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    Think we can sum this up with a picture.


    Port Adelaide v Carlton

    Friday April 21 at the Adelaide Oval (7.50pm)


    B: D.Byrne-Jones, T.Clurey, D.Houston

    HB: M.Broadbent, T.Jonas, H.Hartlett

    C: B.Ebert, O.Wines, J.Polec

    HF: R.Gray, J.Westhoff, C.Wingard

    F: S.Gray, C.Dixon, J.Trengove

    FOL: P.Ryder, T.Boak, S.Powell-Pepper

    I/C: A.Young, K.Amon, J.Impey, J.Pittard

    EMG: B.Eddy, A.Johnson, B.Ah Chee

    IN: P.Ryder

    OUT: M.White


    B: T.Williamson, C.Marchbank, L.Plowman

    HB: S.Docherty, S.Rowe, K.Simpson

    C: E.Curnow, P.Cripps, C.Polson

    HF: J.Pickett, L.Casboult, C.Curnow

    F: J.Silvagni, J.Weitering, M.Wright

    FOL: A.Phillips, B.Gibbs, M.Murphy

    I/C: Z.Fisher, S.Petrevski-Seton, H.Macreadie, S.White

    EMG: D.Armfield, S.Kerridge, D.Cuningham

    IN: A.Phillips, C.Polson

    OUT: D.Thomas, M.Kreuzer

    Western Bulldogs v Brisbane Lions

    Saturday April 22 at Etihad Stadium (1.45pm)


    B: M.Boyd, F.Roberts, J.Johannisen

    HB: M.Suckling, E.Wood, R.Murphy

    C: L.Hunter, L.Dahlhaus, J.Macrae

    HF: J.Dunkley, J.Stringer, C.Smith

    F: L.Jong, T.Boyd, L.Picken

    FOL: T.Campbell, M.Bontempelli, T.Liberatore

    I/C: Z.Cordy, T.McLean, S.Biggs, M.Adams

    EMG: L.Webb, B.Williams, C.Daniel

    IN: S.Biggs

    OUT: T.Cloke


    B: R.Harwood, H.Andrews, D.Rich

    HB: S.Mayes, D.Gardiner, C.Cox

    C: J.Berry, D.Zorko, R.Lester

    HF: L.Taylor, E.Hipwood, H.McCluggage

    F: M.Robinson, J.Schache, D.McStay

    FOL: S.Martin, D.Beams, T.Rockliff

    I/C: R.Bastinac, C.Beams, N.Robertson, L.Dawson

    EMG: B.Keays, M.Close, J.Barrett

    IN: R.Bastinac, R.Harwood, L.Dawson

    OUT: R.Bewick, T.Bell, T.Cutler

    Gold Coast Suns v Adelaide Crows

    Saturday April 22 at Metricon Stadium (4.35pm)


    B: J.Harbrow, J.Leslie, J.Joyce

    HB: S.Lemmens, K.Kolodjashnij, A.Saad

    C: D.Swallow, G.Ablett, M.Rosa

    HF: J.Lyons, T.Lynch, A.Sexton

    F: B.Matera, P.Wright, J.Martin

    FOL: J.Witts, A.Hall, M.Barlow

    I/C: B.Fiorini, T.Miller, C.Ah Chee, J.Bowes

    EMG: J.Lonergan, K.Brooksby, B.Scheer

    IN: C.Ah Chee

    OUT: S.May


    B: R.Laird, K.Hartigan, L.Brown

    HB: J.Lever, D.Talia, R.Douglas

    C: D.Mackay, M.Crouch, B.Smith

    HF: R.Knight, A.Otten, R.Atkins

    F: C.Cameron, T.Walker, E.Betts

    FOL: S.Jacobs, R.Sloane, W.Milera

    I/C: B.Crouch, C.Hampton, T.Lynch, T.Menzel

    EMG: J.Beech, H.Wigg, R.O’Brien

    IN: B.Crouch

    OUT: J.Kelly

    Sydney Swans v GWS Giants

    Saturday April 22 at the SCG (7.25pm)


    B: N.Smith, H.Grundy, Z.Jones

    HB: H.Marsh, L.Melican, J.Lloyd

    C: H.Cunningham, J.Kennedy, C.Mills

    HF: W.Hayward, L.Franklin, G.Hewett

    F: K.Jack, S.Reid, T.Papley

    FOL: K.Tippett, L.Parker, D.Hannebery

    I/C: J.Foote, I.Heeney, G.Rohan, C.Sinclair

    EMG: J.Laidler, N.Newman, D.Towers

    IN: K.Tippett, G.Rohan, I.Heeney, L.Melican

    OUT: R.Fox, A.Aliir, N.Newman, O.Florent


    B: N.Wilson, A.Tomlinson, A.Corr

    HB: N.Haynes, P.Davis, H.Shaw

    C: J.Kelly, C.Ward, T.Scully

    HF: A.Kennedy, J.Cameron, T.Greene

    F: D.Smith, J.Patton, R.Lobb

    FOL: S.Mumford, D.Shiel, J.Hopper

    I/C: S.Johnson, S.Reid, M.Kennedy, Z.Williams

    EMG: D.Simpson, H.Perryman, D.Lloyd

    IN: S.Johnson

    OUT: T.Taranto

    Fremantle v North Melbourne

    Saturday April 22 at Subiaco Oval (7.40pm)


    B: E.Hughes, J.Hamling, L.Spurr

    HB: G.Ibbotson, M.Johnson, C.Blakely

    C: S.Hill, L.Neale, B.Hill

    HF: L.Weller, C.McCarthy, E.Langdon

    F: M.Walters, S.Kersten, B.Grey

    FOL: A.Sandilands, N.Fyfe, D.Mundy

    I/C: G.Logue. T.Sheridan, H.Crozier, D.Tucker

    EMG: J.Griffin, M.Taberner, C.Sutcliffe

    IN: D.Tucker

    OUT: H.Balic


    B: M.Williams, R.Tarrant, A.Mullett

    HB: L.Hansen, S.Thompson, S.Gibson

    C: T.Garner, B.Cunnington, K.Turner

    HF: J.Macmillan, B.Brown, A.Swallow

    F: J.Simpkin, M.Wood, L.Thomas

    FOL: T.Goldstein, J.Ziebell, S.Higgins

    I/C: L.McDonald, T.Dumont, S.Atley, E.Vickers-Willis

    EMG: J.Anderson, N.Hrovat, C.Wagner

    IN: M.Wood, E.Vickers-Willis

    OUT: N.Hrovat, B.Preuss

    St Kilda v Geelong Cats

    Sunday April 23 at Etihad Stadium (3.20pm)


    B: J.Geary, N.Brown, J.Webster

    HB: J.Newnes, J.Carlisle, D.Roberton

    C: J.Billings, J.Steele, L.Montagna

    HF: B.Long, N.Riewoldt, M.Weller

    F: J.Gresham, J.Bruce, T.Membrey

    FOL: B.Longer, S.Ross, J.Steven

    I/C (from): S.Savage, L.Dunstan, B.Acres, J.Lonie, S.Gilbert, K.Stevens, D.Minchington

    IN: J.Steven, S.Savage, K.Stevens, B.Longer, D.Minchington

    OUT: D.Armitage, T.Hickey


    B: Z.Tuohy, T.Lonergan, A.Mackie

    HB: J.Thurlow, L.Henderson, T.Stewart

    C: G.Horlin-Smith, J.Selwood, M.Duncan

    HF: S.Motlop, H.Taylor, N.Cockatoo

    F: B.Parfitt, T.Hawkins, D.Menzel

    FOL: Z.Smith, P.Dangerfield, C.Guthrie

    I/C (from): J.Bews, A.Black, M.Blicavs, D.Lang, J.Murdoch, T.Ruggles, R.Stanley

    IN: R.Stanley, A.Black, G.Horlin-Smith, J.Bews, D.Lang

    OUT: S.Menegola, J.Parsons

    Hawthorn v West Coast Eagles

    Sunday April 23 at the MCG (4.40pm)


    B: J.Gibson, J.Frawley, B.Stratton

    HB: R.Burton, S.Burgoyne, L.Hodge

    C: I.Smith, T.Mitchell, B.Hartung

    HF: L.Breust, J.Gunston, W.Langford

    F: J.Sicily, J.Roughead, P.Puopolo

    FOL: B.McEvoy, L.Shiels, C.Rioli

    I/C (from): D.Howe, T.O’Brien, B.Hardwick, K.Brand, R.Henderson, K.Stewart, T.Vickery

    IN: T.Vickery, D.Howe, K.Stewart


    B: S.Hurn, W.Schofield, T.Barrass

    HB: E.Yeo, J.McGovern, S.Butler

    C: L.Duggan, M.Priddis, A.Gaff

    HF: J.Hill, J.Darling, J.Cripps

    F: M.LeCras, J.Kennedy, N.Vardy

    FOL: J.Giles, L.Shuey, J.Redden

    I/C (from): D.Sheed, B.Sheppard, C.Masten, S.Wellingham, J.Nelson, M.Hutchings, M.Karpany

    IN: M.Hutchings, J.Darling, D.Sheed, M.Karpany

    OUT: S.Mitchell

    Richmond v Melbourne

    Monday April 24 at the MCG (7.25pm)


    tbc on Saturday


    tbc on Saturday

    Essendon v Collingwood

    Tuesday April 25 at the MCG (3.20pm)


    tbc on Saturday


    tbc on Saturday
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 20, 2017.

    1. Penske file
      Penske file
      Love the picture Walesy, just about sums up the upcoming round. 1) balic 2) newman 3) fox 4) Taranto, was about to offload TT anyway but looks like another week down the you know what. Options are becoming limited rookiewise, maybe VW will be ready soon or just outed after 2 weeks.
    2. walesy
      Myers got back off the LTI list also, so he should be straight back in you'd think.
    3. TheTassieHawk
      Who is keeping/dumping these guys and why ?
      - Eddy (emg)
      - Barrett (emg)
      - JOM (??)
      - Florent (omitted)
      - Taranto (rested)
      - Preuss (rested)

      I would assume that Pickett now stays in most teams simply because he is playing while we all hope Newman is a late callup or gets back in soon and that Hampton stays while he makes another $15k-$20k.
    4. brownje
      That would be a godsend, but when do we find out about the Tuesday teams?
    5. brownje
      Eddy was going to be out for Balic? My reason was I need to start making money somewhere. Its going to be real interesting this year with bugger all rookie cash generation.
    6. TheTassieHawk
      I saw somewhere that it may be Saturday at 5pm, which would mean with Port vs Blues and WB vs Lions completed and GCS vs Crows underway.
    7. TheTassieHawk
      screenshot of the < 300k SC options from TS Stats

      parsons - 2 week suspension look at for Round7
      Balic (inj)/Fox (rookie list) out
      Williamson/T Menzel on the bubble
      Hayward 4th game but still cheap enough to consider
      Spencer/Fisher/Hardwick on the bubble Round 6

      View attachment 761

      EVW, Polson, Melican are the confirmed first game options (excluding Sunday benches)

      Which cheapies are people trading in, and who are the left field choices being considered - ie Berry/McLuggage/Cox/Macreadie ?
    8. Grizzles
      So by my calculations Tom Williamson is the only rookie bursting his bubble this week? Given that the money our defensive rookies have increased by is very little I don't think it's worth bringing him in. You could go a week early on Fisher but I don't like doing that. Was really looking for Balic to free up some cash to up Jaeger to a premium. Guess I'll have to wait!
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    9. Owen
      I'm giving JOM and Roughhead the boot for Williamson and Hanners via a couple of swing moves. I have Taranto and plan on moving him on to Balic if named next week. Keeping Barrett and Eddy for the time being. Hawthorn looking to be not as good as I was expecting has led me to jettison those two hawks. Means I use two trades to go from starting Roughy and JOM to Hanners and Butler - I can live with that.
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    10. insider
      Thumbs up: Jaeger to Williamson via moving McGrath into the mids (bench) and capitalising on few and far between rookie bubbles
      Thumbs down: hold onto the trade as Jaeger wont move in value and there will probably be another rookie mid or back soonish
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    11. Waldo666
      OK so I think I have boiled it down to the following options this week, Roughy out for....

      :1: Macrae
      :2: Hanners
      :3: Hold
      • Option 1 Option 1 x 5
      • Option 2 Option 2 x 3
    12. thokash
      Also going Roughy out, best mid option under 590k?

      :1: Marc Murphy
      :2: Ollie Wines
      :3: Gary Ablett
      :4: Daniel Hannebery
      :5: JPK
      • Option 1 Option 1 x 5
      • Option 5 Option 5 x 5
      • Option 2 Option 2 x 1
    13. The_Swert
      Traded out O'Meara for Walker.

      Will hold Roughead.
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    14. RPritch
      Barrett should be a hold for just about anyone that has him, JOM should be 100% out for anyone that has him, Eddy, Florent and Taranto are all equally crap
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    15. anthak
      I ended up trading in Balic. Didnt have time today to do any supercoach stuff, including ORFF comps, so got stuck with the trades i tentatively set up during the week.
      Taranto & Marchbank --> Balic & Rocky
    16. thokash
      Ended up going Murphy, in it for the long haul now
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    17. choppers
      you reap what you sow.............;)
      Last edited: Apr 21, 2017
    18. choppers
      Williamson with an 81.....the owners would have to be happy with that.....
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    19. Senator96
      Brought in williamson for hibberd this week as getting tired of waiting for him to come back. Put the e on williamson as can loophole it via newman, obviously i will be taking that score. Think lots more might jump on next week.

      Jarrod pickett is shaping up to be the slowest burner in the history of sc! Ads to the dramas of the rookies i already have not playing
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