2017 Round Review: Round 8

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, May 14, 2017.

By walesy on May 14, 2017 at 6:26 PM
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    Man, this has been a rough year, between the rookies and various premiums kicking our asses along the way, it's been tough to put up a good score.

    I wonder if this year actually was the year for mid-priced madness? Would love to hear from anyone that was that way inclined?

    Anyways, I'm looking to crack about a 2150, which from looking around the place is a little above par, but nothing special.

    Also, how about international football? Reckon it worked? Enjoyable as a diversion? Hit us up in the poll!

What did you think of the Port v GCS game in China?

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  2. Bit of a nothing really, it's just another game

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  4. Could have done without hearing about the logistics all week long

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  5. Swanned around for Mothers day all morning, before I missed the game to an afternoon nap

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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, May 14, 2017.

    1. Bucko
      Lucky Berry did ok as I then put Newman on field for the loophole :cool:
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    2. TheTassieHawk
      Newman !

      http://tooserious.net/forum/player_career.php?id=2561&pcid=44060&name=Nicholas Newman

      The TS stats page has 152 as increasing his average to 94 and projected price rises of 48k to 309k after this round and further rises of 43k, 47k and 18k for his next 3 games after that, timed nicely for a Round 11 downgrade if the Swans pick him the next 2 weeks, while also worth holding as D6 until the last few upgrades if he can nail down a spot.
    3. stripey
      2123 for me... with many villains... saved by VC Rocky, Titch and Newman.. Tom Lynch the worst offender...
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    4. anthak
      another week, another brutally poor decision.
      I was deciding out of trading Houston to Heeney or Otten to HShaw. I had made the first one bringing in Heeney and then reversed it to change to the other one bringing in Shaw.
      Heeney scored 130 and looks to be a great pickup, whereas Shaw isnt going so well. I had hoped Shaw would turn it around, and he still could, but Collingwood did a number on him and thats been a bit of a trend this year.
    5. TheTassieHawk
      also @walesy - i reckon going off my best 2 leagues the average score in those is 2080 (40th) and 2120 (290th) so by my estimate 2150 is likely to be better than par expect maybe in the top few thousand overall positions.
    6. Senator96
      2122 and newmans 151 stranded on the bench :( i left him on the field last week and used the E but when williamson bombed i had no option but to put stewart on the field who scored equally as poorly. Ill be intrigued to see if horse can find a way to drop the new man next week. Was tempted to get vince for hampton so glad i was talked out of that one but hampton needs to go sooner rather than later. He and ottens get their turn to beat up on brisbane next week though so might give them a another week yet maybe keep both for coverage until that final bye? Loopholed rocky and really hoping thats not going to be yet another burnt injury trade. Next week's games are just normal 22 v 22 are they? Only have 1 player from both teams, spp so hoping so as oppenent is facing a donut in ruck with witts and at 3-3 i need to start getting some wins together.
    7. TheTassieHawk
      22v22 is correct, those holding wits may cop a donut, hopefully those with Houston and Spp can cover the week off
    8. Crafty Yarni
      Crafty Yarni
      Fuck you NEWMAN
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    9. anthak
      I have planned to swap Nank into rucks to cover Witts; Strnadika into the fwd line.
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    10. St
      2269 for best result for year, heroes were new recruit captain rocky and surprise inclusion Newman. Of course Rocky celebrated by getting injured but hopefully just a 2 weeker with bye, can't see beams coming in next week with his history so all good. Should also mean Barret and Mcclugage play . Butler and Parsons the let downs.
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    11. Mick
      2183 for me. Thought that might've been enough to creep up the rankings a little but it went the other way - dropped me back 135 spots to 1434 overall.

      Should've been 2288 with Newman on the field over Stewart - brain fade there - I normally always put a preferable EMG on the field just in case in these situations. That would've been handy to say the least. Doiii

      Heroes - JPK finally bouncing back, Yeo IN was well timed, Danger putting up a decent C score for me, Titchell, Steele (quietly been a great value pick) and my big 3 down back - Docherty, Laird and Adams!

      Got to put Newman in too actually - even though his score was wasted, locked on my bench - I can't remember another rookie ever getting a late call up and pumping out a 151! Jumped $60k as a result and now hopefully holds a spot in a team on the up. Behave yourself Horse! We might have a bargain D6 here...

      Villains - JJ, Selwood, Dahlhaus, Butler
      (Pendles avoids the villains list under the circumstances - just happy he played!)
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    12. Mick
      If you rolled the dice like a genius and started with Witts (like we did) you would have been mad not to roll with Nank for cover - through the byes at least. Anyone who cops a donut for Witts deserves it ;)
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    13. Crafty Yarni
      Crafty Yarni
      On reassessment, it's not Newnan's fault. It's that bloody Sydney match committee.

      Still have him, but on bench.
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    14. walesy
      ok, stats are up
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    15. Len
      Mate, the FL lockout is stuck on today and the GC & PA players are locked onfield as well as off :)
    16. anthak
      Even though I had him on bench, Im stoked he scored well as it will give us some more cash generation!
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    17. bunza52
      After back to back sub 2000, I finally managed a decent score of 2,190. Traded out both my crow rooks for Berry and Adams. Had the E on Berry and was happy enough to take his 71, so put Newman on field. I did have the C on him Sat night, but thought best to move it to Eddy, in case Newman was a late in, so got lucky with his huge score. Had Zorko as VC & took that. Strange spread of scoring for me. 4 tonnes down back, 3 in the middle, 2 in the ruck and 0 up front. Butler and WHE on the chopping block this week due to BE. Or Beams is also in the mix. Just checked my bye structure and have 12 missing in R11, so Beam to Yeo this week would help that. Not keen on paying top dollar for anyone, but it looks like Yeo will be battling it out for the #1 forward this year. If this week end up being Butler and Beams out, the following week is looking like WHE for Stewart, which mirrors my 1st trade of the season of Stewart out for WHE :)
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    18. Penske file
      Penske file
      2138 won 6/8 leagues just, hope Newman continues to tick over although I had him on the bench. Now start unloading deadwood in prep for bye rounds.
    19. TheTassieHawk
      2126 was my 2nd best round ranking for the year and helped my side to climb up another 7k placings to 50kish, hoping to be 40k or thereabouts prior to the byes and come out of the byes in a much better overall position and set my Round 23 goal from there.

      1 win out of 4 league matches see me in 15th (2-4) in my main league, 4-2 (8th) and 1-5 (17th) in 2 others and 0-6 stone motherless last in the ORFFF league. Bye planning has been commenced and trade planning has been boosted by Newman and others, so now to nail my upgrades and downgrades and finish the SC season on an upward trend.

      An 814 in the TS Addicts was enough to go 3-5 (10th out of 12) and a smashing in the ORFFF by Maralinga left the 29ers at 3-5 and long shots to finish outside of a 9-12 ladder finish.
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