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By Jason on Mar 14, 2017 at 11:33 PM
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    Welcome Everybody to the 2017 Trading Games league!

    What's it all about?
    Basically every year some of the leaders in the community gather together and choose the players picked in a team we all start with. The players in every team in the group start the same before the round 1 lockout. Then, as the year progresses, and trades are made, the challenge becomes finishing on top of the group with the most points overall. That's it; just use your trades and your emergency/captain picks wisely, and turn the team we all start with into a winning team by scoring the most points.


    1. EVERYBODY must start with the exact same 30 players. No exceptions.

    2. You don't use your main team, we would prefer if you 'invited' your daughter, wife, grandfather etc to create a team that you help to manage throughout the year. Don't join this league if you don't want to follow rule 1.

    3. Like always, let's have fun and keep positive. Banter is expected and welcomed! Anyway, the whole thing is up in the air for discussion as always. What are your thoughts to make it interesting again this year?

    How to Join?

    Step 1: Sign up to the Trading Games group
    (url deleted)

    Step 2: Makes sure you have the correct team entered! The correct team is shown here just below.


    Step 3: Choose your captain/vice captain and any emergencies. You could get the jump on the rest of the field with some astute choices even with an identical 30-man squad.

    Step 4: If you wish, you can use DPP to rearrange the 30 players before the start of R!. Just don't change the squad of 30.

    Good luck everybody and happy trading!

    League Code currently setup is - 998246
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How should we select the team?

Poll closed Mar 22, 2017.
  1. Choose the most popular "cookie cutter" selections on each line

    8 vote(s)
  2. Take a vote on various options for certain positions

    2 vote(s)
  3. A combination of (1) and (2)

    6 vote(s)
  4. Let's live on the wild side and see what "auto-fill" dishes up

    2 vote(s)


Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Mar 14, 2017.

    1. Len
      Ty mate, despite being quite ordinary at it I really enjoy this game :)

      For mine let's go cookie cutter, simply because I never do that in my own team !
    2. warsaken
      The Llamas are in for another year. here is their auto-pick team!!! :eek:
      (not as bad as i was expecting)
    3. warsaken

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    4. Len
      Not a terrible outcome, I did one for Kelli and she scored 4 players with LTI's not sure how intelligent the intelligent autopick is tbh :)
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    5. Buzzboys
      I'll take whatever team you throw at me. I agree with Len - Cookie Cutter.
      Looking forward to another year.
    6. Buzzboys
      Took the 30 most popular players on Super Coach for the following team
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    7. TheTassieHawk
      Buzz's team comes out at 9-8-13 due to the splitting of premium spots multiple ways due to greater choice.

      I would suggest moving Adams to Defence in place of the least popular of Dochery/Shaw/Laird (or cutting him if he is less popular than the 3 other DEF premos) then culling the least popular % wise of the 3 midpricers ($235-$435k) in each of the forward and midfield lines and bringing in another 2 Premos (Mid and Forward) and Mid or Fwd Rookie based on SC Gold ownership %s (or picking Butler in the Forwards and swinging Taranto or Pickett to the Mids regardless of ownership % due to Butler playing Thursday night).

      10-6-14 (with $20-$150k cash) would still be very mid-priced but would seem a bit more balanced in my opinion.
    8. Buzzboys
      This team was based on the current top 30 picks, therefore there were restrictions. Feel free to suggest alterations to make it more balanced. I agree with your comments Tassie.
    9. stripey
      Looking forward to it fellas.... only thing I'll say is lets have the team sorted before the first game and NO late changes regardless of team selections.
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    10. TheTassieHawk
      Agreed this is the simplest and best approach and the team named on the Monday/Tuesday should be treated as 95% final and any Friday lunchtime changes (post Carlton vs Richmond and Thursday team selection) are minimal even if some rookies aren't selected Round 1 and others are on extended Sunday benches.
    11. Ronnie Burns
      Ronnie Burns
      First time poster here, I was not going to bother with SC this year but happy I stumbled into this. Looking forward to giving it a crack.
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    12. stowie
      Keeeeeeeeen, well the old man is anyway ;)
    13. RPritch
    14. Dekka
      Clarrie's Cockers has just joined. Will go with majority decision re team, not too stressed as it's all about trading. Agree leave enough time to enter team. Good luck.
    15. Len
      I wouldn't change it too much, agree with most of TTH's comments though would trim one less MP, cookie cutters I am seeing are well stocked in them atm.
      I like the additional cash available, leaves plenty of room for early adjustment which should create significantly different teams going forward.
    16. kindapatty
      I've joined. Great idea, looking forward to what happens during the year
    17. Bearfly
      My "niece" is keen to have a crack at this :D

      With @Buzzboys quick team selection with the 30 most popular players (at the team he put it together) I would be inclined to dump Laird (3 Adelaide players in Def is too many), swap Adams from mid to replace Laird, and replace Adams in the mids with another rookie.
      I would also get rid of Black and look at getting another gun fwd.
      Does everyone really think big Max is going to have another big year - all signs point to Goodwin taking a different coaching approach than Roos and playing the 2 rucks as much as he can - surely this will continue to reduce Max's scoring a bit like it did in the JLT.
      I would be more inclined to take a slightly less expensive ruck approach (already have Sandi in there) and look at the likes of Hickey etc and use that cash elsewhere to upgrade a midpricer or 2 (Swallow/Marchbank).

      Anyway, that's my 2 bobs worth ;)
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    18. anthak
      Im keen for this again, as long as i find time to sign up and stuff.
      Personally i reckon keep it simple. Lets just lock in BuzzBoys team of top 30 and be done with it.
    19. stripey
      We also know dan butler is definitely gonna play so maybe throw him in and kick out one of the more 'iffy'er' rookies?
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