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    With the AFL player trading period now done and dusted the main point of offseason excitement will be the fixture in late October and AFL draft on 22 and 23 November

    (Speaking of trades here is the afl.com.au take)

    The following is the 2018 AFL Draft Order as at 17/10 10pm - noting pick trades are still possible to 2pm Friday 16th November (and then during the 2 nights of the draft itself)

    Pick Round Club Notes
    1 1st Carl Blues have picks 1,69,71,77
    2 1st GCS Suns have picks 2,3,6,24,29,80
    3 1st GCS Suns 2nd pick
    4 1st StK Saints have picks 4,36,46,67,79
    5 1st PA Power have picks 5,10,15,85
    6 1st GCS Suns 3rd pick
    7 1st WB Dogs have picks 7,27,32,45,63
    8 1st ADE Crows have picks 8,13,16,21,73,83
    9 1st GWS Giants have picks 9,11,19,25,52,89
    10 1st PA Powers 2nd pick
    11 1st GWS Giants 2nd pick
    12 1st Geel Cats have picks 12,50,51,70,87
    13 1st ADE Crows 2nd pick
    14 1st Freo Dockers have picks 14,31,43,65
    15 1st PA Powers 3rd pick
    16 1st ADE Crows 3rd pick
    17 1st Rich Tigers have picks 17,37,64,68,74,92
    18 1st Bris Lions have picks 18,30,35,56,78
    19 1st GWS Giants 3rd pick
    20 1st WCE Eagles have picks 20,22,61,72,76

    21 2nd ADE Crows 4th pick
    22 2nd WCE Eagles 2nd pick
    23 2nd MEL Demons have picks 23,28,54,62,91
    24 2nd GCS Suns 4th pick
    25 2nd GWS Giants 4th pick
    26 2nd SYD Swans have picks 26,33,38,39,40,88
    27 2nd WB Dogs 2nd pick
    28 2nd MEL Demons 2nd pick
    29 2nd GCS Suns 5th pick
    30 2nd Bris Lions 2nd pick
    31 2nd Freo Dockers 2nd pick
    32 2nd WB Dogs 3rd pick
    33 2nd SYD Swans 2nd pick
    34 2nd ESS Bombers have picks 34,66,84
    35 2nd Bris Lions 3rd pick
    36 2nd StK Saints 2nd pick
    37 2nd Rich Tigers 2nd pick
    38 2nd SYD Swans 3rd pick
    39 2nd SYD Swans 4th pick

    40 3rd SYD Swans 5th pick
    41 3rd COL Pies have picks 41,44,57,59,60
    42 3rd NM Roos have Picks 42,47,48,49,55,58
    43 3rd Freo Dockers 3rd pick
    44 3rd COL Pies 2nd pick
    45 3rd WB Dogs 4th pick
    46 3rd StK Saints 3rd pick
    47 3rd NM Roos 2nd pick
    48 3rd NM Roos 3rd pick
    49 3rd NM Roos 4th pick
    50 3rd Geel Cats 2nd pick
    51 3rd Geel Cats 3rd pick
    52 3rd GWS Giants 5th pick
    53 3rd HAW Hawks have picks 53 and 90
    54 3rd MEL Demons 3rd pick
    55 3rd NM Roos 5th pick
    56 3rd Bris Lions 4th pick
    57 3rd COL Pies 3rd pick
    58 3rd NM Roos 6th pick

    59 4th Coll Pies 4th pick
    60 4th Coll Pies 5th pick
    61 4th WCE Eagles 3rd pick
    62 4th MEL Demons 4th pick
    63 4th WB Dogs 5th pick
    64 4th Rich Tigers 3rd pick
    65 4th Freo Dockers 4th pick
    66 4th ESS Bombers 2nd pick
    67 4th StK Saints 4th pick
    68 4th Rich Tigers 4th pick
    69 4th Carl Blues 2nd pick
    70 4th Geel Cats 4th pick
    71 4th Carl Blues 3rd pick
    72 4th WCE Eagles 4th pick
    73 4th ADE Crows 5th pick
    (No Draft Points for Pick 74 onwards)
    74 4th Rich Tigers 5th pick
    75 4th WB Dogs 6th pick (not used)
    76 4th WCE Eagles 5th pick

    If needed
    77 5th Carl Blues 4th pick
    78 5th Bris Lions 5th pick
    79 5th StK Saints 5th pick
    80 5th GCS Suns 6th pick
    81 5th Freo Dockers 5th pick (not used)
    82 5th WB Dogs 7th pick (not used)

    83 5th ADE Crows 6th pick
    84 5th ESS Bombers 3rd pick
    85 5th PA Powers 4th pick
    86 5th NM Roos 7th pick (not used)
    87 5th Geel Cats 5th pick
    88 5th Syd Swans 6th pick
    89 5th GWS Giants 6th pick
    90 5th HAW Hawks 2nd pick
    91 5th MEL Demons 5th pick
    92 5th Rich Tigers 6th pick
    93 5th COL Pies 6th pick (not used)
    94 5th WCE Eagles 6th pick (not used)

    I havent listed 6th and 7th rounders - see http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-11-20/final-draft-order-all-of-your-clubs-picks for the last half dozen selections (which will shuffle up to the mid 70s after passes and bidding).

    Key AFL list and draft dates

    Wednesday October 31, 2pm – List Lodgement (1)
    Thursday November 1 – AFL delisted player free agency period (1) starts
    Thursday November 8 – AFL delisted player free agency period (1) closes
    Saturday November 10 – AFL delisted player free agency period (2) starts
    Friday November 16, 2pm – AFL Trade Period ends (Picks only)
    Friday November 16, 5pm – AFL delisted player free agency period (2) closes
    Thursday November 22, 7pm - 9.30pm – NAB AFL Draft: First Round
    Friday November 23, 10am - 1.30pm – AFL Draft: Second Round to completion
    Friday November 23, 1.30pm – 2.30pm – AFL delisted player free agency period (3)
    Friday November 23, 5pm – AFL Preseason and Rookie Drafts
    Tuesday November 27, 2pm – Final AFL club list lodgement

    Comment away !!
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Oct 17, 2018.

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    2. TheTassieHawk
    3. TheTassieHawk
      2019 JLT Community Series Fixture - note later JLT start as each team plays their 2 games in back to back weeks rather than the series being split over 3 weeks as in 2018

      Week one (Feb 28 to March 4)
      Thursday, February 28

      Carlton v Essendon at Ikon Park, 6.40pm EDT
      Friday, March 1
      West Coast v Geelong at Leederville Oval, 4.10pm WST
      Saturday, March 2
      North Melbourne v St Kilda at Avalon Airport Oval, Werribee, 1.10pm EDT
      Adelaide v Port Adelaide at the Memorial Oval, Port Pirie, 3.40pm CDT
      GWS Giants v Sydney at Blacktown International Sportspark, 7.10pm EDT
      Sunday, March 3
      Brisbane v Hawthorn at Moreton Bay Central Sports Complex, 12.40pm EST
      Richmond v Melbourne at Deakin Reserve, Shepparton, 4.40pm EDT
      Gold Coast v Western Bulldogs at Great Barrier Reef Arena, Mackay, 6.40pm EST
      Monday, March 4
      Fremantle v Collingwood at HBF Arena, Joondalup, 3.40pm WST

      Week two (Mar 7 to Mar 11)
      Thursday, March 7

      Geelong v Essendon at GMHBA Stadium, 7.10pm EDT
      Friday, March 8
      GWS Giants v Adelaide at UNSW Canberra Oval, 7.10pm EDT
      Saturday, March 9
      Port Adelaide v North Melbourne at Alberton Oval, 12.40pm CDT
      Melbourne v Brisbane at Casey Fields, Cranbourne, 4.10pm EDT
      Hawthorn v Richmond at UTAS Stadium, 7.10pm EDT
      Sunday, March 10
      Sydney v Gold Coast at Oakes Oval, Lismore, 1.10pm EDT
      Western Bulldogs v St Kilda at Mars Stadium, Ballarat, 4.10pm EDT
      Fremantle v West Coast at Rushton Park, Mandurah, 4.10pm WST
      Monday, March 11
      Collingwood v Carlton at Morwell Recreation Reserve, 2.10pm EDT
    4. TheTassieHawk
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    5. TheTassieHawk
    6. TheTassieHawk

      Who has your club committed to taking in the rookie draft?
      Ryan Bastinac and Jacob Allison
      Fremantle: Ethan Hughes, Ryan Nyhuis and Michael Apeness
      Gold Coast: Jack Leslie, Michael Rischitelli, Brad Scheer and Harrison Wigg
      North Melbourne: Kyron Hayden
      Port Adelaide: Cameron Hewett
      Richmond: Jacob Townsend

      Which clubs have ex-players training with them but have not committed to taking them in the rookie draft?
      Paul Hunter
      Carlton: Jed Lamb
      North Melbourne: Alex Morgan
      Richmond: Mabior Chol

      No Ex Players training with their 2018 club – Collingwood, Essendon, Geelong, GWS, Hawthorn, Melbourne
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    7. walesy
      Still wanna see if the Crows sell the farm to one-up Port, mid draft!
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    8. Len
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    9. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Plenty of debate on Port’s needs. Personally reckon that we need to take one of the King boys at 5 and then some versatility and pace with 10 and 15. Would prefer Jones over Clark at 10. Duursma at 15 looks a safe bet. Need to be drafting for the future and not expecting to immediately fill the holes left by Polly and Chad.
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    10. TheTassieHawk
    11. TheTassieHawk
      Night 1 selections
      1 Carlton Sam Walsh Geelong Falcons
      2 Gold Coast Suns Jack Lukosius WWT Eagles
      3 Gold Coast Suns Izak Rankine West Adelaide
      4 St Kilda Max King Sandringham Dragons
      5 Port Adelaide Connor Rozee North Adelaide
      6 Gold Coast Suns Ben King Sandringham Dragons
      7 Western Bulldogs Bailey Smith Sandringham Dragons
      8 North Melbourne Tarryn Thomas North Launcestion (NM NGA)
      9 Adelaide Chayce Jones Launceston
      10 Sydney Swans Nick Blakey UNSW/Sydney Swans Academy

      11 GWS Giants Jye Caldwell Bendigo Pioneers
      12 Port Adelaide Zak Butters Western Jets
      13 Collingwood Isaac Quaynor Oakleigh Chargers (Coll NGA)
      14 GWS Giants Jackson Hately Central District
      15 Geelong Cats Jordan Clark Claremont
      16 Adelaide Edward McHenry Geelong Falcons
      17 Fremantle Sam Sturt Dandenong Stingrays
      18 Port Adelaide Xavier Duursma Gippsland Power
      19 Carlton Liam Stocker Sandringham Dragons
      20 Richmond Riley Collier-Dawkins Oakleigh Chargers
      21 Brisbane Lions Ely Smith Murray Bushrangers
      22 GWS Giants Xavier O'Halloran Western Jets

      The Swans and Eagles make 2 live trades to shield the Swans first pick from the Blakey bid.

      The Blues swapping 2019 1st rounders with the Crows is a gutsy call, not sure whether that one was linked to the Mitch McGovern trade, or they expect Adelaide to be rubbish next season or they expect to be big improvers themselves

      Ian Hill, Rhylee West, Curtis Taylor were the highest ranked on https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/wisdom-of-the-crowd-draft.1208977/ not to be taken on night 1, but it is far too early for them to be deemed to have slid, while McHenry and Ely Smith were taken a little earlier than predicted.

      From this point is where things always get interesting.
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    12. Len
      Swans basically got Blakey for free, combo of teams not bidding at his correct value and 2 very smart trades.
      The pick slides mean that the Dogs will get West for less than his real worth too.
      Hately at 14 feels like we stole him
      Butters at 12 is very early for mine so Port must really like him.
    13. JPK
      This is my whole problem with the current drafting and points system - its too easy for a team to score a player for well under his actual value, simply because of "romanticism" (father-son), or through the academy system (which is a whole other argument).

      I'm happy that the Eagles traded effectively pick 25 and a future R3 for pick 29 and a future R2 - its dropping four spots this year (which might not effect who they're targeting anyway) and gaining approximately 10 spots (between 1 and 18 spots) next year.
      I am however, upset that these two trades allowed Sydney to rort the system.

      If a club wants a player, for whatever reason, then in my view, they should have to trade up the draft order to ensure they get that player. If N Blakey is worth a pick 8, then it should take a pick 8 to get him, not (effectively) picks 33, 38, 39 and / or whatever else Sydney actually had to give up for him. Points don't matter (thanks Drew Carey), positions matter, and they're all that should matter.
    14. Len
      In a perfect world that would be ideal, but the non-traditional AFL states have to have priority access in some manner to home grown talent. The go-home factor is a huge issue for all 4 clubs to manage and a big part of the reason for the acadmies. This then led to the setup of NGAs so that the other clubs would stop whining so much.
      I am a romantic so the Father/Son thing is a unique aspect of the AFL that I love despite neither the Saints or (obviously) the Giants having benefited much.

      I don't there is a correct way to equalise the game, or at least one that will be universally accepted which is why differing opinions all have validity
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    15. JPK
      I definitely agree with you on the last point - creating a universally accepted equalisation policy is IMPOSSIBLE!

      My other issue with father-son, especially when bidding and points comes into play, somewhat happens with N Blakey this year, and will happen with Chris Judd's sons in 15-odd years (along with others).
      So, both the Eagles and Blues want Judd Jr to play for them, but some other club puts in a bid. Both Eagles and Blues then try to match the bid using points - who wins? Does it become an auction?
      The argument about which team he'd prefer to play for is irrelevant, its the draft, and no other player gets to pick which club selects him in the draft. So how do you overcome this? Simple: you make a pick worth its face value, and the highest face value wins, regardless of anything else.
      But that's just me...
    16. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Yeah not sure why we didn’t take Hately at 12. Not overwhelmed with Butters pick, would’ve liked some more height, even if not a pure fwd.
      Will be interesting to see how much gametime Port give these three kids.
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    17. Len
      Duursma looks ready though he and Rozee lack size atm, Rozee looks like he will be a gun.
      Butters is a good get, probably just went early on him, maybe they gambled Duursma would still be there but Butters wouldn't?
    18. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Yeah couldn't really go wrong with three first rounders. Good SANFL/TAC numbers from these guys and all have well rounded games other than some strength.
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    19. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Courtesy of CD
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