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    Think we can sum this up with a picture.


    Port Adelaide v Carlton

    Friday April 21 at the Adelaide Oval (7.50pm)


    B: D.Byrne-Jones, T.Clurey, D.Houston

    HB: M.Broadbent, T.Jonas, H.Hartlett

    C: B.Ebert, O.Wines, J.Polec

    HF: R.Gray, J.Westhoff, C.Wingard

    F: S.Gray, C.Dixon, J.Trengove

    FOL: P.Ryder, T.Boak, S.Powell-Pepper

    I/C: A.Young, K.Amon, J.Impey, J.Pittard

    EMG: B.Eddy, A.Johnson, B.Ah Chee

    IN: P.Ryder

    OUT: M.White


    B: T.Williamson, C.Marchbank, L.Plowman

    HB: S.Docherty, S.Rowe, K.Simpson

    C: E.Curnow, P.Cripps, C.Polson

    HF: J.Pickett, L.Casboult, C.Curnow

    F: J.Silvagni, J.Weitering, M.Wright

    FOL: A.Phillips, B.Gibbs, M.Murphy

    I/C: Z.Fisher, S.Petrevski-Seton, H.Macreadie, S.White

    EMG: D.Armfield, S.Kerridge, D.Cuningham

    IN: A.Phillips, C.Polson

    OUT: D.Thomas, M.Kreuzer

    Western Bulldogs v Brisbane Lions

    Saturday April 22 at Etihad Stadium (1.45pm)


    B: M.Boyd, F.Roberts, J.Johannisen

    HB: M.Suckling, E.Wood, R.Murphy

    C: L.Hunter, L.Dahlhaus, J.Macrae

    HF: J.Dunkley, J.Stringer, C.Smith

    F: L.Jong, T.Boyd, L.Picken

    FOL: T.Campbell, M.Bontempelli, T.Liberatore

    I/C: Z.Cordy, T.McLean, S.Biggs, M.Adams

    EMG: L.Webb, B.Williams, C.Daniel

    IN: S.Biggs

    OUT: T.Cloke


    B: R.Harwood, H.Andrews, D.Rich

    HB: S.Mayes, D.Gardiner, C.Cox

    C: J.Berry, D.Zorko, R.Lester

    HF: L.Taylor, E.Hipwood, H.McCluggage

    F: M.Robinson, J.Schache, D.McStay

    FOL: S.Martin, D.Beams, T.Rockliff

    I/C: R.Bastinac, C.Beams, N.Robertson, L.Dawson

    EMG: B.Keays, M.Close, J.Barrett

    IN: R.Bastinac, R.Harwood, L.Dawson

    OUT: R.Bewick, T.Bell, T.Cutler

    Gold Coast Suns v Adelaide Crows

    Saturday April 22 at Metricon Stadium (4.35pm)


    B: J.Harbrow, J.Leslie, J.Joyce

    HB: S.Lemmens, K.Kolodjashnij, A.Saad

    C: D.Swallow, G.Ablett, M.Rosa

    HF: J.Lyons, T.Lynch, A.Sexton

    F: B.Matera, P.Wright, J.Martin

    FOL: J.Witts, A.Hall, M.Barlow

    I/C: B.Fiorini, T.Miller, C.Ah Chee, J.Bowes

    EMG: J.Lonergan, K.Brooksby, B.Scheer

    IN: C.Ah Chee

    OUT: S.May


    B: R.Laird, K.Hartigan, L.Brown

    HB: J.Lever, D.Talia, R.Douglas

    C: D.Mackay, M.Crouch, B.Smith

    HF: R.Knight, A.Otten, R.Atkins

    F: C.Cameron, T.Walker, E.Betts

    FOL: S.Jacobs, R.Sloane, W.Milera

    I/C: B.Crouch, C.Hampton, T.Lynch, T.Menzel

    EMG: J.Beech, H.Wigg, R.O’Brien

    IN: B.Crouch

    OUT: J.Kelly

    Sydney Swans v GWS Giants

    Saturday April 22 at the SCG (7.25pm)


    B: N.Smith, H.Grundy, Z.Jones

    HB: H.Marsh, L.Melican, J.Lloyd

    C: H.Cunningham, J.Kennedy, C.Mills

    HF: W.Hayward, L.Franklin, G.Hewett

    F: K.Jack, S.Reid, T.Papley

    FOL: K.Tippett, L.Parker, D.Hannebery

    I/C: J.Foote, I.Heeney, G.Rohan, C.Sinclair

    EMG: J.Laidler, N.Newman, D.Towers

    IN: K.Tippett, G.Rohan, I.Heeney, L.Melican

    OUT: R.Fox, A.Aliir, N.Newman, O.Florent


    B: N.Wilson, A.Tomlinson, A.Corr

    HB: N.Haynes, P.Davis, H.Shaw

    C: J.Kelly, C.Ward, T.Scully

    HF: A.Kennedy, J.Cameron, T.Greene

    F: D.Smith, J.Patton, R.Lobb

    FOL: S.Mumford, D.Shiel, J.Hopper

    I/C: S.Johnson, S.Reid, M.Kennedy, Z.Williams

    EMG: D.Simpson, H.Perryman, D.Lloyd

    IN: S.Johnson

    OUT: T.Taranto

    Fremantle v North Melbourne

    Saturday April 22 at Subiaco Oval (7.40pm)


    B: E.Hughes, J.Hamling, L.Spurr

    HB: G.Ibbotson, M.Johnson, C.Blakely

    C: S.Hill, L.Neale, B.Hill

    HF: L.Weller, C.McCarthy, E.Langdon

    F: M.Walters, S.Kersten, B.Grey

    FOL: A.Sandilands, N.Fyfe, D.Mundy

    I/C: G.Logue. T.Sheridan, H.Crozier, D.Tucker

    EMG: J.Griffin, M.Taberner, C.Sutcliffe

    IN: D.Tucker

    OUT: H.Balic


    B: M.Williams, R.Tarrant, A.Mullett

    HB: L.Hansen, S.Thompson, S.Gibson

    C: T.Garner, B.Cunnington, K.Turner

    HF: J.Macmillan, B.Brown, A.Swallow

    F: J.Simpkin, M.Wood, L.Thomas

    FOL: T.Goldstein, J.Ziebell, S.Higgins

    I/C: L.McDonald, T.Dumont, S.Atley, E.Vickers-Willis

    EMG: J.Anderson, N.Hrovat, C.Wagner

    IN: M.Wood, E.Vickers-Willis

    OUT: N.Hrovat, B.Preuss

    St Kilda v Geelong Cats

    Sunday April 23 at Etihad Stadium (3.20pm)


    B: J.Geary, N.Brown, J.Webster

    HB: J.Newnes, J.Carlisle, D.Roberton

    C: J.Billings, J.Steele, L.Montagna

    HF: B.Long, N.Riewoldt, M.Weller

    F: J.Gresham, J.Bruce, T.Membrey

    FOL: B.Longer, S.Ross, J.Steven

    I/C (from): S.Savage, L.Dunstan, B.Acres, J.Lonie, S.Gilbert, K.Stevens, D.Minchington

    IN: J.Steven, S.Savage, K.Stevens, B.Longer, D.Minchington

    OUT: D.Armitage, T.Hickey


    B: Z.Tuohy, T.Lonergan, A.Mackie

    HB: J.Thurlow, L.Henderson, T.Stewart

    C: G.Horlin-Smith, J.Selwood, M.Duncan

    HF: S.Motlop, H.Taylor, N.Cockatoo

    F: B.Parfitt, T.Hawkins, D.Menzel

    FOL: Z.Smith, P.Dangerfield, C.Guthrie

    I/C (from): J.Bews, A.Black, M.Blicavs, D.Lang, J.Murdoch, T.Ruggles, R.Stanley

    IN: R.Stanley, A.Black, G.Horlin-Smith, J.Bews, D.Lang

    OUT: S.Menegola, J.Parsons

    Hawthorn v West Coast Eagles

    Sunday April 23 at the MCG (4.40pm)


    B: J.Gibson, J.Frawley, B.Stratton

    HB: R.Burton, S.Burgoyne, L.Hodge

    C: I.Smith, T.Mitchell, B.Hartung

    HF: L.Breust, J.Gunston, W.Langford

    F: J.Sicily, J.Roughead, P.Puopolo

    FOL: B.McEvoy, L.Shiels, C.Rioli

    I/C (from): D.Howe, T.O’Brien, B.Hardwick, K.Brand, R.Henderson, K.Stewart, T.Vickery

    IN: T.Vickery, D.Howe, K.Stewart


    B: S.Hurn, W.Schofield, T.Barrass

    HB: E.Yeo, J.McGovern, S.Butler

    C: L.Duggan, M.Priddis, A.Gaff

    HF: J.Hill, J.Darling, J.Cripps

    F: M.LeCras, J.Kennedy, N.Vardy

    FOL: J.Giles, L.Shuey, J.Redden

    I/C (from): D.Sheed, B.Sheppard, C.Masten, S.Wellingham, J.Nelson, M.Hutchings, M.Karpany

    IN: M.Hutchings, J.Darling, D.Sheed, M.Karpany

    OUT: S.Mitchell

    Richmond v Melbourne

    Monday April 24 at the MCG (7.25pm)


    tbc on Saturday


    tbc on Saturday

    Essendon v Collingwood

    Tuesday April 25 at the MCG (3.20pm)


    tbc on Saturday


    tbc on Saturday
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Apr 20, 2017.

    1. TheTassieHawk
      I guess 5k-10k per week until round 10 is all we can hope for from picket, hopefully he can hit 70-80 one week and really take off !
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    2. TheTassieHawk
      Hannan out for the dees on monday
    3. anthak
      I set up Hampton to loophole with Newman if he played well, but I didn't switch Newman onfield in time, missed it by about a minute.
      I'm so pissed off with myself.
      Now I'm stuck with Stewart onfield and Hampton's tonne on the bench. I would have never started Stewart over Hampton except that I was trying to loophole with Newman.

    4. TheTassieHawk
      Tough break mate, you can always reverse loophole by starting Newman, then bringing Stewart on if required.
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    5. anthak
      Yep that would've been better.
    6. anthak
      Let's hope Stewart has a big one anyway ;)
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    7. ELeviathan
      Hannan out means a zero or a Yeo
    8. drlok
      I didn't see the newman out, but had Hampton on the pine as an emergency, got off an international flight to a nice surprise, sorry Anthak
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    9. Penske file
      Penske file
      Roughie officially TOAST!!!!!!
    10. anthak
      Well it coulda been worse. I wasn't really expecting him to get a 70.
      Still, stupid mistake cost me 33 easy points.

      I'm happy some of my other pods in Tuohy and Titch have done well this round, keeping me going sorta alright.

      On 1831/18, captain Danger.

      How are others going?
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    11. stripey
      1976/19 with Captain Fyfe. Nanky, Butler and Adams to come so 2270 a possibility....

      First time I put Hampton on the bench he tons up, one week I will get rookie selections right!
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    12. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      1660/16 C Dahl
      Hoping Treloar can turn the corner and push me over 2200.
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    13. Senator96
      Same he owes us a big game!

      Kolodashnij is killing me this year, he was supposed to return to his scores of 2015 but as if 60s werent enough this week he got 43! Frustrating when you go for a pod hoping or expecting a breakout year and they burn you. Sometimes you get them right, sometimes you dont. Roughhead in hindsight was a mistake should have gone for steele or nankervis instead after how much time he was out of the game. Nankervis is in now (for gawn) but at the cost of a trade. Still aside from that been a good week so far with 1853 from 17 and predicated for 2351 which i would happily take. Hoping to move up the rankings again from 3276, started the year 69000 odd after a a horrific opening week but have been moving up since then which is good but have used more trades than normal at this stage of the year.
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    14. TheTassieHawk
      My SC year has been rubbish so far and this week is a little improved but still well below par.

      I held Gawn last week but need to trade him out prior to tonight's match. My 3 options are Spencer, Nankervis and Grundy.

      Spencer is of interest as R2 due to the fact he should make $$$ with so many poor rookies in my team but can also be brought in next week while Nankervis has the Round 12 bye and is potentially still good value at $457k as he can swing to F6 and allow me to bring in Spencer as R2 next week. Grundy should do well this week and cancels out a POD in a tight league H@H match (I would then lead by 15 with Pendles and Butler vs WHE and McGrath) but then I can't bring in Spencer next week (as I want to hold Sandy and Preuss until they both max out $$$ wise).

      Please feel free to vote for the best option as follows
      Opt 1 - Spencer (will score better than Nankervis this week or at $457k Nank is now overpriced)
      Opt 2 - Nankervis
      Opt 3 - Grundy (and forget Spencer next week)
      • Option 1 Option 1 x 1
      • Option 3 Option 3 x 1
      • Option 5 Option 5 x 1
    15. chibbingus
      1916/18 so far with WHE, Nank, Butler and Adams to come...hoping to push 2300 with a bit of luck.

      Loopholing Sloane as captain worked a treat and pretty even contributions outside of that apart from D Swallow... all in all reasonably happy!
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    16. Senator96
      I hope you didnt go spencer!

      Who do we think will be the top half a dozen or so forwards in SC this year, barring injury. Im thinking mcrae dahl and nankervis will be three, but im not sure who else franklin yeo kennedy greene?
    17. TheTassieHawk
      thankfully not, went against my gut and traded in Grundy, ruling out spencer and keeping a POD against Nank holders

      I reckon NRoo, Jezza Cameron, Tom Lynch and even the Touk Miller/Jack Martin types are all a chance to finish in the top bracket as well. No doubt there will be bolters who have started the season slowly like NRoo and Montagna in 2016.

      I have Dahl, Macrae and Buddy and will be targetting experienced players around the $500k-$520k mark wherever possible at F4-F6.
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    18. Grizzles
      I've got Cameron in a draft league and he is on fire! Seems to be playing more of a high chf role! Up the ground and even saw him mop up in defence the other night! I've got Dahl, nank and jjk atm. Still like the idea of lynch after round 9. Macrea seems to be killing it. Buddy is always good but quiet of late! Think you guys nailed all the candidates!
    19. TheTassieHawk
      have seen some good scores in the 2300-2380 range around the leagues

      my lot scored 2068 and managed a 15 point league win (to sit in 10th) and 3 defeats/smashings to sit in stone motherless 18th in my 3 other leagues

      also got pumped in the ORFFF and narrowly beaten in TS Addicts

      hopefully lockout is over by 730 or so tonight !!
    20. anthak
      Is a new thread going up?

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