won all three leagues and am now 3rd or 4th in all of them. I had a really bad start but my trades are keeping me up the top for the past 3 weeks and I am quickly making up ground. Doesn't look like anyone is cracking big scores.
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    2. pacman81
      Snagged 2160 as well (snap) with Parsons hardly shining on d├ębut and Hampton and Houston on the block this week... up to 96 overall.
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    3. walesy
      Stats are up
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    4. anthak
      back in the top 1k :) Hopefully can stay there now
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    5. drlok
      1. 2154 with parsons and a few unmentionables.... went up 10000 spots but cant seem to crack 2300+ for a big push into top 1000
      2. having said that cant pick a captain or trade so maybe I should be greatfull
    6. drlok
      sorry between 1st and 3rd in all leagues
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    7. Len
      SC 2092 - Would have been up Shit Creek with Rocky as capt.
      TG 2039 - Doesn't feel above par, too many sub-performers
    8. Penske file
      Penske file
      2040, got me over the line, just. These premium players are being very uncooperative, but holding firm they are premiums for a reason.
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    9. stripey
      Cant do much about the so called premiums when the rookies are far more to blame...
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    10. insider
      Has Yeo officially moved into a must have and a definite must for this week due to break even? I'm still a bit wary on recent seasons ebbs and flows (insert yo yo joke if you wish) but if the horse hasn't already bolted I believe it's about to with a 32 break even.
      Interested in others' thoughts
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    11. Senator96
      I'm liking his role, can go very big and with the forward premiums possibly being a little lighter this year i plan to bring him in, unfortunetly i dont think i'll be able to do it this week even though his BE is very low.
    12. drlok
      I've had him from day 1 as my POD middie - he's doing nicely and seems to be more consistent than last year.
    13. walesy
      I jumped on him just in time for his 59- Haven't regretted bringing him in in the slightest. His highs thus far have been HIGH!
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    14. insider
      Need to decide between Yeo and Harbrow this week I reckon. I don't see why the little fella cant be a top 6-8 defender and he also has a low break even. Not projected to increase much though so maybe I go Yeo.
      Trade Hampton, move McGrath back into defence, Jack Steele or Balic to mids and Yeo into forward line.
      I saw your comment regarding Hoskin-Elliot @walesy but im gambling on decent-ish scores and keeping for bye coverage.
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    15. benny01
      1984 Atrocious. Somehow only dropped 1k spots and still in the top 10k overall.
    16. The Pivotonian
      The Pivotonian
      After holding up pretty well amid the carnage last week, I had a crappy 2007 this time thanks to sub-par efforts from Hampton (47), Hibberd (56), Hannan (34), Parsons (19), Butler (57) and WHE (65).
      Ended up with the C on Danger after Murph's not-quite-enough 118 under the VC, and to match my opponent because I thought I had him otherwise covered comfortably. It turns out I did have him covered but only just - I was cruising after the Sat night games and then he pulls out a massive 400-odd from Buddy, Roughy and Heppell against my 160-odd from Hibberd, Hannan and Sandi to almost take it off me ...
    17. chelsea01
      Disaster this week with 2011. Only dropped 20 places to 6864. Brought in Sloane and gave him the VC (regretting that). Left me with a choice between Rocky and Danger for captain, and of course went the wrong way. Only won 2/8 with the captain choice losing me most of those. I think some of the good rookies have just about burnt out, so will make changes this week.
    18. SuperDuperCoops
      2068 for me with Nankervis donut and Parsons no show. A few low scores with Balic, Houston and SPP. Took the Bont (VC) loophole option which was a blessing as I intended to use Fyfe as C. Sitting a bit over 7K overall.
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    19. TheTassieHawk
      I am having a mostly terrible year fantasy footy wise, SC team ranked almost 60k, Addicts team 2-5, ORFFF team 3-4.

      Team picking, trading, drafting, Captains choices etc all 2/10 or worse.

      On the bright side in one of my leagues I am somehow 3rd on 4-1 with by far the worst points for in the league, interestingly 1st, 2nd and 3rd all have far worse points for than the current 18th placed side and the only one I am bottom in after 3 league wins at the weekend is the ORFFF league and I am confident of getting a few cheap wins in their at some stage

      League wise Yahoo TS V7.0 is #40 with a bullet, and would be in the top 20 if I could have my usual 10-12k ranking around this time of the season (560 points ahead of where I am), with 2 teams Sticky Fingers and The Nightmares currently in the top 100 hopefully one of these fellas or other regulars in these parts can snare the $50k !
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