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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Jul 6, 2017.

By walesy on Jul 6, 2017 at 6:26 PM
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    Greenwood out.


    Adelaide v Western Bulldogs at Adelaide Oval, 7.20pm ACST

    In:S.Thompson, A.Otten, C.Cameron
    Out: J.Beech, H.Greenwood (rested), K.Hartigan (hamstring)

    In: M.Boyd, T.Liberatore, F.Roberts, C.Smith
    Out: R.Murphy (hamstring), T.Campbell (abdominal strain), S.Biggs (calf), T.Dickson
    Saturday, July 8

    Hawthorn v Greater Western Sydney at UTAS Stadium (Launceston), 1.45pm AEST

    In: K.Stewart
    Out: G.Birchall (knee)

    In: T.Mzungu, H.Perryman
    Out: J.Finlayson (knee), S.Johnson (knee soreness)

    Collingwood v Essendon at the MCG, 2.10pm AEST

    In:B.Reid, T.Varcoe, J.Smith
    Out: J.Ramsay, D.Moore (hamstring), T.Phillips (illness)

    In: D.Myers
    Out: K.Langford

    Sydney v Gold Coast at the SCG, 4.35pm AEST

    No change

    In:T.McKenzie, D.MacPherson, J.Bowes
    Out: G.Ablett (hamstring), P.Hanley (hamstring), J.Leslie

    Brisbane Lions v Geelong at the Gabba, 7.25pm AEST

    In: M.Hammelmann, D.Beams
    Out: D.Gardiner (elbow), J.Barrett

    In:J.Selwood, B.Parfitt
    Out: A.Black, S.Simpson

    St Kilda v Richmond at Etihad Stadium, 7.25pm AEST

    In: S.Savage, D.McKenzie, B.Long
    Out: M.Weller, J.Webster (suspension), L.Dunstan

    In: T.Hunt
    Out: O.Markov
    Sunday, July 9

    North Melbourne v Fremantle at Etihad Stadium, 1.10pm AEST

    In: B.Cunnington, T.Dumont, D.Nielson, B.Preuss, J.Simpkin, C.Zurhaar
    Out: J.Waite (calf), J.Macmillan (finger), M.Wood (calf)
    New: Daniel Nielson (Eastern U18), Cameron Zurhaar (East Fremantle)

    In: S.Hill, C.Blakely, R.Nyhuis, S.Kersten, J.Deluca
    Out: C.McCarthy (suspension), A.Sandilands (hamstring)
    New: Ryan Nyhuis (NT Thunder)

    Carlton v Melbourne at the MCG, 3.20pm AEST

    In:J.Lamb, S.Petrevski-Seton, C.Byrne, H.Macreadie, H.McKay
    Out: L.Sumner, C.Marchbank (shoulder)

    In: J.Garlett, J.Trengove, D.Kent, J.Hogan, J.Kennedy-Harris, S.Weideman, J.Smith
    Out: D.Tyson (knee), T.Bugg (suspension), J.Viney (foot), M.White

    West Coast v Port Adelaide at Domain Stadium, 2.40pm AWST

    In: M.LeCras, M.Priddis, S.Hurn, S.Lycett, W.Schofield
    Out: S.Butler (hamstring), C.Masten

    In:J.Hombsch, J.Atley, W.Drew
    Out: -
    New: Joe Atley (Bendigo U18), Willem Drew (North Ballarat U18)
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Jul 6, 2017.

    1. anthak
      Booooo from me too. And Scooter not named. I wanted to wait for teams to be named before deciding for sure, but I reckon I'll be trading one of them now.
    2. IPOD
      Well the plan all along this week was Sandi to Darcy pocket 320 k hold on 6 trades for carnage or slight tinkering. That is still a viable option although instead of having Darcy and R3 like i planned i will have him at R2 as i will have to swing Ryder back to the fwds via Strnadica dpp to cover Greenwood out.

      TU - Do the trade pocket 320k cop Darcy as R2 this week hopefully Greenwood back next week (or move him to Greene next week)
      TD - Trade Greenwood with the extra cash from the Darcy trade leave 5 trades.

      PS - having said trade Greenwood im not sure who i want with my fwds already (Buddy Dahlhaus Heeney Ryder Lynch Yeo Greenwood Eddy)
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    3. anthak
      Maybe trade greenwood to a ruck, so you can keep ryder in fwd line. However you'll be light on your fwd bench with just strnadica and eddy.
    4. Penske file
      Penske file
      Another hard work week looming, damn the Crows selectors, who said Greenwood wanted a rest anyway he can't be that tired. Stop messing with us and say what you really mean, is he done because of Thompson or what.???
    5. IPOD
      Its a hard one but is it worth Greenwood to Nank leaves 5 trades and 260k??? Although it would still leave me skinny on the forward bench with Strnadica and Eddy (moving either Ryder or Nank (if i trade Greenwood) to Rucks leave Darcy at R3.
    6. anthak
      Not a bad idea. Ive considered something similar this week, except i already have Nank. Ive considered bringing in Ryder to swing them both around depending on loopholes etc.
      However i dont think im gonna go down that path myself.

      Who is your other ruck?
      You prob have enough cash to get Kruezer in the rucks. However i know youre hoping to keep cash in the bank.
    7. IPOD
      My other ruck is Grundy. Loathed to pick up Kreuzer at 628k plus with the Darcy/Sandi trade leaves 52k and not much wriggle room compared to Nank trade 260k and even no trade at 335k. I am still looking in coming weeks at Docherty for one of my backs in coming weeks
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    8. JPK
      Is Eddy even worth holding anymore?

      He's obviously not my biggest issue, but I'm sick of holding the bloke for the whole year, just to watch him do nothing. Would rather d/g him to a Witherden, who is playing this week, and likely to keep getting games for the rest of the season.
    9. anthak
      Depends what you need. He's really important for me as a cheap non-player, so I'll be keeping him.
    10. TheTassieHawk
      I would hold Eddy and use the trade saved to sideways a premium later on or downgrade another bench player to Withderden this week for cash prior to future trades unless you are happy to skip Witherden.
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    11. JPK
      Thanks guys. I now see that Eddy is in the squad (25-man) to replace the injured Broadbent.

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    12. TheTassieHawk
      Some bad news for the Dockers, with defender Lee Spurr out of the team, due to a calf injury, to face North Melbourne on Sunday at Etihad Stadium.

      Spurr's place in the 25 goes to ruckman Jon Griffin, raising the prospect that Ross Lyon may take two talls to Melbourne to battle Todd Goldstein. We'll find out the Dockers' final side at 5pm AEST.
    13. choppers
      Griffen and Eddy both emergencies.....
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    14. anthak
      I stuffed up, not making the trade before Greenwood locked out. I was going to trade Scooter to a fwd, and needed to swing Greenwood into mids, but didnt do it before he locked.
    15. TheTassieHawk
    16. TheTassieHawk
      JPK out for the swans (d robinson in)
      Suns unchanged
    17. TheTassieHawk
      lions, cats, saints and tiges all unchanged
    18. anthak
      Those with Zorko must be stoked!

      I don't have him, unfortunately.

      Still, I'm ok with how my team is going thus far this round, but tomorrow is the big day for me with several of my PODs all still to play. Neale, Kreuzer, Murphy, Fyfe...

      I'm currently on 1632/15 - already including an extra 165 from my VC Danger.

      I'm projected to total about 2395, but some of these projected scores seem a bit whack, so I'm not sure. For instance, I don't expect Kreuzer to score 144 against Gawn this week.

      How's everyone else going?
    19. TheTassieHawk
      Mundy out, nyjuis in for free
      Kangas are unchanged

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