2018 AFL Round 4 Teams and Discussion

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By TheTassieHawk on Apr 12, 2018 at 9:54 PM
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    Friday, April 13
    Adelaide v Collingwood at Adelaide Oval, 7.20pm ACST

    In: D.Fogarty
    Out: L.Murphy (hamstring)
    Emg - Gallucci, Hampton, Wilson, O'Brien

    In: J.De Goey
    Out: T.Adams (hamstring)
    Emg - Blair, Mayne, Fasolo, Mahocek

    Saturday, April 14
    Greater Western Sydney v Fremantle at UNSW Stadium (Canberra), 1.45pm AEST

    In: T.Greene, D.Simpson, R.Griffen
    Out: R.Lobb (knee), J.Kelly (groin), H.Perryman
    Emg - Bonar, Keeffe, Shipley, Perryman

    No changes
    Emg - Duman, Tucker, D Pearce, S Jones

    Richmond v Brisbane at the MCG, 2.10pm AEST

    In: J.Caddy, D.Prestia
    Out: S.Lloyd, J.Higgins
    Emg - Lloyd, Higgins, Broad, Soldo

    In: D.Beams, Z.Bailey
    Out: C.Cox, R.Lester
    New: Zac Bailey (Norwood)
    Emg - McStay, Lester, Barrett, McInerney

    Western Bulldogs v Sydney at Etihad Stadium, 4.35pm AEST

    In: S.Biggs
    Out: Z.Cordy (suspension)
    Emg - Young, Webb, Roughead, Lipinski

    In: A.Aliir, Z.Jones, N.Newman
    Out: S.Reid (quad), L.Melican (hamstring), G.Rohan (personal)
    Emg - Fox, Marsh, Robinson, Ronke

    North Melbourne v Carlton at Blundstone Arena (Hobart), 7.25pm AEST

    In: R.Tarrant
    Out: N.Hrovat (thumb)
    Emg - B McKay, Wood, Mountford, Zurhaar

    In: C.O'Shea, J.Silvagni, L.O'Brien
    Out: C.Marchbank (ankle), C.Polson, J.Lamb
    New: Lochie O'Brien (Bendigo U18)
    Emg - Phillips, Graham , Lamb, H McKay

    West Coast v Gold Coast at Optus Stadium, 6.10pm AWST

    In: J.Kennedy, L.Duggan
    Out: M.Hutchings, L.Ryan (ankle)
    Emg - Cole, Schofield, B Ainsworth, Hutchings

    In: J.Bowes
    Out: P.Hanley (shoulder)
    Emg - Powell, Spencer, Rosa, Heron

    Sunday, April 15

    Essendon v Port Adelaide at Etihad Stadium, 1.10pm AEST

    In: M.Guelfi
    Out: C.McKenna (suspension)
    New: Matt Guelfi (Claremont)
    Emergencies: Hartley, McKernan, Langford, J Merrett.

    In: K.Amon, T.McKenzie
    Out: S.Powell-Pepper (club suspension), Barry
    New: Trent McKenzie (Gold Coast)
    Emergencies: Barry, Lienert, Atley, Neade.

    Hawthorn v Melbourne at the MCG, 3.20pm AEST

    In: C.Glass, J.Sicily, D.Mirra,
    Out: K.Brand, W.Langford, Burton
    New: David Mirra (Box Hill)
    Emergencies: Whitecross, Burton, Cousins, Lewis.

    In: A.Brayshaw
    Out: D.Tyson (illness)
    Emergencies; Weideman, Hunt, Stretch, Hannan.

    Geelong v St Kilda at GMHBA Stadium, 4.40pm AEST

    In: R.Stanley, J.Cunico, M.Duncan, J.Murdoch
    Out: N.Cockatoo (knee), C.Guthrie (ankle), G.Ablett (hamstring), Parsons
    Emergencies: Constable, Parsons, Smith, Thurlow.

    In: S.Gilbert, J.Lonie, J.Steele, T.Hickey
    Out: J.Webster (hip), N.Wright, Armitage, Bruce (replaced by Battle in the final 26)
    Emergencies: Armitage, Austin, Battle, Clark.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Apr 12, 2018.

    1. The_Swert
      The dropping of Higgins has totally changed my trading plans.

      I was going to trade Ryan to Higgins and upgrade O'Meara to Wines or Lyons.

      Now I'm just trading Ryan to Sicily instead.
    2. Jason
      Let's see:

      Ryan :(
      Kelly :(
      Murphy :(

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    3. RPritch
      Same here
    4. port_leschenault
      Think it kinda forces Ryan out with all the outs this week. Not sure if I want to do Ryan to Richards or Ryan to Forward. After putting him at the end of my rookie list, Ratugolea is looking tempting. Based on what I've found out recently his job security is better than Henry's and he has (somehow) jumped the F/R pecking order at Geelong.
    5. Grizzles
      For me with Fogarty back I have some cover for the fwds and can even loop his score tonight. Seeing as I didn't start Langdon from GWS I might wait a week and get him next week if he comes back. Any Idea whether this would be good or should I jump on Henry, Ratugolea or Crowden this week?
    6. The_Swert
      Henry is listed at full back but Henderson and Taylor are due back soon. Ratugolea appears to be competing more with Stanley.
    7. benny01
      Not sure why people think Henry is threatened by Henderson and Taylor. Talyor will be out for quite a while and Henderson has just been set back further with potentially more surgery required.
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    8. TheTassieHawk
      Patrick Keane tweets
      - note Barry and Armitage both dropped

      The AFL advises Josh Battle has replaced Josh Bruce in the St Kilda squad of 26 for Sunday's Rd4 match v Geelong at Geelong.
      Final team confirmed at 5pm today.

      St Kilda v Geelong:
      Interchange: Hickey, Steele, Coffield, Lonie.
      Emergencies: Armitage, Austin, Battle, Clark.
      Gilbert, Hickey, Steele, Lonie in for Webster, Wright, Armitage, Bruce.

      Geelong v St Kilda:
      Interchange: Murdoch, Cunico, Duncan, Fogarty.
      Emergencies: Constable, Parsons, Smith, Thurlow.
      Stanley, Cunico, Duncan, Murdoch in for Cockatoo, C Guthrie, Ablett, Parsons.

      Melbourne v Hawthorn
      Interchange: Brayshaw, Garlett, Fritsch, Wagner.
      Emergencies; Weideman, Hunt, Stretch, Hannan.
      Brayshaw in for Tyson.

      Hawthorn v Melbourne:
      Interchange: Morrison, Mirra, Howe, O’Meara.
      Emergencies: Whitecross, Burton, Cousins, Lewis.
      Glass, Sicily, Mirra in for Brand, Langford, Burton.

      Port Adelaide v Essendon:
      Interchange: McKenzie, Amon, S Gray, Marshall.
      Emergencies: Barry, Lienert, Atley, Neade.
      Amon, McKenzie in for Powell-Pepper, Barry.

      Essendon v Port Adelaide
      Interchange: Myers, Green, Begley, Parish.
      Emergencies: Hartley, McKernan, Langford, J Merrett.
      Guelfi in for McKenna.
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    9. anthak
      Was planning to trade Armo to Cripps all week and decided today to hold off for another week, but now Armo has been dropped I probably should pull the trigger, but I’m concerned about Cripps being tagged by (edit) Jacobs this week. (edit) Jacobs has limited his opponent’s scores each week so far!
      Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
    10. port_leschenault
      May as well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Either that downgrade to a rookie (just don't sideways a mid pricer people)
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    11. Len
      @Spifflicator the silent GWS supporter :p is currently leading the ts tipping comp.
      On averages I think that has us placed 50 odd lol
    12. insider
      Thumbs up: take the 129 from Laird as vice captain/loophole
      Thumbs down: back Tom Mitchell to score more
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    13. Waldo666
      Last minute VC poll:

      :thumbsu: Dusty
      :thumbsd: Fyfe
      :1: Buddy
      Last edited: Apr 14, 2018
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    14. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      Haven't traded Ryan yet - think I will put him on the field with the "C" and take dusty's 141 as VC rather than wait for Titchell. It also gets Stephenson's 115 on the field as emergency.
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    15. Urqkel
      Doing the same. Was thinking Ryan to Petracca but decided to hold off once Stephenson went large
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    16. Senator96
      How is everyone tracking this week? Yeo yeo back this week with a 150. Did anyone rage trade him out? I have holmans 32 stuck on the field but didn’t see any reason to bench him based on previous scores. I’m considering an armitage to omeara trade today as my mid price swap, is this crazy? Alternative is putting lachie Fogarty on the field.
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    17. anthak
      In my TG team, I benched Holman to bring Barry onfield as captain to double Dusty. Brayshaw was my em and I knew he’d only scored 40odd, but took the risk and Holman ended up scoring less haha

      My actual team is on 1398/13 Cap Dusty
      Tracking about the same as every other round this season. It’s been very consistently average, good enough but not spectacular.

      Still have four rookies to come, so might not end up too good this week. We’ll wait and see
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    18. bosco
      @Senator96 - not so keen on the armitage to o'meara trade myself and think you should suck it up this week with fogarty and aim for upgrade of armitage in coming weeks.

      Yeah...yeo yeo not backward in coming forwards this week.....ain't got him though

      1369/12 with dusty vc and using loophole for his c score....fortunately traded him in this week for brayshaw and threw holman on the bench. No disasters as yet this week with doedee as worst score
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    19. Urqkel
      @Senator96 i feel like you’ve missed the boat. The choice was Armitage or O’Meara at the start of the season. I reckon let it go. You’ll be kicking yourself if he pulls out a 70 this week
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