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    With the AFL player trading period now done and dusted the main point of offseason excitement will be the fixture in late October and AFL draft on 22 and 23 November

    (Speaking of trades here is the afl.com.au take)

    The following is the 2018 AFL Draft Order as at 17/10 10pm - noting pick trades are still possible to 2pm Friday 16th November (and then during the 2 nights of the draft itself)

    Pick Round Club Notes
    1 1st Carl Blues have picks 1,69,71,77
    2 1st GCS Suns have picks 2,3,6,24,29,80
    3 1st GCS Suns 2nd pick
    4 1st StK Saints have picks 4,36,46,67,79
    5 1st PA Power have picks 5,10,15,85
    6 1st GCS Suns 3rd pick
    7 1st WB Dogs have picks 7,27,32,45,63,75,82
    8 1st ADE Crows have picks 8,13,16,21,73,83
    9 1st GWS Giants have picks 9,11,19,25,52,89
    10 1st PA Powers 2nd pick
    11 1st GWS Giants 2nd pick
    12 1st Geel Cats have picks 12,50,59,60,70,87
    13 1st ADE Crows 2nd pick
    14 1st Freo Dockers have picks 14,31,43,65,81
    15 1st PA Powers 3rd pick
    16 1st ADE Crows 3rd pick
    17 1st Rich Tigers have picks 17,37,64,68,74,92
    18 1st Bris Lions have picks 18,30,35,56,78
    19 1st GWS Giants 3rd pick
    20 1st WCE Eagles have picks 20,22,61,72,76,94

    21 2nd ADE Crows 4th pick
    22 2nd WCE Eagles 2nd pick
    23 2nd MEL Demons have picks 23,28,54,62,91
    24 2nd GCS Suns 4th pick
    25 2nd GWS Giants 4th pick
    26 2nd SYD Swans have picks 26,33,38,39,40,88
    27 2nd WB Dogs 2nd pick
    28 2nd MEL Demons 2nd pick
    29 2nd GCS Suns 5th pick
    30 2nd Bris Lions 2nd pick
    31 2nd Freo Dockers 2nd pick
    32 2nd WB Dogs 3rd pick
    33 2nd SYD Swans 2nd pick
    34 2nd ESS Bombers have picks 34,66,84
    35 2nd Bris Lions 3rd pick
    36 2nd StK Saints 2nd pick
    37 2nd Rich Tigers 2nd pick
    38 2nd SYD Swans 3rd pick
    39 2nd SYD Swans 4th pick

    40 3rd SYD Swans 5th pick
    41 3rd COL Pies have picks 41,44,51,57,93
    42 3rd NM Roos have Picks 42,47,48,49,55,58,86
    43 3rd Freo Dockers 3rd pick
    44 3rd COL Pies 2nd pick
    45 3rd WB Dogs 4th pick
    46 3rd StK Saints 3rd pick
    47 3rd NM Roos 2nd pick
    48 3rd NM Roos 3rd pick
    49 3rd NM Roos 4th pick
    50 3rd Geel Cats 2nd pick
    51 3rd COL Pies 3rd pick
    52 3rd GWS Giants 5th pick
    53 3rd HAW Hawks have picks 53 and 90
    54 3rd MEL Demons 3rd pick
    55 3rd NM Roos 5th pick
    56 3rd Bris Lions 4th pick
    57 3rd COL Pies 4th pick
    58 3rd NM Roos 6th pick

    59 4th Geel Cats 3rd pick
    60 4th Geel Cats 4th pick
    61 4th WCE Eagles 3rd pick
    62 4th MEL Demons 4th pick
    63 4th WB Dogs 5th pick
    64 4th Rich Tigers 3rd pick
    65 4th Freo Dockers 4th pick
    66 4th ESS Bombers 2nd pick
    67 4th StK Saints 4th pick
    68 4th Rich Tigers 4th pick
    69 4th Carl Blues 2nd pick
    70 4th Geel Cats 5th pick
    71 4th Carl Blues 3rd pick
    72 4th WCE Eagles 4th pick
    73 4th ADE Crows 5th pick
    (No Draft Points for Pick 74 onwards)
    74 4th Rich Tigers 5th pick
    75 4th WB Dogs 6th pick
    76 4th WCE Eagles 5th pick

    If needed
    77 5th Carl Blues 4th pick
    78 5th Bris Lions 5th pick
    79 5th StK Saints 5th pick
    80 5th GCS Suns 6th pick
    81 5th Freo Dockers 5th pick
    82 5th WB Dogs 7th pick
    83 5th ADE Crows 6th pick
    84 5th ESS Bombers 3rd pick
    85 5th PA Powers 4th pick
    86 5th NM Roos 7th pick
    87 5th Geel Cats 6th pick
    88 5th Syd Swans 6th pick
    89 5th GWS Giants 6th pick
    90 5th HAW Hawks 2nd pick
    91 5th MEL Demons 5th pick
    92 5th Rich Tigers 6th pick
    93 5th COL Pies 5th pick
    94 5th WCE Eagles 6th pick

    Key AFL list and draft dates

    Wednesday October 31, 2pm – List Lodgement (1)
    Thursday November 1 – AFL delisted player free agency period (1) starts
    Thursday November 8 – AFL delisted player free agency period (1) closes
    Saturday November 10 – AFL delisted player free agency period (2) starts
    Friday November 16, 2pm – AFL Trade Period ends (Picks only)
    Friday November 16, 5pm – AFL delisted player free agency period (2) closes
    Thursday November 22, 7pm - 9.30pm – NAB AFL Draft: First Round
    Friday November 23, 10am - 1.30pm – AFL Draft: Second Round to completion
    Friday November 23, 1.30pm – 2.30pm – AFL delisted player free agency period (3)
    Friday November 23, 5pm – AFL Preseason and Rookie Drafts
    Tuesday November 27, 2pm – Final AFL club list lodgement

    Comment away !!
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Oct 17, 2018.

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