2017 Round Review: Round Two

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 2, 2017.

By walesy on Apr 2, 2017 at 7:16 PM
  1. walesy

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    Ok, round two is coming to a close- and with it, the price changes, right around the corner!

    Initial thoughts have WHE as a trade target this week, he's absolutely flying! Don't know what to do about Hanners though. Gut says to hold him, but man, he's about to hemorrhage!!

    Score wise, I'm happier this week, but it's feeling like a strange season. Not too many huge rookies around, and midpricers all flying! So much so, my Nank, Sandi, Witts ruckline would be doing better if I moved Nank into the forward line!! Maybe to bring in upcoming price rise of Preuss.

    Ahhh, supercoach. So much to consider!! :D Can't wait til rollover is complete, wanna start crunching numbers!!
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 2, 2017.

    1. benny01
      What a difference a week can make. Most of my players played well this week with the exception of Hannebery.

      Currently sitting on 2293 while waiting for 4 players scores to scale from the Port v Freo game.
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    2. NedFlanders
      Well done Benny - it feels like a week where 2300 points will move you up the rankings. 2236 for me - no complaints.

      The late Eddy recall was a bonus.
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    3. RatatouilleV
      2402 this week with exactly the same team that scored me 2058 last week. Only change was moving otter to the bench for Stewart, who luckily was loopholed back in.
      Thinking this year is going to be very up and down for me
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    4. port_leschenault
      2345 - 3rd highest score in my leagues. Didn't see anyone get close to 2400 so wow, @RatatouilleV definitely a chance for a very low round rank.

      I'm still some 120-130 behind the best overall in my leagues too, so a crap first round was areal handicap :(
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    5. TheTassieHawk
      2230 for my lot this week, sitting around 12th-16th in most of my leagues, hopefully my form improves now that leagues are kicking off
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    6. RatatouilleV
      Same here, started the year in 70000+. Hoping to break into the top 20000. I feel that with the many mid priced teams out there, it's going to be very chaotic scoring for the first few rounds up the top.
    7. brownje
      Agonised over Franklin v Higgins to replace Riewoldt and went with Higgins. Very happy with the result. Good to see Taranto post a score too.
    8. anthak
      Lots of better rookie scores this week, good to see :)
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    9. Owen
      2170 still carrying Roo, so not too bad. Possible trade in targets this week, WHE, M Murphy, Clayton Oliver, Higgins, Houston. Think WHE is a must, only pie able to kick straight for goal - he ain't leaving that team for a while.
    10. stripey
      McCarthy to WHE an absolute given for me this week.
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    11. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      2204. Solid but prob under par.
      Strapping in for the Steele roller coaster.
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    12. TheTassieHawk
    13. Len
      I said this last year, but next year I am doing zero SC research and starting with the TG squad.
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    14. anthak
      This year I did zero SC research but I've actually had a reasonable start. Doing better than my TG team.
    15. Len
      round 1 was pretty even, but R2 TG is 300 points better than my SC
    16. Nick
      Pretty happy with 2,332 this week.
      Managed to use Joel smith injury to get Otten's ton on the ground.
      Moved up to 1,635th so a good start :)
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    17. walesy
      Ok, stats are up, just pre-gening the calc pages. Hope we saw some upwards momentum this week! :D
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    18. insider
      Definitely need some TS help. Decisions decisions... I'm very seriously considering a sideways of Jaeger or d swallow to Clayton Oliver.... but also would like Heppel or someone of his ilk.
      Second move can't decide between Witts (moving Nankervis into Fwds, Taranto into mid and giving Pickett the boot) or Sam Reid.
      Already have Hoskin Elliott, preuss, Hannan, Hampton and otten, Powell pepper, marchbank so nailed most of the rookies.
      Also slight concern over mills in the backline....
      Would love comments and advice, will settle for thumbs:
      Up = jaeger to Oliver. Pickett to Reid.
      Down = jaeger to Oliver. Pickett to witts.

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    19. bunza52
      2,224, moved up to the 13k's. TG team did better with 2,305. Have a 36 point different between my main team and TG team with a ranking differential of just over 5k. Thinking of J. Smith & J Steward out for WHE and Houston.

      @insider, are you just trying to make a quick 100k or so with Oliver, or thinking that he will be somewhere in the top 10-15 mids at year end? With the Dees, just getting over the Blues, and worst case scenario, they might only win 1 game in their next 7, so that is something to consider. Also, if Jaeger starts playing football, not handball, his scores will shoot up. I wouldn't be burning a trade on Oliver, as I dont recall to many 2nd yearers averaging 120+. If you are looking for cash generation, one poor game, at his prices, kills his growth.

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