2017 Teams and Round 21 Discussion

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Aug 10, 2017.

By walesy on Aug 10, 2017 at 9:42 PM
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    Now, I'm not sure about the rest of you all, but I've got a bye this week- So I'm not even gunna look at the teams. :p

    Ok, maybe I will :D

    Get in their Dunks!!

    In: J.Stringer, T.Dickson, J.Dunkley
    Out: E.Wood (hamstring), C.Smith, L.Webb

    In: T.Greene, J.Patton
    Out: S.Mumford (suspension), D.Smith (knee)
    Saturday, August 12

    Sydney v Fremantle at the SCG, 1.45pm AEST

    No change

    In:M.Taberner, J.Deluca, S.Darcy
    Out: J.Griffin, H.Crozier (concussion), B.Grey (hamstring)

    Geelong v Richmond at Simonds Stadium, 2.10pm AEST

    In:p.Dangerfield, R.Stanley, S.Motlop, D.Menzel
    Out: J.Selwood (ankle), T.Hawkins (suspension), M.Duncan (suspension), W.Buzza

    In: J.Riewoldt
    Out: A.Miles

    Brisbane Lions v Gold Coast at the Gabba, 4.35pm AEST

    In: M.Close, S.Mayes
    Out: A.Witherden (hamstring), J.Schache

    In: D.Swallow, J.Lyons, C. Ah Chee, B.Ainsworth
    Out: G.Ablett (hamstring), J.Grant, M.Hallahan, T.Lynch (knee)

    Essendon v Adelaide at Etihad Stadium, 7.25pm AEST

    In: J.Kelly, M.Leuenberger, M.Dea, J.Laverde, A.McGrath
    Out: Z.Merrett (suspended), T.Bellchambers (foot), M.Hartley, O.Fantasia (hamstring), M.Baguley (rested)

    No change

    West Coast v Carlton at Domain Stadium, 5.40pm AWST

    In:M.Priddis, N.Vardy, L.Jetta
    Out: W.Schofield, C.Masten, M.Karpany

    In: T.Williamson
    Out: C.Marchbank (arm)
    Sunday, August 13

    Melbourne v St Kilda at the MCG, 1.10pm AEST

    In: J.Wagner, B.Stretch, A.Brayshaw, S.Weideman, M.Hannan
    Out: S.Frost, C.Salem

    In: S.Gilbert, T.Hickey, D.McKenzie, J.Lonie
    Out: N.Riewoldt (concussion)

    Hawthorn v North Melbourne at UTAS Stadium (Launceston), 3.20pm AEST

    In: L.Hodge, K.Heatherley, K.Stewart
    Out: -

    In: J.Anderson, K.Turner, J.Simpkin, C.Zurhaar
    Out: N.Larkey

    Port Adelaide v Collingwood at Adelaide Oval, 4.10pm ACST

    In: M.White, B.Ah Chee, C.Wingard, J.Neade, D.Howard, D.Houston, R.Bonner
    Out: A.Monfries, J.Trengove, A.Young, J.Hombsch (hip)

    In: T.Broomhead, J.Smith, J.Aish, M.Cox, C.Brown, J.Daicos
    Out: D.Wells (quad), L.Greenwood (knee), B.Grundy (suspension)
    New: Josh Daicos (Oakleigh U18)


Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Aug 10, 2017.

    1. IPOD
      Well i am in a conundrum with stuff all cash cash in the bank (107k) and injuries and suspensions all over the place i need to burn 2 of my remaining 3 trades. I caught a break with Darcy coming back in the ruck this week for Grundy and Witherden i moved in the back line for Adams allowing a full back 6 but need to trade Ducky and Tom Lynch and there cash is not exactly making selection of there replacements easy. I will have Merrett coming back next week filling my mids again so i need some options if i get Macrae to replace Lynch it will leave just 431k to replace Selwood which leaves options like Rocky Priddis Gaff Viney Scully.
      If i dont Macrae and i get Greene it opens up to get the likes of Gibbs R.Gray.

      Need option for which one is more important/better value.

      TU - Get Greene & Gibbs/Gray
      TD - Get Macrae & Rocky Viney Scully.
      Comment - Go Full Left Field and play Get Macrae & C.Maynard opening up cash for massive upgrade should i get through this week.
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    2. IPOD
      My other option maybe JJK for Lynch then opens up the options of Sloane Gibbs Ross Cotchin Sheil Parker and R.Gray
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    3. anthak
      For those that still have him, SPP is rumored as out for Port's Sunday game, rested.
    4. pollypies
      @ ipod I would be going Gray. He has averaged 8 clearances over the last 3 weeks. The 5 weeks prior to that he averaged less than 1 clearance a game. He is clearly back in the midfield and undervalued if he gets midfield minutes. I would be reluctant with rocky and Gibbs. Gibbs has been tagged out of the game two out of the last 3 weeks. Had a big one last week when let free to roam.
    5. pollypies
      Can anyone help me? I get confused making a trade and swapping positions at the same time.

      I need to trade Selwood out. I wanted to bring Roberton into the team in defence and shift Adams to the midfield. I have mid and defensive bench links Witherden and Hibberd).

      Is this possible? If it is, how do I do it? Can't seem to get it to work on my phone.
    6. walesy
      Trade Selly out, then on the trade page, click the S next to Adams, which will switch him to the mid-field.
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    7. IPOD
      If i get Gray then it comes
      TU - JJK - leave 1 trade 64k
      TD - Greene - leave 1 trade 4k
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    8. anthak
      Gray has filled in in mids whilst Wingard has been out, and Wingard is back this week.
    9. IPOD
      Who would yo go with anthak?
    10. bosco
      Too many options....not entirely sure how much you have to spend but is it about 990k? If you picked JJK that would leave about 540k? For that probably just miss lachie neale but brad crouch has a really good 3 and 5 round average to consider or bont if you don't have him (seems to have come good again).
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    11. bosco
      Btw....I know I'm not anthak ;)
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    12. bosco
      I'm ummming and ahhing about pulling the trigger on last trade for glory or not. Got jelwood to wave bye byes to and could welcome anyone for 576k. Thinking of getting a bit of zork on my fork but not sure. Got berry to fill in and got a full 22 at this stage + scharenberg, callum brown and parsons on the bench so fairly safe (touch wood) to not get a donut. Sitting at 57 overall and decision is

      :thumbsu: pull the trigger
      :thumbsd: keep the safety on and save my bullet
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    13. IPOD
      Mids to choose are
      Option 1 - Sloane
      Option 2 - Gibbs
      Option 3 - Shiel
      Option 4 - Parker
      Option 5 - Ross
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    14. IPOD
      Get on the Zork I would if I had the cash
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    15. IPOD
      And Crouch Brad variety only 520k
    16. anthak
      If you've got the cash, out of the guys youve mentioned i reckon prob JJK and Parker or maybe Sloane.
      Just go with your gut though.
    17. bosco
      Probably crouch for me. Sloane and gibbs unpredictable but could go huge. Had considered ross a few weeks ago but not sold. Parker I also liked but think the swans share it around too much and never know who will get the points from week to week. Shiel hasn't been on my radar and will reserve comment.

      Probably parker if not crouch for me just to muddy the waters ;)
    18. anthak
      I think keep the last trade unless you have a donut to avoid
    19. anthak
      I wish i didnt have to use my last trade this week, and i wouldnt have if any of Lynch, Witts, Eddy, Shai Bolton or Strnadica had played.

      Im trying to work out who to bring in but still at a loss

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