2018 ORFFL PSD and Associated Trade Period BONANZA - Dates, Trades and Delistments Inside

Discussion in 'ORFFL' started by HornsyFiveTime, Feb 11, 2018.

By HornsyFiveTime on Feb 11, 2018 at 7:27 PM
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    Howdy gang,

    I thought instead of using this thread to bask in the afterglow of my fourth ORFFL Premiership, I'd look towards the incipient future and post all the details and relevant info for the upcoming 2018 season ORFFL VII. So here goes:

    2018 Pre-Preseason Draft Trade Period - Now to Feb 21st 9pm AEDT
    2018 Preseason Delistment Deadline (down to 20 or less) - Feb 24th 9pm AEDT
    2018 Preseason Draft - Mon Feb 27th 0:00AM till finished
    2018 Post-Preseason Trade Period - End of draft to Tuesday 20th 9pm AEDT

    If anyone disagrees say something. Also, thanks @stripey .

    Mid-Season Trade Period
    Tarwin Lower Pigs trade 2017 MSD first round pick (P16) to Ivanhoe Knightriders for their 2018 PSD fifth round pick.

    Popanyinning Pyrite trade Griffin Logue to Ivanhoe Knightriders for IKR 2018 4th Rd PSD

    Ivanhoe trade Heath Shaw & Brandon Goddard to Mt.Buggery for Will Setterfield, Kyle Langford and MBD 1st Rd PSD

    Pre-Season Trade Period
    Sarah Island trade their 2018 PSD P54 to Mallacoota for Matthew Wright and their 20018 PSD P86

    Sarah Island trade Koby Stevens to Woy Woy for Luke Hodge.

    Popanyinning Pyrite trade Sam Powell-Pepper to Dajarra Dragons for Tom Langdon

    Woy Woy Wizards trade 2018 PSD P58 to Mt.Buggery Disappointments for Adam Tomlinson

    Woy Woy Wizards trade 2018 PSD P40 to Smiths Beach Seagulls for Harley Bennell

    And here be the draft order:

    Spreadsheet is attached with this same draft order and lists galore. I think (e.g don't know) that all the team/player details are correct now, but I always take notes updates as they come to light. Speaking of which, if anyone want's to google spreadsheet up this OP, or add anything else, just go for it. Team effort y'all.

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Discussion in 'ORFFL' started by HornsyFiveTime, Feb 11, 2018.

    1. HornsyFiveTime

      Sarah Island trade their 2018 PSD P54 to Mallacoota for Matthew Wright and their 20018 PSD P86
    2. HornsyFiveTime
      Also, I've tweeted Fez, but if he doesn't get back to me in the next couple of days with a yea or ney, i think we should advertise in the ORFF leagues if anyone wants a 2nd team. Or if anyone else is just happening by to read this and wants to play in greatest 18-team dynasty league that's ever dynastied, say hello below.
    3. Len
      Per the other thread, the Knightriders delist;
      Both Atleys
    4. HornsyFiveTime

      Sarah Island trade Koby Stevens to Woy Woy for Luke Hodge.
    5. Kel
      The following are available for trade, preferably picks or pick upgrades if any are interested.
      Josh Green
      Jack Scrimshaw
      Nick Robertson
      Jarryn Geary
      Isaac Smith
      Darcy Cameron.
    6. EddieV
      Up for trade for picks or pick up grades preferably or possibly defenders.
      Newly positioned fwd Travis Boak
      Jack watts
      Ryan Griffin
      Michael Johnson
      Travis Varcoe
    7. walesy

      Adam Spencer (Or his brother, Jake)
      Travis Cloke (You were too good for this league mate. I'm sure you're kicking goals in ORFFH now)

      4 players who are convieniently up for trade:

      Liam Picken - He's a FWD now. eh? eh?
      Jakey Melksham - Did you even see his 122 at the end of last year? Yeah.
      Adam Tomlinson - You know how they say 7th years the charm? Oh, you do!? Excellent. Well, I have the prospect for you!

      One of: Barrett/Laverde/Hibberd/Duggan -
      All these guys are young, have held a MID position and are now no longer MID. One of em has to go and I can't decide. Make an offer!
    8. HornsyFiveTime
      Hey y'all, Fez is officially out as he's too busy for fantasy. @That KI Guy are you still interested in joining the ORFFL?
    9. Len
      puleez, we need a riff raff barrier
    10. HornsyFiveTime
      I think the only coaches missing apart from that are @LiQuiD_SiXx and @Lucas . I've emailed both and used to have L's no. but i changed phones. Anyone help us out (@walesy)?
    11. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Hey mate, I'm more than happy to host the Bandits in the short term to keep the circus on track.
      However, despite how apparently awesome the FL is, I'm not looking to take on another team for the long haul.

      I'll leave it with you.
    12. HornsyFiveTime
      L6 is out too, so we haves to find another coach.
    13. graeme
      May well be interested in SBS - see pm 4nsy
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    14. port_leschenault
      Thanks for getting this sorted Hornsy and Stripey! Will have a gander over the spreadsheet later this week.

      Shame there's no L6 or Fez. Broadcast on the mainpage looking for 2 (or 1 if chels is in) coach? Canvas the spot for newbies then anyone else who's interested really.

      Lucas is fairly active on twitter, should be able to get a hold of him there now we have dates etc.

      POP trade bait if there's any interest:
    15. EddieV
      may be a stupid question but I can't seem to see where the attached spreadsheet is
    16. port_leschenault
      Hmm, it's there when opening up the OP to edit but not displayed. Phoning 1800 - @walesy ???

      Meanwhile, here it is Eddie

      Attached Files:

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    17. walesy
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    18. port_leschenault
      Yeah, usually just displayed similar to posts, will look back and previous threads, must've done it in one of those.

      Meantime, thanks for url, added to post itself. :thumbsu:
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    19. Johnson
      Players up for trade:
      Timothy Broomhead
      Bailey Dale
      Mark Hutchings
      Sam Lloyd
      Luke Brown
      Gary Rohan
      Brad Sheppard
      Brett Deledio
      Kieran Jack

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