2018 Round 13 Teams, Discussion and Review

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    The byes part 2 - most of you are likely to still be in the foetal position after a particularly tough round 12 so hopefully this week is much kinder to all of us

    ROUND 13 TEAMS (All times AEST)

    Thursday June 14, 7:50pm at the Adelaide Oval

    B: Bonner, Hombsch, Houston
    HB: Byrne-Jones, Clurey, Pittard
    C: Motlop, Wines, Polec
    HF: Boak, Westhoff, Wingard
    F: S. Gray, Dixon, R. Gray
    FOLL: Ryder, Rockliff, Ebert
    I/C: Howard, Powell-Pepper, Marshall, Thomas
    EMG: Amon, Johnson, Trengove, Toumpas

    IN: Hombsch, Marshall, Thomas
    OUT: Jonas, Watts, Neade

    B: Williams, Trengove, Richards
    HB: Crozier, Cordy, Wood
    C: Johannisen, Hunter, Lipinski
    HF: Daniel, Schache, Wallis
    F: Dahlhaus, Bontempelli, Gowers
    FOLL: Boyd, McLean, Macrae
    I/C: Webb, Honeychurch, Biggs, Smith
    EMG: Young, Dunkley, Roughead, Jong

    IN: Cordy, Wallis, Webb, Biggs
    OUT: Suckling, Morris, Dickson, Roughead

    Friday June 15, 7:50pm at the SCG

    B: Lloyd, Grundy, Smith
    HB: Jones, Rampe, Marsh
    C: Cunningham, Kennedy, Florent
    HF: Hewett, Franklin, Hayward
    F: Ronke, Rohan, Parker
    FOLL: Sinclair, Heeney, Hannebery
    I/C: Allir, Jack, McCartin, Papley
    EMG: Cameron, O’Riordan, Robinson, Rose

    IN: Allir, Jack
    OUT: Robinson, McVeigh

    B: Hurt, McGovern, Cole
    HB: Jetta, Sheppard, Duggan
    C: Masten, Redden, Gaff
    HF: Rioli, Brander, Cripps
    F: LeCras, Kennedy, Waterman
    FOLL: Naitanui, Yeo, Shuey
    I/C: Ryan, Sheed, Lycett, Nelson
    EMG: Hutchings, Darling, Petruccelle, Ainsworth

    IN: Masten, Brander, Shuey, Ryan
    OUT: Ah Chee, Hutchings, Darling, Barrass

    Saturday June 16, 1:45pm at Etihad Stadium

    B: Rowe, Jones, Simpson
    HB: Thomas, Weitering, Plowman
    C: Lang, Cripps, Kerridge
    HF: O’Brien, Curnow, Dow
    F: Wright, Kerr, Fisher
    FOLL: Kreuzer, Silvagni, Petrevski-Seton
    I/C: Casboult, Graham, Curnow, Lamb
    EMG: Mullett, Polson, Phillips, O’Shea

    IN: Casboult, Graham
    OUT: Cunningham, O’Shea

    B: Nyhuis, Ryan, Sheridan
    HB: Hamling, Wilson, Hill
    C: Cerra, Neale, Langdon
    HF: Blakely, Cox, Tucker
    F: Ballantyne, Kersten, Banfield
    FOLL: Sandilands, Mundy, Fyfe
    I/C: Giro, Matera, Brayshaw, Apeness
    EMG: Hughes, McCarthy, Crowden, Jones

    IN: Hill, Sandilands, Fyfe
    OUT: Pearce, Walters, Jones

    Saturday June 16, 4:35pm at Metricon Stadium

    B: Harbrow, Thompson, Joyce
    HB: Ballard, Leslie, Weller
    C: Schoenfield, Miller, Bowes
    HF: Holman, Lynch, Sexton
    F: Ah Chee, Day, Martin
    FOLL: Witts, Ainsworth, Swallow
    I/C: Lyons, Young, Rischitelli, Lemmens
    EMG: Powell, Heron, Wright, Spencer

    IN: Schoenfield, Lyons, Lemmens
    OUT: Heron, Brodie, Scheer

    B: Webster, Brown, Savage
    HB: Clark, Carlisle, Rice
    C: Newnes, Steele, Armitage
    HF: Sinclair, McCartin, Battle
    F: Gresham, Membrey, Billings
    FOLL: Longer, Ross, Steven
    I/C: Dunstan, McKenzie, Austin, Weller
    EMG: White, Marshall, Paton

    IN: Billings, Carlisle, Armitage, Longer
    OUT: Lonie, Coffield, Phillips, Hickey

    Saturday June 16, 7:25pm at MCG

    B: Burton, Frawley, Stratton
    HB: Duryea, Sicily, Hardwick
    C: Gunston, Mitchell, Howe
    HF: Smith, Ceglar, O’Meara
    F: Burgoyne, Roughead, Impey
    FOLL: McEvoy, Shiels, Breust
    I/C: Morrison, Puopolo, Henderson, Langford
    EMG: O’Brien, Whitecross, Brand, Glass

    IN: Langford
    OUT: O’Brien

    B: Hartigan, Talia, Doedee
    HB: Mackay, Kelly, Seedsman
    C: Gibson, Douglas, Atkins
    HF: Milera, Walker, Poholke
    F: Gallucci, Jenkins, Betts
    FOLL: Jacobs, Crouch, Gibbs
    I/C: Greenwood, Otten, Cheney, Wilson
    EMG: Hampton, Ellis-Yolmen, Fogarty, Murphy

    IN: Gallucci, Otten, Cheney, Wilson
    OUT: Brown, Murphy, Fogarty, Ellis-Yolmen

    GEELONG CATS v RICHMOND (Squads of 26)
    Sunday June 17, 3:20pm at MCG

    B: Henry, Blicavs, Stewart
    HB: Tuohy, Kolodjashnij, Bews
    C: Duncan, Selwood, Murdoch
    HF: Kelly, Buzza, Fogarty
    F: Parfitt, Hawkins, Gregson
    FOLL: Stanley, Dangerfield, Ablett
    I/C: Cunico, Guthrie, Jones, McCarthy, Menegola, Parsons, Simpson, Thurlow

    IN: Gregson, Guthrie, McCarthy, Simpson, Thurlow
    OUT: Black

    B: Rance, Astbury, Grimes
    HB: Short, Vlastuin, Broad
    C: Grigg, Martin, Graham
    HF: Castagna, Edwards, Butler
    F: Riewoldt, Caddy, Moore
    FOLL: Nankervis, Cotchin, Lambert
    I/C: McIntosh, B. Ellis, Higgins, Conca, C. Ellis, Garthwaite, Soldo, Rioli

    IN: Martin, Rioli, C. Ellis, Graham, Garthwaite, Soldo
    OUT: Miles, Menadue


Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jun 14, 2018.

    1. TheTassieHawk
      The textbook trade in of either Macrae or McLean after their bye will hurt a few coaches this week with 51 and 52 respectively.

      For me I held off tonight despite being keen on Roarke Smith and reckon I will go
      Phillips M ==> Giro M $102.4k
      Spargo F/M to Brander F/D or Ballard F/M (both are $148.8k)
      Duman D to Yeo D $521.4k

      It leaves me with $6.1k, 11 trades, 17 players onfield and Crowden and Murphy as emergencies in the AFL and a slim chance of getting 18 on the park in bye round 3.

      How is everyone else looking this round ? Will anyone be picking Liam Ryan at sub $200k for the chance of decent points and some quick cash ?
    2. Owen
      I've gone Ryan as forward cover as I think he'll play the year out (baring injuries), hoping he can average around 70 to 75. If not then he at least can make some cash, better than my current forward bench of Spargo and Tim Smith anyway. With Phillips out I'm tempted by JJK via mid swing of Higgins to make sure I've got 18 this week.
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    3. IPOD
      Seriously looking at Ryan for Fogarty and wanted to bring in Gaff but already have 8 playing mids this weekv(admittedly that includes Holman and Brayshaw). ! trade will send me to 10 trades and can hold off next week generate some cash with Ahern for possibly brayshaw (bye next week)but will have the problem of Macrae injury setting another trade down the toilet
    4. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Trades Completed:

      Crowden > Ryan
      Fritsch > Simpson (via Sicily DPP)
      Whitfield > Westhoff

      20 on field (ex - Gawn and Laird)
      14 Trades Left

      Doedee & Holman in the gun next week.
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    5. IPOD
      Ok going to go Fogarty - Ryan making minimal $$ but gives 18 on the field leaving 10 trades 244k to upgrade fritsch next week with brayshaw/spargo as i also have the Macrae dilema on my hands. Was going to get Gaff but have 8 mids at this stage so no really required.
    6. TheTassieHawk
      Final Rd13 Sunday Teams - JJones and Moore do not make the cut

      Geelong Cats v Richmond
      Interchange: Cunico, Z Guthrie, Menegola, McCarthy.
      Emergencies: Thurlow, Parsons, Simpson, Jones.
      Gregson, Guthrie, McCarthy in for Black, Jones, Parsons

      Richmond v Geelong Cats
      Interchange: Higgins, B Ellis, McIntosh, Conca.
      Emergencies: C Ellis, Garthwaite, Soldo, Moore.
      Graham, Martin, Rioli in for Miles, Menadue, Moore.
    7. TheTassieHawk
      Devils advocate - if you are attempting a sideways trade to get 18 on the field why not sideways trade a premium to cover an injured premium or one on the bye who may not be performing as well as the player you trade in ?
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    8. pollypies
      I assume many had the VC on Macrae like me. Who are we putting our faith in as C? I'm leaning towards Mitchell, Fyfe, Danger in that order.
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    9. Moggies
      Yeah I like Mitchell this week against the crows. Had the VC on Gray last night for 121, very tempted to loophole him and double those points...
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    10. IPOD
      Going Fyfe myself see how it goes although tmitch is tempting
    11. IPOD
      No premiums to sideways Heeney Gray McLean (already played) and Sicily all playing Fogarty not named and Fritsch Petracca and Guelfi all having the bye
    12. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Should we even both thinking about next weeks trades given the way were getting tea-bagged each time the side are released?
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    13. TheTassieHawk
    14. anthak
      I’m going Titchell, but I’m not confident. I’ve made some terrible captains decisions over the last few weeks!
    15. The_Swert
      Parker, Ryan and Brander :thumbsd:

      Not looking as good as last week.

      Got VC on Fyfe and C on TMitch.
    16. TheTassieHawk
      The final teams are in for #AFLBluesFreo:

      No late changes for either side

      Can someone please post around 330pm for the 435pm game as I wil be out and about this arvo, cheers
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    17. The_Swert
      No changes for Suns vs Saints.
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    18. warsaken
      Fyfe on 128 @ 3/4 time. Pretty safe to lock in the VC.
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    19. TheTassieHawk
      154 to the Fyfester, rubbing salt into the wound for those who went Macrae as Vc and are now need Mitchell to come to the party.

      Final teams for #AFLHawksCrows: No late changes to either side.

      Congrats to Shaun Burgoyne for reaching 350, an absolute champ.
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